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  1. Wanted to party with friends.
    Tried /dance.
    Did nothing. Please let me dance.
  2. i was going through my emote list and i stumbled upon 2 greyed out emoticons which seem to required a special title issued by Game Administrators. So my question lies if any GM at all has EVER handed out such titles? I been playing since march and never heard of such. 
    @GM Creat0r @GM_Axio @PM_Belsazar @PM_Jouska @CM_Aethon @CM_Praballo @CM_Serenity @CM_Tytyes @CM_Yukimura

  3. For those who love to roleplay and interact with other roleplayers as a whole, in the outside world, we tend to be missing a delicate feature which is often overlooked in its importance. The /sit emote. As of now, we're having to use 'Q' to lower into a crouch in place of the much-needed /sit.
    While we're on the topic, more emotes available in general would be lovely. We have a great selection available to us, however, they're limited by level and some aren't what we'd normally use on a day-to-day basis in RP.
  4. It would be nice if we could get more roleplay features. Maybe more emotes or something. I think that the roleplay side of the game isn't enough developed.
  5. I'm sure it's been brought up before but to sum it up, three questions.
    1) Is it at all possible to toggle walk and will this be a consideration for the future? I can live without it, but it's extremely ...awkward to say the least to hold down a key constantly (one that isn't the WASD keys in addition to using those to move) while steering with the mouse. Unless I'm doing it all wrong.
    2) Will there ever be consideration taken into extending the chat box? Approx. two sentences or so isn't a whole lot of room and I'm unsure if that just carried over from the Korean version of the game, but a longer box would be nice.
    3) Custom emotes like /emote (Character name) would like to do a thing. might never be a thing at this rate and that's fine but would it also be possible to somehow stick those in if changes were to be made? Would it be difficult?
    Before you go stoning me, yes I do love to RP on MMOs and while these limitations are by no means the end of the world, it'd be nice to see if they're up for changes too in the future, after more important issues and things are dealt with first, of course.
    It might seem kind of dumb sounding, but something as silly/minor as being able to walk without much trouble and being able to type super duper long sentences sometimes can draw more folks in to play. BDO so far looks absolutely gorgeous so far and I'm really excited for how things COULD go for its so-far very small RP community. There are lovely set pieces, housing sounds pretty neat, the mobs for now don't seem to appear in overwhelming numbers (albeit I admit I haven't gotten far in the game to see how it is out THERE, so I'm hopeful for open world RP where they don't tear you to shreds the minute you step out of a town) and I really want to have fun with this game in more than just the GAMEPLAY aspect of it.
    That got a bit off topic but what do YOU think? Are the above things possible? Are there any OTHER changes you think might be crucial or at least a good idea to implement to make the UI a tidbit more RP friendly?
  6. Hello everybody !
    First of all, i will make a lot of grammar/orthographic mistake and i'm very sorry for your eyes but i try my best, let's hope you will understand me.

    So after this CBT1 I had A LOT of things to say about everything but some of you already talk about pve, pvp and other stuff So in this one I will try to speak about things I haven't see in others post (I may have missed them but let's pretend nobody already talk about it  ).

    So I think Black Desert Online is a fantastique MMORPG quite refreshing and even with all its problem I still like it. But i think some things could be add to make the game even better !
    So let's go for loooong read:
    RP and social interactions.
    Black desert online is a game with a incredile possibilities about RP, I mean seriously we can have homes, be fisher, hunter, tamer, farmer, traders and stuff. For once in a MMORPG everything is not about finishing dungeons but more about PVP witch mean, more about the payers ! With that said here What i think could be add for a even more immersive game.

    1: Add weddings !
    YES WEDDINGS ! Every towns have a chruch if I remember correctly and most of the time you visite them only to talk to the priest to gain knowlegde and you leave. So you already have the spot in game just make it real be adding fiew things:

    How it could work:
    How about this, If two players wants to marry (DOESN'T MATTER OF THEIR GENDER OF COURSE, I know you all always dreamed of marrying Gandalf !)
    They will go see the priest and a action we appear in the diaogue if they are a group of two. This action will requier both player to have a special ring in their inventory (and maybe to were the wedding costume).
    If they have the ring and the costume well they can start the wedding (maybe have a little cinematic would be awesome). The priest will start to talk and the two players will have to stay in front of him. Any player can enter the church and assist the wedding, the devs could even creat a mini-game when players can throw rice or something like that.

    What used could it be:
    Maybe the two player could be liked, like this they can see eatch other on the map permanantly even if they are not group ? 
    Have a little bonus xp/drop rate if they play together ?
    Have a common warehouse ? possibility to buy a house for two ?
    And if a couple is in the same guild how about a little bonus in pvp ? like, if one of the married player is down the other will have a buff ?

    Well ok enongh with the weddings.

