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  1. Hat hier noch wer so einen sagenhaften Dowloadspeed von 0.07 MB/sek? Willkommen im Jahr 1995 mit Modemtechnik und 56K!
    Das doch nicht deren Ernst oder was? Ich habe gerade so einen unendlichen Hass auf den Developer - ich kann es nicht in Worte fassen. Mehr als 6 Stunden für 1,73 GB? Das ist so hyper-giga-unprofessionell...
    Erst die ständigen Probleme mit den Disconnects und nun das?
    Daum: Ihr seid ein trauriger Haufen Amateure, die (zumindest in EU & NA) absolut versagt haben. Auch, wenn es scheinbar nicht alle Spieler betrifft - jeder dritte/ vierte reicht schon um zu sagen, dass ihr besser die Finger von solchen Projekten hättet lassen sollen. Oder mal bei Blizzard ein wenig abgucken.
    Habt Ihr gut gemacht - bekommt Ihr Applaus für!
    Einfach nur erbärmlich!!!
  2. Really Daum? Are you guys serious? 0.07 MB/sec??? almost hrs download for 1,73GB ???
    This is so damn unbeliveable - i don`t know if i want to laugh or cry?!
    That´s it. I´m out. I know you Devs don`t give a damn about that.
  3. Hello,
    I'd like to ask information regarding the Character Creator download for BDO. I was talking to a friend about the game, and she was interested in trying to look at the CC (since it was her major point of interest), but we've found out that the download has been taken down ever since the end of the Dark Knight creation event.
    I know it used to be downloadable for free back when I started the game, so maybe this removal is temporary? Or did I miss the announcement that it'd be removed as a stand-alone free download permanently? If so, what are the reasons?
    Thanks for your time!
  4. Post on Patching stops in Technical Issues

    By Killgun, posted
    The new 3Gb patch can't download. It gets stuck at random %s. I checked if maybe the launcher is bugged and it doesn't show progress,but since nothing is downloading and being written on my hard drive i think it isn't just the ui. What can i do to solve it? I only downloaded the game again a couple of weeks back, and i really dont want to redownload the whole game every damn patch  
  5. The launcher has now been running for 2 days to download 2 -----ing gigabytes of data on a 100mb/s capacity network. I'm done with this crap. if this keeps up ill just uninstall the dam thing. I downloaded bf1 and titanfall 2 faster than this shit.
  6. Post on Erro 2001 in Technical Issues

    By Eleyx, posted
    As title i try to download the patch of today but i receive "error 2001" and now nothing work....
    This is a trailer I made using dozens of clips from trailers they have released. 
    I created this in hopes of showing how great this game is.
    Feedback would greatly be appreciated.
  8. I've seen the 'known issue' block for this, however methinks it's quite different from what it says there.
    For one, it downloads. It patches.

    But then all of a sudden

    And so.....

    No change in the amount of data downloaded. Decrease of download speed with increase of remaining time.
    What is this...........................?
    Is it related to the fact that people keep having connection problems, as I've read?
    Note: every time I relaunch the launcher, it keeps getting stuck at the exact same downloaded data, 514.12MB. The very exact same number.
  9. Ich habe mir das Anfängerpaket vorgestern gekauft und frage mich nun wo ich es runterladen kann oder ob es als CD kommt
    oder so hab wirklich keinen Plan
  10. Hi,
    Since I wasn't able to find an answer how to download BDO with a proper download speed, I'm here to share my solution. I was getting around 15 - 30kb / sec with my 100mb connection while the maximum should be somewhere above 10mb / sec. I also tried the alternate download link for BDO, but nothing changed.
    Then I noticed that if I was running the BDO Launcher while downloading from the alternate link, the DL speeds became normal. Then the only problem was 2 simultaneous downloads, so naturally the download speed was split in half. After limiting the alternate download, I was able to download at full speed from the original BDO Loader.
    If you have already tried everything else to fix download speed issues, here are the steps:
    Make sure you are able to limit download speeds. (Built-in feature or Netlimiter: Link)Start BDO Launcher the normal way and begin the downloadOpen the alternate download link for BDO in another program. (I used Jdownloader: Link)Limit the speed of the alternate download, so the BDO Loader can have full rate. (Or the other way around)This is a painful workaround, but it's better than downloading the game for a week. In the attached picture you'll see an overview what's actually going on on the screen.
    My specs: Win7 - 64bit, 100/2 cable connection with Cisco EPC 3010 router.
    Maybe with these details someone is able to come up with a better solution for this specific issue.
    See ya!

