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  1. i was wondering if anyone has turned either of the traveling players costume or hunter clothes into a costume and if so did they become dyeable..
    im sure plenty of ppl have the traveling players clothes and hoping someones turned them into the costumes and can answer..
    as for the hunter's clothes.. its probably more rare but i really like it

  2. Can you dye the vials on the belt of the costume?  I have seen many people with this outfit but I do not think I have ever seen one where the vials are dyed.  Thank you.
  3. It's an extension of our character, would add further to class appeal, and honestly, would be freakin cool!

    Ghor and Zett for witch/wiz too!
  4. Hello BDO team,
    I recently started playing again and am really motivated right now. I realized that I have a lot of Merv's Palette coupons etc. and wanted to dye my shudad armor.
    Unfortunately there are some parts that cannot be dyed. This limits the possibilities a lot because if you for example want to use some more strong colors there will be a high contrast to the parts that cannot be dyed.
    Here is an image of a rather extreme example of the problem:
    An here is an image of another armor where this problem is not the case:
    I really hope this problem can be fixed, because i would love to dye my armor properly =)
  5. Hello!
    I was wondering if it's possible to add an extra dye slot for the Warrior's Carvaro Longsword. The blade itself cannot be colored like other weapons. Currently, the only possible  part  of the weapon that can be dyed is handle grip (black in the picture) and part  of the hilt (in red).
    I would like to be able to color the itself. Other swords, including in-game swords have three dye slots. Attached is picture showcasing a liverto's blade dyed pink.

    Thank you!
    Of course, it  would be nice to increase allowable parts to color for more items besides the cavaro longsword if they're limited as shown.
  6. There is a visual bug when dyeing Snowflake costume where sides of one dye spot get greyish when camera is zoomed out and looks normal up close. I tried different colors (all shades) and game settings but it keeps happening, different in game lights don't appear to be the problem here because it looks like that in every light setting. I don't know if it happens to other classes too, in this case it's a Witch.
    *zoomed out*

    *up close look*

  7. Can you guys fix this?  Please?  Can't dye the side flap things.  Thanks.

  8. The dye overlays on the Queen of Hearts underwear do not make sense.  They are completely mismatched in that the second slot dyes half the fishnet & cloth pieces but also dyes half the metallic pieces.  The third slot then dyes the other half of both.  This means if you do not dye both the second and third the same color the metallic pieces AND the cloth/fishnet pieces look really mismatched.  I have attached screen shots to demonstrate this issue. 
    Here is the set undyed.  Notice the white stockings, cards, borders, and highlights. 

    Here is the set partially dyed. notice half the metallic pieces and half the stockings are now lavender.  Neither the metallic nor the stockings match at all. 

    Here is the set fully dyed.  The mismatch is even worse.  Neither the stockings nor the metallic parts match and the mismatch doesn't even happen in a way that would at least make sense.  The char comes out looking like a clown.  Furthermore, the playing cards are also dyed which kind of looks odd.  They should probably either not have a mask or have their own.  Can we please, please, PLEASE, either get the masks lined up so all the stocking/cloth are on one color and all the metallic on another or if that's not possible, maybe split up the masks of both parts so that there are 5 (6 with the cards having their own) color slots with one controlling the upper stockings/cloth, one controlling the lower stockings/cloth, and one each for the top and bottom metallic pieces? 
  9. So I play the badass Musa class and luckily bought the only costume that just came out for this class yesterday. I activated Merv's palatte and skillfully duplicated the way this guy made it with a combination of black, gold and bronze. I logged out of the game 20 minutes before the palette ran out with the costume still dyed as I wanted it. 8 or so hours later, I came back to find my dye removed and my costume looking as it once was in its base state. Can someone explain if this is how it supposed to be (which I doubt) or if there's a logical reason it was removed. Appreciate it.
  10. Has anyone else of the four Tamers that are playing the class noticed, that Daru's outfit skirt doesn't seem to dye correctly?
    The skirt gets all glossy when using an Olvia dye - and like twice as much glossy when using for example Valencian dye. The ribbon on the wrist also does this, same dye slot.
    Basic dye seem's to do this only when you're pointing at a source of light for example the sun.
    The glossy effect is also on the headpiece. Is this working as intended?  Other pieces dye normally, and don't get all super glossy/wet looking from Olvian dyes..
    imgur album for pictures
  11. I ran into a little annoyance with dyes and Merv's Palette that GM Dresden was able to help me with. The problem comes when you buy a piece of armor that has dyes applied to it, and you'd like to instead use Merv's Palette. Normally you'd have to bleach all the slots on the armor piece before you can apply Merv's Palette to it, but not all the color slots are visible in the dye window for every class variation of the armor. In my case color slot 2 was not visible to my Witch wearing Steal Taritas Armor. Whoever used the armor before I bought it had a class that did use slot 2 and they dyed it. So from what I could tell on my Witch in the dye window I had bleached all the slots, yet kept getting an error saying that Merv's Palette couldn't be applied till all the slots were bleached. I had to switch the armor to another character of a different class in order to see the slot and then be able to bleach it.
    My suggestion is to have an button in the dye window (J) that will allow you to bleach all the color slots on an armor piece at once. Even those not used for the current class. You could have a number indicating the total number of bleach needed to do this displayed next to the button. This way you can also tell at a glance that there are color slots that are dyed even though you can't currently see them in the dye window.
    This way players can wipe out all colors in one go and catch those dyes in slots they can't see, without having to switch the armor to another character.
  12. @GM_Cairag @GM_Anon @GM_Axion @GM_Dresden
    This is a minor suggestion. It would be great if this could be passed on, as I think it would be a very easy thing to implement.
    The Cartian outfit gives the Sorceress very prominent claws. Seeing as how they are so prominent, I initially expected that they could be colored through the use of dyes. Sadly, this does not seem to be the case. The claws for the right hand are featured on the amulet, and the claws for the left hand are featured on the armor itself. It would be great if the outfit could be changed so that the claws can be dyed!

