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  1. I know this is a highly discussed topic; with various opinions. But I think this game has the potential to be even greater using Raids and Dungeons at this point. Not to mention that it also has the ability to steal TONS of players from other MMO's like WoW.  I constantly hear from players in both ESO and WoW and even EVE; that if this game had some group activity other than just PVP and small guild missions; that they would leave their other MMO's in a heartbeat.
    This shouldn't be ignored.
    Having been in the game when it came out, I could tell then, that the game was very one dimensional when it comes to playing with people. Just not enough general content. Its gotten so much better over time; and is at a point now where I think it could facilitate raids and dungeons as content updates.
    The game actually has a decent set of stories and sub plots, and an overall plot.
    This game has by far the best fighting of any MMO on the market or that is coming out as far as I can tell.
    And there is SO much potential for the game in the area of raids and dungeons.
    Here is what I would propose.
    3 or 4 raids or 2 raids and 2 dungeons at first with drop rates on bosses. Just as we have with world bosses now. No different in that aspect, except that these dungeons DO NOT drop gear that contains stats; so as not to create issues for people who are only in this from the beginning for PVP and guild wars. But these will drop several different sets of armor skins, and armor enhancement stones, or rare crafting materials.
    Nothing game changing that would effect the overall feel of the regular world of play, but is still necessary and contains a solid sub-plot for veterans to go through together and help promote group play for those of us who are bored with the current guild paradigm, and the often boring single player grinds
    Guilds are lacking in much purpose in this game as far as most can see. They don't seem to be required to complete anything of substance; which is actually to the detriment of the game.
    The market  is inflated so badly that money is practically worthless. Its like being a millionaire Nicaraguan Pesos....
    Basically most of us tend to end up playing this game as a single player game with lag... The grind can be boring, and burn a person out on the game quickly.
    If the dungeons and raids were used to group the population together, and give guilds quests within them, as well as make guild runs a thing; this can only benefit the game.
    To promote alliances between guilds, it may be even a good idea to create one raid that requires two different guilds to register for the raid and work together to complete it; possibly even taking different paths through the raid to end up at the same location and fight bosses at different points through out it. If this works out, it could be a theme for raids from now on to help promote a political atmosphere in the game that matters to players in more than just a superficial, mechanical, mercenary sort of way.
    Either way, I think its time we got some content updates that included some dungeons, raids, and group activities that helped promote the population to work together, and fight together; outside of just merc-ing up in a guild for a bit.
  2. I have a suggestion that I have not really polished it untill now, proabably still sounds rough conserning party play and pve.   I think that dungeons could contain one or more bosses, that are more avalable than the daily, awakening or worldbosses (instead of 2 times a day maybe 1 time an hour). I would expect them to not contain something extrodinary like bossloot because that would break the game, id rather it be the same drop system one drop per persion but noting more than has equal silver net value per time spent, and by that proabably less than the average to keep normal grind relative. From what i understand akman dungeons are open for a limited time and that allows a limited amount of people to join the area and i would personally like if you had to organise search parties for theese portals as you have to currently. Alternativley to not make this potencial content to pve only oriented why not have something similiar to nodewars to contest the right to enter theese protals maybe once a week or something (this idea would be cool but Im not sure about it hope you get my gist).  I havent seen anything like this been discussed before, but then again I havent been active on the forums ever, so Im just throwing my thought out there to see if it sticks and what other peoples thoughts on are. No critisism ment when i say i havent either heard anything like this been talked about anyone affiliated whit bdo, but then again I dont watch much of what they say. My oppinion whit this is just that I would like something encuraging combat aimed at some bosses because its cooler and epicer for me to beat som big guy to the ground whit people I know instead of killing poor hiremercenaries or tribesfolk, and from what I understand akmantemples are very similarlly designed to grind exept they are tougher but still simmlilarly endless. 
  3. Post on PvE Content in Suggestions

