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  1. REDDIT mirror: https://www.reddit.com/r/blackdesertonline/comments/66os5y/suggestion_enchantment_evening_out_mechanic/
    I'm not very fond of the gating effect that results from the RNG dependant enchanting system.
    This happens for instance when trying to upgrade our gear we hit a long streak of failures, ending up building very high FS, which are surely valuable, but if they happens at the wrong time might either bankrupt a player or putting him in  a position of having too many high FS for its needs on all his characters, resulting in our progression either be locked or sub optimal by the fact that we should have needed to to use a rare high FS for a lower grade enchantment
    I've seen in KR there is a new nice option to exchange FS with an item, onto which we can save our FS and that can be used later for getting those FS back overwriting a character current FS. This is nice because at least it address the latter scenario of having all our characters with too many FS for our needs.
    Nonetheless this doesn't fully address the gating mechanic for which if someone is really unlucky and regardless of the trials he attempted at enchanting is gear he ends up failing and degrading his gear forever, and stonewalling his gaming experience with something that he himself cannot address in game terms, because nobody can address issues at his own luck and neither luck is something that we can can really inter operate with in game terms (aside following best practices for FS building and their uses, although these are not determinant since their effects are only stochastic at their essence).
    This infinite bad luck gating ultimately demotivate even the most hard core player, because he would just feel frustration, for he cannot improve his "gaming skills" no matter what are his efforts if these gaming skills are not actually in the realm of skills but in the realm of luck!!!
    So it is not about something he would have been doing right or wrong and that he can act about, improve, be better and feel better, he wouldn't feel like he was playing the game, but like the game was playing him instead, taking him out of the equation, and finally making him abandoning the game because he would come to the realisation that for what really matter in this game is only luck, the meta is being snowballed by luck, and what someone do or not in at the end of the day does not determinately matters at all.
    So what I'm proposing is to allow with those FS saved on the items as it is possible in the KR version, to be allowed to be sold on the trade market for silvers, so if someone is really unlucky, he can at least exchange that bad luck with silvers which can help him move forward in the game.
    Those will work exactly as they work now, not by adding, but by overwriting a char FS.
    In the end is a little like bottling and selling energy, but with FS, and would make feel even the unlucky player repaid for each of his efforts at least in a monetary way which he can reinvest. RNG system would be still in place and being lucky in the fist place would still be better that monetise on bad luck, but at least there would be a way out to save the day.
    By saving the day I don't mean to get rich, being lucky must still be more advantageous than being unlucky, i.e successfully enchanting at low FS needs to stay monetarily better than not being able to successfully enchant for the end of selling FS. This numbers fine tuning is out of the scope of this proposal. 
    Than you for reading.
    I just thought it as a way out for bad luck, not to a money making method or something to create unbalance, therefore there are no numbers or prices mentioned in it, for this would be out of its scope.
    It is all about getting out something good of something bad that is happened, just like building and banking FS for the future is.
    FS are like casino chips, their value is stochastic within the casino and in its games, with them you can win a lot or lose everything, but at least they can be cashed out, so imagine this method is something like cashing out FS like you'd cash out unused casino chips into something deterministic again, although probably at a worse exchange rate than at what you got them.
    Also I believe this would need an extra taxation for the sake of maintaining the value of the BS intact, or simply buying FS would be plain better... but again isn't buying already enhanced gear already better than buying BS and enhancing it by ourselves?
  2. Can we please get a system that lets us make +15 trash NPC gear to +14 when we are going for fail stacks? By this I mean an NPC option or Black Spirit option, where say its a 100k fee to downgrade it by 1 point.
    This would save countless hours and frustrations of switching back to that one character who has negative karma just so we can get the guards to kill us in the HOPES that RNG will downgrade our piece. The way it is done now just wastes time. The current method is poorly thought out.
    Im sure you guys will agree that frustrating your audience is something you want to avoid.
  3. Post on Question For The Devs in General

