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  1. Listen up working staff for Black Desert Online because if you don't, you're going to lose your player base.  I along with many others are fine with a cash shop that doesn't offer any p2w style advantages.  The problem is there are some prices you need to adjust for a p2p game.  If we are already paying 30 dollars for the game, then we need to have lower prices.  Yes I know there are 100 posts on this, but unless we get some sort of message stating you guys are looking at better prices, then they won't stop.  I'm not going to go on and on about what needs to be changed specifically but I will list the major 2.  Make 4.5s pickup speed pets 350 pearls and 4s pickup speed pets 500 pearls.  Then make costume sets with a weapon skin 2000 pearls and a costume set without a weapon 1500 pearls.  I'm telling you right now if all the costumes were around this price, I would buy every costume set in the game.  I understand earning money is the point of a company to a certain extent, but you guys have been good with the community so far, at least make the prices I listed happen.  You guys really make it feel like you read every post so please read mine and listen.  With the current prices on pets, to get 3  tier 3 pets, which is what most veterans of the game will do, it could cost upwards to 20000 pearls... Please make that a more reasonable price BDO.  You can argue pets are for convenience, but lets be real in a hack and slash sandbox mmo, having something to pick up all your items and not accidentally miss one is a bigger deal than you let on.  I'm sorry for my grammar and I know i might be rambling on, but im doing my best to get my point across.  Please listen.
  2. The PVP system will be like the Russian BDO? A stupid system!
    If you have negative karma supposedly have to defend yourself from players who attack you, isn't it? So what sense does it makes if a player attacks you and you have to defend yourself, so you have to kill him and kill that player won more negative Karma ?!
    This is ridiculous!!!
  3.  So here is another video about the controversies.
  4. So I started the game and created a character. I chose the Orwen server at random and began to play. Later that night, I convinced my friend to buy the game, and play with me. I fell asleep so he went ahead and played (not knowing which server I had chosen, he created a character in Edan).
    I started wondering, whats the difference? Are the spawning points different for each server, is there some kind of backstory for the servers, are you choosing a side? Or is it just 2 servers to try and fit players in with no real significance? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Everyone, the live stream will be starting at 12pm EST
    Hope too see you there!
  6. A server throughout europe was much better. Within a short time the players will pick a favorite server and the other will be almost empty, abandoned.
    I think they should make a server throughout europe with multiple channels.
    I was very very disappointed by their choice ...
  7. Hi all!

    1) We are at 17.02.2016 and we don't know anything  about Server configuration, the difference between Mega and Multi-Servers (tactically speaking) it's HUGE, in case i need to be in the same server of my Guild allies, we need to organise it, and same story for those who have a community to manage.

    2) We are at 17.02.2016 and we dont know anything about CBT2 Patch notes changes, like in CBT1
    3) News like numbers of pets at the same time (3 or 4)? Classes balance? Possibility to switch/change servers? Dynamic channels?
    I'm waiting for your opinion!    
    @CM_Jouska @PM_Belsazar

  8. Buenas!! Somos <Leyenda> una Guild formada en Black Desert KR, poseemos bastante experiencia del juego:
    - Guild VS Guild
    - Guerra de Nodos
    - Guild bosses
    - Bosses de Mundo
    - Asedios
    - Leveo en End Game
    En este momento abrimos paso a reclutamiento de players hispanos para NA. Son todos bienvenidos a participar junto a nosotros para dejar nuestra marca en el server, y mas que nada disfrutar el contenido del juego en un ambiente de compañerismo y dispuesto a responder cualquier tipo de dudas con respecto a este.
    Nuestro Website: www.bdoleyenda.com  (POSTULA AQUÍ)
    YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjUD5GLLHLi__cD9LRHbYaA
    Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/bdoleyenda
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/BDOleyenda
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/712772592181709/?fref=ts
    TS3: atreia.teamspeak.cl:10026 
  9. Hi everbody ! 
    All class'skin armor Soldier version !

