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  1. Hey  so someone is obviously watching the forums and locking up threads about the massive daum fail in B1 but is there anyone at daum watching the servers? restart or something? REFUND FOR THE HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS IN GUILD FUNDS, POTS, FOODS,  ELIXIRS? LOL REFUND PLIS DAUM.
  2. I'm playing on the Edan server and my friend told me that all the E1 channels (except for Velia E1) are now like "unofficial oce channels" because oce seems to get better ping to those channels. However whenever I try connecting to them I always seems to disconnect either immediately or a few minutes later, I can connect to every other channel and play just fine.
    As a side note when I tried downloading the game the first time it was released I kept getting errors like "errorcode 12009" when downloading, I reformatted my computer a few weeks ago and downloaded BDO again and got the same errors this time so not sure if it's my internet or computer or something.

  3. Hello Black Desert Online Community! 
         Arcane Dawn is a guild that has been around MMOs for 11 years, with myself leading it.  Originally founded in EverQuest 2 in 2005, Arcane Dawn has always been and always will be a guild that newcomers to any MMO can come to call home, should we fit your playstyle of course.  We don't ask for much from our members, just participate in guild missions and work together to help keep that sense of guild community alive that many MMOs these days lack.  We don't focus on just one aspect of any game we've played, BDO included.  We do a bit of everything with some daily events thrown in such as, but not limited to; Guild missions, Whaling, and the occasional shenanigans!  We are looking to expand our member-base to be able to take on larger tasks such as Node Wars, Sieges, Conquests, and Guild Boss Scrolls!  
    We use Discord for Voice Chat and most of our means of communication!  We do not have a guild website, as Discord works well enough to convey any news, announcements or updates that should occur within guild.  We have a large age range for our member base with members being anywhere between 15 years of age to their early 50s.  
    Something to know and understand about myself and Arcane Dawn's leadership is that we firmly believe its not the games you play, but the people you play them with that will make or break your gaming experience.  We love to have fun and enjoy the games we play, regardless of what may be ailing the rest of the BDO community.   ADVISORY:  We do use crude and mature humor, so please bear that in mind if you are considering joining us!  
    We don't require anything other than the aforementioned from our members/applicants, aside from of course, having fun!  Should you find yourself interested in joining this awesome community you can always find the following members of leadership on Calpheon E2 Channel-  
    Elepian- Guild Leader
    HoLeeChitt- Guild Officer
    Malyficent- Guild Officer
    Thank you for your time, and Happy Hunting! 
    Warmest Regards, 
    Elepian- Proud Leader of Arcane Dawn 

    Bump to stay on top! 

    Blade and Arrow is a new social/casual guild on the Edan server of Black Desert NA, channel Balenos 1
    We are a small and laidback group, who are just looking to enjoy the game at our own pace, while still participating in all aspects of the game and we are actively recruiting
    While we arent looking to have the biggest guild, we will always accept active players of any level and gear, and you can apply today :)!!!!
    Well to be honest we don't really have any requirements 
    All we ask is that you be active and participate in any actives the guild might be doing whether that is:
    a chilled out grind session (no 12 hour stints cos lets face it they are just a bore)  
    a guild mission we have active at the time (with no requirement to do all 5 per day of course, who wants to kill or chop that many things anyways)
    or even just general chat/hilarity in the guild chat 
    As we are a new and small guild, its easy to join there are no level requirements or gear AP/DP requirements either, All we want is the have fun with the game without the chore of a gear grind taking away everyones fun.
    However we are also actively looking for officers as well so if thats something you are interested in there is also a spot for you here as well, the only thing officers are required to help out with is recruitment, and activating and completing guild quests
    If you are interested in joining send our Guild Master Oliviah, from the Rayyyzor Family a whisper or PM and its as simple as that

  5. Post on [EDAN] Lvl 54 Witch LFG in US Guild

    By Ashuri, posted
    Joined a guild, thanks all! 
    -Sorry for anyone I didn't get to speak with directly. I promised I read w/e I could regarding your guilds. All the best to you all, thanks again.
  6. Heidel City at night, during a rainstorm, processing party fun times

  7. Any future and prospective applicants who may be interested in or wish to apply to Serenity, please redirect yourself to the new and updated official Serenity guild recruitment page mentioned below, thank you very much and we're terribly sorry for the inconvenience!

