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  1. Hi,
     I am having an issue that I cannot see other players skill effects, even thought i have "Remove others' effects" and "Remove distant ones' effects" disabled.
     Deleting my game cache like the website suggested fixed it for a very short amount of time and then it just stopped displaying them again.
     Is there a fix to this known bug?
    Any more info you need, just ask
  2. The first person mode (if you could even call zooming all the way in "first person") isn't anywhere near beautiful. My biggest gripe is the fact that as a sorc there's a constant barrage of black smoke and floating dark shards in my face, i'm sure other classes have this too. Also looking directly up puts grass or rocks in your view and makes it really difficult to see anything. This has been infuriating while trying to hunt down santa. I'd like to see better camera positioning when all the way zoomed in (camera locks to where your head is) and i'd like total removal of effects around your character when fully zoomed, not just the character itself.
    Tell me what you guys think?
  3. This is a rewrite and rethought suggestion that I have taken much more time to think out and write out correctly. Most of my old ideas have made it into this post but not all. New ideas have been added as well, but this is simply a better more thought out system of effects that can be added to the game.
    My First ten ideas for new effects (Short):
    Regeneration effects: The current version is useless. simply put Buff Regen effects in game and if you need to simply debuff health potions while it’s active or even have it to where it only activate below a percentage of health, but simply make it worthwhile to use in game.
    Second wind: A buff that you can apply to your character that makes you invincible for several seconds if you are hit with a killing blow. Have this in the game to help with World bosses and the buff is consumed upon use and needs to be reapplied every time. (maybe certain skills have killing blow to insta kill players with this buff.)
    Alchemist's breath: Simply put a buff that improves the effects of elixirs a player consumes when they consume them, effecting Duration, strength, cool down time. It might even add extra effects such as a small regen buff Health or mana dependent on how many elixirs are active.
    Potion Happy: Another simple buff that either increases the effects of potions or decreases the cooldown time or both.
    Over health: Allows potions to heal above player’s normal health, however extra health will quickly be lost over time, much faster than potion can over health. (Perhaps make it part of potion happy?)
    Status Shaker: A buff that simply reduces the duration of negative status effects besides CC effects like stun and knockdown.
    Sprinter: Halves or quarters the stamina drain while Sprinting.
    Turtle shell: reduces the damage players receive from back attacks.
    Midas touch: Causes players to destroy “Trash loot” upon pickup in exchange for % of silver “trash loot” is worth. (lesser idea but putting up all the ideas I have)
    Dispelling touch: This buff causes all attacks by the player to directly attack enemy skill buffs lowering their duration with each hit by a %.
     Explanation (long):
    I have always felt that Black desert online could use a multitude of new buffs for accessories or abilities that could give the game a better variety of effects to choose on besides the straightforward +10 attack. Adding these into old accesories would be a major gamechanger as it could make accessories that are never used such as the centaurs belt and cadry guardian rings desired and well used.
    Simply put i want to see regeneration potions used to help with grinding and to a minor degree pvp. What would be convenient is a buff that gives large passive health regen to players that don’t take damage for 20 seconds to help heal between attacks when potions are running low.
    This is a simple premise that i simply would like to see for world bosses with execution level damage abilities. Kutum would be fought if you could survive his random attack and then after that wait for your buff to recharge.
    Something that could be applied to all accesories in order to make them comparable with other accessories, or even add this in as a passive to scale elixirs with later content. The point being that this would add some new variety to effects in the game.
    Another simple add on to accessories/elixirs this would allow potions to be more usable, and would be fair and balanced because players would have to give up an accessory slot that could have an ap accessory to fit.
    A simple modifier that would allow players with full health to absorb some of the benefits of players healing, temporarily increasing their max health, but since it would drain away on its own it will not be very abusable.
    This ability would just lower the duration of bleed or fire to allow players to get rid of their debuffs faster. Another example of variety that could be added.
    This one you could add to the centaur belt that no one uses. Players could equip it to run longer and faster but at the same time give up ap for dp. Would love this for grinding as a valkyrie.
    An optional ability that would lower the extra damage without getting rid of it that you receive on back attack.
    I threw this in here cause why not. Why not just add something that lets players turn their trash loot into silver automatically. It's not like it would break the game. Besides in high level grind spots it would become a burden because you would lose out of silver gains, at the same time if you don’t care about turning in trash loot because you are in a low level area then equip away.
    An interesting ability that shortens skill buffs on players and monsters. Can pull off valkyrie's dp buff over the course of 20 hits or so but once again put this on a accessory and make the player give up ap to have this ability.
  4. Hey i was just wondering which costumes can use the special effects? I seem to remember someone saying that bloody suit does not include the effects? Just wanted too confirm which ones had it
  5. Hi there,
    I love Black Desert Online. i definitely love the character customization but i think it could be much better to chose your own colors for abilietes.
    I mainly play the Sorceress and her colors are purpble-black. i love 'em but i sometimes want to see how some abilities look in different colors. 
    i stopped playing bdo for a month or so and started playing warframe and it had this cool feature to change the colors of abilites. i thought it would perfectly fit to black desert!
    (it would be awesome if u could change the color without spending real money)
  6. Hi guys!! well as the title says, I ecently bought my BDO and created my first Ranger charecter, but as soon as I have playing for hours,  I discovered that the weather and the Daytime Doesnt Change for nothing! it could be rainning and the floor becomes wet but, in the sky ther is not any cloud, perhaps its Clear and sunny!!!, other example is that in the in game time the clock says 10: 30 PM or 3:00 am and t it supposed to be the night, right? but it still sunny!! like midday. I reparied the game, I Re-install the game, and doesnt works T.T.

