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  1. Ich hab mir das Spiel vorgestern gekauft und kann immer noch nicht das Spiel spielen. Immer wenn ich einem Server beitrete, bekomme ich nach einpaar Sekunden eine Nachricht, dass die Verbindung unterbrochen wurde. Ich habe es mehrmals versucht, aber nichts hat sich geändert. Kann mir bitte einer helfen?
    Mfg byPeynir
  2. Hey everyone,
    it is near impossible for me to connect to the game in the evening. Everytime I log into the game the game stands still and I get no response from the server. After 2 or 3 minutes all the data gets send to me at once and my client disconnects shortly after. A lot of channels are crowded at the moment because of the DK release but maybe the issue is on my side.
  3. To start off, it's a huge issue with everyone, a lot of people get disconnected from this game, it lags out sometimes, it hangs sometimes, but that's expected.
    My idea is to make it less of an inconvenience. It would be nice to implement a login screen User Interface to log into the game right after disconnecting, instead of the entire game closing.
    Perhaps would be easier to log in from the game client itself rather than the launcher as well.
  4. Hello all,
    TL;DR below if you don't like big walls of text
    I just recently purchased this game after watching countless videos on Youtube of content creators who were playing this game. It was getting this hype out of no where, so I decided to do some research and after a while I was sold. For only $10, I could play a sandbox MMO that sounded really promising. However, unfortunately, every time I load up the game, I get about 10 seconds to choose a channel, I preferably choose Olvia for the fast leveling experience, pick to create a new character, get to choose my sign or whatever it's called, make it to the face option and then my game prompts me that "connection with the server has been lost" followed by being just kicked out of the game all together. This process has happened more than 30 times, in a row, now. The game looks so good but I can't get to enjoy it at all. I'm very upset and I don't think I'm allowed a refund at this point so I thought I'd call for help here or anywhere else I could. Anything would be appreciated, and if you took the time to read this, I hope you have a nice rest of your day. Cheers! <3
    Also, I guess one more thing to note would be what my specs are for my computer. I'm fairly certain it isn't a hardware issue. I've got an MSI GE62 Apache Pro gaming laptop with a GTX970M. 12gb ram, 3.2hz(or so) intel quad cpu, and 500gb storage. For the internet, I'm at a university in the city and we get about max 15mb(megabyte)/sec download speed, which is probably the best I'll ever have away from home. If there's anything else I need to provide, I'm happy to tell anyone.
    Again, thanks.
    TL;DR - game will crash 10 seconds after trying to create a new character in any channel on NA Server. plz halp
  5. Now that there are 36 channels, why is the 15 minute cooldown still a thing?  
    Swapping channels SHOULD be one of the easiest thing to do but it is a massive chore.

    It is also know that some people have better connection to certain channels than others (especially now that there are so many). It absolutely -----ing sucks when you JUST swap channel for a grind spot and you get booted out twice because of instability but still have to wait the full time to swap again.
    I can no longer see any feasible reason for the cooldown. It makes no sense. Even when you do swap you still have to wait x amount of time for trading anyway so what gives?


  6. Okay I am simply putting this here in the hopes that someone else has an answer or has at least had this issue along side of me. I updated to the newest version of Windows 10, and now I find that if I have lag in game, and then try to switch characters, or shut down and even try to log back in, I end up with an extremely long load in time (4-5 minutes while looking at the map) only to end up almost fully logged in to have the client become non responsive, flash into responsiveness, and then tell me that I have been disconnected. The weird thing is, I can completely reboot the computer, with the hopes that the issue is fixed, only to end up with the same problem with only Black Desert running. And I will be stuck trying to log into any character at this point for 20-50 minutes time. 
    Has anyone else had this problem? If so, what did you do to fix it? Or am I the only one having this issue? Btw, I have done a checksum on the core files for Black Desert Online and there is nothing wrong that requires a repair/re-installation. 
  7. Observation - When I'm at the shore and a boat comes to park It makes my character get put on the boat.
    Sometimes i disconnect sometimes I don't. Please look into the collision aspect of this game and see if this
    is causing a disconnect from the server. Also make the road 2 way and only collide with people going the same way.
    I also a lot of clipping and snagging with afk running or trading. I see people getting caught on a lot of stuff from stairs
    to walls. I don't want to waist electricity afking if I'm going to get disconnected.
    please keep up the good work and i hope you can fix the disconnects.
