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  1. As of the last patch on April 26th, we got the following change to one of our core skills:
    I just wanted to get a general discussion going. Is this a buff or nerf to our arsenal? A long duration cc is obviously good by itself. However, this can also limit our potential of CC locking with our other skills. 
  2. Hi,
    I just felt like I needed to post somewhere about my experience with this games community. So, I'm fairly new player (lvl50) but I've been taking my time to learn some things. I started enchanting my armor today, and noticed that I just couldn't get my +12 Grunil armor to +13, so I checked the Marketplace for the prices for +15 Grunil armor -pieces and they were significantly less pricey compared to what I already had spent on black stones / durability restore. I asked the 'channel'-chat: "Shouldn't I just buy the already enchanted pieces from Marketplace instead of enchanting them myself to save money?" 
    There happened to be some real comedians in the chat just when I asked though. Instead of giving me a simple answer, someone tried their hardest to make me waste everything I had for no reason. This guy tried so hard to convince me that It's better to use all my money to enchant the armor myself so I can get some kind of "hidden master enchanter" -buff.. to always use memory fragments to repair my armor, even on regular +11 armor, etc, etc. (I'm pretty sure they're used on boss armor, right?). Some other people joined him and tried to do the same.. I don't know much about the game, but I can use common sense on certain things on the game, and I have no idea why people take so much time out of their life to be malicious towards others for no reason.
    Few minutes later, I decide to use my failstacks to make a PRI grunil armor, and succeed on the first try, after failing 20+ times on +12 piece. I just say "Lol, why is it so much easier to make a PRI armor than +13 armor" to the chat and someone just goes full savage mode (again for absolutely no reason) and says stuff like "holy shit, I literally hope you get cancer and die from it because you're so retarded", saying stuff like he hopes my family dies too.. .. like what am I missing? Did I say something so stupid I deserve that? I don't get it at all? I'm so confused I'm thinking maybe I am retarded?
    I'm just trying to learn the game and I (other people as well) just get this shit constantly in this game. And I know some of you might be like "So what, get over it. It's the internet and people are trolls and don't think about what they're saying." I get that, because I used to be like that too. But you DON'T know who the person you're flaming is and in how bad of a shape they're in. This isn't like 'pity me thread' but I personally have diagnosed depression and stuff like this makes me feel like shit. I'm just trying to socialize and have fun and I get completely ass-blasted for no reason.
    Honestly the few days I've been playing Black Desert has been one of the most toxic gaming experiences I've ever had, and I've played some games that are widely known for their toxic player bases.
    Like, I noticed from the start that there's a lot of elitism, and people being way too overly defensive of the game when someone gives the slightest critique about the game.. but come on. Is this kind of behavior normal for this game, or have I just been extremely unlucky with the people I've met so far?
  3. In todays patch these two achievements were changed. For example in the 5.000 achievement you got one Armstrongs Skill Guide afaik and a cat/dog and now you get the following:
    This is a drastic change and the players who have their 5k hours lose this as they don't get these items now.
    reddit post:
  4. Als Rückkehrer ist mir aufgefallen das gewisse Items sich nur über "Pearl Gifts" ersteigern lassen oder besser gesagt man die Chance bekommt auf Item X-Y zu bieten. Ist dies ein klarer Regelbruch oder nicht? Da ich auf Reddit und hier im DE Forum nichts hilfreiches gefunden habe wäre es doch mal ganz interessant herauszufinden wie so etwas gehandhabt wird oder gar die Reaktionen sind.

    Gerade hatte ich eine doch Interessantes Gespräch innerhalb der Gilde wo sich folgende Fragen stellten

    Situation : 
    Spieler A hat Gegenstand X
    Spieler B möchte Gegenstand X für Perlen(Geschenk,Gift)+Ingame Währung kaufen
    Spieler A geht den Handel ein und bekommt Perlen(Gegenstand,Gift)+Ingame Währung.
    Ist das erlaubt bzw. ein Regelbruch welches sich auf RMT zurückführen lässt?

    Situation :
    Spieler A hat Gegenstand X
    Spieler B gibt Perlen(Gift,Gegenstand)+Ingame Währung
    Spieler A erhält Perlen(Gift, Gegenstand) aber stellt Item nicht zum verkauf und zieht Spieler B die Perlen ab. 
    Kann Spieler B die Perlen einfach zurück erstatten vom Support sofern er sich im 48 Stunden fenster meldet weil er sich "vertan" hat?

