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  1. Hello,
    I seem to be stuck at 208 energy. I am getting new knowledge but I am not moving past 208? Any one else? Am I caped out?
  2. Post on ENERGY GONE in General

    By Ahryeun, posted
    Before today's patch I had 491 energy and now I have 490. Did anyone else lose energy? I can't seem to find anything in the patch notes.
  3. Hello, everyone!
    After some days wandering around the forum & Reddit, I found some people sharing information regarding the benefits of each level in professions (altho not quite complete).

    I wanted to evaluate the increases or changes we receive as we level up Farming, so far I only have registered this information on my sheet:

    I can no longer continue to update, no longer with time to carry on.


    The % chance of consuming energy has somewhat reached its peak? It retains itself in 27% with a minor .00 ups & downs, I added average seeds obtained, average fruit harvested as well how often we obtain that extra proc within the same loot.
    I'm not sure if every level will provide me with enough collective data to be precise but it should be more than needed to have an overall idea of that to expect (kind of average). And pardon me if I have mistaken any formula, ideas and opinions are welcome!

    Cheerios ~♥
  4. I am taking a break from the game for health reasons. But the game is so addictive it's really hard to take a break from! Last time I did this, I didn't intend it to be as long as it turned out to be, so I kept logging in to talk to Alustin on all alts and at least turn their energy into potions so it's not fully wasted while I don't play. 6 month later, I returned to find all but 1 of the energy potions gone/missing. I was hesitant to post this because... you know, it's been half a year and am I 100% sure I had those energy pots or I just wanted to to do that but ended up not doing it and I'm just remembering wrong? But the more I think about it, the more sure I am that I did it at least once so there should have been pots when I returned. And yes, there was 1 potion. I looked everywhere for the others but nothing.
    So I'm just saying this, because I'm thinking about doing this again. I can probably afford logging in once a day to save up some energy, but what's the guarantee it won't just disappear again... I am not aware of this being an intended game mechanic or the pots having an expiration date and surely they don't because I did have 1 energy pot when I came back.
    Anyway, another question is whether or not it's even worth logging in or would I get greater benefits when I returned in the way of catch-up mechanics, if I completely abandoned the game now?
  5. Ok so recently took up farming and have been assigning workers to tend my farms. Something strange that im curious if anyone else has had exp with is after replenishing the energy of your workers with beer 2-3 minutes later they are completely empty again. Its almost like they show up to work then decide they are to tired to work... I have 2 workers who I dont have to replenish energy for hours. the other 3 workers ill feed them beer and 2-3 min later im feeding them beer again. Anyone else getting instant depletion of worker energy or know what causes it?
  6. So recently I'm having problems to spend all my energy, I have like 7 or 8 alts and, I'm currently using all the energy (even from my main) on node investment, but I have the feeling that using it on somethin elese would be better. The problem is that nothing out of gathering spends energy, and I'm not seeing myself spending all my time on doing gathering with all my characters.
    So were do u sped ur energy guys? Any recomendation?
  7. As I am usually against the idea of punishing/restricting people who don't abuse certain things, but I'm thinking that this may have a positive trade off for all players. If each time a person types in channel chat the energy consumed is increased it will cut down on a lot of chat talk (both good and bad). Obviously this is an mmo and player to player activity is high priority to keep this game alive so i don't see this idea being endorsed by anyone (not even myself), but it is just an idea thrown out. 
    This idea is strictly for channel chat not area or any other. So I think channel chat will become primarily used for questions with replies being whispered back and area chat being used similarly as well as becoming spammed with nonsense. High trafficked areas will become the new channel chat (a little more realistic) with things being spammed in one area chat not effecting all other channels. 
    If energy consumption was doubled each time (1,2,4,8,16,32,64,128,256) 
    If channel chat is used by 1 person 3 times it will cost them 1+2+4=7 energy.  Manageable. 
    If channel chat is used by 1 person 5 times it will cost them  1+2+4+8+16=31. Manageable.
    If channel chat is used by 1 person 8 times it will cost them 1+2+4+8+16+32+64+128=255. Off putting.
    The Channel chat will have to have a cool down between uses to reset the multiplier. Hourly reset could reduce spam and not negatively effect players.
    Someone who is new to the game and has around 30 energy total will only be able to use chat 4 times costing 15 energy as the 5th time would cost 16 energy which is greater than the the energy left. 
    Someone who has played and attained higher energy say 250 will only be able to use chat a maximum of 7 times costing a total of 127 energy leaving 250-127=123 energy and the 8th use costing 128.
  8. I'm pretty new to BDO and I was exploring the world (as one does) and I came across something rather curious. I'll attach a couple screenshots but if anyone can tell me what this glowing circle I found on the ground is I would greatly appreciate it. It is blue with a design of a sun pictograph in the middle with leaves of energy spinning around over it and "lightning" coming out from the leaves. There was no way to interact with it as far as I could tell (at least nothing I did to it worked though I haven't tried a shovel yet) and there was no prompt for interaction. Any further information would be welcomed. I do apologize for hiding the map during the screenshots, if it is something really cool or rare the less people who know where it is the better though I'd be open to consider revealing its location to a select few depending on what kind of answers I get.