    By blylock7, posted
    Hey been playing BDO since Mediah and I love the game still. I just wanted to ask why the percentage chance at any given failstack of success or failure at enhancing gear is not given to the players? I realize some may say not knowing is what makes this game fun and adds mystery but I would say when it comes down to the specific topic of enchanting we should know. For example the other hidden things like how much accuracy or evasion is given at higher gear levels is different and in my opinion good since it promotes people trying out different builds with the small amount of options we currently have on what gear we use.
    Alright so the reason why we should have more information on enchanting is because me and others are paying extra for artisan memories. I have talked with people who say if it is hidden they can change it to make people fail more enchants which turns into more artisan memories bought which = more $$mulla$$. I hope this isn't true. But if they told us for example hey u guys have a 25% chance to get a Tri boss armor with say 35 fails stacks what's to stop them from changing it down to 20% success? would anyone really notice?  
    So with that aside if you are charging money for something in the game like artisan memories then I as a customer want to know what I'm spending my money on. We know we are buying something to increase max durability by a multiple of 3 during a repair. But we don't know at what rate we should succeed or fail enchants before its down to 20 max durability... and imo we should since the chance of success and failure is directly connected to artisan memories and when you buy something you deserve to know what and why you are buying it. Thanks 
  4. So I decided to come back to Black Desert Online, and in the span of time I started upgrading my Liverto Staff and finally got it to +15 then to PRI! "Wait, Did I say PRI." *RIP* In hopes that I could just use the Ultimate Grade Reform Stone On my PRI: Liverto and Ultimate it and make it GOLDEN BABY! I was stuck with just BABY. Well not even a OH BABY! UGH, OKay Well, enlight of so many people actually forgetting to upgrade to ultimate before heading over the the PRI donut section. CAN YOU PLEASE FIX THIS ISSUE! ~Adriendes  ~Sadface~ ~The frustration is real~
  5. am returning player, got this with very first virgin 2 tries ezpz
    wen u enchant, go all in or fk off bb.
  6. Post on What to TET in Warrior

    By Iron side, posted
    Hello, warriors.
    I managed to get a TET dandelion GS and now i am wondering which item to enchant next.
    Accuracy is a must, and i am not sure how much AP/Accuracy bonus we gain from enchanting kzarka longsword, basically i will either make my kzarka or my bhegs (I have kutum offhand).
    Share your thoughts please.
  7. A lot of new players have joined us and a lot of current players seem stuck on their gear. I've constantly heard requests on what to do for gear so I've put together a little guide. Let me know what you think and if anything should be changed!
    UPDATE GUIDE LINK: https://community.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?threads/updated-0-200-ap-guide-v4-for-na-eu-with-the-asula-set.46384/