  13. Post on Help with dyeing in General

    By Tasc, posted
    Hello, I've had some difficult time deciding how to dye my armour and costume. So, I started looking for some exemples of colour combinations, but rarely found something. bdo.mmo-fashion.com have some exemples but very few. So if any of you guys have any site like this please share  
    Ps: I know i can preview the colour in the dye menu, but i cannot note the difference between some colours there. Thank You. 
  14. Howdy!
    I'm a returning player that had started playing the game early this year, and have been loving my time back so far. The newly implemented daily rewards for logging on have kept me coming back day after day! One of the rewards I got was a Merv's Palette which I found to be a true joy to play around with for the sheer amount of customization it can bring to the table. In order to use it to it's fullest though I had to bleach out all the regular dyes I had on my existing armor in order to use Merv's colors. 
    But here's where I had a raised brow-- I logged on today after it had expired not knowing that the dye from Merv's Palette only lasts as long as you have the passive buff for it, and had to look up to see if the dye just removed itself after the Merv's time was expended.
    I had another Merv's Palette I'd gotten as a returning reward for playing but I was still wondering why the changes can't be permanent. I had to pay real life money initially to get the pearls to bleach my gear initially...And I admit I'm a cosmetics nut so there was quite a bit spent in order to get as many as I needed. My suggestion I suppose is would it be at all possible to have the Merv's Palette color changes continue to stick around after the time on the buff expires? Taking away access to the palette and it's unlimited majesty seems like enough of an enticement to get players to buy the palettes again-- but when the expired time removes the colors as well it brought a sense of frustration that made me want to just turn off the game. 
    Would love to that as a cosmetic change to the game if at all possible! I mean it's not a change I'd lose sleep over if it didn't happen...But I probably won't spend money on Merv's Palette anymore though if just simply buying it is a 10$ USD investment each time I want to have my clothes appear the color I love them being.
  15. I feel like the dyes from the actual [Dye] Marketplace, Not the valuepack dyes, Should be obtainable via ingame methods. This would allow players who cant grab a valuepack from marketplace or get a valuepack by themselves be able to dye costumes easier, rather than spending 40+ million silver just to dye a single piece of a 5-6 set costume, This would allow more players to become individual and become more comfortable in the game as a whole. The dyes in marketplace could just be made cheaper, but then the issue is how to obtain them originally. Most new players don't even know dyes exist until a while after buying a costume.
  16. You guys really wussed out on the dye slots for Jarette's armor. 3 slots? When some of the connected slots are entirely not related to others? That armor set should have at least 5 slots with the sword and cape broken up into several more actually.
  17. I was disappointed to find that unlike camel armor and horse armor, I can't dye elephant armor. The elephant isn't even listed in the dye screen (which lists the player, horse, wagon, and camel). 
    Additionally, boat skins can't be dyed, and you guys are really missing out on an opportunity by not allowing players to customize sails. Hopefully this is something PA is actively working on for the future [ocean] expansion. 