  8. Between the release of valencia and the aug 3 patch, I had horrible connection issues. I  could only stay connected to the game on ONE channel, Serendia U1.
    After Aug 3 patch it was working fine.
    After todays patch, I can't stay connected again. WTH
  9. It seems like the lack of maintenance on July 27th has caught up to the NA servers. 
    Lags have been commonplace as well as rubber band effects all week.
    Frequent disconnects and DC in the middle of pvp/pve/pvx events have been prevalent.
    I am of the opinion that since the weekend will be far busier, can we perhaps get a quick maintenance before this gets worse?

  10. I know that server lag and disconnects are not an intended part of the game, but it would be really nice if, upon a disconnect from the server, the game went back to the main Start screen instead of closing the game all the way out. The reason for this is the long wait time during the loading screen when starting up the game. This would save players a lot of time of getting back into the game upon disconnects.
    Thank you for considering this.
  11. Daum, please address the elephant in the room: The constant disconnects people hare having. I don't know how much more info we can give you, but if you folks aren't on vacation, you really need to work on this or at least let us know you are aware somethings up. Because there is. This isn't a complaint post where I'll throw in stuff I'm upset about that's unrelated. I just want to play the game and I'm frustrated.
    I log in, get into the game and after the game renders I get messages saying that action cant be performed or its not in the chart and then I either disconnect or can play with lag for a few minutes and I disconnect again.
    Every day from early afternoon till midnight since the last patch. I've file checked version.dat, rebooted pc and router and modem. I don't have problems with other games.
  12. I'm having an issue where my character will not load into the game while a node war is in progress. 
    More specifically, after a node war has started, if I attempt to change channels to leave the war, once the channel switches, my character will appear not as he appears in game (like a stock barbarian model with beard and voice different from what I've chosen) and there will be a few minutes of lag.  Once the lag dissipates (the game world loads, my character loads, guild chat loads, and I'm given a bunch of marketplace updates on the top of the screen), the game will immediately lose connection with server.  This happens continuously, no matter what channel I attempt to change from even during the server selection where there is no interference from earlier attempts.  Even if I attempt to load into the same channel I originally tried to leave from.  Last night, it seemed to resolve after the node war had finished and it appeared again today. 
    Is it impossible to leave a node war channel once it has started for some gameplay reason, or is this a legitimate technical issue? 
  13. When this game first started out in closed beta, early stages of the full release, I had zero issues with my connections or xign code. Game played perfectly for me.
    I started having issues a few patches in, and I had a very hard time trying to find out what was disconnecting me (while I still had internet) from the game. A little bit of research got me nowhere. A friend suggested maybe xign code was kicking me off for a program that it didn't like. He listed a few off, and low and behold, Xign Code doesn't like Razer Synapse. Who would have guessed. Game ran perfectly for awhile after that.
    After last night's patch, the same thing started happening. I haven't installed any new programs. It starts the same way any disconnect from xign code starts me - character loads in default, "white skinned". Can't do anything while this is happening, can't interact with NPCs or get on horses. Eventually my character will load in as it's supposed to be - but a few seconds later the game disconnects me.
    I've looked over all my programs and processes again and I'm coming up empty. I've virus scanned, uninstalled my virus scanner, reinstalled the patch (by deleting version.dat in the BDO folder). Is anyone else having issues similar to this? I'm so sick and tired of trying to work with Xign Code so it lets me play. I've even sent tickets in and the only thing they suggest after I tell them its xign code is that maybe my ISP is dropping packets. Again, not having internet issues here. It's only within this game that I'm having disconnect issues.
    What the hell can I do?
  14. Hello, I've about 8 days played time in Black desert, all of a sudden I started experiencing disconnects every 5-15 minutes when I'm inside the game. I've checked through google and found others with same issues. None of them seems to know a fix except wait a couple of days. I've tried removing my cache, restarting my router (This is not a internet problem from my side but I did it anyways), restarted my computer etc. 
    Any quick fix for this?
    It was my ISP apperently. Why would skype and TS work but not black desert.. 