  8. (last update at March 1 2017)
    hello guys,
    This was requested several times in private messages  so i did a Alexmac Enhancement guide 
    If you want a proper TET enchant system it requires some preparation. You can yolo but you can expect big rips and griding around in PRI 10 dura gear al lthe time lol. Remember this is my method, there are plenty of ways to do this but i had good results with it.
    - lvl 10 or less char with negative karma to downgrade +15 gear to +14 (kill wild horses for negative karma)
    - as many character slots as you can afford (so you can do failstacks on all)
    - min 3 pieces Reblath +14 gear (Velia Blacksmith)
    - 2 green weapons like steel dagger or whatever you like also +14 (use something that have good quantity at the market so you can repair easily)
    - 2 grunil pieces +14 
    - full set grunil PRI +  (i use grunil because its good for all alts and if they go TET it actually sells)
    (the extra +14 pieces is so you dont need to downgrade gear all the time)
    Once you get all this, before any TET  Enhancement session get:
    - 1000 armor blackstones
    - 500 weapon blackstones
    - 300 or more memory frags (depending if you can use artisans memory or not you might need more) - EDIT: DO NOT BUT Memory frags directly from the market, its easier but youre wasting money. You can do books, ancients or relics in 5 man group or if you dont want to waste time  you can  solo Books or ancient scrolls (dont solo relics). 
    max prices to buy the scrolls if you dont want to grind them (more than this its almost better to buy memories directly from market):Relics - max 850Books - max 950Ancients - max 1300- 100 concentrated armor stones
    - 50 concentrated weapon stones
    Its alot but this will Push TETs and recover from fails easily.
    Fail Stack method (aproximate):
    0 to 10 fs - use a reblath
    0 to 15 fs - use second reblath
    15 to 20 fs - use a green weapon or armor piece
    20 to 26 fs - attempt PRI to DUO grunils  (or any other gear) (2 attempt´s)
    26 to 32 fs - attempt PRI to DUO boss gear or boss weapon  (2 attempt´s)
    32 fs to 45 fs - attempt DUO to TRI boss or boss weapon gear
    45 fs to 55 fs -attempt TRI to TET Grunil gear ( if you get TET sell it and make another one)
    55 fs to 100 fs - attempt only TRI to TET boss or weapon gear 
    100+ fs save for PEN clicks or TET + accessories
    EDIT: i bought a red nose and a cheap Bhegs as extra piece to fail stack to get TRI fs, but you can risk green gear. Problem is it goes TRI and TET easily so at the end you spend a lot of money fail stacking anyway . But you guys can keep the Grunil rotation , if it goes DUO you use it to get more fs the next round, if it goes TRI you use for the TET clicks
    TIP for sucess:
    I believe that when you fail some enchants it increases the odds on the next ones. So when i want to enchant a TRI to TET boss gear or weapon i usually have all boss set at TRI and extra TRI grunils or other pieces.
    I get to the 45 fs and start attempting the grunils, then the boss gear one by one. Usually gets me a TET around 60 fs, its rng.
    Accessories enchanting is completely different from the boss gear and weapons.
    Fails stacks for acc:
    17 fs  PRI on blue acc
    20 fs PRI on rare acc
    28 fs DUO on blue acc
    35 fs DUO rare acc
    35 fs TRI on blue acc
    45 fs on TRI rare acc
    45 fs on TET blue acc
    60 fs on TET rare acc
    70 fs on PEN blue acc
    100 fs on PEN rare acc
    Crones stones: i use them when acc price is super low due to events or normal item price. Example, Red coral earrings went down to 1.5 mil, i used Crones for TRI and TET clicks on them.
    Acessories : how to get a TRI / TET?
    Acessories are painfull af as you all know. So heres some tips to minimize the pain:
    Pay attention to events, events like Laurens and the incoming Lavienta event bring the top accessories to half price. In BDO you will always have this events. Buy the accessories once you have oneIn cheap accessories, like Corals, Shultz belts, Bares necklaces and some other you can use crone stones to do the TRI and TET enchants. Do 3 or 4 of each then attempt enchants with crones until you get the TET or TRI. Some will downgrade, just go all in, you will get one (using the fs on the presented fs table).Never risk your main gear, do upgrades on a second piece. Corals, witches, Mark of shadows, Bares necks and other cheaper accessories are great to serve as backup for the big enchants without sacrificing to much AP.0 to +15 Enchant guide
    Enchanting  boss gear to +15 sometimes is more expensive than enchanting from +15 to TRI. This is why you cant just go yolo on the item and destroy its durability. This is my method to take it to +15 with less possible costs:
     Boss gear to +7 (+8 on weapons) - yolo, just click enchant, 0 fail stacks
    to +9 - start at 8 fs
    to +10 - start at 11 fs
    to +11 - start at 15 fs
    to +12 - start at 15 fs
    to +13 - start at 20 fs
    to +14 - start at 20 fs
    to +15 - start at 25 fs (use it to get TRI fs for other gear also, stop at 32 fs)
    It seems to many fs but as you guys already know it fails a lot.
    IMPORTANT:  dont go crazy clicking the gear, if you get a +10 gear to 15 fail stacks, STOP and save those for +11. Change character and do again from recommended fs. Check always if you reach the next needed fs, this way you use the fs properly. DO NOT CLICK a +11 on 30 fs
    Before you guys start trash talking, i only did this document because some ppl asked me to, its meant to help and its a method like 100 others. Works for me, gl!
    I play in the EU server, lvl 60 Wizard , Oldskool guild.
    My current gear is:

    Update on gear: 2017 (atm going for PENS so rip some TETs lol, but getting them back now)
  9. So now you know where to grind moneh and what bedazzle to wear on yer ears and what not... but ye need them stones. ye need them stones to FAIL in order for ye to SUCCEEEEED. Stones are so expensive.... so very expensive... and ye can only get them for free like once a week from scroll runs....


    so ill talk about how to get more blackstones without paying a dime. yas. a dime. Main venues ill be talking about here are how to obtain scrolls and relics/books, bosses

    Obtaining extra Daily/Weekly scrolls.
    yes. you can get more than 7 daily/weekly scrolls a week. and imma tell you how.

    Giath scrolls: these guys drop from manshas and catfish in calpheon. i believe they drop in Mediah as well but i personally havent dropped one. get the mobs at S rank and grind away.
    Bheg scrolls: Rhutums in calpheon, Manes and Wandering rogues at Mediah.
    Witch scrolls : Hexe sanctuary, soldiers grave.
    Tree scroll: treeant Forest
    Muskies scroll : Serendiah shrine.