    EDIT: Apparently its enough to start the download twice from the alternate link, then you can limit the secondary download. You can use a program with a speed limit feature to avoid the hazzle with Netlimiter.
    EDIT 2: This issue has been fixed on the server.
  11. I recently decided to come back to the game, for awakenings. 12GB patch, no problem. Psych. Download would start at a very small 3/MB and then turn to .39/MB or worse, for no damn reason. I've seen posts dating back to 2015 with NO help what so ever besides people mentioning to restart the client and hope it gets better. How has this problem been going on with the patcher for so long without anything being mentioned by anyone on the teams? Extremely upsetting, and frustrating, when you're sitting here for over an hour trying to just get a game to patch, or even download, after hoping maybe uninstalling would work. It didn't. 

  12. Hi,
    servers start to kick me out every 3 minutes after weeks where I didn't had a single problem.
    Decided after a while to re-install the whole game. Erased all the old data and start a new download.
    Launcher start perfectly and fast but always crash at 40% (error 12009). 
    Look into some forum to see what I can do. No firewall, no anti-virus while downloading and other stuff 
    Disable antivirusDisable firewallIf using Wifi connection, switch to wired connection if possibleTurn off any VPN or ping boosterPower cycle modem/routerMake sure your router is not blocking the ports 8888 or 8889Start the launcher again and again...same problem.
    Decide to erase the launcher and download a new one. 
    Cannot dowload the launcher trough the site. It start and ALWAYS crash...

    What do I have to do?
    Don't see any other one with my problem apparently...
    Tommaso Prevedello
    Sorry for my english
  13. So I'm going to try the 7 day trial, but I've ran into a problem. Since I have quite slow internet (~0.5 MB/s) I've had to download in smaller bits, overtime. It has worked well, first it scans at a high speed, then resumes my download, at a slower speed. I'm now at about 75% (31 GB I think) in and when I try to resume my download it doesn't scan at superspeed to where I left off. It's either downloading it all from scratch or something is choking the scanning speed. I've tried restarting my computer and then continuing, making sure there is nothing using up my hard drive speed and/or capacity. I've already put a couple days in to download, and if the 7 day trial begins when first start downloading, then I won't have a lot of time to actually try the game... 
    I'll be grateful for any help!
  14. Hi everyone, 
    So Ive played this game quite a lot but there are still times that I want to take a break and remove the game from my computer for a while. Additionally, I have an SSD and space is limited lol. SO, I was wondering if anyone had developed a way of backing up the client yet. Ive tried just copying the files in "Program Files" to an external hard drive but that didnt work when I tried to copy the game back to my main drive. With games like Elder Scrolls Online or Origin games I can do that and it makes restoring games incredibly easy. I cant be downloading 40GBs every time I want to play the game again. 
    Let me know! Thanks. 
    Bump. No one knows? lol
  15. Is anyone else having the problem where the launcher seems to keep downloading after it finishes the  patch. As in download the 1.04 GB patch and it continues all the way up to 2GB before I restarted it.
  16. Hello I am having a problem updating to the new server merge due to an error code and I have no clue how to fix.
    I have spent alot of time trying to figure out what is wrong and by the looks of it, an unwanted Black Desert Online file DOES NOT want to close in my Task manager
    called : BlackDesert64.exe causing the download to get the error message.
    But I may be wrong please help!
    Here is the gyazo picture I took of my task manager
    And here is what happens when I try to end process (Access denied)
    I managed to track down the "exp.b299" after restarting my PC I deleted it and my game is updating as of this moment!
  17. I purchased the game on Monday and it took me 3 days in total to download it. Okay, I get it, it's normal for many users. 
    Then when I wanted to play it the server was on maintance and I had to wait till the next day. Alright, it's understandable. 
    But now, when the maintance is over I need to redownload the patch and this time it's taking as long as downloading the game itself. During one hour I got 4% done. I really don't wanna wait another 3 days to play and this is really making me slowly lose interest in BDO. Did anyone else have the same problem? I've read threads where download was taking too long (1 and a half day usually) but I think it's kinda too much
    Could anyone help? 
  18. Ich mache beim Event "Bild der Jahreszeit" mit und ich brauche unbedingt ein Foto von meinem Schönheitsalbum, weil ich davon kein Screenshot geschossen habe. Es handelt sich um das zweite Bild vom Album "Velia in Fall" (code:11724). Wäre es möglich mein Bild vom Schönheitsalbum zu downloaden? Mein Familienname heißt "Dyri" und ich bin auf dem Server "Croxus". Ich wäre euch sehr dankbar. Ich hoffe Ihr könnt mir weiterhelfen,
    MFG Hystero
  19. Update:
    Patch is available to download now. Total: 1007.91MB.Server maintenance have been extended by about 1 hour.Server maintenance & Network improvement means "we are on holiday".
     Duration: 7hServer Down:Server Up:Global08:00 UTC16:00 UTCWest Coast (NA)01:00 PDT09:00 PDTEast Coast (NA)04:00 EDT12:00 EDTCentral (EU)10:00 CEST18:00 CESTUpdate: Unfortunately we have to extend the maintenance for 1 extra hour.
     Like this 
  20. Hello! I just bought the game and installed the patcher/launcher. I have downloaded the patcher twice, where the patcher stays stuck at 91% or 90% for a very long time without moving even though it should a download speed. It has even gone more than 15 minutes without moving. Can anyone suggest a fix or has had this problem and found a solution?
  21. Hello.
    Today I got a huge problem. I can't play this game anymore. After starting the launcher the download begins normal. 8mb's, 9mb/s. for a few seconds. Then its sinking fast to 0,04 mb/s and sometimes to 0,00mb/s. most of the time it's about 0,001mb's. same if i download the game client completely new. my speed test says something about 97,4 mbit down and 9,1mbit upload. so where is the problem? it just started today.
    sorry for my bad english, i dont know how to explain my problem better...
  22. Post on How to re-download?? in General