  15. Heayho,
    to make it short, my major  problem is, that BDO is actually unplayable for me. I reinstalled the game, switched channels, tried the repair methodes mentioned in this forum...everything i am capable of doing is already done. I have lags over seconds. I have got fronzen screens everytime i log in. One day i got disconnected 8 times in 40 minutes.
    Its definitly not my hardware. The months before the 18th May 2016 the game ran perfectly without any problems excepting the field boss desyncs, but no kicks, no lags, nothing...and when i start playing games like witcher 3 or battlefield 4 it works fine without any dcs or lags. I tested my internet connection too: 50 mb/s download and 10 mb/s upload everytime i have got these problemes.
    To prove my problems i made this short video: http://youtu.be/Mj3S7cKUwKE
    Any help here in this support area? I cant play this game anymore.
  16. Hello,
    First, this is by far the best MMO I have ever played. There is more to do, better graphics and just endless content that anything I have played in the past. 
    With this said, I am frustrated daily with all of the technology issues that plague me (and most likely others) with this game. To the point of wanting to hang it up at times.
    Lag - there is this constant rolling lag (for lack of a better term) where I see FRAPs displays a change from about 50 FPS down to 5 FPS and then back up again. When in high populated areas this is worse and more prevalent. When grinding mobs, the action just stops frequently and then starts back up where I would have most likely been if there wasn't a freeze. This is extremely frustrating on all my toons, but my main is a tamer and placement is critical. I have an I7 processor setup with 12 processors, 16GB of RAM, a 970 GPU, a gigabit Killer network card and 100m/100m Internet connection. I also have QoS set to put this game's priority over everything else on a commercial router. I have no issues on any other games and usually able to play new games on high/ultra settings. Not sure why this game is causing so many issues unless the issues are on the Black Desert server side. I have tried every suggestion for changing setting and there is really no difference from the highest to the lowest with exception of a less than 5 FPS drop. The rolling lag everywhere and the lag when grinding are the same. 
    Disconnects - while I still feel I have fewer disconnects than a good portion of my 80 member guild, I am still getting at least 2-3 per 24-hour period. Some days are much worse. Once again, I just don't see my rig and as the issue.
    I would really like some Daum help here. I have invested in the game, the cash shop and my personal time. I want to play this game a lot and for a long time. Help me out here...
  17. My graphics card is a Geoforce GTX 980.
    TL;DR: The GeoForce Experience background video recording software feature called “Shadowplay” caused 99% disk usage issues. For perfectly normal game-play I've set GeoForce Shadowplay Mode to “Manual” (you can still use Alt+F9 top record). No disconnects now.
    On 5/15/16 I uninstalled and reinstalled BDO making sure to clean out all residual folders etc. As a result I only have about 20 log files. Here is an example of what my log says during those times when the game would lock-up with music playing in the background. NOTE: interested forum members please DO NOT willy-nilly copy and paste this information from your logs into the forum. The information contains your IP address.  Below I’ve changed my I.P. address to all zeros:
    I decided to record some system operations with Nvidia Shadowplay while BDO ran in the background. As you can see the Task Manager was open and the Resource Monitor was open. After about 2 hours I came back to the PC and hit Alt+F9 to stop and review the recording. That is when I saw the Nvidia Capture Server background process spike my disk at 99%:

    When I then opened the Geoforce Experience software the default setting for the video recording Mode was set to "Shadowplay+Manual". That means BOTH Manually initiated recordings - AND - the automatic Shadowplay background recording and processing were enabled.  Again, "Shadowplay" background recording was active in addition to any purposefully initiated video recordings I wanted to do by pressing Alt+F9.
    In other words: Unannounced to me, in the background, Nividia Capture Server was recording – then processing – every 20 minutes of my game-play. When it processed the background recorded footage this would spike my disk usage. I never saw this happening while playing of course. I would only hear the sound of my disk intermittently whirring up.
    I have set my Nvidia Shadowplay preferences to “Manual” Recording. NOTE; This still allows manual Alt+F9 recording; but it stops Nvidia Capture Server from automatically recording and processing game-play video every 20 minutes in the background. Since doing so I’ve not had a single disconnect.
    Can any other Nvidia Geoforce Experience users perform this test and confirm/deny? Its fairly simple:
    1-Open BDO and log in: For best results set an auto-loop through some crowded area like the busy intersection near the Horse Vendor in Heidel(sp?). Then place BDO in Windowed Mode and leave it running in the background.
