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  1. Sky Strike is a PvP-focused guild that will make its appearance in Black Desert's NA release.
    We will focus on anything that is related to PvP, from GvGs to node wars to the possible 3v3. 
    Guild Website: www.SkyStrike.net Guild Discord: www.Discord.SkyStrike.net (through browser)  

    Focus We will focus on anything that is related to PvP, from GvGs to node wars to the possible 3v3. Activities of the guild include any forms of PvP that will be available in the game, biweekly dueling tournaments in the guild, social guild events, and a bit of PvE. 
    Vision The vision in Sky Strike is to push the guild body to making Sky Strike one of the top PvP guilds in the appropriate game, while creating fun relationships between the members.
    Mission The mission of the officer body of Sky Strike is to ensure there is minimum stress inside the guild itself, so to ultimately motivate the guild members to make the guild shine.
    Values Most importantly, our values in Sky Strike are Respect within the guild body, and Competitiveness amongst all members. 
    More information is available on www.SkyStrike.net, like the Guild Structure set-up.  

    Promise The officers promise to be transparent with all of the information as the guild grows in this game. The participation rate for guild events will also be posted, and any changes or decisions in the guild will be justified with reasons that will be posted/available to see readily. This decision was based off an idea that was surfaced while playing in TERA: All of the members are in the loop while the officers keep pushing themselves. 
    Who Currently, you can contact any of our officers through Sky Strike's Discord about recruitment, GvG set-ups, guild-guild relationships, etc.; our officer structure is set up into 3 sections as an organic organization:
    General Officers — in charge of guild structure, recruitment, and direct-contact for complaintsJudgment(Rude) — [General Officer] with the focus on recruitmentRavanyss(Ravanyss) — [General Officer] with the focus on in-guild developmentnOPE(StarrStryke) — [General Officer] with the focus on behind-the-scenes sucky suckiesCommunity Officers — in charge of internal communication and social guild eventsCrayon(Wydra) — [Community Officer] with the focus of guild body integrationStrategy(Strategy) — [GM] with the focus on guild moralePvP Officers — in charge of GvG set-up and any official BDO PvP preparationDouakus(Seriphie) — [PvP Officer] with the focus on tacticsKiltouplas(Echeria) — [PvP Officer] with the focus on node warsMidgard(Dice) — [PvP Officer] with the focus on node warsMooody(Hannk) — [PvP Coordinator] with the focus on GvGsSavageReborn(SavageTamer) — [PvP Officer] with the focus on node warsShio(Supaisu) — [PvP Officer Leader] with the focus on node wars 

    How To It is straight forward when applying to Sky Strike: you contact an officer, show your love for PvP, and you are in the guild. Assuming the game is up and running when you get into the guild, you will be in a 2-week trial so that the current members can have that assurance, while seeing what your personality is like. Since you are reading this thread, you may private message me (Strategy, the current GM) about joining the guild, or you can fill out the form at the bottom of the guild's website @ www.SkyStrike.net.
    Requirements You must show love for PvP, through answers to PvP questions and/or duels with guild-members. There is no voice interview. You must be able to come onto voice communication (ex, Discord) when there is structured PvP. When recruiting individuals into the guild, there is no discrimination against age, race, gender identity, and/or sexuality; As long as you can follow the rules (respect each other inside the guild and do not be a jerk), and you are willing to communicate in English, we will welcome you with happiness. Within the guild, jokes about race or sex are fine and expressing own sense of humour is always encouraged, but personal attacks and discrimination that pass a point are tasteless. If it happens once or twice, we will try to give the individual the benefit of the doubt (ex, that individual might be stressed, have a disorder, etc.) and we will reach out to the individual, ensuring there is communication before action is done.

    Ask You can ask any questions through this thread or private message; I'll make sure to answer questions to the point (ie not beat around the bush). You may also anonymously ask questions about the guild through our Comment Box (this link also allows you to whistle-blow or let us know about anything related to Sky Strike). 
    Q Would you consider your guild more strict or easy-going?A Being PvPers, it means that every member should always try to better themselves, and therefore should be able to accept criticism from guild-members without feeling attacked. It also means that every member should follow the structure in PvP situations, like listening to a shot-caller and recognizing what class you are and what your positioning should be. That is where strictness lies in. Outside of structured PvP situations, I expect members to show their personalities and I believe there shouldn't be a limit on humour; I will balance the guild body with the right amount of personalities, as that is my duty being a guild recruiter and GM.Q How are you going to address cliques being formed inside a guild?A Cliques will form, it's natural; to minimize the effect, the friendly officers will pop into the voice channel that the clique is perhaps sitting in, encouraging the guild members to continuously join that voice channel so everyone becomes comfortable with each other as fun discussions go about. (Of course, we won't disrupt serious discussions or discussions for particular PvP parties).Q Voice communication?A We are currently using Discord for everyday communication, and TS for >15 man GvGs and node wars.Q How is the guild structured?A tl;dr version of it is that we have three sections of focus: A) Guild Structure, B) Community, and C) PvP. Having an officer that focuses on a particular section will benefit the most, where their strengths will be used best in (example, an individual might really enjoy structuring events for the guild that would benefit the community feel of the guild, or another individual might really enjoy analyzing the PvP status of the guild compared to the server). As the guild body grows, the guild structure will be more prominent and will display its efficiency. Assigning of officers is not a rush process, and will be done by individuals volunteering for it or the GM recognizing someone's talents/passion.Q How many girls are there?A There are tree fiddy girls in the guild. (./joke)Q Are you (Strategy, the GM) a serious person?A People have the prejudice that I am a serious guy, which is fine in my books, because of the way I type in the forums and in-game. They come to a surprise when they talk to me in Discord, as I am a silly person who laughs a lot. I am sometimes titled as "unfunny GM" but I think my jokes are A-OK. (•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑  Q What are the lvl requirements for joining the guild?A Since the PvP content is about a few months in, the minimum requirement for new recruits is lvl 56+. Since we are slowly approaching our guild cap, we may ask you to duel our guild-members to see the understanding of your own class (ex, CCs, skill animations, i-frames, etc.).Q I'm contacting in regards to making guild relations; how do I go forward?A The best way to build guild relations is to set up a mock GvG with us; this allows us to see the respect and PvP ability from both sides. You may contact Hank (PvP Coordinator) or Strategy (GM) at www.Discord.SkyStrike.net.Q I want to set up a mock GvG with your guild for fun PvP.A You should contact our PvP Coordinator, Hank, in our Discord. Keep contact through there or provide your TS information to make sure that the GvG follows through. If you want to set conditions (ex, even numbers or free-for-all), please state the conditions ahead of time. You may also contact any officers in-game, but communication should continue in Discord or TS (or else we assume you're not certain about the mock GvG, and we don't want false promises).   Sky Strike will continue to develop the PvP and synergy within the guild, with long-term goals in mind.
    Good luck, have fun, and keep it up with PvP. - Strategy