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  1. MMORPG Veteran looking for a structured and organized guild with positive Guild culture and effective leadership.  I'm not looking for casual, chill or otherwise...Guilds without planned goals as well as decent standards for their community need not respond to this.  TS3 is required, Discord is not an acceptable alternative.  If there's nothing more involved in the recruiting process than saying "Yes" then I don't belong in your Guild. 
    What I bring to the table:
    9 years of MMORPG experience; older (32) and mature player attitude; organization experience from GM and below; structured approach to MMO success and victory; 13 years of leadership experience; easy going and well tempered attitude; easy to get along with; opposed to elitist attitudes; handles losing just as well as winning.
    Thanks in advance if you're responding to this, I look forward to finding a Guild.

  2. There is a wizard using hacks to grief people at Sausans on Balenos E2 (Edan server).  It's impossible to farm with this guy just 1 shotting everybody.
    His name is Akanis.
  3. We operate as a loose republic and a tight group of friends. We create an environment for members to freely pursue their own goals, While still maintaining unity through frequent guild events. Members start on a 7 day contract then move to a 30 day after those 7 days are up. Our current buffs are ACC+5 and AP+3
    We do regular guild quests, scrolls, guild bosses. We mainly do PvE but do PvP if we need to and once we are a big enough guild will probably start GvG. Message me in game (Drisky Pantaloons) or reply to this thread if you are interested in joining us or want to know more.

  4. Why us?
    I'll tell you why. We're a guild that started from nothing and grew despite everything against us with other guilds growing and taking over around us. We got heart.
    We're not power hungry individuals who are going to command you into thinking Black Desert is another work away from work. It's a home. 
    In this home you got family!
    (that's us)
    We're active. supportive, growing, and dangerous when together. We do all the activities other guilds do and more. We use discord so you can chat with the people you bond with. We're a community that covers multiple aspects of gaming. We're Webshrouds. Join us if you're looking for that place to relax and do damage at the same time.
    World bosses. Training. Grinding. Node Wars. PVP/PVE. 
    Applications taken at: NaoYuudai#7628 - Discord 


    Blade and Arrow is a new social/casual guild on the Edan server of Black Desert NA, channel Balenos 1
    We are a small and laidback group, who are just looking to enjoy the game at our own pace, while still participating in all aspects of the game and we are actively recruiting
    While we arent looking to have the biggest guild, we will always accept active players of any level and gear, and you can apply today :)!!!!
    Well to be honest we don't really have any requirements
    All we ask is that you be active and participate in any actives the guild might be doing whether that is:
    a chilled out grind session (no 12 hour stints cos lets face it they are just a bore)  
    a guild mission we have active at the time (with no requirement to do all 5 per day of course, who wants to kill or chop that many things anyways)
    or even just general chat/hilarity in the guild chat 
    As we are a new and small guild, its easy to join there are no level requirements or gear AP/DP requirements either, All we want is the have fun with the game without the chore of a gear grind taking away everyones fun.
    However we are also actively looking for officers as well so if thats something you are interested in there is also a spot for you here as well, the only thing officers are required to help out with is recruitment, and activating and completing guild quests
    If you are interested in joining send our Guild Master Oliviah, from the Rayyyzor Family a whisper or PM and its as simple as that

