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  1. Currently as of April 5th patch, the continuous max repair durability on an item stops after using 2 items. I have not checked extensively with any items except reblath and grunil.
  2. The durability on the Kunoichi's awakening weapon and offhand are going down way too fast. Durability will go from 100 - 0 in only 30-50 minutes of killing mobs, whereas other classes can grind mobs for 2 - 3 hours before having to repair. It is even more apparent because I use her mainhand abilities quite often and the durability still goes down way faster than, for example, the Witch who doesn't use her mainhand at all grinding. I have tested it on Kunoichi, Witch, and Valkyrie and it's incredibly noticeable on the Kunoichi. There is also a thread on the Kunoichi class forum about this as well. Please investigate this bug, which is a huge deterrent for an already unpopular class.  
  3. so, grinding for event candies and then died to gahaz when they started hitting really hard.  normally they dont hit hard at all unless it was the elite but i was in a location it doesnt spawn or will follow you too (to far away from its own spawn)  after checking to see if i had some kind of debuff i pressed I to find my gear broken but no notification that it was.  im glad i didnt lose any of my 10% exp helm crystals and i tear'd to keep from losing 1% at 59.  just letting others know if it hasnt been posted yet.

  4. As the title says i'm having issues with the durability loss on my awakening.
    On currently lvl 56 i go from full 100 dura to zero in roughly 15 - 30 minutes when grinding Bashims/ Desert Fogans.This basically means im able to make about close to 1%xp, or less, before i have to leave for repairs, which makes any grindspot without any repairstation nearby obsolete - esp. in the desert.
    Locations with a rep. station close by are getting more and more annoying the longer i play due to the very frequent repair runs.
    I have also been asking in chat and ppl. suggested getting a premium outfit. Now i know that theres a 10% bonus to awakening durability, but i think even with that the current degrading speed is still too steep which makes me think of two possibilities:
    Either one skill or more on the Ninja are bugged or im just simply doing something terrible wrong.
    Edit: Hit lvl 57. At this point i can grind at Bashims for exactly 25 minutes before my awakening AND offhand breaks. This means that i have to leave before my daily grind xp boost runs out if i choose the 200% buff. That's without branding and costume - with them ppl. can stay longer as mentioned in other forum posts - usually around one to one and a half hours.
    I also tested the durability loss with different stance as suggested in this thread - and it works. So as Ninja (and also Kuno player) you basically grind with one eye always on your durability and need to choose your skills accordingly.
    This bug, amongst others on the Ninja has not been fixed with Magoria update. I stopped lvl progression for now because its obviously pointless and will wait for the next maintenance to see if it gets repaired - so most likely i might reroll.
    Conclusion: If your a new player or thinking of playing Ninja/Kuno - don't since the very coregameplay is broken.
  5. Please can someone explain how I use memory fragments to restore the Max durability on my liverto short sword. Thank you.
  6. So I have a more or less quick question idk if it's my playstyle with the ranger and its awakening but when im grinding I find that my offhand and my awakening weapon drains it's durability WAY faster than my main weapon and my armor set. My Awakening weapon's max durability is 80 but and my off hand is 100 at pri, but while my main weapon goes down by like 5 durability after 30min my awakening weapon goes down by at least 20 and my offhand by about 30 while every other piece of gear goes down by like 2 to 5.... Is this a bug or just my playstyle or something? (I tend to play bow 40% with awakening weapon 60%)
  7. So I come from playing a zerk. With my zerk I could farm roughly 2k worth of weight before needing to repair and chances are I wouldn't even need to repair.
    With my witch though I'm having to repair every 600-700 weight and a ton of my stuff (OH, Staff, Accs) all are low durability... Does this have to do with the mana drain bug?
  8. Hi,
    I am aware that this has been posted, however the threads are very spread out and I feel like they were misplaced previously. I apologize if I'm wrong. 
    To the issue at hand: Witch/Wiz Mainhand durability wears off way too fast. Now that has been the case even before Multiple Magic Arrow. I can grind Crescent Shrine for about an hour before my Mainhand Durability is at 0 which then leaves me to head back and repair for about 20-30mins. Obviously there is no joy in that. It's been very similar even before MMA having no cd, as I said.
    Another issue with this the following: My mainhand wears off long before my other gear does. It makes practically no sense to even get any of my other gear to 100 durability. I will have to repair my MH long before anything else and I mean LONG before that. So I can just leave all my gear at 30 durability and still have my MH wear off first. I don't believe thats a very satisfactory state as is.
