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  1. Hi,
    No matter what payment method i use on the website (Paypal, Paysafe or creditcard) I always get "internal error" at the checkout when i want to buy Daum cash, and it is the same no matter amount of daum.
    I choose my product, works fine, i then choose payment method and add all info and accept terms, then i press "checkout" and i will, always, in 100% of the cases get internal error.
    please correct this.
  2. If they call the berserk like a Giant race they should at least make them that way because the don't feel like giant their footsteps is too less they must be louder and the their footprints deeper with screen shaking with object shaking when the pass over them, and the must be bigger like a Giant for example Cyclops size will be good^^
  3. Talking in guild chats is a great feature to have, especially without the use of energy . But time-to-time, there will be a guild member or more that would change to their alternate characters for other purposes. So what I'm proposing is that the game should include the family name next to the character's name when chatting in guild/party/whisper chat, that way we can confirm who we are talking to.
  4. Got really happy with this screenshot!!

  5. Hello,
    YES i know i know there are a ton of topics with this problem, but like nearly everyone else I coudnt find a topic that exactly fits to my problem so I started a new one.
    Whats the problem?
    When I start the launcher I can Log In, but  after I press "play" the launcher close itself and nothing happens anymore. No Error message or something like that, it just closes itself ( i watched the process in the task manager ).
    What I already tried:
    -LAN and PROXY Settings are all turned off
    -turned off my antivirus and firewall
    -repaired the game files (by renaming the version.dat)
    -I tried to set the grapics to very low and played around the the window mode
    -checked background programms 
    I also attached a log-file of what happens when i try to launch the game.
    My hardware:
    OS: Windows 10
    Intel i7 @3,5Ghz
    8gb RAM
    AMD Radeon HD 7800
    There is only one thing i havent tried and that is reinstalling the game, but since i have a very shitty connection the game takes around 9h to download and I only want to this i nothing else helps.
    Is there something i havent tried? (beside reinstalling the game) 
    Cheers Brot
  6. Hey there I was wonder what Level 5 Cast Speed does for Tamer and for what skills.  Just was wondering if anyone could help me out and list some skills affected by it if any thx.
  7. ...so does anyone have a 7-day pass they could let me use? I'm thinking about putting down money on the game but I need to be sure.
  8. Post on crashing while boating in General

    By Nezrox, posted
    crashed 4 times in a row now rowing my ferry boat in the ocean near velia, just wondering if anyone else has had this problem? its really annoying.
  9. Its a subject that has been around for many Black Desert players since the games launch.
    I myself only bought the game specifically to get to play a badass samurai dude.
    So just to get a Count. 
    How many of you are waiting for the release of the blader or other missing classes?
  10. Deuh Hello,
    Wrecking Crew is now live, new small & growing oceanic guild with a vast variety of NA accents. All about going through all the game contents in PvE, PvP & Siege and of course with all the lifestyle leveling as well. Join our growing crew as we venture around the vast lush lands of Balenos, Serendia & Calpheon holding hands with our orky friends. 
    Just follow the instructions from the video if you would like to contact us. Sorry, I'm not tech savvy so leave me a message in-game or shout to us via channel.
    Officer available for now:
    - Aquaman
    - MeTaLz
    - Kpawpie
  11. How to activate Guest pass ?  
  12. Not sure if it's same on other servers as well, but Alustin server finds atleast 25+ wars between guilds started on a daily bases. This is all good and well, but the wars themselves don't mean all that much to me as a guild leader, since only a very small portion of the players in my guild can actually participate in the war and be targetted by others, nothing is lost either, there is very little interesting about the current war mechanics. 
    What are your thoughts on the current war mechanics? Do you think they will change them? Does anyone have a clear overview of the limitations and implications of a guild war?
    I did make a post on the Suggestions side of the forum in relation to these war mechanics, but primairly I'd like to know how other people view the current situation, it feels as if the war mechanics have been changed to drastically cater to the 'less PvP active west'. ( http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/35417-changing-war-mechanics-thoughts/ ) 
    I'm very curious to read what your thoughts on Guild war mechanics are!
  13. Hey all
    So let me start this post by saying it is not a doom and gloom post, in fact I love the game and haven't been this excited about an MMORPG for a long time, despite it's flaws the game has so much potential and has had me hooked for the short time I've played. I just simply cannot get immersed in a game that has such a terrible draw distance. I have tried, tried and tried again to play with the limited options the game gives you in terms of playing around with the graphics settings to no avail.
    Let me also add that although my PC has far from amazing specs, it's hardly a potato:
    MOBO: Gigabyte G1 Killer
    PSU: Corsair GS800
    CPU: Intel i5 3570k
    GPU: Geforce GTX650 2GB
    RAM: 8GB
    I feel as though my PC would represent the vast majority of peoples specs, maybe not exactly but in that kind of ball park and by the way all of those components meet the recommended specs of the game (yes, even the GPU).
    I have no idea why a company would give it's game such great graphics if it only looks good while standing still, in towns I can understand but even out of town you have grass, rocks, buildings, fences, shadows all popping in and out right in front of you while out in the world. If anyone has any suggestions as to anything I can do to try and improve this, although I have most likely already tried it I would welcome any suggestions.
    As I said, it's a great game that is just scarred by this problem for the moment and as much as I try, it is just so game breaking and distracting you can't just simply ignore it. So for now I'll be hanging up my wizard's hat and robe and moving on, I'll be sure to check back on the game now and then to see if this issue is ever resolved but I hear conflicting information of whether or not this problem can even be fixed with the current engine.
    Thanks for taking the time to read this and if any of you have suggestions, as I said they are more than welcome.
    P.s: Pleeeeeease fix this problem, I want to get into this game so badly! lol.
  14. So.... my time has finally come to select my Lightning. but which one looks best... i can't really tell.
    first 2
    last 2