  10. Title. 
    I haven't had the chance to play yet, but when I do, I'll be sure to update the wiki whenever I can. Everybody can benefit from this. 
  11. I thought this would be a good idea to get those Black Desert Online fan websites noticed there is probably a lot of people on this official Black Desert Online forum not knowing there is fan websites.
    Websites / Forums
    Calpheon - https://www.calpheon.com/ [English]Black Desert Online - http://black-desert.com/ [English]Black Desert HQ - http://www.blackdeserthq.com/ [English]Black Desert Scene - http://blackdesertscene.com/ [English]Black Desert Roleplayers - http://blackdesertroleplayers.com/ [English]Black Desert Tome - http://www.blackdeserttome.com/ [English]Black Desert Foundry - http://blackdesertfoundry.com/ [English]Black Desert Online Templates - http://bdo-templates.com/ [English]Black Desert Database - http://bddatabase.net/us/ [English]Black Desert World - http://www.blackdesertworld.com/ [French]Black Desert Online Deutschland - http://www.blackdesert-online.de/ [German]Black Desert Polska - http://blackdesert.com.pl/ [Polish]Black Desert SP - https://www.blackdesertsp.com/ [Spanish]Black Desert Brasil - http://blackdesertbrasil.com.br/ [Brasil]Black Desert Hungarian - http://www.blackdesert.hu/ [Hungarian]Twitter
    Black Desert France - https://twitter.com/blackdesertfra [France]Black Desert NA - https://twitter.com/blackdesertna [English]I will keep this list updated once I see more of Black Desert Online fan website then I will add them to the list above. 
  12. * I'll take this post always update, also after and during the release
    First of all hi BDO Community!
    In all MMO's class balance topic is always very delicate and complicate to face. Different players have different opinions, Fanboys wants always BUFF BUFF BUFF for them class, a single negative/positive experience can mark in a player the belief (often wrong) that one class is too op or too weak, when instead in reality differents come from Player skill and knowledge or a huge gear difference; Nobody forbids to make a try all togheter to write the positives and negatives aspect to each class and subsequently let DAUM balance all.
    You must complete this empty scheme with your opinion and your ideas:
    NB: Please if you don't have a complete and deep Knowledge based on personal experience on what you say avoid to Post!
    Positive points:
    123.... Negative Points
    I'll update this following scheme after each Feedback (When i'm online), for now i write only my opnion: 
    NB: Consider that many points are related to the class, obviusly all classes have positive and negative aspects, i'll mark them with a #
    Positive points:
    123.... Negative Points
    *Hypoflex:  Wizards deals way too much damage compared to other classes
    Positive points:
    Nice frontal shield system, if you have a perfect timing you can block the strongest other classes skillsNice cc/grapple controlAlthough the one-hand sword, it has a nice damage (mostly down attack).... Negative Points
    Rush and ranged CC can't always compensate its low mobility23... 
    Positive points:
    Best class before an 50+ end game statsNice I-frame evade, a while timed WW can dodge all types of skillsSometimes Heilang can save youNice in all PvE mechanics Negative Points
    Too knock dependent, Knockdown resist delete most of Tamer powersKnock Animation too slowToo many useless skillsKoinzell: pet instantly dies on 16+ upgradeSquishy for its low defence and HP   #No skills buff except for Heilang absorbiationCompletely Heilang dependent    #-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Positive points:
    Nice grapple CC combosNice DPSNice amount of HP    # Negative Points
    Low moblity   #Melee class with no defensive skills    # 
    Positive points:
    Nice buff and soustainNice CC, single and AOENice DPS also with one-hand sword Negative Points
    Low mobility, but i'll wait for a better feedback-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Positive points:
    Crazy DPS and burst damageNice mobility and movement speed    #Nice GvG utilityIts passive forces HP for damage, so worth Negative Points
    Too easy 1-shot players with Q animation cut, often you don't need a real ComboAlmost 0 CC    #An overgeared Ranger can delete easily lot of targetsSquishy for low Defense    # 
    Positive points:
    One of best CC and damage combosNice soustain with Bloody calamityOp dodge, well timed teleport can neutralise all types of skills    #Sorc has all type of skills: Knock (ranged, melee, aoe and single target), stun, damage, shield, evade, sosutain, buffs Negative Points
    Hard to play    #Squishy for its low defense and HP    #
  13. Post on Error Code: 0xE019101A in Off-Topic

    By Briory, posted
    I have no idea what's going on with this. One minute I was playing the game, and the very next second the game just up and crashed and this happened. It seems to be different with the most common error code people have been getting; the error code: 0xE019100B which I have been seeing all over the internet whenever I type this (0xE019101A) error code. I tried doing all of the troubleshooting these people did for that particular error with no luck whatsoever. I play the JP version of the game and this happened when I was running back to Keplan to turn in a quest; when all of a sudden the game up and kicked me out. I tried re-logging back in and then I encountered this error (attached a screenshot).

