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  1. Hey guys, Could you please share some high endgame gear, you guys think is best for ninja in pvp or share yours that you think is endgame. Thanks
  2. Hallo ich spiele schon seit einiger Zeit Bdo und habe null Interesse and PvP ich grinde nur und kämpfe so gut wie nie gegen andere. 
    Ich finde im Internet leider nur Guides die meistens auf PvP Gear ausgelegt sind und suche nun hier Hilfe.
    Ich bin für jeden Ratschlag offen. 

    Da ich nur auf pve aus bin dachte ich mir das Vk nicht so wichtig wie AK ist. 
    ich hatte als nächstes vor einen weiteren Blauwahlzahnohring zu holen um die 3000 Leben zu knacken.
    ich bin auch für kauf Vorschläge aus dem ah zu überzeugen.

  3. Post on True endgame acheived in General

    By Ama, posted
    Waiting for synchronized play option

  4. Khutum vs Nouver for a zerk!
    http://bddatabase.net/us/item/10740/  Khutum 
    http://bddatabase.net/us/item/10738/  Nouver
    a +18 Kutum (24~26ap/20dp 10% ignore all resistances)
    a +18 Nouver (38~40ap/0dp 10% all resistances)
    I think Khutum would be better because of 10% ignore all resistance (MORE GRABS). If a zerker were to spec 2x precision crystals into their weapon(only possible with zarka and still have 5ATS with no food buffs) AND a Kutum offhand with 2x 10% ignore grapple resist in the gem slots that would give the zerker 50% ignore grapple resistance! 
  5. Post on Tipps für Maehwa? in Maehwa

    By Kaoru, posted
    Moin moin Leute!!
    Ich hab mal ne Frage, auch wenn das in verstreuten Threads schon gefragt wurde... Ich würde gerne mal ne klare Ansage von erfahrenen Spielern haben
    Ich spiele seit geraumer Zeit meine Maehwa mit der ich nun die Stufe 53 erreicht habe, ich habe ne Yuria-Klinge der Verderbnis (?) auf +13 und nen Weißhornbogen des bla bla auf +12 meine Equipment ist halb Grunil und halb Taritas (hab iwo gelesen wegen den Bonis die man mischen sollte) Ringe usw sind nicht unter +4AP nun wundere ich mich aber, warum ich nur 104AP und 102DP habe...alle Anderen haben so scheinbar starke Rüstung und Waffen und ich dümpel hier mit Peanuts rum, liegt das wirklich daran, dass meine Rüstung zur Zeit nur auf +10 ist oder weil ich noch keine Dinger auf "MON, DI, TRI" usw. hab...ich blick da nicht durch und könnt ihr mir eine gute Skillung empfehlen? PvP lastig, da ich später eher zum PvP tendieren werde..^^
    Danke für die kommende Hilfe!
  6. Post on What is the Endgame? in General

    By Medma, posted
    Okay.. I thought about this for a while (while still playing) and i still can't figure out what BDO's endgame is.
    1) Scroll bosses?
    2) World bosses?
    3) Node wars?
    4) GvG?
    Lets summarize this a bit, shall we?

    First we have the 1) *Scroll bosses* -> what are they for? -> upgrading gear (necessery for getting better gear but can't consider it endgame-content.
    Then we have 2) *World bosses* -> around 24-72 hours -> better gear (boss gear) -> So u just log in every 24 hours just to kill a world boss? No endgame-content.

    We have our 3th most LOVED part *NODE WARS* -> yeah everyone loves node wars -> So you just log-in every 24 hours to play 1-2 hours of node war? No endgame.

    Last of all... *GvG* -> yes it is fun! -> but not endgame.
    Lets compare BDO with some other games:

    Tera: Everyone knows Tera, and its endgame. Raids and dungeons that makes you keep playing the game because of better gear, socializing and lots more..

    WoW: The same goes for WoW but this game has alot more to offer.