  15. Post on Desktop Error in General

    By Nezrox, posted
    turn my computer on, clicked the desktop icon to play, said shit was changed and asked me to delete the path...okay, went to the bdo file bin 64, tried clicking that, got a commandlineparam error....thats it....so im downloading the game for the third time, any fix for the known future is appreciated. was hoping to play a bit tonight. oh well. just a bit peeved is all, i dont know if my windows update did it or what, i had to also install a graphic driver for my 970gtx. we'll see if the redownload works.... >_>
  16. Well as the title say , im blocked  
    wich makes no sense at all  
    Since i live in Denmark, my internet provider is Danish  

    Any advice ? 
    i have made a ticket but no help from that so far, 
    I can access everything on my Cell phone, but not on any of my Pc's  

    And i have checked that my ip Adress is danish. 

  17. Carebear
    A hardcore casual guild. We take our casual play seriously.
    (Play song while reading for full affect.)
    Carebear is a hardcore casual guild. We don't mess around with our messing around, except when we do.
    We are a guild of all kinds, a guild of traders and a guild of farmers. A guild of fishers, and a guild of hunters. A guild of cooks, and a guild of alchemists. A guild of breeders and a guild of much, much more. However, that's not to say that Carebear is a guild that you'll never see PvPing. Our main focus is centered around fun, above all else. For some, the pursuit of fun pulls them to PvP, and that's fully supported in Carebear.
    If you're looking for a cool, fun, and relaxed group to join for your adventures in Black Desert, consider joining Carebear on the Orwen server.
    Contact Suzi Pratchett, Horace Altman, or Yoba FromStarWars for more information. Thanks 
    Fun for all, and all for Fun!
  18. Post on The Maidens of Death in US Guild