  6. Hey all
    I used to be in a small guild that become empty recently and find myself looking for another fun active guild.
    I'm currently a level 51 Wizard (should be higher, but I honestly haven't been worrying about leveling that much lately and been working on other things in the game) with 284/266 Energy/CP spread. My gear score isn't the best at 102/110 (ap/dp) split. I'm a player that likes to try and do everything in the game and enjoy helping guild mates out when I'm able to.
    What i'm looking for in a guild:
    1. A decent active size guild that is friendly and here to have fun.
    2. Guild that does Guild Mission, Scroll bosses, Subjagation Bosses.
    3. A guild  that is doing Node Wars and planning on to do them (They don't need to be a top elite guild)
    4. Guild should have VOIP and a website
    5. Guild that is organized but still respects everyone's play styles.
    Let me know if your interested, I've sent some guild pm's already that sparked my interest, if you haven't gotten one and think i would fit in, then let me know through here, pm's or in game (i'm on Edan: Balenos E2), Toon name is Dragonbound, Family: Dragonnight
  7. S : Gravity, MangoBay
    A+ : HOSTILE, Support, ManUp, WaifuHunta
    A : Gatekeeper, Lethality, Dreadnaught, RedDragonDynasty, SideEffect, HAVOC
    B+ : ThePRX, Eternidad, IronLotus, TIGaming
    B : Honor, RealOCE, Kyoukai, SkyStrike, Marvel, GIGA, DRPD
    C+ : Spaghetti, Baka, ValidusGamers, FFF
    C : Else
    Not yet been observed  : Evolution, CotP, TrikeSquad,  Eterna, Hikikomori
    Based on streaming observation and GvG score.
    Not bully shit guild ranking affects.
    Dead guilds(RedFace, Risen, etc....) are excluded.
    EDITED : sry if my view is not accurate. It is definitely based on my observation, and maybe there will be a difference.
  8. The title says it all.  I am looking for a guild.  I took a break from the game and just came back.  I left my guild today because it's completely dead so I have a twenty-four hour cool down on joining another guild.  I prefer using TeamSpeak (TS3) since all other VoIPs are terrible.  The server I play on is Edan.  My main character is a Sorceress and she is level 52.  I am looking for a guild that is PvE focused but occasionally dabbles with the PvP aspect of the game.  My main character's name is Ciccina.  My family name is Ragnola.
  9. Hey Guys my guild Work In Progress <WIP> is Recruiting! We are a Casual MultiGame Group of pretty friendly people focusing in BDO currently and looking to build up and expand within the game. We Are on NA/Edan & mainly hang out on Mediah E2 but move around occasionally.  We welcome any and all players that are interested in joining to talk to us, our main goal here is to have fun and do everything the game has to offer. We have Organized Boss/Scroll farms and Guild missions. We are also  getting some Guild Events and Meetings Going again like we have done in our other games, as well as do ALL Things PVE/PVP/Crafting (really excited for node wars here on NA). We are all happy to help out with anything IG you need and pay you guys pretty well ;D. We have a nice TS and a site (that’s currently being renovated) and are just eager to have some more fun active players.
    ALSO ! 
    Its almost Node War time so if there are any small or medium guilds looking to merge we have the points and the slots if need be to accommodate them!  Just shoot me a message &  I'll be happy to talk it out ! 
    So!  If you have any questions, need info or if you are interested in joining feel free to comment here, shoot me a message or find me in game. My name is Kasara_CH of the Orndeir Family and I am the guild leader. Happy To answer anything !  
  10. <SweetBunz> Is a newly formed guild here in BDO but is comprised of a group of friends who have been playing together for years. We are looking to expand our ranks for future content. Members are experienced in all aspects of the game and are very active looking for more active and fun players. We consider ourselves Semi Hardcore because we are all dedicated to playing the game but are adults with work schedules and lives to maintain. We dedicate as much time as we can here but understand that life always comes first. We are gearing up for Node wars and anticipate participating heavily once they arrive.
    We are looking for members who are 50+ preferred but are happy to consider those who are lower level and dedicated to the grind. We do require TS3 for comms and a mic. Guild Boss scrolls are done on Sundays and we hold daily guild missions. Grind Groups and scroll groups are held regularly.
    So to recap: 50+ Preferred, Grind Groups, Scrolls, Guild Bosses Sundays, TS3+Mic Required, AP+2,HP+2,DR+2, Mature Humor. 
    We will consider small guild mergers coming to us however we were already in a merger with another guild that we broke off from so are not looking to be absorbed.
    Please contact TehTehs in game with questions or for more info.
    Save the drama fo yo momma! bump
  11. [Edan] Server 
    Hey guys this a brand new guild. Tight-knit friendships are what keep this boat sailing.
    And if you're new to this game even better. All levels are welcomed. 
    The idea of this guild is to have mature, respectful people who are willing to improve at the game.
    This guild will not exclusively be a 'PVE' or 'PVP'. Crafting, and grind parties are all super-duper welcomed and encouraged.
    Wet your toes in a little of everything, or stick your whole foot if you will. 
    While we are a small baby guild I've already been able to make some alliances with other much bigger guilds, so have no fear we have friends out there in this big bad pvp world.
    Must be activeStrive to improve your characterAbsolutely be respectful to others in and out of the guildJoin Discord, if you're not talkative that's fine. 
    If you feel like you want to join us or even just hang out contact me. 
    IGN: Tallgi            Family Name: Moiety
    We hang out in Calpheon E2. 
  12. Looking for a new guild where you can have fun chilling with your friends and be an individual together? That's great!
    HoshiAkari is a PVE guild that focuses on the social aspect of BDO.
    We have a Discord channel that we encourage all our members to stop by.
    We are primarily gatherers, crafters, cooks, traders, trainers and fishers who enjoy making stupidly large amounts of silver and discussing the most profitable way to do such (Life Skills ftw).
    We have +1 gathering and +2 fishing and are looking to get more guild points to increase the life skill bonuses.
    We are currently small, but looking to get bigger.
    If you are looking for a chill group to help you discover BDO, send me a message and let's talk over some Milk Tea and Serendia Specials.