    BUT WHAT IN THE WHOLE WORLD HAVE BDO TO OFFER WESTERN GAMERS? Just let it sink in for a while.. what makes you keep playing?
    Tbh im only playing this game because of my large-scaled guild. Otherwise i would quit after the first month. 
    Sometimes when im away from the PC and thinking about playing BDO, some thoughts comes in my mind like "Hmm.. not sure if i wanna do that.. kinda tired of grinding 1000 hours for some witch earrings/MoS/Ogre ring etc....Maybe some life skills? Nah i did alot of them too.. kinda bored now...World boss? It last 20min with alot of players and then i need to wait 24 hours for it to spawn..okay..im gonna watch some TV"
    EDIT: Dont come with the "stop QQ, just quit BDO if u dont like it" arguments.. here i am showing you ignorant fanboys some facts about the game so act like some adults and show me wrong instead.
  7. Post on Endgame Content in General

    By Garuda, posted
    We know the endgame is endless grinding and hoping for luck at RNG but why? It could be so easy to make actuall good content
    Defend the Trade Wagon: A guild must defend an Elefant convoy from Altinova to Heidel and another Guild must must kill the convoy to get loot.  The Guild defends and all participants get a sallary and an reward.
    Wave fight : You and your friends or guild must hold of Waves of mobs sieging a castle and get a reward. You must team up and plan strategic Weaponry on the fortress towers as cannons.
    Ships and pirates : Basically same as Defend the Trade Wagon but with ships and cannons, arrrr.
    Thief and Hunter: Player must Hunt down criminal Players wich try to get to a location and you gotta stop them. 
    I am not very creative maybe but i also dont get payed for that as Pearl Abbys gets.
    i dont care for valencia it just adds more grinding content and more hours of boredom. but for what? so i can grind faster and faster.
    Imagine the world without Valencia but with lots of activities and nice missions you can participate and play alltogether, its a MMO !!! Where are all the Players ! We should have all fun together and not grind emotionless in groups or alone.
    You think so too? Then the develpoers need to see it
  8. Hi,
    Some statement about the game : Atm, likeskills are not so usefull or not so profitable (except fishing but it takes a lot of time - and alchemy for the stones). Same for the workers management. It takes time and effort to gain more contribution points, for limited benefits. In comparaison, grinding is the most profitable in term of money and power gains. So it's the best choice for fort sieges and node wars. And here is the problem : the game offers a lot of deep activities to do, but the most usefull to do is the most boring part of the game : grind. Even more, people are complaining that the game does not have much group content.
    So, I thought about something that could bring more content and interest for many people.
    In all wars (even guild wars) the game will take into account the lifeskills lvl of the members. It will give points in each category of lifeskill, according to the addition of all lifeskill lvl of the members. It will be exponential to reward those who worked a lot on their lifeskills and there would be a boost of points between each notch. So a lvl 1 professionnal will give much more than a lvl 10 skilled.
    What's the use of those points ?
    Let's say that each guild start with the same number of points for each lifeskill category. They can spend those points to buy different items and bonuses. And with time, they gain more points : the supplies.
    For the duration of the war, members will be able to buy different boosts in relation with the lifeskill. The quality and the number of boosts will depend of the total of skill points. Some items or boosts will be only available if the lifeskill score of at least 1 (or numerous members) reach a certain level. Exemple : the best cook item could only be purchased if there is at least 5 members with the artisan lvl in the guild.
    Some exemple of boosts :
    - Gathering : Create different siege weapons. Items to unlock or reinforce some others in differents categories.
    - Processing : Special items that could reinforce players, like metal for melee classes to be more tanky. Or give piercing arrows to rangers.
    - Cook : Food that give different stats bonus or effets (classic buff effect in fact).
    - Alchemy : Special potions (Classic HP & Mana pots) + reduce/boost damages. Or bombs and flares. Poisons to apply.
    - Training : Special mounts for the war, faster and giving bonuses. Or mounts stats bonuses. Or faster supplies regen.
    - Fishing : Like farming but different boosts. Can give faster supplies to cook. Unique buff effect for only fishing skill. It may be a special summon ability of catfishes to help players.
    - Hunting : Create traps, webs and other usable items that can help in wars. Unique bows with special effects.
    - Trade : Give a boost of skill points in different category. Give a bonus of starting points. Or faster supplies regen that the guild can spend in the category of it's choice.
    - Farming : Like fishing but different boosts. Unique buff effect for only farming skill. It may be a swarm of insects to slow or blind ennemies.
    There should be a lot more bonuses that would give each lifeskill it's own special features.
    For the workers. Gathered items could be used to buy some boosts and items, instead of selling them at a ridiculous price at the market. The chicken could be, for exemple, used to give more supply points in cook. Same for wax, woods and ores in processing.
    Some items could be only bought with supply points + a certain amount of some ressources.
    In addition, each lifeskill could have a specific boost for the user. It could be a daily craftable item, not tradable, that could give a xp or skill bonus for 1h, or maybe a certain amount of xp. It could be a unique feature like a unique skill of horse for trainers. Or a xp bonus during daytime for farmer.
    If a player reach a certain lvl in a lifeskill, he will be able to rent gear for the war only. It will help them if they didn't spend time to lvling and gearing.
    This system could give a lot more interest for all types of players in the game :
    - Grinders will continue to be the strongest fighters, but could be supported by "weakers" members of the guild.
    - Lifeskillers will at last see an objective to spend energy and time in lifeskill. And they will be more rewarded for doing what they like to do.
    - Lifeskill boosts for users will help to reduce the gap of power between them and grinders. If it's a daily xp or skill boost.
    - It will create a group's utility.
    - It will reduce the syndrome of guilds only recruiting 55+ players with 300 AP/DP minimum. So all players will be usefull for the group.
    - It will fully exploit the deep system of BDO about the lifeskills. And at last, it will make the game more specific in comparaison with the others mmorpg who focus most on lvl+gear.
  9. Hello