    So afterwards I tried logging in the Black Desert Character Creator which also has Xigncode3 and lo and behold, guess what error code I got again? I tried ending processes from all sorts of media, software, plugins, etc to no avail. I ran my anti virus -bitdefender- (both a quick and deep scan) to see if I have any malware, spyware, trojan or the like, it did find 16 issues that i was able to resolve. But when I tried running Black Desert, same error code, over and over and over and over again.
    I could care-less about my JP version characters. That's fine, take that away. But when Xigncode shows potential of -----ing up my actual NA preorder (based on what I am experiencing from BDO Character Creator) then that's when we'll have major problems. I plan to invest a lot of time and already have spent a lot of money on the preorder and if this is going to be a regular thing for Xigncode, then I am not so sure about things anymore.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  14. @CM_Jouska @PM_Belsazar
    Hi all!
    I know that DAUM can't add another class at release or change them, but i would be happy to see Kunoichi class with Media patch, not so far like in KR server where it seems to me to have been introduced with Valencia or farther!
    My main will be Tamer at release, hope in a balance, but i'm consider to switch class to Kunoichi (Moreover she has the same gear [neil tree] and weapon).
    Waiting for your opinion!  
  15. Dear Players, most of you did probably notice a few beautiful sketches and models by the developers of Black Desert in the latest PM Diary posted by @PM_Belsazar.
    After talking with other players, many expressed interest in seeing the release of a collection of available art, drawing and sketches from the production stages of the game, possibly in the form of a beautiful and well made artbook. Would you support the idea by buying it if made available at a later date?
    I am sure it could be a beautiful collector's item, and would be an object of great interest for all the players who really love the game.
    I'd also like to ask the team at Daum EU @CM_Jouska if they would be interested in this possibility if there is enough positive feedback by the community.
    Thanks a lot for considering the idea, and looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

  16. Hi all!
    I write this detailed guide about Tamer classes, prefered to write it in my language (Italian) because there isn't a real guide line.
    If you want read it same you can easy translate it with google Translate!
    Thanks you same! 
  17. Post on [New] PVP system idea in PVP

    By Tavares-PT, posted
    1. PK Mode:
    There are seven kinds of state: Pk, Team, Peace, Capture, Revenge, Guild . Click the corresponding button; you can switch between six modes.

    PK: Slay monsters, team mates, guild members and other fellow players indiscriminately.
    Team: Slay monsters and other players, but not your team mates or guild members
    Peace: You can only slay monsters. You can't kill other players at all
    Capture: You slay monsters as normal, but you can also attack known criminals (murderer players with red or black names)
    Revenge: Slay your listed enemies, monsters
    Guild: Slay monsters, the players in your enemy guilds
    2. PK Points:
     Once you kill a player, your PK points will be increased by 10 points. The more players you kill, the more PK Points you will accrue. But if the player you killed is on your enemy list, you will only gain 5 PK points every time you kill him/her.
    However, your PK points will slowly decrease, as you play the game. Every 6 minutes you spend in-game, one PK point will be removed. The color of a player’s name varies with their number of PK points. When you kill red named players, your PK points will still increase. When your name becomes red or black, the system will warn you. When you attack white /red name players, your name will flash blue, and alert others that you have recently attacked others.
    The Relation Between PK Points And Colors of Names:
    White Name: 0-30 PK points.
    Red Name: 30-100 PK points.
    Black Name: Over 100 PK points.
    Blue Name: Once you attack white/red name players, your name will flash blue, for 5 minutes
    3. Punishment:
    If a red-named or black-named player is killed by other players, some of their equipment may be detained by the system. Should that happen, they will need to pay (price is half price of maket) silver to redeem their equipment, and the paid amount will be awarded to the player who killed them. If the detained equipment is not redeemed within 7 days, the equipment will be given to that player as reward.

