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  1. Post on Got bored of Valk so in Classes

    By XkiviX, posted
    Mae or DK? for fun pvp/pve experience ( consider the incoming buffs of classes) ty
  2. Just for the record, right now I'm playing a Musa. The class that got nerfed before it even entered into NA, because they didn't want any "OP" classes. Our Dash is an iframe still on KR, (because...necessary) can't tell you how many wizard ultimates I've dashed into because its too damn fast, but in NA... it's not? Why? No idea. Then there's the accuracy problem with musas. I won't get started on how the class is extremely challenged..... Then we have DKs. The dashes on there? Still an iframe. The accuracy? Just fine. The DMG? OP. Mobility? Extreme. No wonder over 70% of the people that I know rerolled DK. And what's left for those of us who don't wanna reroll to the most Overpowered class known to BDO? I'll leave that answer up to you. Right now there isn't a class that holds a candle to DKs, and that's KNOWN knowledge! And yet the devs allowed this to be apart of the game? It's shocking how unbalanced these classes are and to be honest, after spending years of time and THOUSANDS of dollars spent on this game, I mean THOUSANDS... I'm starting to think whether I even want to play it anymore.
  3. DK_101  FAYNTU'S FLUFF & FIREWORKS _ some lvl60 dark knight awakening basics
    Can't seem to embed it, sorry.
    But enjoy guys. 
    Open for feedback and any questions which might come up in the future.
    Don't hesitate to whisper me ingame.
  4. I've got the Sin Terrna Premium costume on my DK,but the default stockings are missing,if i go to Dye window i can see and dye them(have done so),if i open the shop i can see them,i can see other players stockings too,but i can't see my characters stockings(dont have underwear), ive also tried changing the graphical settings to see if that is the issue but it doesn't seem so.
  5. Post on Lets talk Balance.. in General

    By Virukin, posted
    So am I getting this right with how every new class or something added brand new is the most OP thing out there for a few months? Wiz and witch are still able to 2 shot everything in sight and zerks aren't nerfed to hell on those grabs.
    Now we have DK swifting around acting like an assassin (which it is) but im sitting on a 225AP Kuno and I cant do as much dmg as a fresh awakened DK in PvP against a few warriors or Rangers.. Takes me 20 or so skills to finally kill someone while it takes 4 with DK awakening?
    PA please tell me this is a joke. Ninja and Kuno are suppose to be big dmg burst assassins like they are presented. To me it feels like im swinging a wet shipley donut at a zerker for and hour.
    I want all of you to tell me the truth here and see whats really wrong with this games trinity. To me this games trinity is to have a new class or system be extremely OP to hell and they dont even give a damn about their older released content.... WHEN IS THE BIG BALANCE PATCH BOIS?! 2025?!!! 
  6. Hey would you take oros or Slayer TRI Both ?
  7. DK is receiving significantly way less damage than many other classes.
    Tested with a lvl 58 DK with 263 DP | Musa lvl 60 273 DP | Zerker lvl 60 283 DP | Wizard lvl 60 273 DP
    (no evasion items via crystals, jewelry etc.) 
    (all members had full boss gear) 
    (Approximately 50 rounds or trials were performed on each participant) (standing w/ No KD) (with KD)
    The lvl 58 DK had a very consistent average about 150-250 more HP than the Wizard & Musa 
    The DK had an average of 100-150 HP more than the Zerker
    I want to know if anyone else has done some experimenting and with other classes as this is what we had available at the time.
  8. They both look nice but i dont have much gear. Which one could perform well with not that much gear. And which one is better in PvE. I mostly want to PvE not that much PvP. DK or Ranger.
  9. Post on DK Sin terrna bug in In-Game Bugs

    By Ayaze, posted
    crystal on neck can not change color for me
    it bug or some problems for me ?