    I've been playing for 3 weeks now and i have a berserker level 50 and a wizard at 34. I love this game so much that i think this COULD be the new WoW (popular as WoW).
    First of all there are so many things to do like crafting, trading, fishing, processing etc. but the problem is.. do you ever feel lonely playing this game? When you are grinding, arent u normally alone? You have a guild but you almost never party with them? You are searching for social groups, partys etc. but its not something easy to find? My problem in this game is that there are almost nothing social about this game. It really makes me sad. This game lacks the dungeon and raid part. Why you ask? Because dungeon is not all about killing mobs and bosses and getting good gears but ALSO partying with friends, guild members and random people and that leads to socializing. THEN you are not alone! You are not BORING your self to death doing all kind of crafting, grinding etc all alone. 
    I HIGHLY suggest the developers CONSIDER to put some instance-making dungeons and raids so people can feel that they are not alone. I really love this game but it breaks my heart when im considering quitting it. I see no endgame in this game. I see not socializing beside guild-/channel chat.
    C'mon.. You developers must thought of this. WE are EU/NA gamers and not KOREAN. We want some dungeons and raids. We want some socializing.
    - A frustrated player..
  10. So I've been wondering in the long ahead future on which life skill(s) would profit the most.  I wanted the communities opinion.
  11. Pre-End Game Weapon Comparison.
    I have a dilemma. i recently came across a Bares weapon and looked at the status and started wondering if Additional Damage mattered for weapons.
    Now, i know it depends on users play style which type of weapon you might want to use, but it had me thinking what are the benefits between the Additional Damage vs AP.
    + 15 Bare Weapon Gives 63 - 67 AP & Additional Damage to Everything + 5  
    +15 Yuria Weapons Give 68 - 73 AP & Additional damage to Humans +5 
    +15 Seleth Weapons Give 62 - 66 AP & Additional Damage to Human +10
    and all these weapons give the similar accuracy affect.
    when compared, Yuria has the Greatest Damage Overall with Seleth behind by 2 points but that's only if you add weapons Base damage and Item effects together [If that is how it works.]
    that being said we can also argue Bares "Jack of All Trades" status when it come to quick swapping from PVP to PVE you have -6 damage to Human but also +5 damage to everything else.
    I cant really think of any other way additional damage can be used beyond adding damage to Skill, 
    Example: Skill Damage + Additional damage + AP
    but skill damage is measured by %

  12. Hey adventurers,
    I'm not really one to post on the forums, but I was just wanting to drop by with some ideas I had the other day involving player trading and the sense of endgame a lot of people seem to seek.