    Hai everyone, Remi here, welcome to the official Serenity guild recruitment page! We're excited to announce that Serenity is finally once again open for recruitment so please feel free to either continue reading or skip to the very bottom for an explanation of how to apply. Thank you very much for considering Serenity and for dropping by our page and have a wonderful day!

    General Information:
    Guild Name: <Serenity>
    Guild Masters: Sweetandsalty & Menilogger
    Server: Edan NA
    Home Channel: Serendia E1
    Guild Discord Channel: https://discord.gg/FB3m59V
    Time Zone: Eastern Time (UTC -4/-5)
    Guild Size: Extra Large, 80/90
    Guild Skills: +5 Accuracy, +4 AP, +3 Fishing, +1 Gathering
    Recruitment Status: OPEN
    Waiting List: 0
    Who are we?
    Serenity is the remnant of a former top 30 guild on Edan that fell apart after most of our members became inactive. However, fortunately, following a refreshing change of guild structure and management, Serenity has been rebuilt from the ground up and is once again recruiting new members to be added within our ranks. We're a casual, fun and friendly, drama free PvX guild w/the goals of meeting and making new friends and eventually participating within all aspects that BDO has to offer. We're also looking to become active and relatively relevant within Node Wars and Sieges in addition to PvP in general once we've expanded our members if possible. On a different note, for those of you who are primarily interested in professions and life skills, Serenity is also home to a few of the top 30 cooks, processors, alchemists, farmers, trainers, traders, etc... within our home channel.

    What do we offer?
    A fun and stress free guild and Discord environmentAdvice from our senior and more experienced membersDaily GQs and Weekly Boss ScrollsBi-Weekly Guild BossesRegularly Held Node Wars, Guild PvP and Practice MatchesGuild Buffs: +5 Accuracy, +4 AP, +3 Fishing, +1 GatheringAn uncapped wage system and rewards system (You earn as much as you contribute)Four different guild sections encompassing PvE, PvP, Professions & Life Skills and Recruiting & Event Planning Daily Jokes and Amazingly Delicious Cookies 
    What we require?
    Guildies must be active and respectful towards other guildies:
    Guildies will be removed promptly following inactivity for more than two weeks at a time. However, we do understand that everyone has their own personal lives and work schedule therefore it'll be completely fine if either the Guild Masters or any of the Guild Officers are notified beforehand.ALL Guildies must be signed up for the Guild Discord:
    Guildies aren't expected to be on Discord 24/7 nor is a mic mandatory, as long as you have Discord completely prepped and ready for when the guild needs you (eg: GvGs, Guild Events, etc...), you'll be completely fine. Furthermore, to encourage guildies to sign up, Serenity will be implementing a system where guildies off of Discord will not be eligible to receive any promotions or raises and may be kept on a 1 day contract indefinitely until they do so.Active GQ Participation:
    Guildies aren't expected to participate within nearly every single GQ but guildies are strongly encouraged to at least participate several times per week, otherwise without them, the guild won't be able to pay/raise your wages or provide you with more new guild buffs.Milk for your Amazingly Delicious Cookies (see above) 
    Who are we recruiting?
    Serenity is currently accepting active players from all professions, levels and backgrounds, ages 18+ although higher level and geared players (50+ if possible for endgame content) and more PvP orientated players would be highly preferable. Any ranged classes are always welcomed although Serenity is currently experiencing a shortage of Berserkers and Valkyries.
    Please note that any form of trash talking, cyberbully, sexual harassment and the like will absolutely not be tolerated and any repeat offenders will be given three strikes prior to their removal from the guild.