    By Chromas, posted
    Things i would like to see come to BDO...
    Groupingthis is a MMO right?Dungeon farmingBoss scrolls are fun and all, but i'm honestly tired of useless junk with no real progression.CraftingManos, for example, will always cost you silver to BUY the manos pieces from the NPC why can't we craft or obtain these through other things such as world bosses?Crafting could open such a new and better system overallClass Rolesthe fact that there isn't really any class roles and everyone stacks AP is really dishearting. So linear that even a child could build something better. No uniqueness at all.Enhancementremove the punish for trying to progress. almost a year into the game and i'm honestly tired of losing my progress that i've made due to some RNG crap.add ways to help enhancement - crafting/bosses/guilds/dungeons...Geargiving away free shit is fine and all, but that really ruins the game and a reason to play. Handing out free boss gear and top grade things just proves that the content in game isn't correct and you are too lazy to fix it. Hidden Stats / DamageWhy do we not have a damage log? All the hidden stats...why? Give us information; stop hoarding it. 
    Overall, these are just somethings that bug me about BDO. The final thing i wanted to say is that BDO doesn't provide any sense of accomplishments.  I for one don't feel happy when I successfullly TRI TET etc while others with more failstacks and more attempts fail over and over and over. It ruin's the game and deters people from even playing.
    I hope things will change, but it's looking worse imo. 
    @CM_Aethon @CM_Serenity @CM_Yukimura @GM_Axion @GM MWallace @PM_Jouska @PM_Belsazar 
  4. Hey im just wandering and i actually was thinking of these idea after i hit lvl 50 and started to do summon scroll "raids"  as fun as they are why cant we have raids in Black dessert online 
    i know the games is known for have like no loading screens but having a few raids that people can do solo or with teams would be amazing you can have weekly or daily raids or even monthly raids make them big and also make them long so it might take a day to finish it or a week with a few checkpoints.
    these is just what i think not 100% sure if you guys will like it but after few dozen times of killing the same summon scroll boss it gets pretty boring but with raids u can have like 10 or more raids and you can always add more witch will make them fun and entertaining also it would increase the economy since the raid boss items would more likely be rare or epic
    Ps. why cant we trade items why can we only trade potions it annoys me i want a full explanation if possible.  
  5. Dungeons!
         I believe this game has an impeccable combat system, and it would be great for players to show off how hard they worked with a fair challenge.
    Dungeons are a great way of  doing just that, it really evaluates a player's ability and skill. multiple players working together to reach a similar with a well deserved prize at the end. Each character has so many skills to rank up, hunting mobs is always fun but, the reward isn't always guaranteed.
    That's why I believe dungeons would really improve this game tremendously. 
  6. Post on No PVE-content in General

    By Medma, posted
    This game needs some serious PVE-content and not the "all-day-farming-Sausans" grinding.
    If this game wont add some pve content then yes, it will die before 2016 ends.
  7. Hello