    ·         Unlockable as a Guild Perk that guilds must actually work to achieve.·         Players must server a full (30 day) contract before eligible. Or must possibly be at a certain number of activity?·         Guilds with a high influx of players entering and leaving  can/will have trading temporarily disabled while under investigation for abuse/RMT. Or possibly just disabled if X amount of players leave the guild during a month.·         Perhaps have limited trade amounts per month (100 or so maybe?) and completing guild quests will refresh X amount of trades. 
    Not sure what people’s opinions on this would be, but it seems like it would work fairly well in my opinion- though it will take some monitoring from the GM side for keeping an eye on average influx of players joining/leaving a guild every month or whatever they deem appropriate to squash RMT/abuse, or just a mechanic to diable it after a certain number of people leave a guild. And I also have no idea how difficult that would be to manage. I feel having the guild trading perk disabled after X amount of players leave the guild within a certain time frame would be a fair countermeasure to RMT/abuse. Should a guild be wrongly flagged, they can get their perk back simply by playing the game and completing guild quests.
    As far as the “endgame” goes, something I figure would satisfy that need for the boss that drops shinies for people would be to incorporate weekly guild quests. Through doing so (possibly completion of X guild quests) the guild will unlock a special boss scroll each week. This boss would be more difficult than the one at Omar Lava Cave (or even just a more difficult version of him) and have a complete loot table. By complete loot table I mean this boss would include drops from every current boss in the game at a low percentage, as well as the little things like Witch’s Earrings, Mark of Shadow, decor, etc. at a much higher rate, along with 1 guaranteed Liverto and a 30% (spit-balling here) shot at a second, possibly even a low chance boss-specific pet. I feel that not only would this alleviate some of the complaining about world bosses (lag, too many people, low frames, not enjoyable, etc.) but it would also give the satisfaction of slaying that one big baddie every week for people that they’ve grown to enjoy from other MMOs. Since the current guild boss does, in fact, have instancing (once another guild pops the scroll it puts them into their own instance if there is already a guild fighting him) you won’t have to worry about people crying about lag. Or if the decision is to make a new boss, they can design 2-3 new guys so guilds will be spread out within 3-4 different areas.
    To be clear, I’m not saying disregard world bosses. They’re fun, and a lot of people DO enjoy doing them, myself included. But perhaps to function as a counterbalance to the weekly guild boss, maybe we could possibly have world bosses guaranteed to drop one of their named items, be it boss armor, Kzarka weapons, etc. that is not able to be traded or posted on market, 2-3 Liverto and a boss armor/decor drop (at the current % drop rate) that is trade/market approved. This way we can still enjoy being able to call a mass of people from the server to drop by and slay these guys when they spawn and doing so would actually still be rewarding! That being said, I feel it would be important to put these drops on random loot tables, versus the current highest DPS = highest % chance at loot to avoid abuse of the aforementioned trading idea. With an exception to the guaranteed drop that you can't trade/market, of course.
    Recap for world boss drops:
    1 guaranteed boss armor/weapon (Non trade/marketable).2-3 Liverto weapons.Current % drop chance of a trade/market approved boss armor/weapon.Current % drop chance of decor pieces.
    Curious to see how others feel about this idea! Would this cause a flood in the market, or is this idea possibly the hero our city needs? Feedback appreciated!