  9. I'm still learning so much about the game, and I'm no where near the end game; but I just want to make sure I'm not overlooking something. So I have a couple of questions about node investment:
    Do I care about investing in nodes at this point in my BDO career?
     When would I want to start investing in Nodes?
  10. Hello
    Just wanted to know, since the recent ban of members due to the exploit of these shovels, I wanted to make sure i'm not doing anything wrong here.
    For a while I have noticed processing and fishing doesn't use energy anymore. I originally thought this was intended due to some update and didnt think much of it but because of this latest upset it is getting me worried. Is this intended or is it a bug? if it is indeed a bug then I wanted to put in a ticket to rectify it so they don't think I'm exploiting anything I shouldn't be.
    I want to do the honourable thing.....and of course not get banned!
    Many thanks 
  11. Post on Gathering energy nerf? in General

    By Skeria, posted
    So I did today my daily gathering routine at Pilgrim's and i noticed how fast my energy was going down. I have 382 energy and i would need 2 shining tools and maybe use a third one for a bit to spend all my energy. Now after just one i had less than 100 energy left(i use durability reduction crystals in weapon). Did anyone else notice something similar?
    Also i am artisan 10 in gathering
  12. Alchemy/cooking/processsing no cost energy, why not gathering now ?
    It already has the tools that slightly limit as for cooking / alchemy (ustensils)(tools)
    Just remove the normal shovel and create Steel/golden/magic Shovel for the tools workshop.
    Or simply remove the hard/shard of digging or fix the akman dongeon digging possibility.
    This think will be make  lifeskill more attractive for making money that grinding monster and reduce the gear curve.
    Please comment if you think is a serious bad suggestion. Who not want a more balance game and less limit lifeskills. where is the argument for stay with this gigantic gear curve ?
    I like debating
  13. Post on Leveling nodes? in General

    By comedychris, posted
    hey guys ok so after few days of playing and getting know some base mechanics of nodes and trading and connecting blah blah blah,,, i still cant find any info or solid answers on what Leveling a node up does... ive heard it increases drops but certain nodes like near velia or the coast there isnt any mobs there... so what drops would it increase? and also why would you level the first towns nodes all thats there is grass bug things that drop nothing so.. again seems pointless?    my idea for the coast was since lots of fishermen there maybe it increased rare fish or those relics?   if not.. help? haha i dont know what to use my energy on while fishing dont wanna run miles to buy energy potion or gather as im fishing... and leveling nodes seems to be only afk energy spending... anyway any help what to spend energy on or facts on what leveling nodes does would be great thanks.
    ps certain nodes you can level the node itself and then 1 or 2 mines or farms where the workers work so... what would leveling the node up and 2 other things up sure that would affect drops 3 times... so its pointless doing more than 1 its all just  a mystery haha thanks again and hope everyones having great time in game  
  14. Monsters get tougher at night, xp rate increases, night vendors become active, smugglers appear... how about one more night hours mechanics? Increase the rate of energy gain, if resting in a bed with an online character, during the night hours. It's representational of sleeping at night, adding realism, and should be rewarded.
  15. Sometimes when an item pops up at NV and I try to purchase it it says insufficient energy. I don't recall ever needing energy to actually purchase an item when I already spent 50 to bring it up. Its happened on my alts (lvl 17 ninja and lvl 18 ranger). It let me buy on my ranger when she only had 18 energy (5 pack wep stones - 750k) but said insufficient energy on my ninja when I tried to purchase (3 pk sharp shards - 8.1 mil) and he had 34 left. It happens randomly but most prominently on these two, any help is welcome. Thank you!
  16. Post on Point of Amitygame? in General