    By Briory, posted
    The Maidens of Death™ "We are a family first and foremost. To be called a Maiden means that you take responsibility for yourself and your actions.Our actions reflect kindness, compassion, and strength. We protect the weak, and destroy those who would threaten to tip thescales of justice towards injustice. We put the needs of others before our own selfish desires and we strive for excellence in whatever we do. We are theMaidens of Death." The Five Precepts: 1. We shall walk with those who need our help:There is no task greater than or beneath our abilities as individuals, as groups & as examplesto those who look up to us. 2. We will respect one another:There is no situation that we cannot resolvewithin our family. The secret to a successfulorganization is oneness in goals & cooperation. 3. Unity in defeat and triumph:No matter what happens, we must never give upon our endeavors. We must always strive formore than what we set out to accomplish withoutever losing who we are as people. 4. More than just acquaintances:We are a family first. This is more than just agathering of souls with common interests. Wemust strive to make our world a better place.We're all here to have a good time, and we wantto spend that time with one another. 5. Adapting, Self-motivation and Improvement:The pinnacle of any success; be it individual oras a team is being able to improve everyday ofour lives. Going the extra mile, going the extraminute to get any task done is what we live for.This is a place where we grow, where we all wantto be a part of, where we all want to create ahome outside of our familiar homes, cooperationis key to a winning strategy. So let's work hardtowards the things we want to acquire & accomplish. The Maiden Oath: "Being a Maiden means leaving behind all selfish desires to create a better world for everyone.From this moment on, I will make decisions based on perpetuating this goal. In doing so, I will make the necessary sacrifices and I will commit myself to achieving this vision. I have the ability to rise to any challenge. I'm strong as a single unit, but with my brethren I am invincible. There is no task too small nor is there a task too big for me. From this day on I am no longer living for myself. I will vanquish the evil hearts of man. I will help the weak. I will strive for excellence and improvement. I will love my fellow Maidens, and above all, I will have fun doing so. All this, I swear by my arms of justice and give this oath as a Maiden of [Odin if Valk.; Magic if Sorc./Witch; Nature if Rang.; the Wild if Tamer; the Shadows if Kuno.; the Blade if Blader.]"  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  Things to take note of: 1. We recognize that some players will have male avatars and alts, and we welcome them. However, the joining requirement is that you have a female avatar, otherwise, you couldn't really call yourself a "Maiden," now could you? 2. This is a semi RP guild, so please, feel free to bring out your inner thespian. 3. We will be competing in node wars. 4. This is a family-oriented guild, we will chat about a myriad of things whether in-game, hobbies, life, and above all friendship. If this is what you're searching for in a guild, then you are more than welcome to join us. If this is the guild for you, then please come find me! Guild Master: Briory HiergraceServer: Uno (usually in Calpheon U2 channel).
  19. Hey guys, this is just a little video I put together to join all the hype for the NA launch of Black Desert Online! Hope you guys like it!
  20. Post on Missing skins in General

    By Gotcha, posted
    So I created 4 characters only to have them moved to a different server the next day. I tried to claim stuff then get an in game mail saying it failed and to request again. My account page shows costume used and weapon skin used but I haven't gotten anything nor can I request again. I submitted a ticket no response.
    Anyone else not get it when it shows on account page it's used?
    We should get compensated for this. This cost me $144 bucks Canadian!!
  21. So after about 26 hours, I FINALLY got the message in my mail saying the delivery failed, and that my item coupons were refunded. I went and checked my account, and they were all refunded, except the title. Everything said "Available" except for the title which still says "Used". I went ahead and tried to send my items again, but I would like to be able to get the title if at all possible. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  22. hi there. im one click away from buying the game.
    but will i be able to play it right away? i dont want to buy it if the game is not ready to play yet.
    thanks in advance
  23. So after playing some of the available launch characters, I quickly gravitated towards the Valkyrie. Personally, I really enjoy melee characters over ranged, but I found the Warrior to be kinda boring. The idea of mixing melee with like holy magic is what really made the Valkyrie appealing. I've always really enjoyed playing Paladin/Crusader characters, and her kit seems really unique. Some melee, some magic, and some heals. Though I'm curious to know how good she actually is? How viable will she be in the late/end game, and how is she in PvP? Does she stack up with the others?
    Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. I REALLY need to choose my class before launch tonight so I'll know who to play. See you guys in the field!