  13. I feel it would be a good idea to add a "mercenary" type system for people who don't want to be in guilds, so they can still be apart of node wars and such when they come out.
    what i mean by this is characters canbe hired by guilds to participate on their side in guild wars. you could even just add a tab in the marketplace for people that want to sell there PvP services to others. this way players could make money and get to play with others in a more temporary basis than forming a contract with a guild.
    i apologize if i have messed up grammar anywhere.
  14. Post on We endgame now boys! in Warrior

    By MrBadguy, posted
    I'm lvl 54 and fairly geared up now as well as trained somewhat(30 breath, 21 health).

    This is what I'm using right now but I think even with +15 weapon and shield, I am probably lacking Accuracy. I've had no luck getting a Tree Spirit Belt and the highest Kalis I've ever made is a Duo. I just stuck with the full Taritas set I had hoping to grab some boss set stuff eventually but I'm sitting on 60 hunter seals and 20ish BS weapon/armors so kinda considering exploring alternative paths like upgrading side shields(Axion/Kite) to build failstacks for my pri mark/earrings and switch builds if I want to. Obviously, I want a Kzarka weapon eventually like everyone else so that's my goal for main weapon atm.
    I'm open to advice on how to improve my build for now or how to proceed since I seem to have hit a progression wall right now where upgrading my blues to yellows is tedious due to the low upgrade rates and the stakes for pri jewelry are rather high.
  15. Just read everything in the link, and enjoy it.
  16. Post on Lvl 53 PVP Build in Ranger

    By Feverila, posted
    Hi, im 53 on my Ranger and i want to reset my skills again... mostly based mostly on PVP/GVG .
    I still want to be able to grind well.
    Im somewhere around 550 points... trying to get all the quests done and grind to 600 650.
    My curent skill build: http://www.blackdeserttome.com/calculator/ranger/11299#
    I was thinking about lowering bow skill to 7, and removing the points from Razor Wind since i'm not using it that much in PVE
    Do i max out Penetrating wind or get Ultimate Descending Curent?
    Is tearing arrow good for anything?
    Is razor wind good in PVP? Will i need this skill in the next patch for PVE? Does the ultimate make it better?
    Sorry if one of the questions were already answered in previous posts.
  17. Hi everyone, I have a few important questions to ask about game play and so on so if you could please help me by answering these that'd be great.
    So, my first question was what is the endgame? I've seen mixed responses on this and I don't want to assume the endgame to be surprised with something completely different, is it 100% PvP, if so where does this PvP primarily take place, in arenas? I know there's no raiding or dungeons already and as much as I didn't really enjoy doing these I believe they still add a certain aspect to he game that other players would appreciate. Is their naval warfare also incorporated into PvP?
    My next question is about what a viable level cap could be. What I mean by this is what is a VIABLE place to stop in levelling from 1-50, that I could complete a lot of things without challenge, I mean a wide range of quests, bosses, and money making methods opened up to do, for example I would think level 30 would be it, the reason I am asking this is because at this current stage I'm not wanting to grind further to maximum level as I know it takes a lot of time, time that I'd rather be enjoying the game. Also, do you think world bosses will be introduced, for example bosses in the ocean and also placed in major locations such as almost any MMO out there, as scrolls honestly really don't work, or am I wrong and they already exist. Very last question, are there monsters you can be attacked by in the ocean, as I am almost in completion of my boat and just wondering. Thank you. 
  18. Something I would love to see for anyone willing to invest in high-level training and top tier horse ranch/crafting riding equipment. 
    Allow us to train additional animals as mounts. I know there is a npc in the first city that rides a bison. I've seen deer, bison, and other animals that might be able to be adjusted to fit a riding model. It would be a great end game piece for anyone who wants to work on lvl up their training. I am lvl 13 in training all ready and I have no idea what to do with so many horses. Most are Tier 1 and 2 - they've basically become throw aways and I can't even sell them as the list price is too high. 
    Anyhow, that's my idea. 
  19. My name is Gracen and am a Co Leader of Undead Legion and use the tag <UXA>. We are a very PvP oriented guild and have been playing together for years, some of us since 1999, and most recently in Albion Online and some are in Life is Feudal. Unfortunately out of our guild, only 5 of us decided to play BDO, actually 6 but he doesnt talk much to us. Because of this we are not large enough to truly test the end game and large scale pvp and we would love to do this part of BDO.
    Our highest level is 51.51 right now with 3 others in their 50's and one turning 50 today(3/12/2016). Our breakdown is 1 Sorceress(51.51), 3- Wizards (all 50), and a Ranger that will be turning 50 today. 3 of us are in the US, 1 (Dutch i think, cant remember, and 1 is an Aussie.
    We are very PVP minded and always strive to get better at our class. We have a Discord so we are very willing and insist on using some voice comm whether it is Discord, TS3, Vent, or Mumble. We are on Edan server and mostly stay in the Velia E1 channel.
    Let us help your end game as well as help us enjoy the end game! Please feel free to contact me ingame @Gracen or @Jezvin or on here. We would really prefer all of us to join together!
  20. Post on PVP and Us in Suggestions