    Final Words:
    If you have any further questions, inquiries, concerns and/or comments, please feel free to either drop on by by our Guild Discord channel or whisper any of our Guild Masters and Guild officers mentioned below. For those of you who may be interested in or wishing to apply to Serenity, please submit a guild member application through one of the following ways mentioned below.
    Thank you very much for considering Serenity and we hope hope you have an amazing day, take care, have fun and we hope to see you in game and/or in guild! ^-^

    If you're interested in applying for Serenity, please do so through one of the following methods:
    Completing the following application below:
    Family Name:
    Character Name:
    Character Class:
    Discord Name:
    How long have you been playing Black Desert Online?
    Were you previously a member of another guild(s) prior to your interest towards Serenity? If so, please specify which guild(s):
    Do you have any prior experience(s) w/MMOs in general? If so, please specify the MMO(s) and any leadership roles you may or may not have taken:
    Which aspects of BDO are you most interested in? (eg: PvE, PvP, Professions & Life Skills, etc...)
    Why do you wish to become a member of Serenity, what are you hoping to get out of your experience w/us and what would you offer to Serenity if you were to become a member?
    How did you hear about Serenity:Completing our official guild member application: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/P77XH66Leave a message in our Guild Discord channel: https://discord.gg/0ou4VAd1SDJopYI5Whispering either one of our Guild Masters and Guild Officers mentioned below: 
    Guild Master & Guild Officer Contact Information:
    Profession/Life Skill Rankings:
  8. We're a very diverse community with various ages, nationalities, schedules and interests. We do every activity in the game, from horse breeding to Kzarka, you name it, we'll be doing it. We are a warm welcoming community and we understand how it can be uncomfortable for new people to join our circle, so we will do everything we can to include you in our activities(No toxic players here!ˢᵒ ᶠᵃʳ)  
    We are a medium size guild of 50 ~ 55 players while having around 20 active everyday. Our peak hours are around 1PM PST | 4PM EST to 12AM PST | 3AM  EST. We have various guild skills such as Health , Accuracy, fishing and gathering. We currently own a Guild House with elephants ᶠᵒʳ ʷᵃʳ and for those of you interested in pvp, there's good news, we actively participate in node wars!  Eventually we will be dungeon running, bounty hunting and black water harvesting ᶠᵒʳ ᵇᵒᵃᵗˢ ᵃᶰᵈ ᵗʳᵃᶦᶰˢ in Valencia as a guild ʷʰᵉᶰ ᵗʰᵉʸ ᶜᵒᵐᵉ ᵒᵘᵗ.
    Benefits with [❤]Desire
    Active Whale HuntersActive PvE grindersActive PvPersNode War FUN!Boss ScrollsScroll groupsAp - Health - Gathering - Fishing - Accuracy -DP IncreaseFishing BuddiesDiscordWebsite ᶠᵒʳ ᵗʰᵉ ᶠᵒʳᵘᵐ ᵃᵈᵈᶦᶜᵗFriends Drama-free What is expected of all our members
    We're looking for Level 50+ playersBeing above level 50 is widely desired because you've made it past the 1-50 tutorial and it shows dedication. But if you are a lower level player, and you genuinely want to join us, we will still have you! The only thing you have to do, is show dedication to your character ʳᵉᵃᶜʰ ᶫᵉᵛᵉᶫ ⁵⁰, and eventually when you're past that point, try to participate in our higher level activities!its all beneficial for you﹗
    Be activeEveryone has a life outside of the game ᵃᶰᵈ ᶦᶠ ᶰᵒᵗ ⁻ ʷᵉ ᵈᵒᶰ'ᵗ ᵐᶦᶰᵈ, we get it! But we would like to see you make an effort to not forget about bdo or us!  By this, we would like to see members at least log in once or twice a week, this could mean weekends only, or 2-4 hours after work/school; as long as you're making an effort to improve your character.
    Be helpfulThere's plenty about the game that we still need to learn. If a member asks a question that you [may] know the answer to, spill the beans! ᴷᶰᵒʷᶫᵉᵈᵍᵉ ˢʰᵒᵘᶫᵈ ᵇᵉ ˢʰᵃʳᵉᵈ﹗If you have a question, don't be shy, just ask! If nobody responds ᵃᶠᵏ ᵐᵒˢᵗ ᶫᶦᵏᵉᶫʸ, try asking on discord!
    Also, we will expand the guild member capacity if you are a small guild or a group of friends wanting to integrate.
    You're free to message meʰᵉʳᵉ or the guild leader, @FLCLBilly, if you have any questions. 
  9. Hello we're a guild made most of Brazillians but we accept everyone whos hardcore into PvP. We have played many games more recently Aion/Lineage2/Guild Wars 2/Tera/Albion Online Alpha/ArcheAge.
    Bloodline is proud to announce that recruitment is open again, for you, player, who likes to experience intensely everything that the game has to offer!
    Bloodline always stands out as a very united, PVP-focused clan, where teamwork and player commitment bring real results in the games we play. Differently from many other clans and players, who live in a phantasy world, we play to make the difference with our tag! For those who have died a lot for Bloodline players along the years, in games such as Lineage2, Aion, Tera, GW2, you should know by now that you can meet the challenge...
    So... here's your chance to play with those who make the difference. Those experience playing with our group of friends don't ever want to play any other way! For those who were accepted at Bloodline and are no longer playing with the clan is because they were invited to leave. So, if you are a pro player, or if you are a helpless noob, or if you think you're a pro player, or if you've cried a lot and spent nights having nightmares about our clan, here's your chance to play on the winning side Join Bloodline!!!
    youtube channels:
    @Bloodline Since 2006
    ~Chosen Leader of Bloodline

