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  1. Hello,
    I got a Ancient Relic Crystal Summon Scroll with the 5 shards I had, and I want to use it, but here are my questions first:
    Can I beat him alone knowing that I'm a level 50 valk?
    If I decide to make a party, how does the drop work for that kind of things? Is it free looting or is everyone getting is own loot? I would be kinda angry to not get the drop from a boss that cost me over 500 000 silver
    Thank you! (I searched over the internet, and did not find anything about the loot)
  2. Post on Luck and Drop chance in General

    By Coeprandua, posted
    So I have 5 Luck and it seems to have no effect whatsoever on loot drops. I literally get like 1 blackstone for every hour of farming no matter where I do it. It's the same as when I had 2 Luck.
    I'm in the process of pumping up Catfish node level, please tell me node investment is worth it... 
  3. Hey, as the title says I get Massive FPS drops while playing, I can be sitting still looking at the ground in the middle of a field and go from 60-70fps down to 1-4. This seems to happen every 20-40 seconds and Ive tried every setting in game, turning off and on Gsync even trying out lowest settings it will happen.
    i7-5820k OC to 4ghz
    GTX980 boosts up to 1433mhz.
    high textures, high settings anti aliasing turned off. not on high end mode turned off.
    Windows 10
    Running game as windows 7 compatible and admin.
  4. Karma PvP PK System
    By Warmonger
    The Basics behind this system: Killing players in PK the player who dies loses [x] amount of EXP/XP [From 1% to 10% based on karma]
    The Pros:
    This will create an unhealthy hatred towards the person who killed you. After this person directly effect your level gains and how you level (Changing channels, grinding different mobs) You will feel a need/want to stop him. Creates grounds for the perfect anti PK guild. Creates grounds for players to go out and actively hunt down that one person who killed them so many days ago.The Cons:
    Could drive players into safe zones / away from the game without proper tweaking.Penalty for dying some may see as un called for. 
    Example of how I would like this system to work: 
    PlayerA kills PlayerB. PlayerB was at 97% EXP to level up but lost 5% because he had low Karma.  PlayerA has now impacted PlayerB's leveling. PlayerB now has a reason to keep leveling and hunt down PlayerA.
    PlayerA has received -[x]amount of karma  and can now drop items (including the ones from his item slots),
    PlayerA now needs to gain Karma again. he needs to kill Mobs within 5 level's of his own. Gaining at a rate of 10 karma for mobs 5 levels lower upto a total of 30 for mobs 5 levels higher.
    PlayerA can be killed on sight with no penalty to his killer.  This stops him going to open world bosses, farming popular areas. 
    PlayerB  now knows PlayerA has to activly grind mobs withint 5 levels of his. So he can be tracked down and killed.
    I know this system idea is far from perfect but it gives an incentive for players to go out and kill people they dislike. 
    I understand PKing is for glory but sometimes making someone lose EXP just makes it a whole lot sweeter.