    2-Open Task Manager: Select the “Process” Tab across the top. You should see Nvidia Capture Server running along with the rest of the background processes. You can organize the “Disk” Column by clicking on the tab at the top of this column. The reason for this is to see which program, or background process, has the greater disk usage at any given time. The processes should move and switch places on the fly of course.  
    3-Hit Alt+F9: This of course purposefully initiates video recording. Go ahead and record about 10-15 minutes of your desktop leaving it just as it is while watching the different processes move around in the Task Manager.
    4- End the recording session: After about 10-15 minutes end your recording session (Alt+F9 again) while watching the Task Manager and the disk usage of Nvidia Capture Server. When a recording session ends Nvidia Capture Server processes the recorded footage. It’s when NCS processes the recorded footage that I get these spikes. Now imagine that while you're playing BDO this is occurring every 20 minutes in the background without you having initiated any recording at all! This is what the Shadowplay functionality does when you GeoForce setting is set to "Shadowplay+Manual".
    If you see your disk spike (or increase) when hitting Alt+F9 to end the 10-15 minutes of recording (it does not have to go red) you may want to consider going into the Geoforce Experience and setting the Shadowplay preference to “Manual”. This “Manual” setting will still allow Alt+F9 video recording functionality but it will discontinue the automatic Shadowplay timed background recording and processing:

    As a normal gamer with disconnect issues this is another background process that I don’t need to have running. Especially since it spikes my disk.
    Since setting this to Manual I have had no BDO disconnects.
    Caveat: I'm keeping in mind though that the number of servers have increased during this past week of my trouble shooting phase. **crosses fingers**
  18. Before the patch on the 13th my connection to the game has been fine (besides a few periods of high latency here and there - usually the channel bugs. And also desync).
    As I've been playing today, within 2-4 hours, I've noticed several extended periods of extreme lag (seemingly >1000ms) where I can't talk to NPCs, mount my horse or in some cases even more. Additionally within the same time frame I was disconnected from the game 3 times.
    I'm not sure what action to take as every other game plays just fine and any web page loads normally. As I said, none of this happened before the patch today. The only software change I've had is a windows update. I'm still not sure if this is a problem on my end or the game's as I've seen others complaining too.
    Update: I can no longer connect to the game. Upon connecting with a character, I load in, see maybe 2/3 lines of chat and then get disconnected again. This is the Alustin server.
  19. BDO was running great, but after I upgraded to Windows 10, I get frequent disconnects (loss of connection to the server).  I can AFK fish all night with no problems, but when I actually play, I get disconnected about every 10 minutes or so.  I had Windows diagnose my network connections and it found no problems.  I AM running wireless, if that information helps anybody.  Any suggestions or known fixes?
  20. Post on Disconnecting in In-Game Bugs

    By meszarszek, posted
    I had no problems like this before But now when i log my client disconnects  in like 10 seconds and happened 10 times now getting annoying .... and no error code msg or anything 
  21. Ok feel need to share this bugs or i don't know how to comment this piece of crap. I have DC's since i bought the game 3 weeks ago, can't really play in this game. But im noticed this DC's happen only in towns. If i go to do quests far away from Heidel and surprise, everything is fine, no DC's.  And just want to say WTF is that? 50$ for so buggy game. Serriously, never played in so buggy crap. Have Guild wars 2, World of warcraft and other games, have none problems like this. But this is just so bad technical support, and nothing fixed. Game was released in december and still this DC's not fixed. Just such a shame...
  22. @GM_Huego,
    Hi.  Since the AFK/auto-looping feature has been added there seems to be some issues experienced when playing the game.  Because these are technical experiences which are mentioned in the post below, I felt it was all right to post this in this section of the forums.  I hope that I am correct in that regard, thanks!
    Now, to be clear I really LOVE and I am a proponent for the AFK auto-looping feature.  But it seems to be that this addition plus the increase in player numbers overall (both good things) are having an unwanted side-effect.  So please keep the AFK auto-looping feature.  However, I would like to briefly suggest a solution range to look into possibly.