  10. Knights of Glory and Beer

    About Us
    The Knights of Glory and Beer (KGB) is a gaming guild focused on mass siege warfare and player vs player combat. Originally created in 1997 KGB has had a signification presence in the vast majority of combat and nation building MMOs since its inception. We are predominately an adult only membership however exceptions have been made for mature individuals. The years have brought change and evolution by members and leadership to accommodate the many changes required to maintain our mission in ever changing worlds and situations. The KGB Constitution and our Code of Conduct help keep the focus on enjoying the games we play while ensuring a fun time for everyone.
    A History of Glory
    KGB's strength has always been in its ability to draw together, to find the most effective way to meet the game world's demands head on and to over come the enemy with skill and determination. A battle may be lost here and there, but KGB has never lost the War. KGB has held active presence in many games over the years; but most notably - Ultima Online, Shadowbane, World of Warcraft, Age of Conan, Darkfall, Guild Wars 2, ArcheAge, and now Black Desert Online.
    Honor before death
    KGB Citizens have been striving to present themselves as honorable, respectable, and chivalrous since 1997. In the beginning, we came together to combat those whose existence was based on ruining the gaming experience for others. Over time we have evolved, but a basic idea and code remains. Respect both your fellow Citizens, Friends, and Foes alike whenever possible.
    BDO Applicants:
    18+ Years Old (unless waived)Must log into TeamSpeak during active playGroup Oriented / Team PlayerWe do PvP but NOT griefing, griefers apply elsewhere!If you have questions; or are interested in joining our ranks feel free to contact: Whizzes / DarkCeaser / Yeiger / SneakyTax / Helemoto

    SneakyTax (Taxman)
    High Chancellor (Guild Master)
    KGB Black Desert Online Faction