    Now i personally like to grind scrolls in serendiah shrine and wandering rogues. I do this because i need Muskies... lul >.> and theres a rotation where kzarka spawns where mobs spawn crazy fast so you can just... keep... going. I like wandering rogues due to the fact that elites have a slightly more chance of dropping scrolls, and there are lots o tham over at rogues as compared to zero all ova calpheon.

    simply said, doing the scrolls will give you stones straight up and stones through the bundles along with seals

    relics shards.

    Great thing about relics is that you can get them actively as well as AFK. AFK is simple, find an exhausted spot, like viela/ heidel river. equip yer rod, set it so that you drop trash loot automatically and walk away... just waaaaaaaallkk away. and come back to hopefully a couple of shards per session.
    Actively you can grind catfish, manshas or Hexe for them. I'd suggest Hexe and catfish. Hexe seems to have a better drop rate than the others but they are annoying to farm cuz of the space between mobs. avoid manshas unless you're ok with some edgy gaylord PKing you at the sight of you within a 100 meters of 'his' ogres. TBH it doesnt happen too often, but the day it happens it will happen again and again.
    Forbidden Books.

    Now i love this method. for this method we will do what is called an ELITE run. an elite run is basically a grind session where all you do is hunt down elites in a location, and change channel when you are done. there are 2 ways to do this. you can either confine yourself to Wandering rogues only, or cover all the spots all over mediah. Ill cover the spots as i do them in my rotation.

    Abandoned iron mine all three districts: Go with a horse as this is a huge area with three nodes. There are around 6-8 elites in the main node and around 2-3 in the other 2 nodes. they will drop Blue crystals, a Riddel earring, books and other trashy stuff. now the crystals are epic and they drop 2-3 crystals a mob. while most wont sell well, you can grind them for 25-35 BsP a gem which you can use or sell. :3

    Wandering rogues: as described in earlier guides. these guys have like 10-13 elites within one node area. they drop books, coins, aromour, trashy stuff, bheg scrolls and Shultz belts. you can totally just onfine yourself here and switch channels often if yer grinding out the dank belt or bheggie scrolls.

    Soldiers grave: now these guys are tuff. there are 5-7 loons in the rotation and they pretty strong with gud CCs, so be carefull if you got low DP. they drop Talis armour, Books, Tradables, Trace of something and Mesto Earring. which also sells pretty well.

    Helms Dungeon: incorporate this in your rotation if you got Good DP and 150 ap... the dungeon is FILLED with golums, espcially the lowest floor where there are 10+ golums in a tight rotaiton, if ye arent carefull you'll end up fighting 2-3 at a time.. CANCER. they drop Grunils and Heves, scarla necks, books and tradables... heavy ones.

    so yah. combine the relics and books to give you special scrolls that ye do in a party and get a LOT of seals and some stones as well.
    last up.

    Both Guild and field bosses drop seals and stones, while ill be making a separate guilde to try and maximize the amount of loot a newbie can get from them, i should mention that you should pay attention to what bosses spawn where and keep up to date witj yer Discord timers and try to attend as many as you can in your time frame.
  10. One of the biggest grievances in this game is the RNG for Enchantment. Simply put the enchantment system is roundabout and is a time vacuum, a vortex that time cannot escape. Its to much so i came up with some ideas that will take most of the bad luck out of the equation.
    Short Explanations:
    Add a Sacrificial alter that accepts black stones in exchange for Fail stacks. The more fail stacks you have the less likely you are to get more Fail stacks. This is basically a time saver, allowing you to get back to grinding.
     Make Forcing worth it! and not lubriciously expensive like it is now.
     Add a progress bar that gets randomly filled every time you add a stone to it. Each attempt will still decrease durability on the item, though less than normal due to the lack of fail stacking in this system. maybe 1 Durability on + enchantments and 5 durability on Pri Duo Tri Tet Pen Enchantments each time a stone is added to fill the progress bar. The bar can just fill up in one stone or Thirty, but it will always eventually upgrade.
    Long Explanations:
    Here are my ideas for better just simpler ways to handle enhancing gear without decreasing the difficulty to get it (On average) Feel free to of course modify this
    Have a alter or piece of furniture that accepts stones to randomly give you fail stacks( 1-5 Guaranteed. 6 -10 75% chance, 11 - 15 66 % chance, 16 - 20 50% chance, 21 -25 33% chance and then after that start needing to sacrifice sharps). If a stone fails to give you a fail stack then it just eats the stone.

