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  1. Post on JUST A QUESTION in General

    By Banks, posted
    I pre-ordered the travelers package ON the 26th. I even have the email with the 'date of purchase'. If I purchased on the 26th do I still get early access?

    I'm just a little confused to if it was the cut off date or the early access was not available from the 26th onwards. Thanks
  2. Well I don't want to spend 1 hour of my time trying to download the game at 3:00 AM EST. =/
  3. I would appreciate it if they would leave the pre-order up today, I would like to spend money. Thanks <3
  4. When will pre-download be available for Conqueror's Pack early access? Thx!
  5. Just wanted to say good luck to all this weekend no matter what type of early access you have and those who may not have the ea packages will see you you soon, have fun and please be careful with those darn power drinks hate to read some gamer died for pulling a 72 hour grind fest drinking red bull.
    i am looking forward to playing this game been a long time since i had that feeling last time was when i started playing FFXI.

  6. Post on Pack Giveaway! in Off-Topic

    By Sinsane, posted
    I was totally wanting to do a pack giveaway, one of each pack. But preordering is over now and can't purchase them... Super disappointed.
  7. Will there be the option to download the game at an earlier time then the 28th or will those with the conqueror package have to download the game on the 28th?
  8. So.... While we wait for what'll seem like forever, what is everyone going to be doing while we wait for this magnificent game to be open to the Conquerors?
    ~ XAmberX 
  9. Morning all!
    We're now firmly into February, and it's expected that launch will take place some time in March. Given that many companies require a full month's notice for holiday, if early access begins in early March, then many users will need notice as soon as possible so to plan time off and be able to fully use their four days of EA.
    Essentially whenever it's going to be, the ideal is for users to have at least one month's forward notice so that they can take time off to use the early access as it's been specifically paid for for many.
    @CM_Jouska, I just wanted to highlight this now, while there's still time, and to ask whether we can be assured that people will be given at least a month's notice so that they can fully utilise the headstart they paid for. Thanks!
  10. Would be possible for the character customization interface to be available to everyone prior to CBT/HeadStart/Full Release, and then import your character upon gaining access to the game.
    Before anyone even says anything, yes, I've pre-ordered my package and will be participating in CBT. However, I know that there are many others, like myself, who will probably spend the first several months of Black Desert in the character customization screen.This way, players can have quite a while to detail and modify their characters to their liking, so we don't see hundreds upon hundreds of standard appearance characters who look exactly the same, as players won't feel pressured to skip the customization screen so that they can begin climbing the Grindwall, or to reserve their additional character names.
    More diverse character appearances as players will take their time in customization.Creates a higher level of player-character bond, a greater sense of "This is me."Players who have not purchased the game will be more likely to be drawn in, due to the possibility of growing attached to said character. ("This is me." sense.)Players who have already purchased the game will be more likely to purchase cosmetics. ("This is me" sense.)Players will be more likely to behave themselves, as they have a greater bond with their character than just a moving body with which to gain levels.Playerbase appeasement. Something like this takes time and effort, and many players will be more appreciative and have greater respect for PA in the grand scheme of things. I've already seen people comparing the RL purchase setup for BDO to Nexon's Mabinogi. However, this is something that would distinguish lazy devs (Nexon) from something/someone the playerbase would hold in high regard.This will give people a taste of the content they will be seeing at launch. When people taste something delicious, they want more. When they want more, they buy more. Profits.Any bugs that have slipped through development in the Character Customization section will most likely be spotted, reported, and patched. Bug-free is the right way to release games, prove that Pearl Abyss is better than those casuals over at Ubisoft with their buggy Assassin's Creed games.Detriments:
    Players sense of wonder upon being released into the world may be diminished.More work. Yup, this one's unavoidable.Character Customization videos will flood Youtube. This one could be a Benefit, except if players are looking for combat videos rather than customization from BDO, it might aggravate them to have to look a little harder.May have to get approval from Black Desert overseas. This would be a test of how well/fast NA/EU can ask for, and be approved/denied and communicate that response to the playerbase. As of now, some players are still iffy about this game being developed overseas, as most MMOs that come from overseas are poorly maintained due to the ridiculous amount of effort required to push something through from NA/EU to KR only to have it ignored and never mentioned again. Prove that this is not the case, and your game will gain even more traction with the MMO community. 
    Let's say this gets approved. How would we go about separating the Character Customization from the actual Game?
    Well. I can see two possible ways of attaining this option.
    Option 1: Package only the Character Customization & the Engine in an offline package for download.
    I'll be honest here. I've got no idea how to do this. This would allow people to customize their character when they have no internet connection, and then save the character as a file, or just have a string to copy and paste into the actual game. This would also not take up space on your servers with accounts that remain unused. However, this might allow players to visually mod their characters much easier if the character appearance data is stored on their PC in addition to the database on your server, which can be a pro or con depending on how you look at it.Option 2: Early patcher+engine release that requires an internet connection and requires you to log in.
    This one seems a little more simple. As I'm sure that logging into the game will require you to have an account, simply restrict access to the world and naming the character if the player has not purchased the game, but allow them to log into the character customization screen and play around to their heart's content. Saving their character will store them in an OFFLINE folder, and upon purchasing the game, importing their character appearance, and naming the character, it is now saved in the SERVER database. 
    Please, feel free to post constructive criticism, ideas, or even just approval in the comments below. Make sure to vote on the Poll!