    What are we?
    Strong at PvPLaid back and drama freeNode Wars focusedFriendly to those outside of the guild unless given a reasonPlan to be powerful and relatively small (30-40 members)Payout all node war money to the members once we reach 30 members (have over 500 mil atm) 
    What are we not?
    Troll guildElitist guildZerg guild 
    You are good at pvp via combo of gear + skillYou are not a jerk/elitist to othersYou can make most of the node warsYou can join Discord (mic not required) 
    How to join?
    Whisper Midir or Seras
  12. - NOW OFFICIALLY IN FULL EFFECT --Family Name: "CAPTAlN"Player Name: "JackSparrow"   Whale hunting is 'ere n' we've got the Pirate ships!  | Lvl 51-55+ ( anything lower will be arr cabin boys) | NODE WARS | Voice Chat | LF> 3 ship pilots | LF > 1 Chef |  Hardcore PK /player looting |  Light RP | Boss Scrolls |Elephant taming | OUTLAW CITY! |Free Rum Fridays |  We are not a Guild, but a Crew...potentially a crew built on fear and notoreighty.  we'll teach you how to manage your karma, or how to survive with none of it  how to loot from players you kill (Fishers > AFK fishers > How to board enemy ships and destroy them efficiently > How to identify Lootable wagons > How to play dirty.     how to avoid penalties and jailinghttp://imgur.com/pVOD4v5(is at -1,000,000 karma in this gif)  how to properly pirate & profit and be a happy pirate.  Tricks/Tips/Secrets to the outlaw system.including looting packages from player in valencia desert ranging about "1mil per trade pack"  how to sail a boat and efficient naval strategies. -----------(edited) We plan to monopolize whale hunting and overwhelm altinova and velia seas with aggression and unrelenting numbers.   Though we may be pirates we also find ourselves allying with various guilds during Node war for our own personal gain.  You'll Never Find<PIRATES> traveling alone. Every Captain & Crew General here has a "First Mate". ( if it aint fair, you're doin' it right mate.)  Find us in Valencia in outlaw town, scouting the desert. or pm one of our members for an' invite to the crew. ... Or join the Discord! : https://discord.gg/VEZnKng -> (You will not be able to join the official channels without being a member, however.)(edited)    " Always Be yourself..unless ye' can be a Pirate mate...then always be a pirate."           Sidenote... Pirates shall always wear boots, except in the case of a peg leg. Then one boot is acceptable. Flip-flops are right out!      --
  13. Post on [EDAN] LF PvP Guild in US Guild

    By Steel_Rain, posted
    I am looking for a mature adult PvP guild on the Edan Server. I am looking for:
    PvP and Node WarsPvE content such as dailies, grinding levels, guild boss scrolls for gear, etc.A guild with voice comms (I love TS3)A mature older guild who can also laughA guild that understands tactics and organizationA guild with an EST presence for missions/pvp/scrolls etc.I am:
    Able to follow directionsAble to do guild missions as I have multiple 50's that can kill or gatherAble to be a respectful member in your guildAble to be dedicated to the right group of peopleI have multiple 50's of ranged classes like Ranger, Witch, etc as well as most other classes. My gear scores are just under 300 AP/DP for most of my classes.I am retired but work part time for my wife. I am able to play at odd hours but I play during the daytime some and the evening some as well.

    Blade and Arrow is a new social/casual guild on the Edan server of Black Desert NA, channel Balenos 1
    We are a small and laidback group, who are just looking to enjoy the game at our own pace, while still participating in all aspects of the game and we are actively recruiting
    While we arent looking to have the biggest guild, we will always accept active players of any level and gear, and you can apply today :)!!!!
    Well to be honest we don't really have any requirements 
    All we ask is that you be active and participate in any actives the guild might be doing whether that is:
    a chilled out grind session (no 12 hour stints cos lets face it they are just a bore)  
    a guild mission we have active at the time (with no requirement to do all 5 per day of course, who wants to kill or chop that many things anyways)
    or even just general chat/hilarity in the guild chat 
    As we are a new and small guild, its easy to join there are no level requirements or gear AP/DP requirements either, All we want is the have fun with the game without the chore of a gear grind taking away everyones fun.
    However we are also actively looking for officers as well so if thats something you are interested in there is also a spot for you here as well, the only thing officers are required to help out with is recruitment, and activating and completing guild quests
    If you are interested in joining send our Guild Master Oliviah, from the Rayyyzor Family a whisper or PM and its as simple as that