    2: Taverns good times !
    Again in every city there is a taverns, how about more thing to do in there ?

    What could we have:
    How about the possibility for you and your friend to sit down and drink and eat together ? How about a animation for this ? Like in monster hunter ! And imagine if you do that, if you energy point can be regain a little faster ! it could be so fun !
    And how about in a tavern you can see all the stats of another players ? Just be in frot on them and you could see their level, their achievments and stuff...

    How could it work:
    We could have a mini-game when we sit on a table, first you have to order what to drink or/and eat and then maybe press a certain key to eat/drink properly. Like this maybe you can press this key even faster and do eating contest ! Or drinking contest ! 
    If you eat/drink to much you could have a little debuff but if you just eat a good meal normaly maybe you could have a buff. And maybe you don't have to pay for food maybe you could eat one made by your friend.
    Maybe this option could be add in players homes ! Like this one player can invite other to eat a his place and he will give the food.

    3: Music band and better begging.
    So some NPCs allow us to borrow a "flute" i don't know if it's any usefull but how about we can use instruments to make money ? Same for the emotes, we can begg how about we can have some things from the npcs ?

    How could it work:
    When we start playing flute or begging it could take some energy point, but like this the mini-game start (maybe more easy for the flute at the beggining) and the player have to turn arround the npcs or go on a very crowled place to be sure to earn a lot and the more he play/begg the more the npcs will give hime a little money ! like:

    1 min playing flute/begging = 1 silvers per npcs arround
    3 min playing flute/begging = 5 silvers per npcs arround
    10 min playing flute  = 10 silvers per npcs arround ? (don't work for begg caus playing flute is more harder, demand that you borrow a flute, and should be more rewarded maybe )
    And if the player can continue the mini-game longer he will keep gain silver every 3 minutes ?

    Maybe it's too much, maybe it's not enought or very long i don't know but it could be very fun and a good way to gain a little money to buy sugar or rope for the horses for example !
    And imagine if there are others instruments that just the flute, players could do a band (if they are group) and gain more and share the silvers ?

    4: Two on a horse and be abble to transport players in our wagons !
    If my horse can carry all my potions stack, why not my noob friend who don't have a horse yet ? And if I can transport a lot of food/wodd/other stuff why not players ?

    How could it works:
    Well it's simple, juste allow two player in the same group to ride the same horse, ok maybe two giant on the same horse would be hardcore, But it culd be so badly usefull. Okay the horse won't be abble to go faster but who cares ? Ride a horse with your friend, or just another player who paid you a lot to travel with you, it's a important pleasure in life !

    And even if everybody can have a horse soon enought, not everybody can have a T8 horse already so how about players with wagon can offer to transport players instead of trading ? they could offer their services in towns and to be sure there will be no mistake or thiefs, it could be like a special menu for this.
    The player could have to register his wagon and his best horses on a certain menu. then the game will tell him how fast will be his wagon and how he can demand to other players to travel with him. Then he register and every people who want to travel with him will have to pay via the special "travel menu" and when the wagon is full or when the owner decide it, they can automatly go to the next city.
    idealy i think it's better if the owner of the wagon can't control it, like this we are sure he can't fool his clients but i have to admit it's less fun, so how about a system where the player have to follow the road but he can decide to make a stop or a little detour, but if he do so he will have a penalty or if he don't go back to the original road in 2 minutes the travel will be over and the client will be fund back !
    Of couse thoses wagons could still be attack by thiefs or others players but could be faster than t4 horses depending of the horses of the owner for example !
    The same could work for ships of course !

    5 LET US DANCE !
     Alright maybe it's just me but we can't dance in this game right ?
    I kinda understand why there's no dance in BDO, maybe it's because it doesn't look serious ? in this case i can understand that the caracter cannon't dance anywhere for any reasons without music but please, give use the option, for certain opportunities, to dance ! Like for, i don't know, weddings ? Taverns ? Encourage players in the arena ? when npcs play instruments ?

    So this is it ! I'm sure there are a LOT of things I forgot and I know there is almost no chances at all that any of the features i propose end up in the game, but at least I have try.
    I think if you are interest by any of the feature I propose it could be great to talk about it, maybe the more we will talk of it the more chances we have to see them one day ?
    Of course their is FAR MORE important things to do at first but well this could be usefull, I mean the "two on a horse thing" could be really usefull. Taverns could be the best place to meet other players for guilds ans clans. Weddings could be great for players who want to play with friend. and dancing...well... erm... it's always important to dance !

    Thanx a lot to all the people who read this post to the end ! And sorry again for all the grammar/orthographic mistakes I have done :s. 
    edit: I will add two more propositions that I already writte below.
    6 Camping and camp fire !
    I know it's already in the game, i'm pretty sure I have seen it in the korean closed beta but for our close beta I didn't even know where to buy tents !
    So here is my idea. At night monsters are a little more powerfull so if you xp at night you may encounter more risks. A cool thing to do would be to be abble to rest a little (I mean regain hp/mana without food) Just by waiting some time in a tent or just in front of a camp fire.