    Simply put this won't make fail stacks that much cheaper it will just streamline it to where you won't have to build fail stacks on Reblath armor and then degrade it every time it goes to +15. Lower the average chances to get fail stacks by a bit to make it fair and put this in the game so that players will not have to go through the roundabout route of upgrading and then downgrading Reblath armor. Add a slight cost in silver to make up for the fact that they aren't using reblath even.

    Drag and drop this alter into the game if you want. limit the fail stacks that can be built on this alter to like 35 - 40 to keep players from abusing it to much.
     Make forcing enchantments worthwhile instead of so expensive. The cost of forcing is far more expensive than the cost of rolling the dice. Its five dollars to get a teddy bear from the top shelf of the prize booth or one dollar to flip a coin and get the teddy bear. We get it, the top tier items in this game have to stay rare and difficult to get, but can't you make forcing upgrade competitive with Rng instead of the clear loser.
     Standardize upgrading: Each time you throw a Armor or weapon stone onto a item it rolls a random number that applies to an upgrade status bar. Going plus 15 takes 30 progress. armor stones can roll 1-30 progress each time. ( 50% chance of rolling a 1, 25% chance of rolling 2 - 5, 15% chance of rolling 6-10, 5 % chance of rolling 11-20, 3% chance of rolling 21 - 29 and 2% chance of rolling a 30.) once the item reaches full upgrade capacity it simply upgrades automatically. maybe make it to where you can even not get any capacity with each stone used. Make it your own

    For going into Pri Duo Tri Tet Pen apply the same rules but make the bar vastly larger. Example Pri will take 250 points to get too, but concentrated stones will give much more ranging from 50 - 1000 instead of 1-30. 

    This system wouldn't necessarily make getting enchantments easier or faster it would just take out the players who consistently fail to upgrade, each stone applied can decrease durability, therefore increasing the costs to be competitive with the current system as well as to keep memory fragments relivant. All i'm asking for is a light at the end of the tunnel, not just a system like fail stacking that makes you more likely to succeed but a system that grantees success in the end, and will always reward persistence. Giving the most unlucky players a light at the end of their tunnel.Building Fail stacks right now is cancerous. It can give you your fondest dreams or your worst night mare off the bat. You can sit at a standstill trying to upgrade an item while your enemies in other guilds get their weapon to tet within a few tries, or you can do the opposite. What i'm suggesting is to simply take away some of the stress of upgrading in this game, to simply allow players to get that end game gear, and to rid the game of players that leave because they simply get some bad luck. There is no safe route or skill to this system of upgrading, its simply who wins big at the casino in a take all or lose all competition. Consider each of my options for the game, make this game funner for everyone and give everyone a light at the end of their tunnel.
  11. So I wrote this up for my guild but figured I would share.  As some of you may have seen my posts regarding enchanting boss gear throughout the forums.  I used a standard stacking method of going 5 stacks over what my gear was going to (so if going to +6 I started at a minimum of 11 stacks) and sometimes slightly over stacked.  Since I generally did 2 pieces of boss gear at a time I always switched stacks when appropriate or saved fail stacks and restarted.  At one point I was leveling tree, dandy, kzarka, and giath all at once.  The cost include the purchase price for each piece if I didn't get it as a drop.
    The notes are copy and pasted from my cell phone, i edited them for clarity but I left my fail stack notes for reference.
    Disclaimer: YOUR MILEAGE MAY VARY (you could get lucky go tet kzarka in a day) TBH I am completely shocked how much I spent on Artisans memory, thats how ragey I got, all those $4.50 here and there add up. With some patience and grinding could of bought them all or farmed them.

    Total Cost: 2.8B (excluding the liverto and oros but including leftover fail stacks) ***(see disclaimer below, probably closer to 3.5b+ in mats if you include armor/weapon stones and fail stack gear)

    So for those interested in what it costs in mats and silver I am putting down what I have recorded that I burned through on my way to full tri boss armor, tri zarka (and tri liverto), tri dandelion, and a tri AP offhand ( I havent done the khutum offhand because verdict is out on it and Nouver isnt out yet). At a certain point I gave up counting on the bhegs and I eventually stopped counting all my repair costs for fail stacks. Every single stack above +20 was gotten by failing on boss armor.