  10. Hi,
    After unlocking the awakening on Dark Knight i noticed that the skill "Seed Of Catastrophe" and "Flow: Root Of Catastrophe" are completely invisible for me. It seems to work fine for all the other people I've asked so I'm sure this problem is on my end.
    I've tried to change the graphical setting and the effects are turned on.
  11. Post on What will you do? in Dark Knight

    By Grehm, posted
    So we're likely going to be getting our awakening in the next patch, along with Kamasylvia. What is everyone's plans once the patch goes through? Are you making a mad dash for that awakening quest? Or will you try and let the rush slow down and take it slow.
    I'm going to be cracking open a fresh dande box and going for TET. (Been saving mats for a while.
  12. https://youtu.be/v_xyzsAcrFs 
    Dark Knigh - Knot  visual bug. 
  13. Recently, I've tried drinking the event dark beer, +20% combat and skill exp version, only have it to tell me 'Item does not exist', while putting the drink on it's full 30 minute cooldown, using one of the items in said stack, and not giving me the drink animation or the exp buff itself. I'm playing on the dark knight, and from the two times I've noticed it, it seems to be tied to the delayed animation the DK has when weapon is drawn. The sauntering forwards one. If that animation hits as the item is clicked, it seems to not care, and basically deletes a beer, putting it on cooldown instead of playing the drink animation. 
  14. https://gyazo.com/60cceef941f7a9b9a1ca66b97d27dcd8
    So I've been using Wheel of Fortune quite a lot, I've seen the air attack proc, but I have never seen the Down Attack proc shown in the Combo Guide Master video of the DK made by PA.
    It doesnt say on the skill description (we know these are wonky) either that it's supposed to do down attack, but a bit of clarification on this would be nice
  15. Heyo

    Ravage Rake cost 5 MP and restore 10 EP per hit

    Vedirs Dogma burns -20 ep per 3 sec.

    What is EP?
  16. Mahlzeit !

    -Ravage Rake 
    Mp : 5
    per every hit EP+10 recovery

    -Vedirs Dogma
    While using skill EP -20 per 3 sec.

    Was ist EP? Ist das ein tippfehler und soll MP sein?

    thx im vorraus

  17. Hello all =)
    So yeah .. like so many of us, i prepare the gear of my futur DK =) !
    So let's go =>
    What do you think about that stuff ( NO BOSS ARMOR ) => ( i dont have them ... )
    Helmet : Ultimate Grunil DUO
    Chest : Roccaba DUO
    Gloves : Ultimate Grunil DUO
    Feet : Roccaba DUO
    Ring : Blue coral ring PRI  x2
    Earing 1 : Blue Coral Eraing PRI
    Eraing 2 : Blue Coral Eraing DUO
    Necklace : Bares TRI
    Belt : Shultz PRI
    Weapon :
    MH : Liverto Kriegsmesser ( futur ) or at least Yuria 
    OH : Saiyer PRI
    If you see something better ( why ? and how ? )  tell me =)
    I have 2XX million in bank !
    Have a good day all !
    PS : sorry for my english, i do my best
  18. With the bs of the top rated/downloaded template being the base one, lets show some love to the people that actually worked hard. Please only share creations you actually made, not templates you got from kr or something, including modified ones.
    I also want to give some love to those of you that didn't get to enter the beauty contest - kind of bs we can't get back into the creator for it - and for those that are late to the beauty contest party and don't really get any votes. If you tell me the title of your creation, I'll go give you some love~
    My first creation, I'm one of those unfortunate people that didn't get to enter:

    I ended up attempting to recreate her, but it didn't come out the exact same. I still like it though!

    The title is "Violet Shadows v2"
    If you like either one, please go give me some love! Feel free to use the one I put up and edit it if you wish~
    Which one do you guys like better? I'm not sure which one I'm going to go with.
  19. Post on DK Gear Discussion in Dark Knight

    By Yuzukaa, posted
    Hey guys,
    Im on to build my DK Gear for a perfect start.
    Right now i got:
    Grunil full +15, 2x Blue Corral Earring, Scarla Neck - What im aiming to get before the 1st: Kzarka / Liverto Kriegsmesser; Saiyer/Oros Knot and Belt of Shultz the Gladiator
    I want to hear some Opinions on it - or what ur going for.
    btw: looking for a levelgroup on 1st from 1-56
    Thanks in advance!
    Thats how mine is looking

  20. Im not that great on creating and utilizing the full potential of customization of this game.
    I saw some really create creation from the community
    So i am turning to the community to try and help me out.
    I am a huge fan of Valkyrie Profile : Lenneth and Fate Stay night : Saber.
    Or any dark elf ish would be cool to fit the dark knight theme.
    If you could use those to inspire the creation it would be gladly appreciated.
    Feel free to post a few screeshot here and thank you in advance.
  21. Post on Share your DK creations! in General