    I've been playing for 3 weeks now and i have a berserker level 50 and a wizard at 34. I love this game so much that i think this COULD be the new WoW (popular as WoW).
    First of all there are so many things to do like crafting, trading, fishing, processing etc. but the problem is.. do you ever feel lonely playing this game? When you are grinding, arent u normally alone? You have a guild but you almost never party with them? You are searching for social groups, partys etc. but its not something easy to find? My problem in this game is that there are almost nothing social about this game. It really makes me sad. This game lacks the dungeon and raid part. Why you ask? Because dungeon is not all about killing mobs and bosses and getting good gears but ALSO partying with friends, guild members and random people and that leads to socializing. THEN you are not alone! You are not BORING your self to death doing all kind of crafting, grinding etc all alone. 
    I HIGHLY suggest the developers CONSIDER to put some instance-making dungeons and raids so people can feel that they are not alone. I really love this game but it breaks my heart when im considering quitting it. I see no endgame in this game. I see not socializing beside guild-/channel chat.
    C'mon.. You developers must thought of this. WE are EU/NA gamers and not KOREAN. We want some dungeons and raids. We want some socializing.
    - A frustrated player..
  8. Allow a party of players to enter dungeons filled with mobs , elite mobs and bosses (red nose, tree, etc)
    Make them harder than the daily bosses and easier than the world bosses.  By harder I don't mean just "increase stats / levels" by making it harder I mean add ACTUAL MECHANICS to the fight, like interacting with the environment or the such.
    DROPS are not guaranteed, unlike the current world bosses where the geared players get most of the loot.  Give the ability for party to NEED if they don't have the item, GREED if they have it.
    When you GREED a "bid system" is set in the party, party members can continue to bid until someone stops bidding and the item goes to the highest bidder (Similar to the Blade and Soul greed system in party dungeon)
    If NEED is selected by 1 or more party members then the item will be given randomly to the players that selected NEED in a roll.
    If GREED is selected by 1 or more party members then the item will be given randomly to the players that selected GREED in a roll.  (Priority goes to the NEED rolls)
    Dungeons mobs will NOT replace open world grinding, so little EXP and no "trash" items will be obtained through them.  This way if people want to make money by "grinding" they can continue to do it in the open world.
    We could use the house instance system to create different instances in a "dungeon entrance" for example 1-10.  Parties would be able to enter other parties instances and fight for the spot (maybe some rules can be applied)
    For every dungeon everyone would be able to select need UNTIL they win a roll.  This will be saved in the character and you will NOT be able to need again.
    Please discuss how we can improve the above.
  9. I have heard a million people say that the end game in BDO sucks.  As well as that it needs dungeons.  I am under the understanding it has 2 dungeons already?  Am I incorrect?  Either way I am pretty tired of hearing this.  I love the end game.  The commerce, the grinding mobs.  I like that this game is not like every other game that is a dungeon grind for gear.  It would be severely disappointing if the devs decided to add a bunch of of dungeons.  I feel like there are plenty of MMOs out there for people who enjoy that and they should play one of those.  I know there will be plenty of people that say I could easily just ignore the dungeons if they added them, but thats also wasted resources from the devs when they could focus on other things.  As well as with dungeons comes dungeon gear. 
  10. Alright so basicly, DAoC (Dark age of Camelot) Had a ton of good features that any game would be wise to mimic, one of which was two dungeons called Darkness falls and passage of conflict. 

    These 2 dungeons were basicly accessible by all 3 factions and had massive xp grind spots and massive loot rewards, due to the high risk you were taking. Creating dungeons where such small man skirmishes were rewarded but not quite rewarding enough for full groups and zergs, gave the players who prefered solo/duo action places to go to enjoy some fun. Thousands of players enjoyed the action in those zones for close to a decade and are still doing so. 

  11. I tried to see if there was a topic on this, but i couldnt find one on the actual topic i wanted to address, so here goes!
    I am making a suggestion for PVE channels, this is to address the issue of PK-ing and PK-harassing players who just want to do what they want and not have the hastle of jerks who want to bully people.
    Whilst i understand that this is a more PVP orientated game and im all for that for fun, but the casual player will not want to log in and face being harassed by some idiot whilst they just go about XPing or gathering and such. Casual players or hell even general players wont always have the time to deal with these people, needing to go to work or take care of children or whatever.
    a PVE channel allows players who have no interest in dealing with pvp that day to just hop to the channel and enjoy doing what they want to do without being harassed.
    To me, this feels like the most simplest solution to a problem that is worrying many players, games like Aion suffered a huge drop in players because of this problem and because the problem was not addressed at the time, i would hate for this game to suffer that fate when it has such huge potential!

    On the subject of game potential, the future of the game is something i am a little concerned for, as i have not heard of any dungeons or instances within the game for groups of players to do to obtain gear and advance themselves further, YES, i know, that sounds like every other PVE game out there, but the truth is, its because it works, it allows friends to just come together and face a challenge and be rewarded for it. you dont have to have just PVE dungeons, you can have PVP ones too where teams are set up and they have to complete an objective before the other team and this is where PVP can be great fun and some jobs are deffinately more group PVP orientated than others (Witch and Wizard for example).
    what about the idea of other fun events where rewards can be obtained? the use of the parkour system can be used extremely well here with climbing and jumping puzzles giving players more of a reason to check out that tower that is super tall and see if its possible to get to the top, maybe treasure awaits?

    This game can be a fantastic combination of many other MMO's but just done better and that is what id love to see become of Black desert, its a fantasticly rich game! so why not make it the best MMO ever? =D

  12. So from watching videos on youtube and browsing through the forums a little I have come to see this game has no END GAME PVE content what so ever.