    Black-named players will be arrested and taken to the PK Jail when killed, while red-named players will not. There are 2 ways for black-named players to get out of jail:
    a. Pay 15,000,000 silver to the NPC, who sits inside the jail.
    b. Wait till the color of their name turns red, and then can get out of the PK Jail for free.
    If your equipment is detained by the system or you've helped detain a black-name player's equipment, you can open your Inventory or find the Confiscator to check the detailed information about the equipment that is detained.
    NPC: Confiscator
    After your equipment is detained, find the Confiscator and pay the Silver fine to redeem the item. The amount of Silver you need to pay is determined by the level, quality, bonus level and sockets of the equipment:

    If you can't redeem the item within 7 days (till the 7th day 24:00), then it will be awarded to the player who killed you.
    Players who have detained a black-named player's equipment can see the Confiscator to receive the paid fee, or claim the item as a reward after 7 days.
    Just an idea.
  18. Hi all!
    Some 1v1 duels with my lv55 Tamer on RU Server! have fun!
  19. Boas,
    Guild Tuga que prender começar em força, todos os jogadores que actualmente fazem parte da guild, já jogaram BDO e outros aindam jogam no servidor russo para aprender mais sobre o jogo.
    A guild inicialmente sera Pve mas assim que a maioria dos membros estiverem equipado e ao nivel maximo passa a PVP
    Quem estiver interessado deixe MSG aqui ou junte.se ao grupo no Facebook
  20. At The moment:
    - Positive Feedbacks: 60+
    - Negatve Feedbacks: 0, in over 8.8k views
    Hi all! 
    I explain my opinion: I played in KR server with lv 58 tamer and i'm playing actually in RU server with lv 55 tamer, i love 1 vs 1 PVP so i'm often in arena versus all type of players.
    Tamer class has an unique pvp style, very fun in my opinion, but to make damage i need to knock my target, and  Tamer's main cc (Trample)  animation is really slow, so most of the time your target will have easy time for dodging it, and if your target has 60% knock resist you must pray. Grapple (Soaring kick) has a slow animation and chain Tamer stationary in its position, vulnerable for all type of skills (Same for Stretch kick knock).
    Last knock is upward claw, nice for knock chain, but very to bad to catch people while teleporting, dodging or running.
    I must dodge all enemy hits, try to knock him with slow animation skill, and pray for that 40% of sucessfull knock.  Pet dies if you play with a +17 or higher geared players and all your damage is done, and versus ranged class is usefull only for Void Lightining (Q) and Surging tide (Shift + F); 100% charged ulty combo is the ONLY source of Tamer's damage, and maybe WhipSlash (Stationary) other skills barley do anything without your pet.
    I talk with many people, i post only 4 of xxx numbers of bad feedback for this class:
     [–]ccc 1 punto 2 giorni fa 
    Man I just wonder why do they not scale the pet from the gear and lvl you have? its so stupid in many games the summoner classes are strong early on, but as the pet does not scale at all after its at max lvl and you cant equip it with armors it gets useless in pvp... Man so many gonna be dissapointed, im pretty sure Tamer is the going to be a really popular class in the West.
    permalinksalvariferimentosegnaladona goldrispondi 
      [–]ccc 1 punto 15 ore fa 
    Tamer was top 2 class @RU during launch, and now it's bottom 2 class, that accompanies warrior. Many of them now playing Bladers, Sorcs, Rangers or w\e...
    permalinksalvariferimentosegnaladona goldrispondi      
      [–]xxx1 punto 16 ore fa* 
    Pet is only one of the many problems, it won't solve everything. Even during +15 cap enchantment, Sorc, Gaint, Valc still outclasses Tamer.
    Sorc's cc is slightly better, and damage like two-three times bigger.
    Gaint have the most reliable cc, heavily desirable in mass pvp, and still have more damage than Tamer.
    Valc is more like a solid middle, great cc, great damage, both significantly better than Tamer.
    And i don't expect to see weapon Awakenings anytime soon... even shorten release schedule will have to add: Node wars, Castle Sieges, Mediah 1.0+blader, Mediah 2.0+plum, Valencia 1.0+ Kunoichi, it's like 3-4 month, and still questionable, if we see them before Ninja. (Remember that all this content needs time to be beaten by players before next release popup. It's not reasonable for devs to launch anything new, while players still have enough things to do)