    By K00zyk, posted
    Hey guys, I haven't been on in a while... like a few months... 
    I decided to go on to catch up a bit and rind some more, got the new patch on, and the game freezes at the start-up screen that's back and says "kakao games" 
    The game stops responding and I tried leaving it there, but it doesn't go anywhere. I want to go to the site and re-download the game but I can't figure it out, can someone put a link in where I can get the game again without having to buy it again?? 

  23. It took me a week to download BDO due to sub par Australian internet, it went up at a rate of about 15% every 12 hours. Last night it was finally about to be complete as it was around 85% on the download last time i had had it on. i launch the launcher to find that the download is now at 21% for no reason and it expects me to wait another week just to play the game. There is still 36 gig of the expected 40 gig files cluttering up my hard drive and yet it wants to download them all over again. what on earth is happening? And now that i think about it i can't even go ahead with the download because i don't want 80 gig worth of garbage files taking up all the space on my hard drive.
  24. So yeah I just bought the game since I quit ESO, I'm trying to download the game now but It's been 1 hour and I'm at 6% (2.8GB/39.55GB). Is this the normal throughput for BDO? I know for a fact this isn't on my end. Is there some sort of tweak I can make to get faster speeds?
    Also is it worth to buy Daums coins to get started or are they for end game?
  25. Hello Yami here,
    I got a 7 day trial key from a friend and wanted to download the game but i get an error at 85 mb every time.
    It says Error code 2001 and so i googled it but didnt find a solution yet.
    - Deactivate antivir/firewall
    - Restart PC
    - Delete several files like BlackDesert32.exe / .pac / .paz
    - uninstall -> restart -> install
    - uninstall + clean registry -> restart -> install
    - start as administrator
    - start with compatibilty mode Win 7/8
    One thing i noticed when uninstalling is that the "Bin" folder stays there with an xc folder which is undeletable.
    And since thats the same folder when the error appears i thought it might be something with that folder but couldnt find out what.
    Tried to deactivate the option that you cant write in it. It ticks itself again for every file in the Black Desert Folder.
    Tried to open it for every user on the PC if that would be a problem but that didnt fix it aswell.
    Now i am sitting here without any idea how to get this game installed and test it. Want to test if i can run it or not before buying it.
    uploaded the log file of the launcher from the last start. And every other log looks the exact same.
    yours sincerly Yami