    Official Website - CorruptedGaming.net (Click Here)
    Corrupted is currently looking for new members to join our ranks. We are an active gaming community in the US however we do have a good number of international gamers in our community. Our Black Desert guild is located on Edan, and our main channel at this time is Velia E2.
    We are accepting just about anyone that is active, and looking for a home. We prefer to recruit those who are 50+ but do understand that new players need a home as well. All applications or interested individuals will be considered as we are not solely a Black Desert community and have members that enjoy many other game titles.
    Please fill out a BDO application under the Join section of our website. Or you may message one of our Officers below for more information.
    Main Character Names:
    Edan - Velia E2
    Kattasstrophy (GM), Blann, Maharat, NinjaStyle, Kevadra
    PvX & Node Wars
    Our Black Desert guild is mainly a PvX guild at this time however most of our members enjoy PvP. Our focus is on upcoming content such as node wars, etc. We strive to be competitive as possible however having a good time is of top priority. We always do our best to help all members of our community regardless of skill level or rank.
    Basic Requirements
    We are mostly a mature guild with a wide range of ages among our community. One of our requirements is to be at least 18+ years of age (Exceptions are made, but not often.) We do have an official Teamspeak 3 server, and understand not everyone is a social butterfly, however we always have a good number of people on that are helpful and fun to talk to. Many of our members are over the age of 21 so on Saturdays we often do some drinking, but we do ask for everyone to be respectful under all circumstances.
    We do not tolerate the following.
    -Rude behavior or disrespect towards other members.
    Additional rules can be found on our official website.
  16. The Lead: In Orwen, If You Got a Pulse, YOU GET A NODE!

    You get a node, you get a node, everyone gets a node!  Credit given to noterif for originally making this (true) joke.
    I don't even know what guild got the Sausan node.  Random guilds getting prime node spots.  This is probably in stark contrast to Edan where every spot is contested like the Battle of the Bastards.  In Orwen, if you got a pulse, can field 20 or so people, you can get a node (even a prime one) by default.  Kind of like the new Euros format where anyone can get into the knockout round (Northern Ireland, really?). 
    The "Taking My Talents to South Beach" BDO Moment: Any "Real" PvP Guild that Rolled on the RP/PvE server known as Orwen

    Credit to Lebron for righting a past wrong, but some guilds with pretensions on Orwen should take inspiration from LeBron and actually try on Edan
    We all know certain guild(s) ducked the pile of dedicated PvP guilds on Edan after beta.  Well, that certain guild(s) can complain to the GMs for special treatment and pull outlandish stunts, but it doesn't matter because they're causing a ruckus in an empty house.  Still doesn't change the fact they ducked the competition.  So brave to roll in on a server where anyone wins by default.
    Next Mainstream Term Thanks to GoT: Plot Armor

    ... unless you're Kit Harrington playing Jon Snow
    I was hoping they would let Ramsay run away.  Alas, Jon Snow has also obtained a plot sword and the bad guy must die.  Besides the Martell storyline getting completely dropped, my questions going into the season finale are: (1) is Margareys going to find a way to axe Tonmen and the High Sparrow, and (2) does Cersei have plot armor too (perhaps blasphemous to even suggest that, but I contend she's more disposable than Jaime)?
    I'm fascinated to see who Donald Trump "convinces" to be his VP.  He pissed off one of the few Latinos in the GOP, Governor Martinez, and one of the few women in the GOP, Senator Collins.  Maybe Michelle Bachmann (remember her?) will be up for it (no one wants to see Jersey Fat Boy Christie in there).
  17. Some certain guilds need a node :V
  18. Wife and I looking for a guild on US Edan server but we live in Europe and so play on that kind of timescale.
  19. Post on Edan Server Lagged Out? in General

    By Zeen, posted
    Ever since yesterday's patch, several people in my guild and myself have been experiencing extreme lag in the early afternoon on EST time. (1:00 - 5:00 PM EST) Unsure if this is a widespread problem or limited to a messed up patched version of your game.
    Any other players experiencing this lag? Character loading in without customization, NPC's taking ages to respond when talking to them, players constantly rubber banding/desyncing, random disconnects.
  20. Anyone notice UNO had 2 crowded servers last night? Edan had 0 crowded.
    So much for UNO being a "dead" server.

