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  1. I am a complete noob. never caought a horse in my life, never really paid attention to horse skill. However, now I'd like to make my mini elephant as fast as possible.
    I've researched that I need a saddle and 2 skills: Joyride (fast acceleration) and Quick Run (additional speed tier).
    So I go level my elephant. Question is what happens if I don't get these skills? Can I somehow reset and try again? (Like I said, total training noob, I don't even know how this works for horses, let alone elephants.)
    Ok, forget it. Found the answers on Reddit.
  2. Bonjour, 
    voulant un éléphant pour me balader dans le désert, je me suis hâté pour faire la série de quête, j'ai donc pris 35 M sur moi en lingot pour payer le droit à la villa et pour acheter l'éléphant, j'ai donc pris le pass pour la villa à Shakatu et je suis allé voir le majordome Serazad qui est censé me donner la première quête. Mais celle-ci ne me donne pas de quêtes ....
    Est ce qu'il y a une étape intermédiaire ou une condition que je dois remplir ???
    Merci d'avance
  3. During a conquest war, using elephant skills on enemy bases cause a severe drop in framerate.  Simply approaching a base that had ~100 people pvping caused 2 of our elephant drivers games to crash, while the third managed to stay connected with 1-2 fps.  We then got zethiann to get us some video proof of the evidence, he recently rebuilt his computer with absolute top of the line CPU/GPU, and usually gets 60 fps during siege (we're all very jealous).

    Zethiann hopping on elephant, approaching a mostly empty base: https://clips.twitch.tv/zethiann/CrazyPigeonPogChamp
    Massive frame drop as soon as he starts stomping: https://clips.twitch.tv/zethiann/HilariousMosquitoPunchTree
    The framerate issue was significantly worse when using charge against barricades/fences, and significantly worse when there was more pvp going on around the elephants.  Everyone experiencing these issues was able to hop off the elephant and get perfectly fine performance.
    P.S. there is also a bug with elephants where they get pulled out with 1,015,000 current hp during siege, even if they have enchanted equipment that increases their max hp beyond that, and one of the recipes for making [Guild] Bountiful Basket for the elephant doesn't work - its either [Guild] Juicy Fruits or [Guild] Fresh Veggies, i forget at the moment.
    almost forgot, we also managed to lag one of the elephants through the world. poor maethor, he will be missed:
       https://puu.sh/t7i7r/32d4ceb107.jpg https://puu.sh/t7i7y/de8f3f66c0.jpg https://puu.sh/t7i7O/30777699b5.jpg https://puu.sh/t7i7U/e997988954.jpg   
  4. I left my level 1 baby elephant on loop for 2 hours, checked carrots it, it was running, no exp gain. What am I doing wrong? Can't you level up the elephant by afk riding it?
  5. Ladies and gentlemen, i'm a Game Level Designer, coder, animation maker & i have a YouTube channel. I have created many famous things for the Ps3, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Ps4 & PC (I have made the first Ps4 GTA 5 Mod Menu ever etc!).
    So you can call me: "The best person ever".
    My Famous YouTube Channel (Click)
    Now i have create a new Guild called: "United_WarGuild" & my BDO Name is ImHaxoTV. Join The Guild If You Will Are Too A Person (If you playing in the other noob Guilds are you only too a 0, so you don't exist for the World |We do not want that|). So If You Join The Guild will we make missions together & catch the elephant together so we have a guild elephant and many other things, then all can ride the BIG Guild elephant etc, In the other guilds are the owner a 0 & randome noob and he don't let other players ride the Guild Elephant etc. So ladies and gentlemen join the Guild and make the best guild ever!
    Have Fun!
  6. Anyone else that uses baby elephants with sprint/instant accel to sell to valencia notice that you can't do anything but walk on the elephant while its overweight? 
    Kinda ruins the point of a baby elephant..... 
    Edit: Posting this because previously the elephant could run while overweight and after this patch it cannot. 
  7. How do you get more than just 1 skill for the Guild Elephant? When we got the elephant it came with Quick Turn.
    However, I have not been able to figure out how to obtain/level the other skills, is it even possible? How to do it?

