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  1. Hello everyone!! I don't' see many art shops at all on the BDO forums, so I was hoping to find a bunch of great artists to do a few commissions for my character!! <3 It can be anime, realistic, doodles, lineart, color.....anything in your best style will do!! I hope it's not to much trouble and I don't mean to annoy anyone by posting this, just looking for some artwork!! Thank you for your time everyone! ^_^<3 

  2. There are no shadows in this Video, but when its even worse
    My build: i7 6700, r9 390 8vram, 16 gb ram, Windows 10
    Game: everything on max, even highendmode activated - getting 30-60 fps
    Drivers are updated!!
  3. Hey all
    So let me start this post by saying it is not a doom and gloom post, in fact I love the game and haven't been this excited about an MMORPG for a long time, despite it's flaws the game has so much potential and has had me hooked for the short time I've played. I just simply cannot get immersed in a game that has such a terrible draw distance. I have tried, tried and tried again to play with the limited options the game gives you in terms of playing around with the graphics settings to no avail.
    Let me also add that although my PC has far from amazing specs, it's hardly a potato:
    MOBO: Gigabyte G1 Killer
    PSU: Corsair GS800
    CPU: Intel i5 3570k
    GPU: Geforce GTX650 2GB
    RAM: 8GB
    I feel as though my PC would represent the vast majority of peoples specs, maybe not exactly but in that kind of ball park and by the way all of those components meet the recommended specs of the game (yes, even the GPU).
    I have no idea why a company would give it's game such great graphics if it only looks good while standing still, in towns I can understand but even out of town you have grass, rocks, buildings, fences, shadows all popping in and out right in front of you while out in the world. If anyone has any suggestions as to anything I can do to try and improve this, although I have most likely already tried it I would welcome any suggestions.
    As I said, it's a great game that is just scarred by this problem for the moment and as much as I try, it is just so game breaking and distracting you can't just simply ignore it. So for now I'll be hanging up my wizard's hat and robe and moving on, I'll be sure to check back on the game now and then to see if this issue is ever resolved but I hear conflicting information of whether or not this problem can even be fixed with the current engine.
    Thanks for taking the time to read this and if any of you have suggestions, as I said they are more than welcome.
    P.s: Pleeeeeease fix this problem, I want to get into this game so badly! lol.
  4. Hey guys,
    feel free to share here your art. Be it pencil sketches or even digital art, doesn't matter. Also we cans hare our experience here, advices and criticism.
    I will start by some I made recently. Actually there is one thing I want to tell you. For years stickman was the best thing I could draw but about a year ago I decided to change that. I started drawing, at first it was terrible but by time I got a bit better. Can't say I am a master or anything but please understand that the following pictures are like a miracle for me. I never thought I am capable of something like this. So never give up! you can do it too even if you think you have no talent at all!
    So pieces of my "art "  :
    Then I decided to buy a graphic Wacom tablet:
    Would be great if you leave some feedback or advices and even your own art. 
    See ya!