  21. [Edan (NA) | Valencia E2] [TS3] [PvX - Equal Focus on PvP, PvE, and Life Skills]
    [21/30 Members | Rank 135]
    We Offer:
    +2 Gathering, +2 FishingDamage Reduction +2, All AP/Accuracy +3, Max HP +60Twice weekly boss scrolls (Wednesday, Saturday- additional times as needed)Weekly Ancient Relic scrollsWeekly guild bossA small, fun (+funny!), and friendly community of players with a variety of interests, including open-world PvP, arena PvP, alchemy, cooking, horse training, and fishing.Requirements:
    Active players. You are not expected to no life the game, but do at least log on 5+ days a week.No level requirement. We have members who are more than happy to help you level (or learn how to work with life skills if that's your thing!).Use of TS3. You are not required to speak. It's okay if you just want to type. Our guild uses TS3 primarily, and guild messages are easily lost depending on how chat boxes are set up.Application Instructions:
    Please fill out the application form (link is below). We will get in contact with you as soon as possible, or you can contact one of our recruiting officers (Shamshir [Family Name: Raem], VioletLyn [Family Name: SilverWings]).Form: http://goo.gl/forms/vIuy2U6tF0768dHo2Questions or comments can be directed to Shamshir [Family Name: Raem], SapphireLen [Family Name: SilverWings], and SageLeaf [Family: Leaves].
  22. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lO1ANoieVbQ
    WaifuHunta versus MangoBay and Gatekeeper
  23. With PvP content about to reach the tipping point, I believe providing you all with a well thought out, and truly unbiased opinion of the strongest forces out there would be a welcome addition to these forums in the midst of the trolling and confusion. I will provide a brief description for a few of the top guilds but probably not too much abouto any of the lower ranking guilds.
    S - MangoBay 
    As much as people will hate to admit it, mangobay has proven time and again that they alone deserve S rank. There may be some close contenders but MB are in a class of their own. This is because of the simple idea that the strong get stronger and there isn't a large enough player base for the highest tier players to go anywhere except mango bay. 
    A - Gravity
    I was hesitant to put gravity on here, with the loss of sinisteel and other core members, this guild took a crippling blow. But as I said, this ranking is 100% unbiased, and you would be a fool to argue that reputation doesn't count for something. We will see how the upcoming patch reflects the strength of this injured guild, but we may still be surprised. 
    A - WaifuHunta 
    Originally a small guild, the strong leadership recognized the need to bolster their numbers. The stars aligned and they netted in a plethora of formidable players. When they show force, little can be done to stop them.
    A - Gatekeeper
    Down, but not out. Regardless of the propaganda put up against them, you would be foolish to say GK isn't worthy of A rank. Numbers ready to fight, and a roster of geared players combined with expert positioning and tactics (sitting on a rock may be cowardly but if it wins the fight- who cares?) GK maintains a high tier ranking
    A - ManUp
    Incredible performance both small scale and large. Rarely bested in the harshest of fights, man up boasts a solid roster of experienced players, this high-morale guild is carried to A tier through determination and refusal to lose.
    B - HOSTILE , ThePRX
    C - Support, Havoc, Red Face
    D - any othere big name guilds I forgot or most likely irrelevant and on equal tier
  24. Who We Are
    Cream is a guild that was created for people who want to be hard core but cannot due to having a life. That being said, we do expect you to be somewhat hard core in terms of progressing in the game. Such as gearing up, leveling up, and getting life skills up. While these are our standards we do give you time to progress. We’re also a bunch of goofballs so don’t worry, we don’t take everything seriously. But we do if we need to.
    What We Do
    We spend most of our time grinding. We do guild missions daily. We also help our lower level members reach level 50 so that they may participate with guild missions and join our never ending grinding parties. We enjoy talking on Discord, sharing information and knowledge with each other.
    Who We Want
    We want people who can socialize with us on Discord, participate with guild missions and grow together with us both ingame and as a community. People who can fool around ingame but can progress without falling too far behind.
    Cream is a fun, easy going guild looking for members that are level 45+ and have endgame in mind, such as pvp/node wars etc. People who play at least three hours a night, in the evening through late night hours, preferred. (USA PST-EST) We also offer help to reach level 50 so that one may participate in guild missions, and grinding parties. (Must be 18+)
    While we are still a small guild, our numbers are steadily growing. Our Discord is open to anyone wanting to join our gaming community
    If you have any questions you may message me in discord or whisper me or one of my officers ingame.
    People you can whisper:
    Poofy (GM)
  25. S tier - My guild
    A tier - your guild
    B tier - Guild I dont like
    C tier - guild we beat
    D tier - guild that beat us
    E tier - Zerg alliance
    prove me wrong