  8. I don't have the quests to accept the elephant nor the camel? I would be grateful if someone could help :c Below is just what I did to get the quests, but it didn't work. Am I missing a step? Also, I went with a friend for the camel one, and we thought it was the quest line I was missing, but he had done none for Valencia or Mediah. Any suggests or is this a bug of some sort? 
    Elephant Quest; 
    So, I am a level 56 Witch. I did everything the elephant guide has told me; Head to Shakatu’s Villa, buy the pass, bring 3x 100g gold bars, and go in and talk to Serazad to receive a quest. The only problem was, she didn't have a quest and I have done everything I was suppose to? 
    Camel Quest;
    Again, I am a level 56 Witch. Me and my friend decided to do the quest line together, so we went to talk to Bochlo so we could accept his quest, but I didn't have it. I went with my friend, whom had the quest, and he was level 55.  
  9. Post on Baby Elephant Mount in General

    By Rygart, posted
    Hello~ Alright, so I suck at finding out information~ lol
    Is there anyway to change the baby elephants skill? Like how you can change the horses?
    Or is it once it's max level (15) that's that?

  10. At the moment we can only do Camel and Horse, I wish we could Dye Boat's and Elephant Gear.
    Nothing much to add, Just Do It!
  11. Hello my glorious friends!
    It has been 6 months since the original Lokien's Joy of Cooking was released on launch day.  Today, in honor of Awakenings, I am proud to release a new edition to that classic tool.  Updates include:
    Updated cooking recipes based upon your feedbackComplete alchemy functionality, as was requested many many times (thanks to @Anokai for the help)A less "obnoxious color scheme"A cooking matrix that breaks down each individual sub-cook.A more accurate shopping listAdded recipes and functionality for guild crafting an elephant.I am eternally grateful for all your feedback and use of the original.  I hope you continue to use this tool and let me know ways I can further improve it.
    With love and happy cooking,
    <Rage> (always looking for PvPers)
    Link to the Tool for those that don't click mid-sentence links:  https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1W_49v7tSh_d4nTFNU5OwuLqlKX8G3ZUrxiS236SpcG8/edit?usp=sharing
  12. Post on Guild House Tutorials in Guides

    By Efitall, posted
    Videos related to using a guild house.
    Part 1: Guild House 101 - general info for guild members on how to get to the guild house, what you'll find inside, and how to do your part to help your guild build things like Elephants and Trade Packs
    Part 2: Guild Clearance Permits - step-by-step guide for where to get the mats and how to make them
    Part 3.1: Catching and Raising Elephants
    Part 3.2: Elephant Armor (coming soon)
    Part 4: (coming soon) Guild Trade Packs
  13. So I caught a baby elephant and took it to the guild stablekeep.  I registered the capture, increased my training skill, and now I have a 800 LT fatty in my inventory.  It is my understanding that I must place this fatty into my guild's warehouse.  How do I find such a thing?  Does this require a guildhouse to gain access to the mythical "guild warehouse"?
  14. Post on Baby Elephant in General

    By Ainol, posted
    where I can found a baby elephant? I'm near Valencia, I switched 8 ch but there isn't a baby elephant, I found just Female Elephant.
  15. Post on Guild House 101 in Guides

    By Efitall, posted
    Quick tips on accessing and using the guild house.  I'll do a few more about parchment and elephants in a few days.
  16. Post on Raising Elephant in General

    By Kyukage, posted
    So my guild and I captured a baby elephant, registered at the stable keeper and currently have the little tyke in our guild house storage. Does anyone know how to make it grow?
  17. Après des heures de travail où nous avons sué sang et eau, jour et nuit

    Même les centaures ont tenté de nous en empêcher...

    Les distractions n'étaient pas autorisées...

    Nous avons pu donner naissance à notre petit monstre tous ensemble

  18. I've been stuck on this quest "Blue Dead Skin of an Elephant" in Shakatu, Valencia for the past three days.  I have burned 500-600 energy trying to obtain the quest complete conditions (peeling the skin off the elephants in the Shakatu Oasis).  Is this quest broken, or am I just having severely bad luck at getting a success on my peeling attempts?
    Here is the link to the quest on BDDatabase: http://bddatabase.net/us/quest/5700/16/
  19. Playing in the arena with some guild mates when the locals showed up with their amazing war elephant. First reactions...
    (just for fun, not a heavy pvp video)
    *Fist of the Empire has opened recruitment again. If you think you'd like hanging out with gamers who like to win and lust for PvP check us out at www.FistOfTheEmpire.org