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  1. We all know how cool it is wandering BDO from lv0 ~ lv50, it's so diverse and the class awakenings are so cool! Funfact: it's nearly impossible too get them without grinding to death jus to level up and get them. BDO devs will bring new area's, no doubt. But instead of making them between lv0 - 50 they should aim for +50, +70 or even +100 area's and make it easier to reach higher levels. The player base doesn't need more noob area's, we need more challenging area's, maybe nearly impossible to solo. There is a lot to do before level 50 but after it, leveling is so slow and boring that getting an awakening is such a long comitment and not much players have the time or patience to get them. And yes there are things like world bosses and large scale battles and that's cool but some players want more PvE, lore, different questlines, raids,... IN SHORT: NEW AREA'S FOR HIGHER LEVELPLAYERS, MAKE IT EASIER TO GET HIGHER THAN LV 60, LOWER LEVEL REQUIREMENT FOR AWAKENINGS.  Give it a thougt and feel free to comment ~ Peace 
  2. So I've been having this really weird issue with the game since launch. It's really difficult for me to actually describe what's going on... But basically the enemy npcs are teleporting/jumping around in my game.
    The issue doesn't occur when I first load into the game, the enemy animations are smooth, and when aggro'd they approach me fine. However, after about a minute or two of playing, the issue will slowly begin to come up, and progressively worsen over time. This issue ONLY occurs with enemy NPCs, paroling guards, and quest objectives like catching wandering rabbits, chickens, etc... Players and any non-combative NPCs seem to be unaffected by this problem.
    I've been wracking my brain trying to solve this issue for weeks now, and I simply cannot seem to find the source. Originally I thought it was a latency issue, since I live on the east coast and I know that the servers are located in California. However, when i asked my friend who lives locally, he wasn't experiencing the same issue. I then decided it was an issue with my ISP, so I tested the game on my garbage laptop, which has no business running this game, but I did it anyway. And to my surprise this issue did not occur on my laptop.
    So now I believe I narrowed it down to being an issue with my system. I upgraded my graphics drivers, and that didn't fix it. So then i downgraded my drivers. That didn't fix it either. I deleted both cache files located in the Documents and Program Files folders. I deleted the Version.dat file.
    Absolutely nothing has worked, and I am at a total loss right now. Is anybody else experiencing this same issue? Have you experienced similar issues in other games and know a way to fix it?
    System Specs:
    Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
    Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3570K CPU @ 3.40GHz
    8gb RAM
    AMD Radeon HD 7800 Series
    I have also recorded a video showcasing my problem below. Please help! D:
  3. It would be easier to have a sort of autoloot function, when you click to loot, it loots automatically everything from enemies you've destroyed nearby.
  4. I understand that there is already an automatic soft lock on the enemies you're attacking, but I feel like a designated button for hard locking onto a target would be helpful. I play as a sorceress, so I spend a lot of time during battles sliding around behind my enemies. If I don't control my camera well, I end up clawing at the air, and miss a lot of attacks. As it is now, I can handle it fine, just a thought for some harder enemies when I'm going ham.
  5. Knowledge Progression:
    In the current game Knowledge is very RNG based.Suggest making Knowledge progression based instead. Example: killing a mob rewards Knowledge exp of some sort, after so many kills obtain C rank knowledge. Kill more to obtain a higher rank. Ranks become increasingly hard to obtain.
    mob specific tokens that drop could also be used as a method of knowledge progression (instead of "knowledge exp"), although this may be more complicated or more difficult to implement.I understand this suggestion is a rather large overhaul on the current Knowledge system, but I feel it would be a vast improvement. RNG isn't a bad mechanic, it just feels out of place here. As it stands you gain a random rank of knowledge on a mob when you kill enough of them, or get an RNG proc to obtain the knowledge. The only way to improve that rank, that I know of, would be to go to an NPC in Calpheon, wipe the knowledge, then go all the way back and kill that mob a bunch more hoping for a better roll on the rank you get. This feels unnatural, especially because we are talking about knowledge about a creature or person. Other than the RNG ranks, though, I love the knowledge system and how it's essentially a bestiary with influence on gameplay mechanics. Really great idea and implementation. I also understand why the RNG mechanic is popular in Asian countries; However, I feel a progression based system will be much more engaging for English based audiences. That is mostly conjecture, though.
    Leading Mounts:
    Currently you can only park owned registered mounts.Captured mounts are able to follow you around before you register them.Suggest allowing a way to command a registered active mount to follow you around, similar to how freshly tamed unregistered horses follow you. Same aggro rules and the like apply (it can still be killed).
    Another suggestion for if such a feature were implemented, an item you can equip to the saddle slot of the horse that increases carry capacity in exchange for the ability to be ridden.
    About Me:
    I'm sure this isn't important to most people, but just in case it is: I have a Korean account with a level 50 blader 50 ninja and 54 konoichi. Over 200 contribution and 15+ on all my gear. I'm decently familiar with the Korean version of this game and honestly see nothing wrong with it. This feedback is directly based on how I feel as an English speaking gamer and thinking of what I feel the English speaking gaming community might enjoy most.
    tl;dr remove RNG from obtaining knowledge on enemies. Also let our registered horses follow us somehow.
  6. I noticed that while playing other versions of the game, that the main concern which made PVE so easy were because of (2) factors. Aside from their AI's which I know cannot be changed, is that Enemies attacks are too slow especially compared to how fast your character moves(This is especially noticeable with Ranged classes). The other reason is the Health Potion.
    Would BDO NA be able to change the attack speed of mobs to make them more in par with the player speed? Also, mobs seem to walk to the player once they are within range! One last thing I noticed was that mobs run at you, stop, then attack. Is it possible to implement their attacks as one fluid motion, with the rush straight into the attack?
    The health potions is a huge problem with BDO. NPCs give out too many to players leaving players with over 100 potions! and the potions have a very low cool down making it far too spammable (NPC should only give players 1 potion per quest). This makes people cut through the game solo, because death is rarely a concern when you can keep spamming a potion. I know that CBT1 the cool down has been revamped from 3 to 5, however I feel like this will not change the spam issue much. I really don't see how 2 seconds can change that much, as I noticed with the Russian version. 
    I feel like Potion should be less of a crutch for the player to lean on. In my opinion, the best way to deal with health potions aside from the cool down would be to have it increase your health slowly instead of instantly. This way it will force you to keep avoiding mobs (or other players in PVP) as it replenishes your health, making you become more careful during a fight. Potions should not be accessible until the full +X heal has been applied.
    Let me know your thoughts.