    How could it work:
    You would just have to buy a tent to a npc and have some wood and maybe a lighter or something similar in your bag. Then you go on the field, you put your tent whare you want and you will be able to do a fire camp next to your tent (and only next to it). You would have to be careful where you put it caus monster and others players could want to destroy it. it could be fun because for once you could have a ood reason to climb that high mountain ! To put your tent on the top of it !
    Maybe With the fire you could cook like this, if you drop meat or fish on the monsters you kill fire will be usefull.
    But most important juste sitting near the fire or in you tent could make you regain hp/mana faster and maybe gave you a buf ?

    Imagine you go to xp for all the night, you take a tent, put it in a safe place and them kill all monsters you want, when you feel low you come back to the tent for few minutes and then you go back to kill ! And what if someone find your fire camp and say "Hey your farming thoses monsters too ? Let's group !"

    And of course, the point of this is that other players can join you, they could sit to your fire and how about the more people are around the fire the more quick you regain hp/mana ?
    And what if you could play music around the fire camp for a even better buff :3 ? (we can do instruments let's make that usefull) Like this some players could be like "bards" and always have an instruments in there inventory.

    What we could have:
    So it could offrer us the possibilities to cook, to rest, to meet players and maybe to have a little buff ! And it seems like it pretty easy to add because it's certainly already here.
    7 Mercenaries players
    I know I'm absolutly not the first one to talk about this and others certainly have better explainations for this so I won't go into much details but just the headlines !
    Remember my idea where people could transport others in wagon ? Thoses wagon could be attack by others player or thiefs so how about hirring people to protect you ?
    What if this could be a little more organised that just ask players to do it ? How about a specific place or npc for it ?
    How could it work:
    Imagine when you need to hire a mercenary you just go to see a board in the tavern or in the street. On that board you could have two options.
    Add a request like : "I need someone to deliver me this or to do that" You put money directy on the board (or the npc) and if another players bring you what you need or did what you ask him to do, the money is automaticly sent to him.
    ( Of course to prevent player to cancel the quest and get they're money back let's us say that once the request is created and the money is put, you can not get it back, or maybe no until 20 day even if you cancel the quest ? It would be better if all was automatic. The player who want to creat a request would have to select thing on a verry big list and cannot something that is not on it. For example if you hired mecenary to escorte you to a towns you would have to select: escort. Then the town where you are is recorded as your point of leaving and you have to say where you want to go. then the "request begin" and when the game see that you and the player you have hired, have arrived in the good town, request would be validated.)

    Or you could hired mecenares who have offer the service on the board. Some could have propose to help you to pex, some other could offer to craft thing for you and all other stuff.

    I know it could be VERY difficult to make that idea came true but I've heard that their last patch on the korean version add possibility to players to became bounty hunters against others players with bad karma so it could go even further !
  7. So, one thing I noticed in this game is that speech causes a speech bubble (which is great) and emotes don't have any text (which is fine) but for a game that bills roleplay it really should have more action options, or at least some sort of custom emote system. For example, just a chat that isn't speak based, which just allows you to type stuff in and have it show up would be amazing!
    Some options based on things I've seen in other games.
    Type: /me [text here]
    Reads: SerinaNight [text here]
    Type: /emote [text here]
    Reads: SerinaNight [text here]
    Type: /me sighs, looking around.
    Reads: SerinaNight sighs, looking around.
    You could also have a type of speech window like General or Guild that when you type in it doesn't have the name attached to it, like so:
    Type in General: Hello!
    Reads: [SerinaNight] : Hello!
    (Speech bubble pops up, reads: Hello!)
    Type in Emote: Serina sighs, unsure what to do.
    Reads: Serina sighs, unsure what to do.
    (No speech bubble.)
    Essentially, I would love some sort of text based emote system to accompany what we already have, especially since this game seems ripe for roleplaying! With the limited number of emotes and lack of text, it makes it hard to express physical motions without resorting to using something like asterisks (EG: *sighs* *laughs* etc.) to denote actions, which can look odd with speech bubbles, and simply typing actions (EG: Serina laughs.) would look even weirder!
    EDIT: On the note of the characters per message restriction, this custom emote system would be a great way to allow people to get around a character restriction in text without allowing to much spam (if that's a big worry) since it would have a similar distance to "General" and would thus make it hard to spam, while still allowing people to type out a decent amount of sentences. ((Basically, if the limitations of the text box are still in place, this should probably be exempt, or it would defeat the purpose a little, not that it still wouldn't be useful.))