    By Accord, posted
    I want to preface this post by saying the current pvp system does not appease PVP or PVE as much as it could. If you don't agree there is room to improve this post may not be for you.
    My ideas for end-game PVP are a little involved and technically they start at the beginning of the game.

    Each decision you make as you level from start to finish influences which path you fall on in the end for the purpose of PVP and in part PVE. I realize the game wants you to choose one of two sides end-game and so this flow chart could easily be modified to adapt to that change or even more interesting one of the other two sides could absorb the third in a moment of extreme conflict.
    The final choice is dictated by the decisions you made long ago and are influenced throughout your game-play. After you've chosen a side which becomes possible at end-game, you become part of a quasi pvp/pve conflict. At no point are you forced to PVP in open world however there are unique rewards for PVP open world that help your side with bonus stats in larger scaled events among other things.
    Example: A player may use a token obtained in a PVP event to take control of a villain in the open world that all other players may fight with or without being flagged for PVP. These world-bosses are epic in power and require a large following to take down. There are restrictions of course to restrict noob ganking or griefing but for all intents and purposes, these world bosses are the scourge of the land and they are worth a small fortune.
    The pot of items the villain obtains from downed players becomes a pool of items that are all restored to full use/durability and then get auctioned off automatically in a separate Black Market Auction to other PVPers.
    Players are never flagged for PVP without choosing it by helping fight players or taking on PVP event conflicts.
    Open World PVP Event Conflicts: A player can direct an army of AI to attack a target. That target would be part of a larger regularly scheduled event for PVP to take out a critical target over a series of waves of enemies.
    As always: Open to suggestions
    I want PVP/PVE to be rewarding and engaging without it being a reservoir for grief.
  21. Hey i was just wondering what gear i would be expecting at end game lv
    Should i craft, Buy or wait for drops
    I was also wondering what are cool looking armours
  22. Hey i was just wondering what Kind of armour i should be going for at end game with the beserker, I have seen a few sets that looks pretty cool
    So i was wondering if anyone could give a few hints
    Should i craft sets, Buy them or just wait for drops
    A reply would be great
  23. What would be the best overall combination between weapon,armor,enchants in your opinion?
    One for PVP and one for PVE
  24. I just wanted to start a single post to discuss Warrior end-game and near end-game gear progression.  As someone who started playing at launch without any KR or CBT experience I made a lot of mistakes but have finally come to the point where I believe I can give advice.
    There are multiple ways to gear a warrior and for the most part you can get a great set in about a week.  Warriors have a huge inherent defensiveness when it comes to Guard (Block), so I believe it is better to focus gearing on Accuracy and AP.  This is not a post for a defensive minded Warrior, but one that is offensive in play.
    Taritas: The "Accuracy" set to most people but what they overlook is the WP bonus.  And in my opinion the WP bonus is the best part of the set as it allows almost double the amount of damage on a downed target before you are drained.  The Gloves and Chest piece are the best pieces if you are mixing sets, and the Helm and Boots are average.