  13. Guildmaster: Masterbaited [Family]
    Officers: Velyrian, Tesoro, Noth, Sprinkle [Families]
    Server: Edan
    Region/Timezones: All NA
    VoIP: Discord [REQUIRED, mic preferred.]
    **It is a requirement that you are active.**
    About Us
    We are currently a small guild, an active core group of players that have transitioned through several guild merges. We have ultimately decided to come together to create our own guild and run it the way we would like to see a guild run. We would like to focus heavily on keeping our members active and happy; we strive to do several guild missions daily, actively PvP/GvG, do guild bosses, daily/weekly boss scrolls, and put together grind groups.
    We are a friendly group of people, so please don't hesitate to contact our GM or one of the officers with your inquiries.
  14. Firstly, Grace is a social guild. More than just a place to get perks and find groups, we're about building a guild where you can really get to know people and develop real friendships that last years. We're not some huge established community spanning multiple games: we intend to stay medium sized, so that you won't get lost in a sea of names. We focus on quality over quantity.
    In-universe, we are interested in all aspects of the game but with a focus on GvG/Node War competition. Our aim is not to fight for the top spots on the leaderboards, but to relevant and able to meaningfully compete. To the extent that it becomes plausible, we intend to develop a naval focus in war: ships, islands and so on. We don't require that every member be focused on PvP, but we do expect members to participate, since organized PvP is for the long term benefit of the guild. We currently do all the standard guild stuff (missions, paychecks, guild bosses, and so on), and we also organize a ranked dueling ladder and practice wars with other guilds.
    In terms of commitment, we consider the guild to be part casual, part serious. We want to do everything the game has to offer, and that means being strong enough to compete. At the same time, we respect the fact that people have lives and priorities. We do have requirements in gear, levels, and personal skill, but we believe in helping people develop those things instead of setting them as an entrance requirement.
    There are a couple points that set us apart from most other guilds:
    We don't emphasize voice chat. While we do use Discord where it is truly important (Primarily, large scale PvP), but we avoid it for day to day chatting. We feel that voice chat, even when "optional", inevitably gives those who chose not to use it a poor experience as they tend to get left out of things. Our leadership has experience in organizing successful groups over text, doing things most people think can't be done without voice chat.We care a lot about welcoming new players: both new to the guild and new to the game. Though we have gear/level requirements, we admit newer players so long as they can progress and catch up to the standard. This doesn't just mean that we take in low level players, though: it means we focus on helping them grow and meet those requirements. We also focus on getting new players involved in the guild and everything it does: we don't want to be an entrenched circle of old friends where you'll always be "the new one". That means you can participate in every level of competition we enter, you can help decide policy, and, if you're interested, you can become a leader.We promote a culture of respect. This doesn't just mean that we don't mean respect each other- it means we behave in a in a respectful and dignified manner with people outside the guild, as well. In short, we intend to live up to our name. Though this should not need to be said, it also means we do not discriminate and do not tolerate persecution or harassment of marginalized groups. 
    If you're interested, I'd like to talk. We do currently ask for level 50 and 220 AP + DP, but we admit people not meeting those requirements so long as they make enough progress to catch up in a reasonable time (we can give more details on the expected progression if you're interested). If you'd like to join, please contact one of us:
    Family name "IzzyBelle", main character names "Cienne", "Amaranthy"
    Family name "Kingrad", main character names "Arbitrator", "Evileon"
    Family name "Hydro", main character name "Astra"
    Family name "Miyamoto", main character name "Auron"