    There is no Dungeons (instanced) or Raids ( 10+ player bosses) besides the select few World Bosses, I know a huge amount of players would LOVE to see this added.

    Coming from World Of Warcraft myself I am hoping that eventually ( maybe 3 months after launch or less ) we have some actual content besides mobs we grind to level.

    PvP is fun and all but there has to be more to the game , I have pre ordered the game and am still going to play a shit ton when released as I spent 100$ on the damn thing.


    - About 10 5-man instanced Dungeons with Multiple bosses that would roughly take an hour to do with game play mechanics that are semi-challenging to the player base
    - Atleast 2 Raids for 10-30 players (basically massive dungeons that take days to complete and are even more challenging)

    This content can easily be added at a later date after launch as players are going to have to reach near max level to do them.

    So from here I'd like to hear what types of PvE content is missing and would like to be seen by YOU THE PLAYERS.

  13. VORAB: Ich spreche hier nicht für die gesamte Community. Das liest sich jedoch für einige so und das ist zugegebenermaßen meiner unpassenden Formulierung geschuldet. Aber das war nicht meine Absicht, deshalb bitte ich euch, das "wir" in meinem Beitrag für die bescheidene Gruppe zu verstehen, die meiner Meinung ist.
    Liebes BDO-Team, liebe Community,

    wie der Titel schon sagt, möchte ich hier die wichtigsten Gründe darlegen, warum ich mich entschieden habe, das Spiel vorerst nicht zu spielen:
    PvE, please?
    Ich möchte direkt zur Sache kommen: Es gibt kaum PvE-Inhalte im End Game und keine konventionellen Rollen (keine Heiler, keine "richtigen" Tanks). Ich kann euch versichern, liebe Koordinatoren, dass ihr in Europa keinen dauerhaften Erfolg mit einem Spiel haben werden, welches wenig bis gar nicht auf klassischen PvE-Content wie in Spielen wie The Elder Scrolls Online, Final Fantasy 14 oder World of Warcraft setzt. Das heißt nicht, dass BDO eine Kopie der genannten Spiele werden muss, dennoch gibt es einiges, was man sich abgucken kann (und sollte).
    Gibt's auch sowas wie Rollenverteilung?
    Ich bin seit über 10 Jahren MMORPG-Spieler und habe schon viele Spiele aus dieser Sparte aufsteigen und fallen gesehen. Ich denke daher, dass ich mir durchaus eine aussagekräftige Meinung bilden kann.
    Um die Langzeitmotivation von Spielern aus Europa zu erreichen, müssen diese sich einer Rolle bewusst sein. Black Desert ist bisher Einheitsbrei: Alle Klassen teilen gut aus. Der Unterschied liegt einzig im Gameplay. Während ein Krieger hineinstürmt und alles niederschmettert, was ihm in die Quere kommt, muss ein schwach gerüsteter Ranger "kiten", also ständig in Bewegung bleiben, um - im besten Fall - keinen Schlag des Gegners abzubekommen.
    Diese starken Unterschiede im Gameplay der Klassen sind gut... und notwendig! Aber dennoch lässt sich die Rolle eines Spielers im PvE kaum definieren: denn es sind alles "Haudrauf"-Klassen.
    Ein gewagter Vergleich
    Ich vergleiche neue MMO's grundsätzlich nicht gerne mit World of Warcraft, aber an dieser Stelle finde ich einen Vergleich bezüglich des PvE-Contents durchaus angebracht. WoW muss - das ist vermutlich sogar den Hatern bewusst - einiges richtiggemacht haben, um seit mehr als 10 Jahren so erfolgreich zu sein. Es gilt noch immer als beliebtestes MMORPG und ist bis heute das erfolgreichste Computerspiel. Warum das so ist? Weil sich jeder Spieler definieren kann! Und zwar nicht nur über sein individuelles Aussehen, seinen einfallsreichen Spielernamen oder die Waffe, die er trägt.
    Bin ich überhaupt wichtig?
    Der Tank kann von sich behaupten, der beste in seiner Gilde zu sein. Er war derjenige, der den schwierigsten Endboss erfolgreich davon abgehalten hat, die gesamte Raid-Gruppe niederzustampfen. "Was ein Brocken!"
    Und wäre der Healer nicht gewesen... er war es, der den Tankam Leben gehalten hat oder die gesamte Truppe hochheilt, wenn der Boss mal richtig ausrastet (sprich: ordentlich AoE-Schaden austeilt). "Wow, da muss viel Übung drinstecken!"
    Das ist es, was wir wollen: Wir wollen uns mit unserem Char identifizieren. Eine Rolle einnehmen. Für etwas gut sein. Von der Truppe gebraucht werden. "Ohne mich geht's nicht!", wollen wir uns sagen können.
    Teams sind klasse! Deshalb spielen wir doch MMO’s, oder?
    Wir wollen Spaß in der Gruppe haben. Zusammen Bosse legen und uns darüber freuen, es als Team geschafft zu haben. Respektiert werden, denn der Tank weiß, dass er ohne Heiler nicht kann und der Heiler nicht ohne Tank.

