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  1. Hi guys, just want to know If you are investing your valuable energy into a node, will it help increasing non-mob killing drop rates / gathering gains? Because right now I have a level 5 node for my gathering spot and small farm, and I haven't noticed anything, in fact I think since I leveled up the node, the overall gains are lesser...
    Right now I'm planning to spend some more to level it to 6 but I'm not sure is it worth?
  2. Hello, I wanted to buy premium versions, but at first I checked games to play them, I did also.
    And my problem appears as follows:
    I have amazing lag in town, exp, farm everywhere really ...
    My set:
    GTX 970 GAMING 4G
    INTEL XEON E3 1230 v2 @ 3.30GHz - specifically for this game I turned on the 3.7 GHz turbo mode (12 fps increase and still has a problem)
    8 gb ram 1300 mhz
    The problem is the following: during a simple stroll, wherever I have lags, with 40 fps I can play the game and lower down to 0 fps and so all the time.
    Where with the usual bf4 witcher / ultra game at 80-100 fps
    I do not know if this game is not normal or not, but I hit 31 lvl on this delay, I liked the game. I wanted to buy her and still want her, but as I see .... these drops I really do not care about playing it.
    Any tips? What could it be? I turned off v-sync in nvidia and the problem still occurs ... And as I drive the horse through the city ... it's completely lost my faith in this game ..
  3. I was wondering if there is a specific number on how much the mob knowledge/note lvl increases your dropchance. Especially the "S" on mobs seems to be a big mystery.
    Everywhere its said "it will increase the droprate" but aren't there any more detailed informations?
    Do you guys know something and/or whats your experience with mob knowledge/node lvl?
  4. Post on Ancient Pearls drop rate in General

    By B.D.O, posted
    With the Kama drop rate buff 7d, I cannot seem to get one ancient pearl and i've done it all from cooking to trading, fishing and grinding.  In fact not a single person in my guild has found one.  Some grind all day and some fish all day.  While some claim to collect hundreds there is no proof to back what anybody has said with video or picture evidence.
    So i ask you staff, what is the drop rate and was this an over sight?  
    Thanks for reading!
  5. Post on PVP during world boss in PVP

    By OmegaXYZ, posted
    I would ask what players think about PVP during world bosses.
    When a world boss spawns It takes some time to kill him and It is very rare to drop a boss weapon directly. However 100 auras can be collected and changed for the weapon in the worst case. Even so they don't drop everytime and collecting 100 auras may take some time. After getting the weapon the work is half done becouse there is the enchantment part that may take some time as well. It is worth the effort becouse the player can have a top weapon soon or later and there are 3 weapons for each class.
    So i wonder if it is right allowing some players killing other players during world bosses and especially after killing it. What does happen if the player is killed continuosly and cannot get the boss drop in time becouse the drops disappear b4 the player comes back?
    Open PVP or not i think that killing players for not letting them getting the drops they deserve after so much effort is a wrong way to play. I think so.Getting a full boss set is important and it gives a reason for continuing playing but if a player cannot get them becouse he is continuosly killed I think it is wrong. PVP can be done everywhere and it is ok becouse this is a game where PVP is important ofc but not like this.
    For this reason, due to the fact that loosing an important drop that may require months to get, I ask to BDO programmers that every world boss drop would be sent by email to players so they don't loose them. If a player is killed soon after the world boss death and respawns away pets cannot get the loot in time. So due to the fact that the drop expires soon sending it by email should be a good solution.
    Is there anyone that agrees with me or not?
    What do You think? And please try to be Constructive.
    Thank You.
  6. I have tried what feels like everything. I've been playing this game since launch with the same settings, haven't touched a thing, but now I lag when I try to use a skill. When I first initiate Will of the Wind, for example, my character just slides across the ground or it doesnt animate, or I lag into the spot where I would end up. I simply don't understand why its doing this if I havent changed any settings in the game all of a sudden.
    I have a GTX970 i7-6700 8GB RAM 1TB hardrive so I know I can more than handle this game. Ive downloaded Geforce Experiance, no help. I've downloaded Razer Cortex, no help. I've updated my drivers in Geforce Experiance, I've uninstalled and reinstalled the game, I don't know what else to do or what could be wrong. I even have Vsynch turned off.
  7. I have been dealing with a crippling FPS drop issue for a while now, and have finally isolated it. I have a decent cpu (i5-2500k) and older video card (560 ti), but it runs just fine at higher resolution / lower graphics settings). 
    How to reproduce:
    1) Open BDO / get in game. Make note of FPS, GPU clock speeds
    2) Alt-Tab out, launch Windows Media Player (, play a video (x264).
    3) FPS will be reduced, bad but not yet crippling. Make note of FPS, GPU clock speeds.
    4) Close Windows Media Player. GPU Clock and FPS both drastically reduced.
    This only happens with BDO open while opening / playing the video. I tried it before launching BDO and GPU clock speeds  / fps not affected. I have to reboot my system for things to get straight again.
    Attached are screenshots of FPS / Clock Speed.
    Before windows media player:

    After launching media player / starting video:

    After closing windows media player / video.