  18. At the moment we can only do Camel and Horse, I wish we could Dye Boat's and Elephant Gear.
    Nothing much to add, Just Do It!
  19. Seeing as the Tailoring Coupon have been added to the pearlshop, are the craftingcostumes such as noble dress going to become dyeable?

    On both KR and RU you can, so I was disappointed to see it wasn't possible here.

  20. After applying dyes from Merv's Palette to horse armor (both crafted and pearl shop armors) the changes are applied properly and can be observed outside of the dye window. 
    However, after attaching the horses (with armor displayed) to a wagon, the dyes are not displayed. They are shown with the default armor colors/undyed. This applies to the full set of light horse armor, combat horse armor, as well as the Cavaro, Trina, and Commander armor sets. I think it's safe to presume that it applies to every set of horse armor. Once attached to the wagon, any changes applied using Merv's Palette (to the horse armors) are not displayed/Overridden. The wagon itself, however, displays dyes from Merv's Palette fine. 
    When tested with armor that is dyed with cash shop dyes (individual dyes applied to the account), the changes are reflected properly when attached to a wagon. To be clear, I've tested this with horse armor that has been fully stripped of player-owned dye, that has been dyed with Merv's Palette, and the changes have properly been applied when outside of the dye screen. 
    This issue makes using Merv's palette on horse armor kind of pointless, at least if a player intends on using a wagon, as the default color scheme for the crafted armor is unappealing to say the least. Part of the appeal of buying access to Merv's Palette is being able to apply a color scheme without having to deal with the RNG of trying to get multiple dyes in the same shade/hue. 
    The issue is present in all of the following scenarios: 
    - Connecting horses w/ dyed armor to Wagon with dyed parts (Merchant wagon, with pearl shop skin and crafted skins equipped, with Merv's Palette dyed applied). 
    - Connecting horses w/ dyed armor to wagon with no additional parts equipped, with no dyes on the wagon itself. 
    The only dyes that show up on horse armor, when attached to a wagon, are those purchased/acquired individually and applied to the player account. 
  21. I have the Karstein costume, but notice that I am unable to hide the boots and gloves through the character UI, as this costume seems to be full bodied.
    Would like to suggest that either allow us to hide equipment slots being occupied by a full body costume, or add a new dye to the pallet that allows us to "hide" more specific details that may displease us.  For example with my costume, I really hate the spurs but might keep the boots if it looked better without them.
  22. Salut zusammen.
    Mir ist am Wochenende aufgefallen, dass bei meinem Kostüm meiner Maehwa bei der Waffe als auch bei der Offhand die "Bereiche" zum Färben plötzlich verschwunden sind.
    Die Farben, die ich bereits aufgetragen hatte sind einfach weg, ein erneutes Einfärben scheint nicht mehr möglich (kann ja nix mehr anklicken was eingefärbt werden sollte).
    Dachte erst ich bin doof, dann extra nochmal auf Screenshots von letzter Woche nachgeschaut, da war meine Klinge defintivi noch matt schwarz und die Gravuren auf der Klinge blau, nu ist es dieses Standard Blech und Bronze, ich hätte gerne meine Farb Punkte wieder, bitte
    Ist das nur bei Maehwa und dem Apricot Order Kostüm so oder hat noch jemand Probleme mit Farben auf Waffen / Zweitwaffen?
  23. Since the last patch the dyes on my main weapon and offhand weapon (Order of the Apricot) have been removed and are no longer available to dye. The equipment part selection options are no longer there for the main and offhand weapons. I am not the only one with this issue as I've asked others and they are experiencing the same issue. On the Camo outfit I am able to dye the weapons so it seems to be only certain costumes may be effected by this. Is there any word on if the devs are aware of this issue and are going to be resolving this soon? Who else is having this issue? Listing what costume/outfit in your comment would be helpful (even if you are not having the issue). In the screenshot below, I have clicked on the costume's weapon and as you can see the equipment part selection option is empty as though I had never clicked anything.
  24. As title - Krea Longsword has no dye slots, despite other Krea weapons having the option to be dyed.
  25. The other day I opened a ticket to request a refund of over 5000 pearls that were spent on dyes. These dyes were purchased at a time when NA players had no idea the Merv pallet was coming within several weeks, & the cash shop listed beauty items for half price.
    ** Edit CM_Aethon
    Posting the contents of a ticket on the forums is not permitted and as such has been removed from this post, in the event you believe your ticket was handled in an incorrect fashion please contact our senior team that reviews these cases at this email: csreview@daumgames-eu.com