    Situation :
    Spieler A hat Gegenstand X
    Spieler B möchte Gegenstand X für Perlen(Geschenk,Gift)+Ingame Währung kaufen
    Spieler A geht den Handel ein und bekommt Perlen(Gegenstand,Gift)+Ingame Währung.
    Spieler B bekommt seinen Gegenstand X und meldet im Support das er einen Refund möchte da er die Falsche Person "Beschenkt" hat. Auch hier im normalen 48h Meldefenster für Refunds.
    Kann Spieler A dies dann beim Support melden sofern es Legitim/nicht Legitim ist und wird er dafür entschädigt oder sogar beide gebannt?
  5. Post on Is BDO P2W? in General

    By NotHero, posted
    This is simply a video that is meant to spark discussion and raise awareness. I do not claim that BDO is or is not P2W , I only ask for the viewer to accept the information and make that decision for themselves. Thank you for watching, and feel free to comment if you wish to have a civil discussion.
  6. Post on [Discussion] BDO META in General

    By Baldoww, posted
  7. A rank one house is when your decoration points have the most in your server, having a rank one gives you the ability of, 1 being able to invest in banks and 2 it lets you pick up crates with a lot of contents and a lot of values. this however is something that is not limited nor can be obtained by people that have spent money in the game. I speak in behave of people that can't even pay 10$ in the game that this feature in the game is indeed pay to win, i would like kakao games to make something about this, it shouldn't be taking the feature out of the game but rather make it more open for other people as well to get it, like top 100 or top 1000 houses. it is unacceptable that even spending up to 150$ doesn't even get you in the top 100... kakao games fix.
  8. Post on black desert future in General

    By sokiking, posted
    hi everybody
    I have to say that i am really impressed about what direction black desert is going now and in future. After doing some research, I found that bdo had massive increase in playerbase where many new players joined and retuning players and all channels are active and busy especially olvia channels. I hope bdo remain healthy and in future lot will join once the game turn f2p.
  9. The Baffling Black Spirit Podcast is an unofficial BDO podcast aimed towards members of the BDO community!
    We will be Live! Today 1/8/2017 @ 6:00PM EST
    Stream can be found here: http://www.twitch.tv/BafflingBlackSpirit
    Topics: Siege & Node War/ Special Guest's / Various Topics
  10. Like title says, its about guilds. I started playing this game with 5 friends 3 weeks ago if i remmember correctly, we're all now around 50th lvl. And im starting to understand this game better than before(great thanks to @Forbannet for that, used a lot of his free time to explain everthyng to me!) We enjoy playing with more people, so we talked about forming a guild. Most guilds i've came accros - at least ones i liked, required some specific things (e.g.300AP/AD, to be from specific country etc), and since we dont have full gear yet, we couldnt join them. Thats the main reason we wanted to start our own guild. We wanted to make  guild not related to any specific gear, level, country, basically for all players, be that PvP, or PvE, it doesnt matter, it would be "casually hardcore" guild . Main purpose of it would be to offer a place to all solo players, who may have hard time doing quests solo with inappropriate gear, to players who dont have luck  in finding groups on chat for specific quests, basically to all players who yet have to understand this game properly. Learning stuff together is a lot easier than doing it solo, and after some time, guild would be filled with, if i can call them like this, "better players", who can then mentor and support newcomers - in basics, silvers, anything.
    I know i myself am long way from fully understanding my game, but i believe i will do my homework in some time, and i will be able to help other people. Main inspiration for this, like mentioned above, was player from NA called Forbannet, who took his time to explain everything to "noob" like me, and that truly helped me get a hold of this game. Im from EU server, guild would also be on EU server, and we would have our own TeamSpeak3 server (im still thinking 'bout switching to Discord).
    To all of you who do it, i wanna apologize for making you read such a long text ,  and i want to ask for your opinion about this idea. I will be glad to hear your suggestions!
    Also i wasnt sure whether to put this in here, or in subforum "Guild", but since there i saw mostly ads for already existing guild, i decided to go with this one.
    If you have any question, suggestion that you dont want to make public, feel free to PM me! 
  11. Hello!

    I'm here to start a PvP strategies and combos discussion, to help players like me o_o Who wants enlightenment to what to do when a flagged psychopath tries to kill me .____.''

    Pls help '-'...