    Liebes BDO-Team, wenn ihr nicht wollt, dass euch die Spieler davonrennen, sobald sie das maximale Level erreicht haben, solltet ihr ordentlichen, komplexen Content einführen. Das Spiel braucht Gruppeninhalte: Group-Quests, Challenges, Dungeons, Raids! Aber bitte nicht einfach nur draufhauen müssen, bis der Boss fällt. Schaut euch einmal das PvE-Endgame von Final Fantasy 14 (FFXIV) an, wenn ihr wissen wollt, wie es richtig geht!

    Gründe, warum ich bei anderen MMO's keine Langzeitmotivation finde:

    Final Fantasy 14 (FFXIV):
    Geniale Story, genialer PvE-Content, viele Updates, viel Content im Allgemeinen.
    ABER: mMn langweilige Kämpfe. Ein Global Cooldown von drei Sekunden, der den Kampf irgendwie "lahm" macht. Außerdem: Final Fantasy, eine wunderbare Rollenspiel-Serie (ich bin langjähriger Fan und stolzer Besitzer einiger Collector's Editions *angeb*), aber irgendwann wünscht man sich dann doch eine authentischere Atmosphäre wie z.B. das Mittelalter-Feeling bei TESO.

    The Elder Scrolls Online (TESO):
    Ebenfalls geniale Story, eine riesige offene Welt, unendlich viel zu tun (viele Quests, liebevoll erzählt, sehr detailreich), im Gegensatz zu FF XIV ein schnelles, actionreiches Combat System.
    ABER: Sehr viele Baustellen. Die Entwickler wollten am liebsten alle Features gleichzeitig implementieren, anstatt sich vorerst auf einige wenige zu fokussieren und diese richtig auszuprogrammieren. Außerdem: Die Rollen sind etwas "schwammig", wie ich finde. Das kann interessant sein, weil man seinen Charakter - unabhängig von der Klasse - entwickeln kann, wie man möchte. Allerdings würde ich mir persönlich lieber mehr Klassen mit etwas weniger Ausbaumöglichkeiten wünschen.

    World of Warcraft (WoW):
    Sehr viel Content, große offene Welt, einfache Gruppensuche für sämtliche Inhalte (PvE und PvP), außerdem mMn noch immer eines der besten PvP-Systeme in MMO's.
    ABER: Veraltete, wenig authentische Grafik (ich kann diesen Comic-Mist nach 10 Jahren langsam nicht mehr sehen!) und ein für mich mittlerweile langweiliges Kampfsystem. Bin ein großer Fan des immer beliebter und auch bei Black Desert zum Einsatz kommenden Action Combat Systems und möchte darauf nicht mehr verzichten müssen.
    Und was jetzt?
    Zurzeit spiele ich TESO, weil mich dort die Story und die Masse an Inhalten am meisten fesselt. Aber für mich am wichtigsten: Das Kampfsystem fühlt sich "flüssig" und sehr real an. Außerdem habe ich die Vorgänger geliebt. Wer beispielsweise Skyrim mochte, wird auch bei TESO - vor allem in der sehr langen Leveling-Phase - auf seine Kosten kommen.
    Das zeigt mir aber auch, dass mir das Kampfsystem sehr wichtig ist. Und das war wohl auch der Hauptgrund, warum ich von Black Desert Online so gehypt wurde.