    I ended up with 5x 33 fail stacks, a 51 fail stack, and a 54 fail stack. I wasted another 33 failstack when I rage enchanted duo and promptly failed tri with 47 stacks. which cost me about 300m in frags

    Cash investment: Artisan memories - 370 artisans ($170 or 740 memory frags 555m silver)
    Sold my liverto for 140 million, it wouldn't sell at tri so I blew it up for stacks and sold it at Duo

    Bhegs: 450m
    drop daily scroll bag
    451m from +0-duo, 40 mil to tri, but sharps and hards and stones were more expensive then includes a good portion of failstack cost because I kept track back then. hit a terrible fial streak at 11, 13, 14
    all inclusive pricing for stones etc, 40m in sale value

    Muskan: 252.5m (37m from pri to tri)
    Purchased at Pri off the AH 215m (missed a +15 pair that went for 155m on P2W day)
    took 3 tries to duo
    passed tri once at 33 on built stacks

    Liverto: 250m (243m to enchant)
    bought 6.5m
    17 fails from 12-13
    16 fails to go to +14
    22 fails to 15
    went pri at 20 in one shot
    failed duo 8, failed tri 2
    just in memory frags and sharp stones

    Kzarka: 340m
    drop kzarka
    2 fails on kArka to 10
    Kzarka 15 fails going to 14 17-32
    Kzarka went 14 at 20 one shot
    Failed 13 times to go 15
    Failed to another 30 stack on zarka
    Failed to duo kzarka 4x on re-enchant. 40 more artisans. Duod on 18. Failed tri at 37. Duod first shot. Failed tri againat 41 up to 45 stacks
    Duod at 18 failed again, up to 49. Change stacks?
    Failed twice on zarka
    Duod zarka at 17 on valk, tri'd at 33 on ironjaw.

    Giath: 145mil
    drop off boss scroll boss (morts)
    for some reason i dont have full data but it went quick at 14 and 15
    giath stuck at 11 - 14 fails
    giath failed multiple times
    Giath went to 15 after 3 fails at 20. Failed pri at 16, 18
    Failed giath pri at 16, went at 18
    Giath went duo at 18
    Tri'd on 33 on a stack i had

    Dandelion: 759.5m (512m to enchant)
    Purchased for 247m off the NV
    Hit a fail streak at 10 on dandelion
    Dandy to 14 on 18 stacks.
    Failed 9 times on dandelion from 20-29. Failed 4 more after repairing to 33
    failed 13 times on dandy to go +15.
    Failed 3 more times on dandy
    Dandy went to 15 on 28 stacks on red nose day. Failed to pri twice
    Dandy went pri on 16. Failed to duo and 20 and 23 26,
    Failed three to duo dandy. and to tri twice
    duod and failed tri
    dandy went at 26? Failed tri at 45 dandy at 18 and 21. Failed at 24 and 27Dandy duo at 21. Dandy went tri at 49
    512.5m in frags and sharps

    Tree: 445m (359m to enchant)
    bought off AH 86m
    tree stuck at +8.
    Failed 4 times on tree
    3 fails on hebe before it went 14
    tree went on 28
    Tree failed duo one at 18 went at 21.
    Tree failed tri at 33. 5m on 7 relics
    Used 16 Mem frags no artisan
    Failed duo at 19 and 22. 25 stacks
    failed to duo tree three times, went 4th. Failed to tri at 37. tree failed at 29
    Tree went on 26. Failed tri again. Failed tree twice. Then tree again
    duod and failed tri
    Failed duo twice on tree Raged and wasted a 32 to go duo on tree and failed tri at 43.Tree duod at 30. Failed tri at 33. Failed tree duo at 18. tree failed duo at 20 and 23. Duo at 26. Failed tri at 47. Should of saved that other 33 for a jewelry piece duo. Failed duo at 20, 23. Went at 26 went tri 37
    359 in frags and hards

    Oros: 39 mil to tri
    bought for 22mil at+15 and 17 mil to tri
    failed tri, failed duo 4 times, went second time.