    OBS: There's some good guides pre-awakening... but u know.. Our awaken weapon is better e_é
  12. A Discussion:
    I keep seeing people telling others you don't need 200 AP to enjoy the endgame of BDO, and to an extent I can agree with that as with 140-160 AP (easy to get these days) you can decimate most of the PvE world save the desert dungeons.
    However, the question becomes:
    Is PvP the major end game of BDO?
    I have to say yes, if for no other reason than todays server merge.  The whole reason for the server merge is to make node and region wars more conflicted, more exciting, no more 1 person guilds holding a node, etc.
    So IF PvP is endgame, and IF you are meant to participate in it at least at the Node/Region war level (not talking open world ganking or RBF), then do you need 200 AP to be competitive in that environment?
    I personally feel the answer is yes.  It is much easier to get 250 DP (TRI Grunil) than it is to get 200+ AP.  With 250+ DP the fights are fun and challenging IF IF IF your opponent has 140-160 ap.  If your opponent has 200+ AP (esp 220) then they melt through you without a thought, and suddenly at a node or region war, you are just cannon fodder.
    So if PvP is end game, and if 200+ AP is need to be viable, what can be done to let everyone be a part of end game PvP?
    My personal vote would be for Normalization in PvP only, such that gear has little to no effect on PvP effectiveness, especially in node/region wars.  Other paths would be to make RNG more forgiving for enhancements, such that getting to 200+ AP becomes the norm.
    As it is, if you don't have 8+ hours a day to grind for replacement mem frags, black stones, and silver, you have little chance to get to 200+ AP without a phenomenal amount of luck.
    That will cause people to quit, and people quitting is never a good thing for a MMO.
    My 0.02, what's yours?
  13. The current state of the momory fragments ingame is not very pleasing. Market is always sold out and the price of ancient relic crystal shards is raising day by day. The new skill-add-on system requires them for changing your buffs and the raising number of liverto/kzarka weapons and boss gear increase the demand of memory fragments drastic. And all this issues occur now, with the nouver boss offhand and awakening weapons not even added ingame. Hence I think we need some more options to obtain those fading memory fragments. My first thought was: Why didn't they add a memory fragment bundle to the night vendor?
    Any ideas and opinions are welcome. Feel free to discuss this whole subject and please keep it constuctive and polite.
    Also don't refrain to tag some CM's if we get to a nice conclusion which they should see.
  14. Since the new awakening system was a complete letdown for Zerkers some of you might have different plans now.
    Any ideas, what to do, maybe to find a workaround to this mess?Are you rolling another char out of pure defiance or just until PA got their shit straight?Are you rage quitting or playing something else in the meantime?Give your frustration a vent here. Lets complain together...
  15. So, lately I've been contemplating Inter-player relationships, primarily of the romantic and organizational sort (given that most characters naturally make friends and enemies anyways). Why? I dunno, it's just an interesting concept to think about I believe: In the case of the former, two(+) people take two(+) characters then, at least partially, dedicate them to each other and build off each other more than they would off others; sorta like the later (group/guild/organizational) attachments. While not the only kind of IPRs out there, these two take up the majority of an RPer's time I would believe...assuming they partake in such
    But given that we are each individuals, we approach these IPRs at different rates, with different interests, and with different goals. My question, out of curiosity, is as follows:

    "What is your approach to long-term, dedicated, Inter-player relationships in general; do you or do you not seek them out? If you engage in such, why? If you do not, why? Do you actively seek out romantic encounters and relationships? Do you actively seek out Guild membership and guild relationships? Do you have a preference for either-or?"
    ...Yay, compound questions!
    As for myself, I like to consider myself an 'RP Drifter'; that is, to say, that I do not really like to form dedicated groups or attachments that restrain me from engaging in activities with other people.
    This would put me firmly in the camp of 'Not Interested in Guilds' despite being a part of the largely inactive/defunct 'Misadventurers' group (because they let me do my own thing...also somewhat helped make it so; yeah.). While I sacrifice regular involvement in dedicated events, its always good to meet up with new people and make connections that way; possible while in a guild, but the lack of restraint means I can more freely engage with different groups I believe. This is especially apparent with the nature of guilds in BDO, making all your characters a part of the one guild; it would bother me to no end to see a Calpheon-like guild name floating above my Valencian, or the other way around.
    I also have a dis-interest in group activities as far as actually -playing- the game goes (Bosses? Who has time to -fight- things? Seriously.). AIn't nobody got time for playing the game!