  8. Idk why it stutters like this now recently. Never experienced it before. It came after the Windows 10 Anniversary update. But now I have reinstalled windows to see if it fixed it. Apparently it has not. My computer:
    Intel High end cpu
    32 gb ram
    It has NEVER stuttered like this. You can see the fps dropping like every so often and the stutter is too noticeable. I tried changing channels, tried putting the computer in HIGH Performance mode and even put BDO to High in the Task Manager. 
    The only thing that has changed for me recently is that I went from 500 mbit to 100 mbit. But it did not stutter like this when I was on 2 mbit internet for 3 weeks. 
    Is there tips and tricks to fix this? I tried rolling back to a very old driver to see: 353.54 
    Maybe there is a better and more stable driver?
    I want to mention that I have a G-Sync monitor as well and the game runs on stable 80 fps (hence when recording) and the occasional stutter every 10 seconds.
    Please give me any tips or tricks.
    I have not noticed this when fishing or standing still. Only when moving on foot and horse. Can this be server related?
  9. There is alot of nice maps out there, but not one of them seem to cover what node covers what area, for drop bonus, or to get full price on droped trade items.
    Ofcouse you coud just go to every area where you kill mobs and see what node it needs. But not sure if that node then covers the whole area.
    So any one seen a map that shows area covered by nodes?
  10. In Diablo when in a Party the dropped items, Shared loot has a 120 min share time to be traded only with party. If we could mirror that with a 60 minute here for party members. It could work persay, not able to trade money etc but the dropped item on a 60 min cool down to account bound.
    Diablo did this to offer a medium between the no trade and party share option
    would this be an option within the Dev's access?
    Personally when doing Guild Missions I would love to be able to say oh here this is for your class... when in a party
  11. How will we get awakening Weapons?  I heard there will be green blue and yellow awakening weapon so how and where will we get them and is blue liverto better or blue awakening? 
  12. Post on Drop rate decreased ? in General

    By Zealo, posted
    Hello everyone,
    I've played around 10 hours since the last patch and i don't drop any mark of shadows / witch earrings.
    I get lvl 5 in each node, 4 luck and S/S+.
    I don't read any drops annoucements in game of others players too from the patch.
  13. Hi guys, i post this poll for recommend a new pvp/pk system suitable to this pvp mmorpg. It´s similar to the L2 one (which i think is the best system ever).
  14. Bonjour all,
    Je suis un nouveau joueur et après ( pas mal de création de persso etc) j'ai enfin trouvé un persso qui me donne envie d'en apprendre plus ! ( lire mes sorts, comprendre les combos, faire les quêtes , le commerce, grind et j'en passe ... )
    Donc j'aimerais savoir pour ceux qui ont un peut d'xp a ce niveau,
    Comment bien débuter au niveau du stuff ( Taritas, Grunil ou autre, les colliers, les bijoux, arme etc )
    Donc en gros, quel stuff choisir " de base " avant d'avoir tel ou tel armure, ce que je devrais viser, ce qu'il me faut,( ou si quelqu'un a un bon guide à me link ) je suis preneur j'ai déjà cherché de mon coté mais je n'ai rien trouvé de sûr...
    Juste pour avoir une base de jeu quoi,
    Donc je suis une Sorcière, de niveau 10 actuellemennt avec 3millions ( pour vous donner une idée de ce que je peut acheter )
    Merci par avance et bon jeu a tous !
  15. So i was grinding for tree spirit belt in treant forest. and noticed that:
    1. The Khurutos at the entrance of the cave respawned A LOT faster but only dropped silver.
    2. Mobs near the Treant Forest Node respawn A LOT faster and were MANY more than those near Treant, the drops where the same e.g. Crystals and japtems/trashloot
    So they drop the same Stuff but i see nobody farming at the Treant Forest Node, instead they stay near Treant, Why?
  16. How's the drop rate for you guys? It seems to drop of any kind of mob, grey-purple, but never in larger capacity from any specific mob.
    I tested to farm everything from beetles in the start zone to catfishmen, the drop rate seems constant to about 26-28 for for 2,5h. (I farmed for the same time for several days, always getting the same amount(ish) of drops. A friend got 28 for 3h, my SO got 23 for 2h, this makes me wonder if the drop rate is actually time based instead of pure RNG.
    Has anyone noticed something similar? (What I'm trying to find out is, if its worth farming for them, or just ignore it and see them as a bonus while doing 'normal' grind content)
  17. So I was just peacefully grinding manes when I saw the Kzarka notification, so I quickly rushed over there, died twice, lost a few crystals, but I didn't care, I just wanted the loot. However, once it was finally defeated, we all left disappointed as Kzarka dropped ABSOLUTELY nothing, not a single piece of silver for anyone, so we all started crying to our channel about why this could be, noone had any idea, as far as I'm aware, Kzarka always drops loot to the top40 damage dealers, so there is no reason for everyone not to get loot. I'm aware that maybe I should submit a ticket to customer support about this, however, I've done that with a previous problem about 1.5 months ago, no answer. I thought that if I could get people with the same issue to stand beside me, the developers will notice this post? Hopefully this hasn't happened to anyone else, but if it did, please say something(you can also tell us what you lost while fighting him).
  18. Hallo an alle,
    wollte mal fragen, da ich es hier im Forum und allgemein im Internet nichts drüber gefunden habe. Auf den russischen Server beim killen von PK´s dropen Items und seine Waffenverbesserungen droppen in dem Sinne auch also z.B. von +15 auf +13. Wie ist es auf EU/NA ist es das gleiche System hier oder was ist hier anders besser gefragt?
  19. Hello, I have been having this problem for the past couple of weeks. I believe it started happening after the mediah update. Before the update I didn't have this problem at all. So this is the problem:
    When I lunch the game I get a 5min black screen and have to wait, then when I get into the game my fps is so much lower now than it was before the patch. I used to get a solid 50fps, but not I only get 20-30fps. The MAIN PROBLEM that I am experiencing is every minute I get a huge FPS drop that lasts for about 2 seconds. It goes from 30fps to 2 fps (I checked). I have been trying to put up with it and it's just driving me crazy. I can barely grind mobs because the lag spikes kill me. I have searched all of google and the forums and other people have this problem. I have tried all the solutions but none have worked. I was hoping Daum would of fixed this in the last 2 patches but it seems they don't care. I am just so frustrated  because before this started happening I loved this game so much and had the best time playing, now it's just super frustrating and barely want to do anything that's not afk.
  20. Hi, thanks for reading this message.
    Whenever I play BDO I get random frame drops (from 60+ to 10-25) every 15 minutes or so. Once the frames drop, they stay like that, but I got a 50% chance to fix it instantly by changing my screen mode from "full-screen windowed" to "full-screen" and vice versa. If it doesn't work, I have to restart the game.
    You can understand this is very annoying. I run everything on low because of this which gives me 60+ fps when I don't get a random frame drop.