    Kutum: 406m (311m to enchant) done in one day
    Bought off AH for 95
    Took ~5 fails to 11
    Forced to 12, failed it failed to 30 the first try
    went on 26 to +13
    failed to 33 and went to +14 at 32
    went to +15 at 30
    Passed pri, failed duo twice, and failed tri once

    300 million in fail stacks leftover

    this does not include all the armor and weapon stones or fail stacking gear (only the bhegs is all inclusive) For reference when I started from the kzarka down (gear listed in order obtained) I had 800 armor stones, 200 weapon stones, 400 memory frags. Every week I obtained at least 80 memory frags and 140 armor stones purchasing tons of mats repairables. Could easily add in another 500m in mats but I have been reselling the +15 gear (made about 300m back) and have 32 slots of +14 gear valued at about 10m each to offset the costs.
  12. Hi , what I noticed is , after previous maintenance enchanting become complete aids , failstacking is ez now , 25 fs on reblath for days , but failing to duo stuff just goes out of hands , failing 5 times before geting it seems like a standard already , TRI is another monster , now have around 20 trys and got it 2 times , soon gona run out of characters for FS ... Spoke with couple ppl who do intense enchanting on a daily bases and they seem to notice similar pattern ...
    ps. Any1 else noticed changes in enchanting patterns after recent maintenance ?
  13. Post on offhand to TRI? in Musa

    By Karrus, posted
    Have both black warrior and white horn bows at PRI.  Planning on going to DUO...should I go to TRI or save those FS for other enchantments?
  14. Hello fellow warriors.
    I'm currently halfway to 57, but i'm not really sure what i should focus on. From what i know, I need to focus on increasing my AP and first step to that i guess is to get my weapons to duo-tri. However, my Liverto is at 24 durability and my greatsword is at 19 durability and i got about 30 failstacks on 4 characters by now.
    I'm not filthy rich, i'm making money but not in light speed. I fish for relics to do discos for mem frags. I also feel that i need to get the greatsword and liverto up to atleast pri to grind efficently or so, instead of stacking up on money just to roll the night vendor and pray to rngeous for a Dandelion or a Kzarka.
    What would some of you do in a position like this, what would you focus on first? Liverto? Greatsword?

  15. Post on PLS Help me in Guides

    By Pedrotacoslayer, posted
    'I would recommend not upgrading your gear before it is +15, because each time you repair it’s maximum durability, you will either need to use the same grade, or pay an extra 30,000 silver each repair. Instead you want to get your gear to +15 then make it ultimate grade. It’s also important to make sure your gear’s max durability is fully repaired.'
    why do people recommend its in max durability ?
  16. been searching forums, reddit and other websites for a while and either this tipic has been burried or never posted. so the question is, how do you get higher failstack count for enchanting? i pretty much did 20 +15 reblath pieces trying to get stupid 25 stacks and can't do that even. and then people say i need 50 or whatever for next enchant
  17. Over the weekend I succeeded my first duo, the trusty Liverto axe.  Prior to succeeding on the axe I was 0 for 24 on duo attempts.
    I know people have worse luck going for TRI / TET and some crazy stacks on armor going for +15, but does anyone have worse luck than 1 in 25 for DUO attempts?
    13 of these were pre-patch with jewelry.
    Hit me with your bad RNG stories.
  18. Is there a way to get these with out doing gathering?
  19. Hi guys,
        nowadays the forum is flooded by opinoins on current progression system. We need clarification if this table is accurate or even close to reality. Maybe we are doing it whole time totally wrong.... We must know what are we doing. This is the easiest way to solve just part of problem from Daum side and maybe calm down players. So we need to force them to tell us.  Please everyone who just see this poll please give it a "click".