    Could we have selected and labeled server channels either designated (changed to be used for this main purpose) or added (if necessary create these new channels if need be) to the existing NA servers.  These channels on a server would allow players to more effectively dedicate their characters to auto-looping.  As it is right now it seems to be a highly used feature which is great!  However the effect on players actually playing seems to be undesired.  The main effect that I have noted, is the drop rates and looting whenever it comes up when playing--(I suspect the strain now on database/loot table access) this part of the game and aspect (also could be effecting the Cherry blossom event drops as well as all of the drops) is being effected.  Other just as important areas being effected as well are: movement of the characters, character animations, framerate, and loading of housing being heavily; all of these have been effected since the AFK/auto-looping implementation and with the recent new influx of additional players (for Musa and Maehwa which I also love).  With this proposed particular new channel designation, I am suggesting a means to address this issue. 
    First, the number of actual NPCs on this new channel would be reduced and optimized as just essentially a place to auto-loop/AFK; in whatever manner the development team deems necessary.  Because the players on this channel would actually not be there playing, they would not need access or to see the usual amount of extraneous wonderful NPCs and assets/etc.  Vendors and repair NPCs on this channel would stay available.  The actual number of town people NPCs and NPCs that are in the world; their numbers would be reduced or optimized for maximum performance. 
    Additionally on this channel, players could perhaps do AFK fishing without being:
    1) Disconnected AS OFTEN (this would also apply to the AFK auto-looping main purpose for this proposed channel).
    2) AFK fish in a more safe manner without being attacked (as an additional incentive to lure them to the channel) more effectively as a bonus or to lure players to use the new channels.  There then would be 2 incentives for visiting the new channels and using them, and thus having a place to go for the AFK/Auto-looping players--effectively increasing the game play experience (not the leveling experience points; just the fun time had) for players that are actually playing the game.  I hope this request is clear. 
    As for the FEW of the PVP players who would not want this AFK fishing addition?  That is another thread.  But to satiate their inevitable displeasure with the AFK fishing bonus addition, there would perhaps need to be for AFK fishing access on the new channel type, a rank requirement on the AFK fishing for access to grant this capability.  It would be low enough that it is not super inconvenient to reach, but would take some actual fishing effort in the normal channels before going to hot spots out in combat zone/attack-able areas to AFK fish safely or at all on the newly proposed channel. 
    To further solidify the purpose of the channel and also keeping some of the PVP players in mind, questing along with world bosses and treasure chests etc. as necessary, would be removed perhaps--meaning that if players wanted to really get anything else done besides AFK activities, then they would need to return to a normal channel.  In this regard, a 5 minute move to cool down would be available FOR moving into the AFK/auto-looping channels (if needed otherwise it would be instant).  However the 10 minute cool down would stay in place to ensure the development team's reasons are kept when moving back from the channel.
    I am open to any additional ideas for incentives or ways to get players to actually use these channels or to become aware of them.  As a parting quick thought, perhaps activating the AFK/auto-looping feature ONLY on these channels would ensure that they are used.  To finish that thought then perhaps more than one of these channels may be needed per server, so the development team would need to monitor and address this as needed.
    Development team brief response or quick acknowledgement of receipt (hey we've got it and will give something along these lines consideration) of this proposal would be most welcome!
    These ideas that I am sharing hopefully warrant a review by the development team as well as by my fellow Black Desert players.  To me, it is a viable solution, that perhaps might need to be considered.  If not this exact solution then something along these lines?  Thanks!
  23. Are you going to fix the constant disconnects people get when switching channels or just changing characters? Its the most annoying thing.
  24. Currently there is a 10 minute cool-down when you log in to stop you using a trader. Whilst this is not a problem in itself... I am currently experiencing MASSIVE connection issues.
    Each time i am disconnected, this 10 minute timer starts again. 
    I would suggest implementing an internal account-wide cool-down timer that also takes into account when the account was last online.
    How this would work:- If i was online in say the last 2 minutes, or 5 minutes.. it does not trigger the 10 minute cool-down, and i can immediately access the trader after a disconnect.
    This would also mean changing between characters would not trigger the cool-down.
    I imagine this cool-down is there for other reasons so it may not be possible.. but it would be nice if it could be done!
  25. Any time I move away from 'the floatilla' of boats etc near a fishing hotspot 'too fast' the server disconnects me. It's a minor inconvenience but still annoying. Sometimes it happens other times not. Anyone else getting weird DCs with the hotspots/boat areas?