    Warum ich mir die Mühe gemacht habe, diesen Text zu schreiben? Weil diese Grafik und dieses Combat System einfach unglaublich gut aussehen und ich viel Hoffnung in dieses Spiel gesetzt habe. Ich war so gehypt, dass ich mir gleich das fetteste Vorbesteller-Paket gegönnt - und wieder storniert - habe.
    Ich wünsche mir, dass diese Kritik bei euch ankommt und erhört wird, denn ich denke, dass ich für einige Spieler mehr spreche, als nur für mich.
    Abgucken ist längst keine Schande mehr!
    Warum soll es auch eine Schande sein, sich Inhalte und Features, die bei der Community gut ankamen, von anderen Games zu kopieren?
    Tut es doch einfach! Nehmt euch ein Beispiel am PvE von FFXIV, am PvP von WoW und am Storytelling und Questing von TESO. Kopiert es nicht, nehmt euch einzelne Elemente heraus, die gut ankamen. Das alles in Kombination mit euren eigenen, super umgesetzten Sandbox-Elementen wie Housing, Crafting, Tieraufzucht (etc.), der perfekten Grafik und dem vielversprechenden Combat System... ihr würdet DAS neue MMORPG der nächsten Jahre werden und alles andere - wie es einst WoW schaffte - in den Schatten stellen.
    Und zu guter Letzt: Zuhören – bitte!

    Das beste MMORPG der nächsten Jahre werden. Warum nicht?
    Alles, was ihr dafür tun müsst, ist auf uns - die Community - zu hören und euch bei anderen Games die Features abgucken, die gut ankamen. Denn Inhalte müsst ihr sowieso ankündigen, wenn ihr nach ein paar Monaten nicht wieder in Vergessenheit geraten wollt. Der Trick ist hierbei, den Inhalt nach den Wünschen der Spieler zu gestalten. Denn sie sind es, die euch und eurem (unserem) Spiel zum Erfolg verhelfen.
    Dass das Spiel Zeit benötigt, um sich zu entwickeln, ist mir durchaus bewusst. Mir - und ich bin sicher, vielen anderen Spielern auch - würde es schon reichen, wenn ihr in nächster Zeit Inhalte ankündigen würdet, welche für die westliche bzw. europäische Spiele-Community ein gutes MMORPG ausmachen. Niemand hier möchte einen auf Egoismus und Einzelspiel ausgelegten Asia-Grinder. Da können Grafik und einige abwechslungsreiche Sandbox-Elemente noch so schön und ausgefallen sein.
    Bitte, lasst den nächsten Hoffnungsschimmer am Horizont des MMORPG-Genres nicht auch noch verblassen.
    Ihr könnt es, ihr müsst nur zuhören!

    Mit besten Grüßen und
    in hoffnungsvoller Erwartung,

    Euer Yueko
    Mein Beitrag wurde auf direktem Weg an das Projektleiter-Team weitergeleitet. Ich bin gespannt!
  14. Endgame dungeons will be the real deal for endgame PVE players.
    In the open endgame dungeons is no aggro. This means you can just run through it all, have a close look at mobs and just run pass them. They won't even notice / attack you (no aggression). It looks like they're all dumb and asleep (like all the mobs in BDO actually xd). I don't think anyone needs good dynamic teamplay to complete them / get to the bosses.
    What's your opinion about this?

  15. An idea I thought of for another dungeon that could be added. This would obviously not be added for a while as they would need to add in the Valencia stuff first. It would be to have another end game dungeon that requires group play. Maybe you would need materials from the Valencia dungeons to even get to this one.
  16. So got sucked into a sand trap/sinkhole 
    appeared inside a dungeon on a floor with a repair/potion seller, the inside is huge, composed of a spiral staircase going all the way up, each floor branches off into a floor with tons of twists and turns, huge rooms littered with mobs. Each mob took me 10-15 mins solo to kill (crying as I get hit for 50% of my HP) 154AP/196DP, looking from the bottom I notice the spiral goes up forever,  curious I wanted to go and explore go through the rooms to understand the layout and go all the way to the top trying to find an exit, 
    looking all the way down realize how big this dungeon is, drops items 2x at a time that are worth 7,500 silver per... will render run through tonight.
  17. Post on Are there dungeons? in General

    By Kattycake, posted
    Hello fellow players!