    [–]xxx 1 punto 3 giorni fa* 
    Tamer's main cc is Trample, but it's animation is really slow, so most of the time your target will have easy time dodging it, aaaand it's KND, so everyone have maxed resist vs this skill. Pet dies in a few hits vs+17 or higher geared players so your Q won't be useful 90% of the time. 100% charged ulty combo w grab is the only source of Tamer's damage, other skills barley do anything.
    After all this, Sorc will just jump around with teleports, try to cc you with DoD or Shift+F, or S+E, or Storming crow\Rushing crow, and if she lands one, you will die in a single combo. Also Sorc can just absorb your attack with Dark Flame combo and cc you back. And well timed Sinister Omen with Shard Explosion is just godlike!
    As we can see, pet defense scale is one way to balance this class, but the real problem is their knocks.
    Random suggestion: A buff that help tamer class with Ignore knockback resist? A cut for the incredible slowness of its knocks? Range extension? 
    In essence, it's a pity that to be a competitive player i need to change class, tell me what do you think about this post and sorry for my bad english.
    Best regards!
  21. Hello guys,
    I dont really know if is it the right place to post this topic but yeah. I opened this one to share our Video content and graphic content (artwork and more) about Black Desert Online. Let's see how good is our community to create beautiful things about Black Desert.
    I will start this topic with my recent video called "The beauty of Black Desert Online". Feel free to comment my video if you want
    Have a good day and hope to see new content on this topic soon
  22. Hello guys,
    I dont really know if is it the right place to post this topic but yeah. I opened this one to share our Video content and graphic content (artwork and more) about Black Desert Online. Let's see how good is our community to create beautiful things about Black Desert.
    I will start this topic with my recent video called "The beauty of Black Desert Online". Feel free to comment my video if you want
    Have a good day and hope to see new content on this topic soon
  23. Hay everybody, 
    So my first problem, when i start Black Desert, with the launcher, everything works great! But at the first window (with start, end, config), when i press start the game closes, without any bug-report, or something. 
    I've done all of the fix-things i found at the board, i reinstalled the game, too, still the same problem. 
    So, the next problem is, since i installed black desert, my PC is completly broken. I cant start any other MMO, like tera, aion, and many others, and i cant start progams that need internet connection like steam, teamspeak, skype. 
    This problem starts at the same moment at the black desert download has finished. 
    Any help? or any bug fixes? Btw i dont care about steam and the other programs ATM  only want to play black desert 
  24. Thoughts on the blue quest tracking arrows? Should the arrow paths, the arrows next to the body, and the giant beam of light at waypoints be available to toggle on and off more fluidly? I find that it can get kind of distracting always seeing blue arrows and giant beams of light in the sky. I know that this feature is really polished but I personally feel like they should leave the option to view it when desired to the player and do it in a way that is smooth and easily accessible.
  25.  Hello, I am Aladdin I will do anything to survive including stealing bread! I am a simple street rat who is trying to make it in the big world of Agrabah. Where I live with my friend Abu.
    Anyways to be out right with it I am looking for others to help the cause! The cause being freeing princess Jasmine from the evil clutches of OP Wizards known as Jafar!
    Here are some of my PvP videos I hope you enjoy!
    One of our more impressive Guild meetings.
    If you enjoyed our pvp and other videos feel free to copy and paste your recruitment.
    Recruitment Requirements
    How much Bread of you stolen? -
    Do you live in a Desert? -
    Do you feed hungry orphans when faced with your own starvation?-
    Are you into Princess's?-
    If so which one?-
    Are you a sultan?-
    How old is Abu?-
    What your experience with fighting 1v20?-
    Do you own a genie?
    Will you die for the cause?-
    Do you know where I can find a genie?-
    on a scale of Sand - Salt How much?-