    By Bhaasuhm, posted
    You dont need the high Energylevels anymore.
  17. I have energy invested in a few resource nodes and as a casual observation I feel like the workloads of some but not all nodes are increasing little bits at a time. I haven't been able to find any kind of reference on the standard workloads for each node at Level 1 energy. So I am posting my current workloads and energy investment as of right now, and anyone else is welcome to post theirs and maybe we can compare and get an idea of what's going on. Post-research update: After about 10 minutes of sitting here watching the nodes, I can confirm that energy investment level does not directly increase the workload amount. Before you post your "told ya so" comments, keep reading and maybe we can dive deeper into this. The actual node workload seems to increase maybe every 10 minutes, but some seem to be slower than that? It's definitely slower than the every three minutes of your character's energy. At the time of these numbers I had accumulated 14 days, 20 hours, and 14 minutes of game time. Please feel free to post your workload numbers for similar nodes and game time played and we can get a grasp on some kind of ratio for time played vs workload increase. I don't necessarily see this is as an important thing, but it is an interesting, previously unknown value that has never been talked about as far as I can tell.
    This is where you find the workload for each node:

    Coastal Cave - Main Level 1
                 - Copper - Level 1 - 76.50
                 - Iron - Level 1 - 76.50
                 - I can confirm that on a Level 1 node, contribution withdrawal and reinvestment does not change the workload.        
    Bartali Farm - Main Level 1
                 - Potato - Level 3 - 197.00
                 - For science, I had to do it: contribution withdrawal and reinvestment on a Level 3 resource had no impact on the workload of the node and obviously reset the energy level to 1. Investing that point in the chicken node of the farm showed that it also had a workload of 197.00 at the time.
    Glish Swamp - Main Level 5 for Naga drops
                         - Lead - Level 1 - 144.30
    Keplan Quarry - Main Level 1
                  - Coal - Level 5 - 109.60
    Northern Wheat Plantation - Main Level 1
                              - Wheat - Level 1 - 115.90
    Old Dandelion - Main Level 2 for Khuruto drops
                  - Birch - Level 5 - 75.00 
    Khuruto Cave - Main Level 1
                 - Tin - Level 5 - 250.00
    *The Tin and Birch seem to have not increased at all, maybe because they are hazardous areas?*         
    Abandoned Iron Mine - Main Level 1
                        - Iron - Level 4 - 188.20
                        - Zinc - Level 4 - 470.50
    Additional questions:
    Has anyone invested in other hazardous resource nodes?
    Are your Old Dandelion or Khuruto Cave numbers different than mine?
    Why would these nodes have static values?
  18. Just wondering if the max energy (excluding energy gained from titles) so purely from knowledge itself, is 467
    I currently have 459, right now I am missing
    - 2/4 from creatures of valencia
    - 0/1 from horoscope
    - 0/1 from cadry followers
    - 0/2 from bashims
    - 0/2 from ancient ordinance
    so that's all together 8 energy I am missing from what I see that can be obtained in game.
    Valenica villa auctioneer will come out with Valencia 2 so that 2 energy is locked for now.
  19. the 7 day Kamasilve's Blessing says it gives Energy Recovery +2, I am still only getting +1 energy every 3 minutes. I have looked at it tick for 9 minutes and only gained 3 energy. Please fix this.
  20. I think it would be very beneficial to be able to view how much energy each of our characters have from the character selection window.  I know you are already pulling character info such as level, location and even fail stacks so it would not be much to display character energy levels.  This would make it easy to quickly see which characters are nearing max energy so I know who to log into to use it up.  Right now I have to log into each one to check.  At least the game does not crash anymore when swapping characters so thank you for that but being able to see our energy levels would be great.
  21. Post on Energy Visibility in Suggestions

    By Kalyps, posted
    Just an dea. When you hit ESC and Disconnect to get to the character switch options we are able to see the Fail Stacks of each character in the corner, would it be possible to also see their current Energy?? Would prevent constantly have to switch back and forth between alts just to check energy levels or having to keep track of it on external sites and spreadsheets. A quick eg." 200/260 " would appear over a character indicating they had 200 of your 260 total available energy. Thanks!! (if someone already had this idea feel free to delete the thread) 
  22. EDIT:  I had the whale Life exp food effect active on that character. My bad. Didnt realize it increased max energy by 10
    Here is what my total Energy reads immediately after switching characters : 

    And Here is what it reads after ~40 minutes: 

  23. What is the current energy cap, after they released Valencia part 1, now sitting on 420 energy and still thinks i need a lot, but how much is there left.
  24. Yo! Trying to find if the mobs listed can be found anywhere in the desert, if you've seen any of these, please report where as i'd love to kill em for ecology knowledge, so far i've been able to find a couple of them, as marked below (green = found, red = not found).
    Ancient Civilization Originator
    Ancient Civilization Guardian
    Ancient Civilization Follower
    Ancient Ator
    Note, all of these are part of the Ecology entry "Aakman and the Ancient Man (Ordnance) I" topic under Valencia. Looking out to see if it's possible to complete the section, if not fully then at least partially (it gives 2 energy).
    If you happen to know that some of these are unobtainable, please say so too! so i can stop wasting my time with looking for them ;D