    I haven't heard much in the terms of dungeons.
    I've Googled it, seems like in Korea they are adding one?
    Are they planned as an update too?
  18. Hello Development BDO Development Team & Community,
    I hope this suggestion is able to open up a dialogue around PVE that will be able to further enrich the total experience within the game. This feedback is coming from someone who has explored both the early game as well as the progression from 50 - 56 in other servers.
    Currently as we know the high level experience with PVE is built around grinding groups of enemies as well as farming bosses via summons or world for rare drops. These are fantastic however it is not enough to keep many satisfied for long. It is so important to keep high level players so that both the community can continue to grow in a healthy manner and also that the game continues to earn enough financially to both break even and continue to have funds for incredible content, feature development & delivery.
    So here where a gap in the game begins and where I hope to provide a concept that can be utilised and of course enhanced or expanded by the community.
    Currently in BDO there are a number of caves however they tend to be very small and often unrewarding if the boss within them is not spawned. This is where the first area of improvement begins.
    There need to be more open world places of interest to explore such as additional larger/deeper caves/dungeons/basements they do not need to be instanced off but rather be somewhere that as players are going in making solo or duo efforts they can run into other players that have similar objectives which leads to them grouping up together to speed up the process. 
    The purpose of the caves should be for a variety of things but should in any case be able to achieve some or most of the below:
    Farming Specialized Crafting Materials (Could be for Fashion Items, Mount Components, etc)Rare Items could be a very low chance drop that would encourage some players to farm. (Skills?, Fashion Items, Dyes, etc)XP Grinding Hot SpotSpecial Cave Treasure Maps or materials to make a special key to enter a secret location or open the door temporarily of a dungeon? (NON - Instanced Open)Farming Boss Summon Scroll for Cave BossThe difficulties of these places of interest should of course vary by level groups and still be rewarding for players of any level. There also should be locations that do require at least a few people teaming up unless the player is super powerful but at the very minimum still takes more time to move through due to large HP/DEF/ATK pools in the mobs which can encourage grouping especially for high level areas. "Players should feel challenged by PVE not feel like they are playing a button masher that can allow them to get away with very basic levels of skill."
    There should also be some special places of interest that could have a quest line associated within them that will reward a progress badge/tittle. For instance a form of open dungeon or, a massive building with underground levels that could have some level of story associated with it which allows players once cleared to gain special tittles or even be used as a way to create a progression block until cleared for some advanced skills or awakening etc.
    There are a few games that have done the above successfully one of them was the beloved Star Wars Galaxies: PRE CU/PRE NGE and for a game of this scope and magnitude I feel the above would help greatly with the PVE opportunities in BDO without turning it into World of Warcraft Themepark, End Game Dungeon Grinding for Next Dungeon to update next dungeon armor set item level lameness which is not what any true Sandbox MMO player wants.
    I hope the community agree's with my suggestion and will support this conclusion through this post as well as add their own additional enhancements to the above.
    Cave Example from SWG to help provide context attached below;

  19. Post on Endgame content in Suggestions

    By Noodles, posted
    Ok ... i want to be fair, so i will give the checklist a go:
    - Nice looking game 
    - Awesome combat system
    - Lots of, if albeit *very very very very very* repetative and boring quests
    - Great crafting system
    - Great housing system
    - Broken PvP 
    - Lots of, if albeit *very very very very very* repetative and boring quests
    - Really, really easy game... i mean really - anything that you come up against just dies beneath you
    - There's no Group content - dungeons and raids and group areas 
    - Vigor/valor/energy system forces you to be anti-social since you spend energy on TALKING in the general channels.... really guys ... ? Shame on you!
    - No Endgame ... NADA, Nuthin, Niente 
    - Very few classes
    I've done the KR, JP, RU and now the EU soft-launches before IP ban hammers hit ... the game is lacking lots of content. We have this ridiculously gorgeous world ... this amazing combat system, but no content to put it through !
    And please do not tell me "It's beta" ... its nearly finished. I honestly do not understand why the game was delayed so much, it has nothing different than the RU beta and that came out months ago and even more polished than what we have right now.
    Classes that should be in the game by now are not here... it's a shame as the developers are strong behind this beast and we arent dealing with third parties here in order to wait for the content to be coded specifically for us and translated and so on and so fourth. 
    I will continue to bat my head against the keyboard and hope that someone actually listenes.
    What a shame...
  20. Post on Dungeon Portals in PVE