    As far as romantic interests go in RP, I'm not against the idea as far as my characters go, I just don't think its necessary and thus not something that would be readily possible or easy to enter into. This reflects in the nature of my characters:
    My Warrior (Sebas) was in a happy relationship once. ONCE.My Ranger (Jeri) just ain't havin' none of that right now. She'll call you a biscuit.My Wizard (Harken) is a Guardian Spirit and incapable of that sort of thing.My Berserker is Mew, to those who know him...it. It, yes.My Sorceress (Faridah) is a happily married woman with two darling little children and a nice house on a hill.My Heidellian Guardsman (Rayleigh; gotta name the dumb one after your handle!) is too dumb to live, let alone get romantically involved with and procreate with someone!
  16. I'll try to keep this thread simple and to the point. I'll also try to word it so that it doesn't come off as one of those "Please make the game better," type threads. I'm no expert coder or game designer, but I believe some of these suggestions would be easy to implement since the game should already have (for some of the suggestions) variables and data these could pull from. Forgive me if some of these changes have been added for other versions of the game. Most of these suggestions are for Guild related quality-of-life features, and should be fairly easy to implement. All of these are simple suggestions through my many hours playing this game, feel free to debate or add anything to them or suggest other simple and relative easy-to-implement ideas. If this is in the wrong forum page, sorry.
           Please consider adding an <AFK> tag or something similar to the guild roster for players auto-looping or AFK fishing.This would be the easiest of my suggestions. The game already tracks something similar with the Cinematic Mode that adds filters and changes camera perspectives and is activated when you haven't touched your mouse or keyboard after a few minutes. Seeing as how it's encouraged to AFK in this game, why isn't there a way to notify your guild that you aren't actively playing? Making it only for the guild roster or friends list would also be a good way to prevent other players wanting to PK AFKers for easy luls, but wont entirely solve that problem. All that would be needed would be a simple display or String added to the guild members name displaying something like [Away] or [AFK] which could be tied into the cinematic mode timer.
            An in-game Guild Calendar (while also using/fixing the Saying of the Day)This would be a bit more time consuming because Pearl Abyss would have to design a GUI, but it wouldn't be that hard. It would be simple really, another tab for the Guild Menu that would display a calendar which could also be tied into the Guild Saying of the Day. For example, you could make a saying of the day for every day of the week, or put certain events on the calendar in-advance for the entire guild to see. This would be especially useful when Guild Sieges finally come to the game or for other guild activities.
             Add more ranks other than Member, Officer and Leader (or allow us to make our own guild ranks)A lot of guild members don't want the full responsibility of being an officer, but also want to just recruit. Maybe some people want to name their guild ranks to match their guild name. Not only would this make guilds easier to manage, but combine this with the above features and by helping guild leaders and officers manage their guilds, these suggestions (I believe) would make the game more enjoyable to be a part of... if you're in a guild of course
    Option to have family names before char names in guild chat. Suggested by ChartosHarder to Implement Ideas (But still good ideas)
    Guild based crafting of consumables/tools/outfits (Unable to sell to NPC or marketplace) Suggested by RulesBot 
  17. (This is in suggestions because it is from the community to suggest ways to balance out the classes, I just found it easier to make a thread to compile issues)
    I was playing around in the arena with random people over the past few days, watching others, and trying different builds/asking others to do so as well to find what is most efficient on what. There aren't terrible balance issues in this game. The biggest problem I see is viability on -this or that- situation.
    I am making a thread calling out to any experienced PvPers out there that would like to help find what the NA/EU community could use in terms of balance for their favorite PvP classes. 
    Please DO NOT post anything without explaining why the change is necessary. You can make counterclaims to other peoples posts, but please be mature about it.
    If anything is largely requested on this thread as a high priority change I will list it in red, low will be listed in green. (To get priority the topic must be discussed often) 
  18. Edit, adding images incomplete, adding info incomplete.
    Pretty recently black desert had a conference which detailed some fairly interesting stuff ranging from Dark elves and a new playable race and advance fishing also going as far to talk about a "focus" on team orientated play for PVE content. I'll show you the stuff I'm talking about. Let's start talking about most of the stuff people care about.
    Ninja awakening boasts multiple swords, I assume their low damage output will be increased because they're essentially hitting more.
    Female ninja 
    Female ninja surprisingly has a completely different awakening which is surprising when comparing blader and plum. They are given a chakram. I assume this will have some sort of acrobatic play style. It would be extremely pleasing to see a class who gracefully fights.
    wizard awakening is exactly the same as witch awakening except the difference the elements they use. Wizard uses fire and water. Their main weapon is switched with a golem?
    She uses a golem as her main weapon as well however her elements are earth and lightening.
    New classes
    This new class also has a new race which is dark elves. Some interesting things to note this patch comes with a town specifically designed for elves and another town specifically designed for Giants. It's also said that elves show some sort of aggression towards Giants. This patch also seems to be giving a deeper understanding on the lore behind the three major races which are Giants, elves and humans. They are also adding a town specifically for Giants and elves to flesh out the lore.
    Some life things they're changing around include a deeper fishing mechanic. Basically fishing hotspots have changed to be more dynamic. If you see a flock of seagulls in the area it usually means there's high quantities of fish available in said area. As well as this they're opening a larger zone north of velia across the sea and are introducing more underwater elements. You can find treasure chests and hinted on rare equipment I'm guessing under water. 
    Other changes coming in this patch is a revamped awaken skills. There wasn't much details on this I assume they'll try to make it less chance based and more based on your play style maybe? I don't know haha. Oh they're also adding tier 9 horses and it seems almost like a fantasy category of horses? Hell horse which gives increased attack power for horse skills, Pegasus for reduce or no fall damage and unicorn for supportive abilities. Anyways when I'm up tomorrow I'll flesh this thread out a bit more really interested in what other people have to say on the matter.