    Die Gilde Noreia gibt es jetzt schon seit paar Jahren und haben so, die eine oder andere Erfahrung in den Spielen und mit den Spielern in deren Welten gesammelt. In Noreia sollte sich jeder so frei ausleben und entwickeln dürfen wie er es mag und für richtig hält, solange niemand anderes davon schaden trägt und der Spaß für alle weiterhin gegeben ist. Anstand und Respekvollen umgang innerhalb und auch außerhalb der Gilde sollte eine normale Sache sein. Begrüßung beim Online kommen im Spiel wäre eine schöne Geste, das verabschieden wenn man Offline geht natürlich auch. Teamspeak³ und Discord ist vorhanden aber kein muss, ist jedem selbst überlassen, ob und wann er die besucht, den Chat im Spiel sollte man aber etwas im Auge behalten
    Wichtig für uns:
    - Anstand und Respekt
    - Höflichkeit und Freundlichkeit
    - Alter uninteressant, solange das Verhalten stimmt (Geistigereife)
    - Spaß bei der Sache
    - Teamfähigkeit
    Server: Alustin
    Channel: Mediah A2 (Meistens)

    Aufnahme-Status: Begrenzt offen
    Melden könnt ihr euch hier im Thread, per PN geht auch oder auch im Spiel
    Leader ~ Unrealer (Charackter Name)
    Co-Leader ~ MingFey (Charackter Name)
    Mit freundlichen Grüßen
    Gilde Noreia
  25. This is going to be in a positive and negative fashion, starting with the negatives (and maybe some neutral). I will also be writing down suggestions, basically things I think would make this a better experience overall. I did only make it to level 16 though, but this is going off everything I experienced.
    - I don't like the way the lights pop out sometimes, it seems weird and looks kind of ugly at times.
    - The pve content could be a bit more challenging, though I did only make it to level 16 ,so I don't know, it could be harder at higher levels but what I played wasn't really challenging.
    - UI can be be really cluttered sometimes, meaning certain things I wanted to look at were hard to find but even so the UI just needs a little improvement.
    - For some reason I think the amount of stamina you get is really low, like I had to stop running quite often to recharge it, though maybe that get's upgraded when you level the stamina stat?
    - Cash shop prices are a little high, lowering the prices just a tad would be fine.
    - Optimization wasn't a HUGE problem for me here but I can tell that maybe the game could be optimized some more, so it could run a little bit better.
    - In terms of exploring, it seems like most of the mobs in the fields were closer to the towns rather than just being out in the wilderness, there were several times I went out into the deeps fields away from the towns only to find almost no mobs out there in the fields, so maybe the mobs could be spread out a little more to fill in some really really empty spots.
    - The character creator is absolutely badass. I mean it is the most in depth one I've ever seen, please keep it this way.
    - Though when you first start in the world, it's confusing as hell but I like that, it makes you look around, explore, interact with everything, actually read. The game doesn't hold your hand which is awesome, to many games do that today.
    - So this brings me to one of my most favorite features, PARKOOOOOOOUR. If you couldn't tell I like parkour in games, and this one has some of the that, I was climbing on buildings, jumping over walls, jumping off of things, and I even heard a npc talking about how you can get a wall climbing skill, and just...awesome. So yea keep the parkour, it's badass.
    - The combat is pretty good IMO, it's really action packed, the fact that I could dodge, cast fireball, then dodge, only to do a ground SMASH when I did dodge on accident was awesome. Overall combat is pretty fluid, though I only played one class, which was Witch.
    - Though some things like spells home in on your target, you can use those abilities with just the crosshair which how action combat should be, the fact that you can actually aim your attacks is awesome.
    - The aesthetics for the most part were pretty good, the monster designs were cool, the landscapes are wicked sick, the water actually looks like water, just plain pretty lookin.
    - NPC's are interesting, the system in which you can get special quests or certain things form that NPC by trying to get more friendly with them is pretty cool indeed. (starting to wonder if that's how you get the wall climb skill). NPC interaction overall is pretty unique here.
    - Professions seem complex and in depth which is more than I can say for a lot of games out there. The entirety of the profession system seems like it's going to be wonderful.
    - Exploration seems to be a big thing here and I love it, more games to have good exploration and from what i've played so far, this game has lots to explore about.
    This is all for now, as you can see the positives heavily way out the negatives and I had an overall wicked sick experience with the game. If I think of anything I missed I will come back and edit said things into this post.