    Sorry! We've decided to merge with MalumFactum Gaming Community. Feel free to find us having blast there!

  16. Post on - in US Guild

    By KingBlade, posted
    ==== Contact Info ====
    GM- Gambitz
    Officer- Rageincarnate 
    Officer- Joella 
    ==== Our Objective ====
    Who we are:
    We are a medium size guild composed of competitive and experienced players with a friendly nature.  Our goal is to build a community of active members with a focus on guild progression and PvP. We're not a strict guild but we are organized. Currently have 37 members and growing fast! Our guild capacity has reached 80/100 and we're currently ranked #135 (climbing the ranks weekly since we started). 

    Guild Goals:
    - Individual player growth
    - Strong Team PvP Fights (ex. Fighting for grind spots, GvG, Node Wars, Sieges)
    - Building a family bond with our guild members. 
    - Building a reputable name for ourselves
    Requirements to join the guild:
    - 18 years of age and older.
    - [Preferred] Combined AP/DP total of 270 and Level 53+.
    - Also looking for any other guilds that might be interested in a guild merger with us to prepare for Node Wars!
    - Also looking for potential Team Leaders for PvP. Officer position included if you want to take on this role. 
    Requirement to stay in the guild:
    - Share our goals
    - Be active in game / and in TeamSpeak!
    - Take the initiative to help with guild events/guild missions/guild bosses
    - Show consistent progress
    === Guild Decorum ===
    - Always be friendly and respectful towards other guild members including members that might not be playing at your level. This isn't a guild for elitism! 
    - We protect our own so we expect you to do the same at a moments call especially for high level grinding. 
    - If you have issues with other members discuss it with an officer or the GM in private and not in guild chat. Teamspeak is also the best for truly voicing out your opinions/concerns so that everyone is on the same page. 
    - If we are contesting a grind spot or in a GvG do not harass the enemy guild verbally please. Fight with your actions and not some petty insults. 
    === Guild Activities ===
    Guild Quests
    When: Mon-Sun
    Location: Ask us in Game
    Description: Subjugation or Gathering Quests
    Requirements: Please Participate!!!!!! You will be notified hours in advance so just expect to do 2 or 3 missions every night.
    Arena Training / 2v2 / 3v3 Skirmishes
    When: Saturday Late Night
    Location: Velia arena
    Description: 3v3 random team arena PvP practice, followed by 1v1 duels. 
    Requirements: None. Show up if you want to have some fun and practice with the guild.