    I dont have idea to repair this, if someone in the past, had the same problem please help me!!

  7. I couldn't really find a topic that spoke strongly about this, so here goes:
    I would personally like to see options for the effects that distort and expand FoV while riding a Horse, using a wagon, and sailing a boat, including the ability to adjust the intensity of, or disable outright. Despite the many sliders for combat effects, there are none that control mount effects. I find these effects are ridiculously overdone for wagons and boats to the point that it's nauseating. 
    The boat camera at speed, for instance, expands so greatly that the game sometimes doesn't even render all of the clouds in view, and distorts the world so much that I really need to look straight down in order to even properly gauge distance. I enjoy the FoV I use, and would like the game to not stray far from it.

    For those who aren't familiar with boats in particular, here's 2 pictures taken in the same spot at different angles, showing the absurdity of the distortion. Please let us change this.
  8. Hey, enjoy the game quite a lot, especially like the combat, grinding monsters feels less like grinding and more like fighting, especially when the mobs charge at you in large numbers, it really almost feels like watching a movie.
    That said, could there be an option to lower or remove the effects in combat? All those bright lights, sparks, and flames coming out of my sword are blocking at the awesome fight scenes.
  9. So I'm playing with a witch and I like to see magic everywhere, but currently I'm with a problem that I cannot see my spell effects? I only see the chain-lightning effect, normal fireball effect and the big ones (meteor, blizzard, earthquake).
    Why I cant see: "Lightning" + "Residual Lightning" + "Fireball Explosion" effects for example? They are completely invisible to me..
    Resolution: 1920 x 1080
    Texture: High
    Quality: Slighty High
    Anti-aliasing, SSAO, Screen Filter, Depth of Field (all checked)
    In Game tab I've the option "Show Attack Decision Effects" checked.
    What am I missing?
  10. Wanted to know which is better.
    I have a sorcerer, I have a few equipment pieces that the AP/DP is lower but the market price is higher I think because of the effects. Should I wear the items with the effects over the higher AP/DP items?
  11. 1) Do accessory effects stack? Eyes / Mouth / Ear
    2) Can house items like floors / walls etc be used more than once?
    /cheers 🍺
  12. Note: Couldn't find any other topic requesting this... If there is, please provde a link to me to refer to.
    Is there an option in the settings menu to reduce and possibly minimize those special effects during combat?
    I say this because from the moment a fight starts (PvP for example), half the time
    I can't even see the (fighting) characters unless one of them dashes away (and temporarily pauses the fight).
    If this option is not present in the current state of the game, is there any chance it could be added before launch?
    Will it EVER be added? I'm just wondering because it sure spoils the fight for me.

    I just thought of this right now so i never tried to find this option in-game, hence this question.

    Thanks for reading

  13. This is a petition to have Blader released in CBT2 or on release.

    Reasoning behind this petition:
    1. This class was huge on your other servers, why wouldn't it be here?
    2. There's a lot of people looking and waiting for this class. Some barely want to play the game without it.
    3.  Most of NA enjoys the Eastern style characters, you can see this in other MMO's. Characters with eastern fighting styles/sword styles become very popular.
    4. Out of all the male classes, his play style is what's lacking. Warrior is the hide behind a shield and attack, you have the berserker which is beat it into the ground, Wizard gives you the magic ranged class. You don't have the fast paced class. Female classes, thanks to the release of tamer, now have that, however male classes do not.
    I am happy to be a part of the beta test and I can see so much potential, I will provide more feedback on the game as it progresses, but I truly believe having Blader on your CBT2/release will allow you to keep as many of your player base that you've already gathered. 
    [[Will add more info from those who comment!  ]]
    Additional Feedback per extra comments:
    MikeHeel: [pg. 2]
    1. "... two other classes have already been confirmed for launch, Witch as well as Valkyrie, both female classes. Meaning that the ratio is now turned from three and three, to five and three."
    2. "...So while all five of the female classes are young so women and men that enjoy playing good looking female characters have -plenty- of options to choose from, men whom just want to look like an average, young adult male are forced to play warrior."
    3. "...Roleplayers -will- come to this game for it's absolute beauty, it's graphics, and it's vivid near living world, and in doing so absolutely will that in game store get a LOT of buys, I've personally spent over $300 alone in GW2 on just -dye- packs. But something like an extremely limited male selection -will- turn away a good chunk of RP'ers"
    TLDR: "...Adding Blader for release makes you money, in more ways then one..."
    Futanari: [pg. 5]
    4. "...Western players appreciate Eastern culture just as much as they appreciate ours. Launching BDO with barely any classes with 'asian flair' isn't really a smart move..."
    Noth: [pg. 5]
    5. "Blader..Was released before The Valkyrie, Wizard/Witch which we are getting..."
    KhaiDan: [pg. 11]
    6. "...One another note I'm not sure if it was mentioned or not is that NA/EU version are b2p unlike every other models in other regions....so it's natural folks want their main class to be there at the beginning."
    {will update as we get more}
    Thanks for your support!