    Just trying to spread awareness and hoping for some positive changes in the next patch/maintenance to fix our MH similar to how it's been for rangers. Please don't simply fix Multiple Magic Arrow not using so much durability. The witch/wiz will still have to repair too often then. I ve played all classes and grinded with all of them. Zerker, Ranger, Musa, Witch at 50+ (3 of them 55) and Witch MH dura wearoff is just horrible in comparison. Making the class less and less fun to grind with. 
    I understand ofc that you have more things to do with node wars/sieges/valencia in the game and getting that to work, but I sincerely hope you can get around taking care of this rather quickly as I find it impossible to even attempt grinding anywhere at valencia simply due to this restriction.
    Thanks a lot and greets,
  9. Ok so... I have a level 52 ranger alt that I have a +13 liverto bow on and a steel dagger off hand. 
    I can get maybe an hour of steady fighting mobs before I have to go repair durability... Bow is not @ 100 but its at 71. I timed it and watched as I burned 20 durability in under 25 minutes killing no more then 160 mobs @ Adbandoned mine for the daily.  The offhand durability will also get burnt as nearly the same rate tho not quite as bad. 
    Obviously this seems -----ed up. My Berserker can go hours without needing to repair...  The durability literally melts off this thing by the minute, I dont get it.
    So im asking if anyone has ran into this problem. Is there a solution aside from filing a support ticket and waiting 3 months? 
  10. With the addition of Boss Armor, Kzarka Weapon as well as the new gear from Valencia on the horizon, the market cost and availability of Fragments of Memory used for durability restoration is spiraling out of control. There are simply not enough to go around as more and more players hit 50+. The price peaked at almost 500k each last night post-patch, with Ancient Relic Shards nearly as expensive. The demand will only continue to grow, which will outstrip supply in a matter of days. This will put upgrading and maintaining endgame gear nearly impossible by the time Valencia hits.
    My suggestion is 4 fold: 
    1. Add Fragments of Memory as potential drops from ALL boss scroll bundles. Since they have a chance to drop the equipment, why couldn't they also drop the means to maintain them?
    2. Increase the uses/durability restored  or decrease the cost of the Artisan's Memory item in the Loyalty Shop. 1,000 loyalty points is outrageous for a single use item that restores 2 durability. 
    3. Allow them to be crafted using high skill Alchemy with a rank 3 Refinery.
    4.  Allow us to purchase them with Hunter's Seals.
    Any combination of these suggestions would be sufficient to ensure that supply doesn't outstrip demand, leaving the majority of the players dead in the water in regards to gear progression.
    Thank you for your consideration!
  11. So I'm aware that the durability of the currently equipped armour will affect the appearance of your costumes if you're wearing any, but what I'm not clear on is whether or not it's the current max durability that affects it or if it's the percentage of durability left of whatever the max durability is.
    So for example you have a piece of chest armour, brand new at 100/100 durability. It's obvious that the lower the durability the more damage there is on the equipped costume. However here's where I'm not sure...what if your chest armour is at 50/50 of 100 durability? In other words what if you enchanted your armour piece so much it now has a maximum durability of 50.
    In this case does the costume display at the same amount of wear and tear as if it was 50/100 OR does it display the costume as if it is in pristine condition and would only show the same amount of damage if it was at 25/50 of 100 durability?
    Hopefully that's not too confusing to follow but any help would be appreciated
  12. Hey guys the dura on my bow never goes down. I asked some  bladers/plums they said the same. Does this happen to you? Can some one pls answer. Maybe that is the reason for our low dmg
  13. Post on Ranger Weapon Durability in Ranger

    By Alanay, posted
    Hello ranger friends ..
    so i started grinding Soldiers Grave today a bit and hunted some Elite Skeletons there .. the problem ist - after i killed about 6-8 of them my weapon already lost ~46 ( yes im not exagerating) durability. Thats about 15 Minutes tops...
    i even got the weapon costumes that lower 10% weapon durability consumption.
    So how are you guys handling the durability issue? my friends who play other classes have no issue with repairing at all .. its pretty frustrating. Is it time to Riot like the berserkers?
  14. Post on Quick Slot bug in In-Game Bugs

    By Lorentz, posted
    I encountered this bug while fishing. I haven't tested it with other materials. 
    I've got 4 Epheria Fishing rods in my inventory. 2 of them at 0% durability and 2 at 100% durability. 
    I'm dragging a 100% durability Epheria Fishing rod (happens with both) to the action slot. But then the action slot says it has a 0% durability. If I try to equip it, it also says that i cannot equip it because it has 0% durability. If i reset UI, same thing happens. 
    So the system targets a specific Epheria Fishing rod instead of seeing them separately
    If this is a bug pls make a fix, if anyone knows a workaround pls do tell. 
  15. Post on Force Enchantment in General