    GVG - Open for discussions and organized with other guilds. 
    Node Wars - Talk to us in game about our Node War Schedule.
    For more information contact us in game or in this thread. Website coming soon!
  18. <Striken> |PVX| Growing guild looking for active members to start getting ready for Node Wars & Sieges. Daily missions, scrolls, and grind groups. Discord for comms. Our main focus is PVP.
    Also if you would like to merge just contact.
    Contact in-game:
    Thy Darkness 
    (Feel free to leave a post here and I will contact you)
  19. Webshrouds here! We are still recruiting for more members to join our continuously growing community! All levels are welcome. (Yes, that includes new players as well because we like helping people.) Since there are so many guilds out there and everybody is different, we at Webshrouds are willing to do Compatibility Runs (party up for about an hour to grind/do whatever you need help with) to see if we fit you, so give us a try if you don't wish to commit right off the bat. For more information, check us out at www.Webshrouds.com or email us your questions/concerns/greeting atWebshrouds@gmail.com.

  20. “The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him.”
    - G. K. Chesterton

    Lionsgate is a PVP guild based in North America, interested in all aspects of the game with a high emphasis on node wars, our progression as a guild, and just generally having fun together. We are looking for competitive players who want to become a part of a positive, dedicated, yet easy-going community. Applicants must be willing to come to wars and participate in other guild activities.
    Lionsgate formed in May 2016 as a 20-member group who wanted to create a guild of mature, like-minded individuals who not only knew how to set goals and accomplish them, but also how to have fun together. We learned how to fight alongside each other, establishing clear communications in war and fostering our synergy and organization. We have formed a cohesive group of loyal members who are here because they believe in the guild, its mission, and genuinely enjoy the company of the guild. We slowly and carefully built our guild with members who share our same attitude and values and are motivated to push the guild forward.

    From the start, we knew that we were taking a very long road by choosing to build the guild this way. We were starting from scratch to be a strong, positive, independent guild free of politics in a game full of drama and negativity . We have created a close-knit group that promotes positivity and open-mindedness. No drama. No power hungry staff members. No toxicity. Just hard work, fun, and lasting friendships.  We have created a strong network of players that also recognizes the importance of having good interactions with the rest of the BDO community. With that said, we have a high standard of behavior. We aim to be competitive while displaying respect, courtesy, and sportsmanship.
    Currently, we are mainly focused on building a strong team for T2/T3 Node Wars. We have no interest in joining the politics of alliances, nor do we have any interest in being "fed" nodes for the sake of money. We aim to challenge ourselves each and every step of the way and believe that we can only improve by fighting tougher battles. We aim to be an independent entity that builds its guild beyond numbers on a spreadsheet. We build our guild for the primary purpose that any guild should - to have fun.
    We believe in a community where all members are equal regardless of rank or status. As staff members, we view ourselves merely as members who have additional responsibility to keep the guild going. Members are to be judged fairly by their character and decisions are to be made in the best interests of the guild. We know who we are and we're here to stay. We aim to go as far as our dedication will take us. We're a group of positive, hardworking individuals who never forget to laugh and have fun along our journey.
    Fair and attentive leadership team460+ GS PVP Core2-3 Node Wars per week / Occasional Siege 5 AP / 5 ACCURACY / 100 HP / 5 Damage Reduction Command to Gather / Weekly Crate Valencia SummonsElephants / Guild GalleyNode War Participation based payout systemUp to 1 million silver contract dailyActive DiscordMember organized grind groups,boss scroll groups, etc.RBF / Movie NightsA solid group with a cheeky sense of humor. REQUIREMENTS
    Level 58+, 400+ Gearscore: We are looking for decently geared players who will strive to reach that sweet 460+ GS alongside our core.
    Level 58+, 420+ Gearscore: Due to very limited guild spots, we are strictly looking for players with 420+ GS who are AIMING to go for 59-60+. If interested, please send in your application after meeting these requirements. 
    Experienced, Active, and Motivated: We are looking for players who are ready for battle and are motivated to keep improving.
    Positive & Respectful: The guild is something that requires teamwork so we are looking for players with a positive mindset who are able to work well in a team. Also, members are expected to be mature and respectful in the open-world.
    Join Discord & Mic Up: Discord is our prime communication channel for announcements, war notifications, and everyday coordination. Applicants must be willing to participate in the community. We are looking for motivated players who FIT IN and share our mindset.
    Interest in contributing to the guild: We are HEAVILY node war focused and are looking for people who can participate in those alongside the occasional mission/guild events.
    We have very simple rules in the guild. Play honestly and treat others the way you want to be treated. Don't cause drama and don't troll or bully others. If you like to cause trouble, this is probably not the right guild for you. Everyone in the guild gets along and are very chill / easygoing. If you feel that you might not be able to uphold all of our policies, then no hard feelings. We do not want to keep others from playing the way they want to just because we choose to play a certain way. 
    No hacking or partying with a hacker
    No exploiting
    No scamming / lying
    No random, unjustified PK-ing
    No harassment/discrimination of other players
    No trash talking
    No karma bombing
    **More information on our policies will be found on our Google Doc upon joining in #guild-info. These are rules that our leadership expects and that the BDO community should expect our members to follow. If there is any problem with a member, our leadership invites you to speak to us about it to resolve any issues.**
    Apply Here and tell us about yourself
    Join Discord for the interview
    Interact with our community to see if it will be a good fit. Chat/Join Grind Groups/Scroll Groups etc (Applicant Permissions Required)
    If Staff sees that you are fitting in and participating in the community, your application will be approved and you will be sent an invitation.
    DISCLAIMER: This guild has a lot of shenanigans. Members may develop abs.