  19. First off, before anyone reads this, this thread is designed for constructive feedback only, I don't want people to complain about how ranger's deserved what they got, or how sorcs/wizards should have got hit with the nerf bat instead.
    Below I will list the reasons that I, someone who is 55 on EU and 59 on KR, who has over 1 year playtime with a ranger has issues with this patch.
    1. The skills buffed make completely no difference to how ranger will be played. At 126 AP, a full charging wind did 40 damage on a target tested with 120AP on a target with 150 DP. it now does 50 damage. To use this skill, the ranger is stuck in animation for 3 seconds, consumed 20 stamina and 60 mana, unlike witches, wizards and sorcs, this skill does not grant frontal block and therefor leaves the ranger completely susceptible to melee damage, as for dagger of protection, how useless these buffs are, I cannot put into words.
    2. Not only was the class directly nerfed, but also indirectly as now ranger cannot kill a Giant with the exact same gear, with full mana + potions from the back, with them being afk, however, it takes 8 seconds for a Giant to 100%-0% a ranger with 161DP.
    3. With 126AP, it is impossible to force your way through a valkyrie/warriors block, due to mana constraints (small pots, lol), this is an issue nonexistent in korea, because of how gear scales. Gear that with our butchered media patch, we don't have access to. which just further makes me question the rationality put behind the balance team at DAUM EU, if one exists at all.
    4. These buffs were designed for the Korean version of the game, where rangers currently have on average 1000HP more, which directly effects the damage of the majority of the classes skills, they also have access to the XL sized potions, which makes the new mana issues non existent.
    5. In Korea, Rangers have 2 more i-frames and they have a dash, which allows for a playstyle that does not revolve around managing to eliminate your opponent in a single burst.
    6. The patch has bugged some of rangers skills, for example with the "Bread n' Butter" farming skill evasive explosive shot, instead of hitting with 6 arrows, you now hit with 4. Which means that you are losing on average 33% of mana that you should have, even with the nerfs.
    7, The vague "patch notes" we were given are completely misleading, with explosive arrow losing over half it's damage, it is simply not acceptable that you call it "slight" adjustments.
    DAUM is a publisher that listens to the player base, and a publisher I have a lot of faith in, so I ask that you read my post, and the ones that follow it, and readjust the patch. If I were to make a suggestion it would be that all of the class balance changes (including berserker, which will fulfil it's intended purpose when sieges arrive without these buffs) should be removed until we get valencia 1/2. 
    Please, if you have any suggestions for DAUM, or any additional criticism, post what is on your mind below.
    PS; To DAUM, one thing that I believe was a good,, and much needed balance change was the nerf to descending current, with sieges upcoming, this will drastically improve class variation within guilds and prevent extreme discrimination from happening, like in Korea. (To those, who don't know, this skill alone made korean siege-orientated and focused guilds focus on recruiting 70%+ guild members being rangers)
  20. Post on Gear Enhance Creep [+20] in General

    By Oke, posted
    The increased gear enhance cap will have possibly the biggest change on the game when it comes to OW PvP and also the announced 40v40 Crimson Battlefield.
    Mediah content will be a great addition to the game in general but is +20 going to widen a gap that newer players cannot reach?
  21. Hello community,
    I'm creating this thread in order to gather information in order to find out how the forum experience is being received.
    Discussion is encouraged on what is good, what we believe is lacking and improvements which could be made by us the community.
    Below you'll find two polls attached;
    Poll #1; Are you satisfied with how the official Black Desert desert forums are moderated?Poll #2; Do you feel that the official Black Desert forum mods are doing enough to reinforce a safe and positive community environment? 
  22. Hello, there's a topic I would like to bring up and discuss.

