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  1. Guten Tag allerseits,
    ich habe ein Problem mit dem Quest [Tausch] Bessere Rüstung von Dobart/Schwarzgeist. Ich weiß einfach nicht wie ich diese Quests abschließen soll....bin übrigens neu im Spiel.
    Kann mir jemand paar Tipps geben bei dem Quest ?
    Danke Danke 
  2. After answering this question in Channel chat, Guild chat, whispers and even role play chat 5-10 times a day since the game launched I've decided to make a forum post instead. Hopefully this will shed some light on the topic, as well as save me some energy.

    Blackstone (Weapon) Quest Chain:
    This is the final chain in the "Need a Sharper Weapon" quest chain the spirit will give you while you're leveling. Before level 30 he will give you a Basteer Weapon this weapon is the key to the puzzle, at around level 30 when you reach the Delphe knight castle, in the mountains between the Heidel region and Calpheon the black spirit will teach you about enchanting weapons, and will give you a Black stone (Basteer) to try it out with. You will get your Ultimate Basteer Weapon after this. This is the most important weapon for the questchain. Keep hold of this weapon and upgrade it to +7 (it can't be upgraded higher) even if people will tell you Yuria is the best weapon (which is true) you'll want to wait with the Yuria until you hit 50, or at least until you trigger the questchain in question. At level 48 if you equip the +7 Ultimate Basteer Weapon the spirit will talk to you and tell you the weapon just won't do. This is when you trigger the Blackstone questchain. From this point on he will give you a series of quests to kill 50-100 or different types of monsters, This will basically take you to all the endgame leveling/grinding spots to kill stuff, and each step of the quest will give you a blackstone for weapon.
    Also if you destroyed/sold/lost your Ultimate Basteer weapon, for one weapon blackstone the blacksmith at Delphe knight castle will give you a new copy, the Ultimate styd weapon should also be able to trigger the quest chain
    Extra Info: 
    Do not throw your Basteer after you get the first quest in the chain. After you complete all of them, and only if you still have the +7 basteer, you will get an additional quest to exchange the +7 basteer weapon for a +7 Bares weapon and 5 more weapon black stones. Also, you can use Ultimate Styd too to start the chain at 48

    Blackstone (Armour) Quest Chain:
    Similar to the weapon chain this quest is triggered at level 48, by wearing a +5 Dobart's armour piece it can be any piece of Dobarts, you will get a few of these from the Black spirit from quests around level 40, they can also be bought on the marketplace. It's much simpler than the Weapon chain, as soon as you equip a +5 Dobart the spirit will tell you it's not good enough, and he'll give you a quest to go talk to Dobart in Calpheon who's a blacksmith. Dobart will notice your +5 Dobart armour and allow you to trade it in for a +5 of any other set (but only for the same piece as your Dobart) This can help you get a +5 of an expensive set, Agerian and Taritas chestpieces come to mind.
    After you've traded in your armour piece the spirit will give you a chain of quests similar to the weapon ones, kill a lot of enemies, and each quest will reward you with Blackstone (Armour)
    Extra Info:As for the Dobart armour, you can repeat the exchange for all 3 pieces (gloves, head and feet). After that, you will get a free bonus quest from Dobart where you can choose between different +5 chestpieces plus a bonus armour stone.
    Good Luck!
    Added some Extra info, thanks to @insert_brain 
    Extra Blackstone Tip!
    Some NPCs let you rent an item from them, which you right click for a quest. The quest is simply to talk to the person you rented the item from and you're awarded a blackstone.
    Velia - Igor Barteli - 20 Contrib Points - 1 armor blackstone
    Heidel - Jordine Ducas - 60 Contrib Points - 1 weapon blackstone
    Calpheon - Basquean - 100 Contrib Points - 1 weapon & 1 armor blackstone
    BLACKSTONE FOR ALTS ( Thanks for @OddGD ) 
    At 48 you get [Exchange] Better Weapon (Class)   by equipping your Utlimate Basteer weapon and accessing the Black Spirit.  The mission is to +7 your Ultimate Basteer, have it in your inventory, and visit Kanobas in Calpheon. http://bddatabase.net/us/quest/263/1/
    In return, you receive a +7 Bares weapon, and 5 Weapon Black Stones.  You can extract the +7 Bares Weapon to get back the stones you spent on the Ultimate Basteer.  You do not need to repeat the Sharper Weapon quest chain that has you kill a variety of mobs in successive order.  Simply hit 48, have a +7 Ultimate Basteer.
  3. Post on Dobart Lies? in In-Game Bugs

    By Deibos, posted
    Greetings, just a quick mention here. 

    Seems Dobart's been drinking too much and seems to think the 2 piece bonus is the 3 piece, and the 3 piece is a 4 piece bonus. 



  4. As a new player to the game, I have found the quest system for the Black Spirit to be easily the most frustrating and confusing thing...maybe out of any game I have ever played. 
    1) There should be some kind...any kind...of dialog telling players to hold on to their basteer weapon and not sell it or discard it....like ever, don't ever get rid of it.
    2) The black spirit quests should activate based on level and this should be documented so that we know if the system is working or not. I have guild mates that got the sharper weapon quest line that awards weapon black stones at around level 30, some at 40 and I'm 46 and still haven't seen this quest despite having the Ultimate basteer axe at +7 for the last last nearly 10 levels. 
    3) Dobart armor....ok just wtf? Nowhere did it tell us during the boss quest series in the early to mid 40's that we needed to take one reward of each of the Dobart pieces. So, I ended up with a helmet, gloves and I don't know what I picked following the third quest but I must have sold it, only to then to find out that I needed dobart boots to do this future quest line that I didn't know was coming or existed.
    Why was this designed in a way to set players up to fail?
    Rework these quest lines so that they activate at very specific times/levels. Remove the ability in the armor quests to choose the same item as much as three times. Just make the three bosses drop one specific item. Add dialog from the black spirit telling players NOT to get rid or basteer weapons or dobart armor. Add in a pop-up menu of warning any time someone tries to sell or otherwise discard their basteer or dobart items.