    By Feonie, posted
    I'd like to see what you guys came up with
  22. SD Black Desert Online

    Server: EU Alustin – Serendia A1

    Guild størrelse: 75 aktive konti pr 15/5 2016

    I SD rekrutterer vi personen bag ved karakteren. For mere information angående vores rekruttering, gå til http://www.semperdanica.dk/forums/56

    Lidt om SD's historie.
    SD blev grundlagt tilbage i 2002 da SWG var under udvikling, og vi fik samlet ca. 100 aktive medlemmer til at starte ud i vores første MMO.
    I dag, 14 år senere, er vi omkring 400 medlemmer og vi har spillet en stor del af de MMO'er, der har været bla. SWG, DAOC, EQ2, LOTRO, AOC, WAR, Rift, SW:TOR og Aion og vi har PT aktive guilds i WoW og BDO.

    Hvem er Semper Danica Medlemmer?
    Dansktalende18+ år gamle. Gennemsnitsalderen er ca 31 år. Mange er 30+Venlige mennesker med et liv og familie ved siden afSociale mennesker som former venskaber i guilden, og mange fester sammen IRL
    Semper Danica er en multi-mmo guild. Ingen mmo'er holder for evigt, men vores guild holder os sammen og vi fortsætter selvom de spil vi spiller kan være ved at dø ud.
    Semper Danica er mere end "bare" en guild, SD er venner og familie, og mange af vores medlemmer har været her i flere år. Vi har årlige tilbagevendende sociale arrangementer, som fx julefrokost og sommerfester.

    SD rekrutterer ikke din karakter, vi rekrutterer dig som person. Hvem du er kommer først og skills og spillestil kommer i anden række. Dvs. at når vi leder efter nye medlemmer, leder vi efter personen bag ved pixels.

    Hvilken slags guild er SD i BDO og andre spil.
    Som med alle spil har vi selvfølgelig nogle mål i BDO. Men da dette er et spil med utroligt mange aspekter, betyder det også, at der altid er noget at lave. Vi ligger, som sagt tidligere, pt. på ca. 75 aktive accounts. Vi laver guildbosser flere gange om ugen og har ud over dette en masse members, som nyder de mange aspekter BDO byder på. Dette betyder, at man altid vil kunne finde nogle mennesker, som nyder lige præcis det, som man selv gør, om det er at fiske 24/7, Trade, PVP eller andet.

    Vi er en fin blanding af både hardcore og casual. En meget blandet guild.
    SD har alle typer og vi rekrutterer alle typer, så længe du er en person vi vil have som ven ingame.
    Vi har folk der jagter endgame, Ultra casuals, Alt-oholics osv. osv.
    Vi har også en skare PVP'ere i guilden, som nyder dette aspekt.

    Hvad end DU elsker at lave i BDO vil der være en plads til en som dig 

    Hvad er Semper Danica IKKE?

    SD er ikke den hurtigste guild.
    SD er ikke L337, UBAH, IMBA eller OP.
    SD er ikke guilden der er kendt for de bedste spillere, selvom vi har en del af dem også. Vi har både de gode og de ikke så gode spillere. Vores End-gamers er dygtige og organiserede spillere, mens nogle af vores casuals virkelig er med til at definere ordet.

    At være sådan en blandet guild kan være noget af en udfordring, men samtidigt en udfordring ledelsen tager med et smil og i stiv arm. SD spiller mmo'er for at ha det sjovt. Vi vil gerne være med i alle aspekter af et spil, men vi er ikke dem, der når tingene først. Det har aldrig været et mål i SD, at skulle være de bedste til PVE eller PVP. Vi er ligeglade med den berømmelse, den kan hardcore guilds få.

    Det vi er bedst til er at være et godt, stabilt og venligt guild, og vi har 14 år på bagen til at bevise det.

    Vi har PT åbent for rekruttering til SD BDO. Vi stiller ingen krav til hverken class eller lvl.

    Hvis du vil vide mere om SD, så bare spørg i denne tråd, eller besøg vores forum