    As you're leveling up your character you get Achievements for reaching levels... 10, 20, 30, 40, 45, 50, and 60. Each of these Achievements grant you Combat Skill Points (x), as well as some other things, but the point of this topic will be Combat Skill Points.

    Level 10 Achievement - Combat Skill Points (1) + Other
    Level 20 Achievement - Combat Skill Points (2) + Other
    Level 30 Achievement - Combat Skill Points (3) + Other
    Level 40 Achievement - Combat Skill Points (4) + Other
    Level 45 Achievement - Combat Skill Points (4) + Other
    Level 50 Achievement - Combat Skill Points (5) + Other
    Level 60 Achievement - Combat Skill Points (7) + Other

    In total you will receive 26 Combat Skill Points from Achievements!

    Now let's talk about the issue I noticed with this.

    You can only receive rewards from an Achievement on 1 character, therefore you can only receive these extra 26 Combat Skill points on a single character PER GAME ACCOUNT.

    If you are familiar with the way Combat Skill Point XP works, you know that there is a Softcap on the amount of levels you will receive for Combat Skill Points. These extra 26 Combat Skill Points are crucial to go onto your main character. Also note that every Alt character you make will be lacking these extra 26 Combat Skill Points.

    IMO, this is very broken/over-sighted  game design, and needs to be fixed.
    What do you guys think?
  23. Hello everyone!
    This is my first post in this part of the forum. Whilst having our own Discussion in our Guild-Forum about Builds and stuff, I wanted to gain feedback of the more experienced players out there. This shouldnt be a Guide or anything, just a calm, reasoned discussion about builds and stuff! I will post my Build and Gear-Choces/Options and would be glad for every opinion I can get out of that!
    I read many discussions in this part of the forum already, so I think I got a good grasp on the matter (me thinks). So lets start!
    The totally barebones skillset I will be running with fresh 50 will be this:
    Skillbuild fresh 50

    After you got more skillpoints and reach the Softcap (around 500 and being max-level: 54) it will look like this (needs testing):
    Skillbuild 50+
    The idea of this Skillbuild is being highly mobile and utilise all the damage-selfbuffs to be not only a solid 1v1 Zerker (to defend yourself while grinding alone) but also the be a fast force to be reckoned with in Group-PvP. I miss out on our "Ultimate" Fearsome Tyrant, which is only good in Sieges anyway, to put the points in Abilities which gives me a much greater Powerspike.
    My thougths about gear and the stats a Zerker needs:
    Gearset 1:
    Zereth Set
    2pc: 200 stamina
    Helm: 15% knockdown resist
    Shoes: 200 stamina
    Taritas Set
    2pc: 100 WP
    Armor: 20 HP, 20 WP
    Gloves: 2 accuracy
    With the intended Liverto Weapon/Saiyer Knot and all Gems I want to put into it I get (without Accessories/Shoe-Gems):
    5 Crit
    4 AS
    400 Stam
    120 WP
    120 HP
    2 Acc
    15% Knockdown resist

    Gearset 2:
    Agerian Set
    2pc: 100 HP
    Helm: 15% stun resist
    Gloves: 1 AS/CS

    Taritas Set
    2pc: 100 WP
    Armor: 20 HP, 20 WP
    Shoes: evasion
    With the intended Liverto Weapon/Saiyer Knot and all Gems I want to put into it I get (without Accessories/Shoe-Gems):
    5 Crit
    5 AS
    120 WP
    220 HP
    15% Stun resist
    +2 Evasion
    What do you guys think about this?
  24. Hello BDO community,
    There has been quite the vocal traffic here and on reddit concerning the cash shop and related items. I think that most of us love and enjoy this game regardless of whether we are praising, complaining or baiting. This survey is to help drive change!
    I was inspired to create a survey (after reading this reddit comment and the linked Gamasutra articles) to help Daum and Pearl Abyss succeed with the release and longevity of Black Desert Online. There are only three questions (maximum allowed) and I've kept the answer options simple.
    Feel free to elaborate on your answers in a reply!