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  1. I've died about 4 days ago, due to d-sync, lost both of my awakened black spirit crystals on death, couple hours ago I've finally replaced the second gem.
    Went to farm cadry elites...Game became unresponsive for about 1 minute, I've kept spamming my potions, holding block, and rotating healing spells, after about a minute, when I've regained connection to the server, I see this.

  2. Musa Class Added
    The Musa is a swordsman armed with an arsenal of powerful area of effect skills and blazing speed to devastate their foes in the blink of an eye while avoiding danger.
    Bulllllllllllllllllsh!t , The Musa is a sowrdsman armed with nothing,that does bad damage and that runs around for his life like a idiot, trying not to die but some sorc/ranger/wizzard nukes him in a second.
    PVP balance against other classes has been adjusted.
    Wait, what?! What does that even mean ? i feel no difference in anything.
    Musa Known Buggs : 
    1.Dragon`s Bite
    Musa should be able to charge Dragon's Bite for more dmg - NOT WORKING.

    There is no DIFFERENCE between CHASE 1 and CHASE 2.

    Blooming is a game changer for Musa , but its so bugged, that it misses 80-90% of the swings, and does not provide iframe like it should.

    4.Charged Stub Arrow
    It should KNOCKDOWN target , instead it stuns for 0.5 seconds =  usless

    5.Ap/Dp Scalling
    Pretty sure all the Musa players have seen this bug. i for once have tested on 0 DP and 165 DP , on the 165 dp i get a SLIGHT dmg reduction. Same for AP, if i incrase my AP i get a slight dmg increase, its not comparable with the AP/DP scalling on other classes !!!!!!!!

    6.Iframe nerfed.
    Guess the title says it all here.

    7.A overall thing, is DSYNC
    You literally CANNOT DO ANYTHING with a MUSA with the dsync of the current game, every time u knockdown a target and try to brust him down, he ends up behind u and you just slash-combo all your CDS on the air. Not fun.

    Overall i want to ask, when is this class gonna be fixed? 
    When will this game gonna be ballanced? [and yes im referring to sorcs(infinite iframe,high dps,block,heal,CCs,dsync abusers) and rangers ( Spamm shotgun win games GG) ]
    When will the dsync gonna be history ?
    When will the botters be PERMA BANNED ? INCLUDING MARKET BOTS?!
    I really enjoy this game, but things that i ve mentioned are SOUL DESTROYNG as a PVP er.
    Thank you for reading my post.
    @CM_Jouska , a answer that its not "Very soon" will be hightly appreciated.
  3. So I'm gonna try to report this problem as calm I can be as possible since this is pissing me the F off.
    I'm currently playing Wizard (level 51) and I've felt more than enough that when I do a spell that changes my position or transports me to a different location, let's say Teleport, I get huge amount of delay damage, CC and a crazy F****** amount of rubberbanding/lag. How is it possible? Well I don't know. I expected this gamebreaking shit to be gone years ago with DayZ Mod since DayZ Mod was the Queen and creator of rubberbanding (lol).
    When does this happen?
    Mostly in intensive fights like PvP or even PvE. I can take an example of a PvP fight I had 10 minutes ago.
    I jumped on a Barbarian right outside Altinova. I had the upper hand since he wasn't expecting me. I engaged with a Fireball following up with a fireblast then Lighting before he relized I was on him and turned. He did like every other Barbarian does, yeah that's right he jumped. Just before his jump went off I quickly pressed Teleport to dodge his ability and logically ignore the damage and the CC. Oh boy I was wrong. As soon as I popped my Teleport I saw him land so far behind me that even Calpheon seemed to be closer than he was after he landed. But that didn't do the trick. Oh no of f****** course did I have to take that delayed CC and damage even tho I dodged his ability easily. As I was lying on the ground, stunned and amazed, he turned and ran right towards me with his ultimate combos and killed me. This was a unfair fight that could've gone my way if this game would've polished their f****** netcode and their characters.
    I've also talked to a Wizard in my guild and he states the same. He says that he has been feeling this huge lag/delay so many times that he lost count. This is by far so terribly annoying for classes like Wizard (Or even other classes. Don't really know if any other class feels the same since I only play Wizard lol). This eliminates the possibility of a fun game for different classes and different game options like PvP or even PvE.
    And for those who states that my PC sucks or that my internet connection is shit:
    GPU: EVGA GTX 970 SC ACX2.0
    CPU: Intel Core i5-6600K OC:ed to 4.7GHz (Cooled with watercooling).
    Ram: HyperX Fury DDR4 2400MHz 16GB kit
    MB: MSI Z170 GAMING M7
    AVG FPS: Around 110 outside cities. In cities around 56 FPS.
    ISP: Telia (Sweden) with 30Mbps down and 12Mbps UP.
    Good connection, high end PC and still this bullshit rubberbanding that pisses me the f off.