    Many thanks to the following Lionsgate staff members for all their hard work!
    Jason, Ostrich, DJ, Ronin, Dae, Bleu, Blac, Vorf, Weplo
    Also credits to Fiare for making us our awesome banner!
  21. MadTeaParty on Edan is now recruiting. We are a community of active casuals who like to do everything the game has to offer. We have a mixture of end gamers and new players. We have plenty of veteran players with knowledge to help you through your levels or with any life skill questions you may have. We are a group of unique individuals and we are looking for more like us. If you have more questions or would like to join, you can whisper Sakura_Kuro in game >;D

    We Are ALL Mad Here.

  22. As the title states - Group of 4 very close friends that have been gaming together for years looking for a hardcore PVP guild on Edan Server.  We are looking for a place to call home and hate the idea of guild hopping.  
    Current characters are as follows:
    Valkyrie - lvl 54 - all 15 blue gear
    Sorc - lvl 53 almost 54 - all 15 gear
    Warrior - lvl 54 almost 55 - all 15 gear
    Witch - lvl 54 - (changed gear) but almost back to all 15
    We want to find a guild that primarily will focus on node/guild wars/sieges with a proven track record of PVP.  A guild that does regular training and practices within the guild as well as other guilds. We want to find the right fit for us, someone we can grow and build relationships with that will last throughout BDO.  Not going to toss any names out there but we joined what was supposed to be a PVP guild that that had a primary focus on node/sieges and lets just say in order to compete they needed to zerg and even then it didnt pan out =/ so we want to be selective of our next guild, which im sure you will and can understand.
    Available to talk either via discord or ts3.  If you think we would be a good fit and would like to have a chat, please leave me a message here for my ign so we can talk.
    Thanks for reading and look forward to seeing whats out there!
  23. <DarkWardens>

    Edan Server
    Balenos E1 - Default channel
    DarkWardens was originally my idea to make friends in BDO and form a community of players with like minded goals. Since then we've been through some ups and downs figuring out the game since release and changing our views as we go. NOW we've settled on a foundation of core players and are looking to expand!

    The goal of DarkWardens is community first! We want people to be hanging out in discord, talking, laughing, and kicking ass! We're not aiming to be top guild in the server but we want to see if we can make it up there with a less militaristic style that a lot of hardcore pvp guilds use. We expect guild members to chat when they're around, and they should want to be part of the conversation and actively pursuing the guild's goals and needs.
    Establishing and defending nodes..
    Protecting each other against aggression.
    Leveling and gearing up.
    Dailies and guild missions.
    Weekly Guild-Focused events.
    Creation of a thriving community.
    As a Guild which will be focusing strongly on building a healthy community, we expect our members to be active on Black Desert Online, We understand many people work, leadership included, but we would like everybody to be active and online as much as possible, if we find members which have been inactive for a substantial amount of time or people we feel are not contributing to the group, we will trial the individuals in question and remove them if they continue. We also wish for the group to remain mature and constructive, repeated toxicity or foul behavior will result in being booted. Lastly, we strongly request each of you to join us on our Discord server which will be provided below. 