    I should say it's not entirely random, because it happens at some specific actions, like: opening the ESC menu, opening and closing the map etc. Specific skills seem to activate it too sometimes.
    Is there any known solution to this problem? It's kind of irritating me because I lose a lot of time because of this.
    Thanks in advance.
    Known PC specs:
    Nvidia GTX 670
    Intel I5-3570K
    8GB RAM
  21. I'm uncertain if you're aware of this issue but it's quite embarrassing. Trina fort has some severe optimization issues regarding the GPU. WHether I'm using my r9 270x or my GTX 980 the gpu utilization tanks completely when I'm in Trina Fort. I'll go from stable 60 fps to 10-15 fps and the GPU utilization goes from 60-85% to just 5-10%. Gpu clocks are not being underclocked when this happens and the issue is caused only by the GPU not being utilized properly. My CPU is usually the culprit when I get lag/stutter in largely populated areas but it doensn't even hit 70% utilization in Trina Fort.
    It's a pretty bad flaw which makes you look incompetent and I would advice that you do something to fix it.
    All in all I enjoy the game but this kind of stuff just doesn't make it or you, the developers look good.
    I randomly stumbled upon a spot in Trina Fort which fixes the issue (if you stay at this spot). Right next to a ballista as shown in the screenshots I provided below. If you however move just a couple meters away from that spot the GPU utilization tanks again. I'm 100% certain you can reproduce the issue yourselves as I know other people experience this as well.
    Edit 2:

    You can actually move away from this spot without the GPU tanking again but only the area below this spot (the first image). There are possibly other spots introducing this behaviour but I'm getting bored with this now. Fix fix

  22. Wild herb drop table (?) changed after last server restart/maintenance. No more fruit (rare) drop. Bug or intended/game fix?
    What is the Gathering "stat" in costume/profile? Does it affect gathering time or does it give us better chance to get fruits, cherry and/or trade pack items too?
    Which is the better in rare/trade item/cherry droprate? Higher gathering ability or higher luck?
  24. Hi,
    There is a thing that i hate on this game, and is the type of loot in bag. There are 2 principal problems imho:
    The item dropped aren't showed well, so often we forgive that we have dropped something,
    And is hard while grinding stop, open the bag roll the item etc etc etc.
    I suggest a sort of wow roll,with a windows pop-up on the screen in the corner of the window and some key to skip or roll it faster.
    Who is agree with me?
  25. So, today, I did 3 world bosses, had a lot of fun, lost 50% of my exp bar, but that's not the point.
    Of those three, I did Red Nose once, and Dastard Bheg twice.
    On Red Nose, when we killed him, everybody in my channel who damaged the boss got loot. As long as you had damaged him before he died and were there when he died you got loot. No problems there, it was just like the scroll bosses in how loot was divvied up.
    I went into Dastard Bheg expecting this to happen there as well, but apparently that's not the case? Both times he dropped a total of 3 Liverto boxes, 2 weapons stones and a crystal, all split up into 6 different loot bags on the ground that were only lootable once, so whoever got there first got their loot. 
    Unsure if the loot mechanics are different for the different bosses but would like some clarification on this. Some people are saying it the party that did the most damage but when I was in Red Nose I got loot without being in a party.