    Agerian: The "Attack Speed and Health" set has the two things that Warriors want for damage, Attack Speed and Health.  This set makes capping Attack Speed easy, but with an upgraded Yuria or Liverto, the 3 Piece is unnecessary. The Boots, Chest, and Boots are the better pieces.
    Talis: The "Move Speed" set.  Not very good, but the Helm gives Grapple Resistence, and the Boots +2 Movespeed.  Both Bonuses get overshadowed the more gear you accumulate.
    Heve: The "Socket and Health" set, it is versatile and can shift its strengths as you gear.
    Yuri: Go-to starting weapon, get it early and upgrade it often.  Upgrading it at +15 to give Attack Speed will more than likely change how you gear with Armor.
    Liverto: More base damage than Yuria, More Accuracy (From what I am told), 2 Sockets, and +3 Crit.  At first glance it may seem bad for Warriors as +3 Crit is useless for us, and for the most part, I belive that Warriors gain the least amount of damage when switching from a Yuria.  For a comparison, Rangers gain everything a Warrior would, but +3 Crit as well.  The power of Liverto comes from the second socket.  With two +2 Attack Speed, -1 Crit Crystals, this weapon is an Agerian Gloves away from Attack Speed Cap.  That opens up dropping the Agerian 3 Piece, for a second 2 piece set, and it opens up a Glove socket.
    Ring of Good Deeds vs Mark of Shadows: Until you can get a PRI: Mark of Shadows, a DUO: Ring of Good Deeds is better.  It is so good, that I would argue that the ring be the last item you seek an upgrade for.
    Ogre Ring vs Necklace of Good Deeds: I don't believe that the added AP of Ogre Ring is better than the Accuracy of Good Deeds.  To the point where I would argue for attempting to get a PRI and DUO Good Deeds.
    Tree Spirit Belt: No question, the question becomes what to get until then, the answer is Bares, you have accuracy coming from everywhere else.
    Witch's Earring: Same as Tree Spirit Belt, obtain and upgrade the hourly earring.
    Vangertz or Axion, the choice comes down to AP or Accuracy.  If you skipped the 3 Piece Taritas with Taritas Gloves, and also switched out DUO: Ring of Good Deeds, It would be smart to beef your accuracy back up.
    Set Combinations
    Yuria Longsword of Destruction + Taritas Gloves/Chest
    With a +2 AS Gem in Gloves and a +2 AS/-1 Crit in the Sword, it makes Agerian useless, especially when it comes to the fact that now it is only offering a Health Set bonus and Movespeed on the Boots.
    Options for the Helm/Boot include Heve and Talis.
    I think that Heve is the better choice as it sacrifices the 5th Move Speed and Grapple Resist for a lot of Health and 2 Helmet Sockets.
    In addition, and later in the game you can max Knockdown resist with a Boot and Helm Crystal.
    Liverto + Agerian Gloves
    5 AS from two +2AS/-1 Crit in the Sword as well as Agerian Gloves.
    This opens the gloves up to grapple resistance crystals.
    Now for the Boots, Helm, and Chest.
    You could go Agerian Boots with Taritas Helm/Chest.  Gaining HP and WP but the Helm Bonus is inferior to Knockdown/Grapple resistance.
    You could go Agerian Chest with Heve Boots/Helm. Gaining Huge HP Bonuses, an additional Move Speed or cap Knockdown resist.
    If I am hugely off base, then let me know.
  25. I'm just a meagre level 30, so get ready for a noob question.
    It seems everything in BDO is about making money. And tons of it. No matter what you do, you craft. trade, fish or just grind, it's all about making huge amounts of silver. I've seen some people brag about making 10 million a day.
    So what do they spend the money on? I know black stones are a thing, because you need a lot to up your gear, but is there something else? For instance, if you are just playing a crafter/trader and you are not interested in combat, what do you do with your money? That sort of thing.