  20. EDIT: Webapp Version:
    weapons: http://deliddedtech.com/black-desert-failstack-calculator/
    accessories: http://deliddedtech.com/black-desert-accessory-failstack-calculator/
    Application is called Black Desert Tools:
    As of now, the app has 2 features:
    Fail stack probability checker
    The Fail stack probability checker tells you the probability that you will reach a given amount of failstacks without resetting to 0, based on the enchant level of gear you're using to failstack.
    Fail stack optimizer
    The fail stack optimizer determines the ideal amount of failstacks to use when enchanting an accessory or weapon. The amount of fail stacks recommended is based on a complex algorithm that involves the cost of the accessory you're enchanting(it's base price at +0), and the cost of obtaining failstacks via blackstones.
    Ultimately, it figures out the point at which generating more failstacks provides less value in terms of increased enchant success rate than the average cost of reaching that many fail stacks.
    The calculation is based on failstacking on +14 armor for low failstacks, then DUO armor for higher failstacks, and tells you when to use each.
    Factors to consider:
    the fail stack optimizer will never recommend more fail stacks than the cap for a given enchant(25 PRI, 35 DUO, etc)
    If an item is considered priceless to you in that it isn't available on the market(IE Ogre Ring), I'd recommend using the maximum failstacks for that level.
    Price of the accessory you enter should be what the accessory is worth at +0, not what its current worth is. The algorithm accounts for its true value when enchanted to the level before what you're going for.
    Future Planned Additions:
    Interactive map. Possibly have a node simulator, as well as the ability to mark the map with important points of interests you want to remember.
    This graph is frequently referenced by the community and generally believed to be accurate, and is allegedly sourced from someone that data mined the client.
    The program is Written in C# using the UWP framework.
    EXE requires a lot more work to achieve the same quality user interface. UI elements such as buttons need to be coded by hand unless I use a framework such as QT.
    By distributing it as a UWP application on the Windows Store I can guarantee to users that it is virus free. Microsoft will not approve malware to their store. Most download sites like Sourceforge are filled with malware nowadays too, so distributing an exe file is difficult.
    If I made it as a standard C++ application, it would still be text based, which isn't very user friendly.
    I'm planning on porting the application to Android, so if you have an Android phone, you can use that instead
    I'll answer any questions in this topic as well as listen to any feedback!
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  21. Hey everyone,
    I personally can't stand RNG, so I decided to make a spreadsheet/calculator for myself when force enchanting to help out, just to see everything on paper.
    You are able to type in the cost of gear from the marketplace, the price of the gear from a vendor, price of stones and even the value of stones you are using if you sold them on the maketplace (including the 35% tax). Be sure to note there is an Armor and Weapon sheet, as they differ slightly.
    I believe everything is right, but if you guys see something wrong just let me know. Someone might need to double check durability loss. I couldnt figure out a way for everyone to be able to edit their own in google docs (sorry I am very inexperienced in it) so i believe you will need to download it from docs and save it as a excel spreadsheet.
    Here is the link, hope you enjoy!
    Google Doc Force Enchanting Spreadsheet
  22. So I was thinking, to help alleviate the insane amount of RNG that this game has, one way to help reduce this and also give players an option to reach the gear plateau to be competitive with others, is enable a force enchantment system for Jewelery. this has been discussed several times, and i wanted to offer my suggestion on how this system would work.
    PRI- 3 types of the same Jewelry = 100% chance
    Duo- 1 PRI + 3 types of the same Jewelry = 100% chance
    Trio- 1 DUO + 5 types of the same jewelry = 100% Chance

    With this solution, we have an option which while not easy (because of all the jewelry involved,) offers an option that both satisfies the grinders, and the people who want an option for force enhancement, while being different from force enchanting armor.

    Just like how we're getting +17 force enchant but not higher, you won't be able to force enchant past Trio. So getting to TET and PEN would still be a gamble.

  23. One of the biggest things that annoys me personally is the loss of progression due to rng. The accessory enchanting system does exactly that since it destroys both the items on a fail. Yes you can just stock up on extras, but that just seems more a bandaid than anything else.
    The main idea around this change is that instead of losing both items in a fail, you are now required to have higher enchanted accessories to enchant higher in exchange for keeping on of the accessories on a fail.
    PRI: normal+normal
    and so forth
    This will still keep up the churn of accessories going through the market since you'd still have to enchant up and lose multiples on failures while not losing the progress you have made. In turn it will probably make the really rare accessories such as ogre rings even harder to get higher as you are now required to get more of them. Additionally, if it is found to be too quick to get higher enchanted accessories you could lower the base chance of success to make it "harder". You could even make this optional where if you used a non enchanted version to go DUO, you'd lose both, but using another PRI, you'd keep one of the PRI.
  24. Hey all,
    Two days ago I had the pleasure to interview Project Manager Daniel Loehr. Since he gave me quite a lot of interesting info on stuff like Ninja/Kunoichi/Valencia/awakening weapons releases, random stats when leveling, +20 enchanting, future events and quite a lot more, I thought I'd share. Hope you don't mind. 
    You can find it here:
  25. I few weeks ago i started a similar topic, but now i decided to make this one more especific. the focus of this topic is for people to shared knowladge or experience on enchanting past +15, ogre rings and silver clothes, since this are among the hardest things to enchant. This knowladge/experience can from videos, foruns, your own success/fails, etc.
    The point is that people dont go enchanting blindly and for them to have some idea of how many stacks they should have, ssince ultimatly its up to RNG.