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  1. As it says, What killed the fun in other MMO's for you?  Things we hope doesn't happen here.
    I'm not a huge MMO junkie, maybe played 2 or 3 for any real length of time.  But my impressions have been.
    WoW - was great at the beginning, sure the lag sucked but it was new and exciting at the time when there was less competition.  Since then the game imo has been changed and over simplified, and for lack of a better term ruined for me.
    GW2 - The concept of the game was cool. Being able to help out strangers without grouping ect. But I think this led to less communication amongst players, outside of cities. Graphic style just didn't appeal to me. The pvp system and limited ability bar turned me off too.  Think I lasted about 2 months in there before I got bored.
    Tera - Graphics were good, target system was a novel idea but doesn't do well with the server lag. Limited time on dye's . . still don't understand this. It's ok but doesn't hold my interest for very long.  I play this every so often for a month or two then get bored again.
    SWTOR - I had a blast doing the Huttball pvp from 1-49. At level 50 it just didn't feel the same. Lack of end game before I quit playing. Really this felt like a single player game with an MMO slapped on it.  I liked that it used the old talent point system from WoW, pretty much.  Right at the time when WoW went and nerfed that stuff.  So really had some high points but very low - low points.  Logged in for maybe 5 min when it went free to play.  Wait a second. . . I have to pay to hide my helmet?  And that was the end of that.
    Every other MMO game I tried either had horribad gameplay / combat. Poor UI, or really bad graphics.
  2. Post on PvE Hopes & Dreams in PVE

    By Vaeresyn, posted
    While Black Desert Online for NA / EU is not finalized, let's go into the discussion here with the mentality that big, ground breaking changes and additions to the game would take a lot of time and not be implemented upon launch. This thread is for people to just toss around ideas and have a conversation about what they might like to eventually see in Black Desert's PvE -- from when you get to new zones (like Valencia or anything additional after), and the like.
    It is also for people to express things they like about current PvE but where tweaks could be! Maybe you've even thought of an avenue where it would benefit both PvP and PvE gameplay.
    Let's stay chill and crack this open! Give us your hopes for the game (realistic ones) as well as your (possibly unrealistic) dreams. Or if you don't want to do that, just tell us what you think really works for Black Desert!
    Dramatic PvE story lines that tangle directly with lore events when you're leveling (possibly for later content zones like after Valenica).Group content of some sort with interesting rewards.Active lore that makes us feel like the world is not stagnant (guild vs guild helps make the world feel active however too!)DREAM:
    Some sort of dungeon system that benefits PvE folks while not alienating PvP frands.