    Founder: Rilnak (Surge)
    Officers(s): Tohlee, Ghost, AvengeR, Griffinborn
    If you are interested and want to find out more, or you are considering joining, please contact any of the above guild members who will more than happily help you out, you can also reply to the thread as we will be reading through occasionally. Thank you for your time, we will see you in Black Desert Online!
    If you are going to play with us, we would advise you to join our Discord Server. For those who are not familiar with this service, it is free, and allows virtually 24/7 access and communication with each other both in and out of the game. The mechanics of this game do not lend themselves well to typing while fighting monsters and running guild missions, so we ask that members use (at least listen) the various channels we have set up in our Discord. This is also a place where our Code of Conduct and Guild Charter are posted. We feel it is a great way for us to get to know you...and you us, before we offer you a guild contract in game! The link is below:

  24. Credits to Molin for the lovely logo.
    The Lin Kuei (Chinese Language: 林鬼; Pinyin: Lín Guǐ; literally "Forest Demons")
    PvP Focused Guild - NA/Oceanic - Mature 18+ - Discord
    Home Server: Edan:Calpheon E2
    Guild Origin: Lin Kuei
    Total Members: 36/55 *Updated 9/02/2016*
    Guild Skills: Flag of Determination, +2 Gathering, +5 Accuracy, +5 Damage Reduction, +1 Fishing, Siege Resist 10% *Updated 9/02/2016*
    Introduction: *UPDATED 8/29/2016*
    The Lin Kuei is a guild which stemmed from an idea to form a mercenary-like guild for hire that aids other guilds perform assassinations on rival guilds (but the idea fell short and didn't work). Instead we are a small-medium sized PvP Focused Guild hoping to recruit a few more like-minded individuals who are motivated, active, and willing to learn.
    Lay a good foundation and recruit dedicated/active members who are willing to give a new guild a shotProgress to the end game content of this game (PvP, Node Wars, Sieges, GvG, etc)Maintain Daily Guild MissionsMaintain a friendly/drama-free guild environmentLook for officers to help guild managementExpand to 50 membersRequirements: *UPDATED 8/29/2016*
    Active and Contribute to a minimum of 3000 Guild Activity per WeekHave a character Level 30 or higherUse Discord when playing BDO at all times. (Only required to have Discord running in the background)Required to participate in scheduled Node Wars when onlineRules:
    I don't think any rules are really required at the moment unless something comes up that requires a rule to be put into place, but general guideline is just be respectful to others. Trolling is permitted but try to keep the trolling to a moderation.
    About Me:
    I played only a handful of MMORPGs in my past, Conquer Online, Battle of the Immortals, Guild Wars 2, and Wild Star (there were a few other ones as well but wasn't a significant MMORPG that I played). 
    In terms of guild leadership experience, I have only ran one guild thus far. I ran a large guild in Guild Wars 2 Tarnished Coast Server called Absolute Legends for about 1-2 Years. I definitely enjoyed my time there and leading that guild, and I hope that I can do the same here in BDO.
    Guild Milestones:
    Reach 15 MembersReach 20 MembersReach 25 MembersReach 50 MembersDaily Guild MissionsFirst Guild Boss Scrolls *5/15/2016*Feel free to reply to the thread if you have any questions or PM me or any available officers in game. 
    Guild Master: [FamilyName:CharacterName]
  25. Looking for a great guild for this game. Just started and the game is so confusing >.< I have so many questions and looking for a guild with teamspeak that is laid back, friendly with prefer 18+. IGN is Nuhb