    By Miffi, posted
    So I;m not sure if I've read it somewhere that this is actually happening or it was an idea someone had but wanted to post as a topic to see what people thought of it. I'm both a PvE and PvPer. Enjoy both for their aspects and find both, if done well, can actually improve on each. I know that's not the opinion of some which is fair enough! But I think its safe to say both areas should not suffer and be developed as much as possible with obvious realism and budget in mind. 
    What if dungeons were portal based. Or at least some? What I mean by this is as you travel the world, certain areas will have portals come up which will have a set dungeon inside. Once a party goes through, it can either be closed until the dungeon is finished, or remain open to have another group fight and PvP each other for the rewards. This removes a lot of the problems involved in dungeons such as instancing which feel like a removal of the immersion. As long as the portals are well explained and lore friendly, I don't see why this would hurt. Even if it is instanced, it givers the illusion of an open world without breaking it. What are you thoughts and opinions of this idea?
    Again, if this idea has already been written on a thread or has been discussed, let me know and ill delete this one ^^ Would still like to see what people had to say though!
  21. I read somewhere that a 100 floor dungeon was mentioned at one point, but was never confirmed or denied. I've also seen various threads where people are arguing about the system that dungeons should have.
    My idea for the one dungeon to rule them all would be as follows.

    1: Take some hints from other games that aren't MMO's but are challenging. Diablo 3 has a very great system. Greater rifts are able to go up to level 100 and before some game updates the highest completed was like 54 if I recall correctly. If you created a 100 floor dungeon that progressively got harder and the items that dropped progressively got better, but getting anywhere near the end was neigh impossible it would create a challenging PVE experience where guilds would have to pool resources instead of contesting each other for monster kills.

    2: Items should be randomly generated rares. Let's say past a certain point the dungeon is harder than any other PVE area in the game, I'll say floor 30 just for the heck of it.
    Items that drop past 30 could start being random generated, no specific sets. The immersion factor of such a system would be unlike any MMO before. Imagine if somebody had the strongest sword known to the game, but then the very next day on the next floor someone unearths one even stronger? It would add to realism instead of everyone having the same "high level gear" To counteract this from being OP in PVP, that gear could be gear that only works in the 100 floor dungeon, and scales back to whatever the strongest "normal" gear is in the game when you're not in the dungeon.
    A system like this where the game isn't meant to be won but challenged would invigorate a rather stale PVE system of dungeons, where you simply grind the best gear and win.
    The whole dungeon would be limitless in the amount of players it could hold, but if there is too much traffic on a certain floor someone could always go down a floor.

    3. Boss rooms should be limited to a certain amount of people, a clearing group so to say of 30 to 40 people(But not limited to 1 instance.). In the system I talked about earlier with each floor getting progressively harder and harder, getting stronger gear for a number of players will become more of an issue depending on how much you decide to make the boss drop. Clearing groups would become a thing of guild alliances formed among the strongest players each guild has to offer in order to attempt being the first group to clear the current floor boss.
    4. Don't shy away from making it a grind fest if that's what people want. The reason I said to set floor 30 as harder than anything outside the game is because you should set floor 1 in the low levels, so that way anyone can participate in the dungeon. And if people want to, they could just grind the dungeon instead of actually just questing outside of it. The feeling of getting stronger and climbing down floor after floor would be immersive. Someone who might be a mid level player and has an hour or so to play before work/school might enjoy hopping into the dungeon for a little while with some friends.
    5. Make it hard. Among the normal spawns even in the first floors make chance encounters with hard monsters that if you're not prepared will outright kill you. Don't make it an easy grind fest, make people work for it if they are on the floor that is their limit.
    That's my 2 cents. I can't wait for this game to come to NA, I love everything I've seen and heard about it. But I've seen a lot of people bickering about dungeons and did not see any real good suggestions so here's hoping mine is.