    By Aaronie, posted
    Hi, I want to force enchantment my weapon to +15.  And it says it needs to reduce 100 max durability and 29 black stone. but I only have 60 max durability on my weapon.  Will I lost my weapon if I force enchant with my 60 max durability? or it just goes to zero and become useless until I repair it to 20?
  16. Hey!
    So I can see that cash shop furniture has durability. 
    The question is, can I keep furniture that has 0 durability just for visuals?
    Thanks in advance!
  17. Post on Enchantment question in Guides

    By Athaera, posted
    I have a +14 weapon and it has 20 durability and not 100, i wanted to force the enchantement, it asks me 31 black stones and it costs 100 durability, i wanted to know if i can enchant the weapon with 20 durability, what happens, it doesnt allow me or will it brake?
  18. Post on Boats - AFK Fishing in In-Game Bugs

    By Nagumo, posted
    Something needs to be changed with the naval mechanics.
    I am constantly coming back to my pc when semi-AFK fishing to find i've either been disconnected or someone elses boat has passed close by picking me up and taking me somewhere else, usually to drown. Logging back in after a disconnect usually places you on the bottom of the sea, or drowned causing loss of XP and crystals, I do not get any disconnection problems on any other online games (this problem occurs on my work pc and home pc).
    The hotspot outside Velia is defiantly a major cause for a lot of the disconnections.
    If you're on a guild gathering mission and the boat owner disconnects you all get lost at sea, not clever.
    We also lost 2 members last night as our boat went through an invisible wall, there was a warning to return to the map but the turning circle of the boat meant they had died before we could turn around, not to mention the ferry from Epheria that actually takes you outside the map and kills you...
    While we're on the subject of boats, I find the durability of fishing boats is far below what it should be considering the lengths/energy it takes to gather all the resources and then build it.
    The idea of making accessories the boat just seem pointless if there aren't going to last, in fact I'm considering just using rafts as at least they are cheap to make.
  19. Hello everyone, I would to to report an issue I encountered ingame.
    Some time ago I crafted myself some Steel Taritas Gear, the complete set. After that I used the Taritas Forge in Calpheon to upgrade my armor even further.
    The Result was for example a Steel Taritas Helmet of Agility. Since I intended to use this gear for a while I wanted to enhance it with Blackstones. I did this because I thought I could restore the max durability of this "special crafted gear" with ordinary Taritas items and (!) the Item description explicitly states that it is possible to use any form of Taritas gear to do that.
    Item description: Restore max Durability: Steel Taritas Helmet of Agility, Steel Taritas Helmet, Taritas Helmet
    I would like to ask now if this is intended and the Item description should be changed (especially since I believe that this is not only the case with Taritas gear), or if it should be possible to restore max Durability this way and it's just a ingame bug.
    Thanks for taking the time to read this, have a nice day.
  20. I guess this game calculates our durability loss for each arrow that fires (?), and most of our skills shoots +8 arrows.
    Feels we're at a disadvantage when a ranger need to go repair when other's has +70 durability remaining on thier weapons.
    Logically a bow doesn't endure that much compare to a shield, a "magical staff" or an iron sword.
  21. Hello there. I just wanted to know if before forging/upgrading the rarity of your weapon, do they need to be at max durability? Im afraid if i upgrade my 0/100 yuria because I forced enhance it, will end up being 0/100 blue grade yuria of crimson flame. Thanks for the response.
  22. I noticed that it has a stamina bar like a mount but I don't see a recover. I assume this is durability. I floated over to the island the ferry goes to and i think i could do that about 10 times round trip at about half the speed of the ferry, so I wont do that again. I'm assuming that once that bar is gone I have to have a new raft If i go that route. How much more durable is a fishing boat? Is any version of a boat repairable?
  23. What happens when you break a wagon with multiple horses attached, and well over 1 billion silver/gold bricks? Also, why is that said wagons durability never moved from 0% even after repairing - it would jump back to 0 once conversation with stable manager ended?
  24. So, quick question that I can't seem to find an answer for. Do boats loose durability when just parked somewhere? Or is it only while they are moving? Thanks!
  25. Could I use normal gear to restore durability on steel version of that gear?
    EX: Restore durability to Steel Taritos Armor with Taritos Armor