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  1. Post on New Upgrade Button in General

    By Sey, posted
    Upon Enhancement, players can now choose between Enhancement types.
    Affected Items: Green-level Gear with Enhancement Lv. +14 and below (Reformed gear included)
    Enhancement types are divided into [Enhance] and [Durable].
    Now players can choose the Enhancement type when placing relevant gear into the Enhancement slot.
    Choosing [Enhance] will increase the success rate of the enhancement attempt, at the risk of additional durability loss should a failure occur.
    Choosing [Durable] will decrease the success rate of the enhancement attempt, but minimize the amount of durability lost if the enhancement fails.
    is the new system the same as Kr? 
    Or was it due to so much tears and  cry that they changed it? 
  2. Post on Need Help Gearing in General

    By ProjectPanda, posted
    I'm fairly new to the game but I was wondering how gear progression works. I am planning on buying the Grunil armor set but should I shell out the bit more to get the blue tier set? Eventually I want to upgrade it to gold tier so how does it work? Do I need to upgrade a blue set into a gold set or can I directly upgrade a green set into a gold?
    Also while i'm at it, what does it take to upgrade a item to the next tier?
  3. Please leave your feedback below for the developers, on how you think they can improve said features, or why you disagree with them. Please do not misunderstand this thread. Despite my low post count on the forums, I have been following this game for many years-. I have played during the betas, and for about 6 months after launch. Although I took a break, I love this game, it can just use a few really simple to fix adjustments- which I feel could make this game even better. 
    RNG Enhancing + Degrade + Gear Dependency
    Having RNG is not necessarily a bad feature. But, it's the way that the game implements the feature which ruins it. There are many ways this situation can be fixed, some better than others. Personally, I think the best way is to increase the sucess rate when enhancing gear and accesorries. As for acessories, I am sure someone has broken their keyboard over the RNG of these. If an enhancement fails, the acessory that is PRI or more should not be demolished- just the non-PRI+ acessory used for enhancing should be demolished. Another viable option for accesories can be like gear, if an enhancement fails instead of being demolished it loses a grade instead. 
    Gear dependency in this game wouldn't be as brutal and tedious as it is now, especially for PvP situations, if RNG were to be 'improved'. This is my number one dislike about the game. 
    Feeling of No Progress
    This feeling comes along with the RNG system currently in game. A player can grind for one month straight, and have X amount of millions of coins that he/she saved for enhancing or progressing. Well, because of RNG that month of work can go to absolutely no progress. As MMO players, most of us are probabaly more than a bit fine with grinding for a few hours a day to work our way towards gear and progression over time. The issue is that unlike in other MMOs, this game can give you absolutely nothing in return for the work and time you put in to try and progress forward. It's completely RNG based [Do not say a player can just save the money and buy the gear. High end enhanced gear selling on the MP is almost more rare than good RNG]. It does not matter if Player A played for 5 months, and Player B played for 1 month- if RNG is going great for one player, he/she can almost easily get ahead of the other. This leaves Player A frustrated, as they have spent 5 months trying to progress, but due to RNG they have gotten minimal or even no progress. [This game being a Korean MMO is not an excuse. We koreans do not like grinding without progress and purpose, just as similar as you guys do!!]
    Sucess rates just need to be increased for progress across multiple features in this game. There needs to be some sort of limit or boundary RNG has, so a player doesn't waste months just to potentionally get no where. RNG is fine with limitations and general progress.
    EXP & Crystal Loss
    If the servers were stable or the game was optimized, EXP and crystal loss would be fine. But, realistically that is not the state of the game. Please do not think I am bashing the game or developers, I believe they are working hard to fix and improve this game- that doesn't mean we should be further effected by these issues though. Until the servers are stable, which right now can cause players to randomly stop in motion and be slaughtered by monsters, or be one tapped by a world boss due to animation delay/lag, crystal and EXP loss should be temporarily disabaled. I do not think we should be penalized for an issue that we can not control, since it is up to the developers and company to fix. All I, and hopefully the community, ask for is a temporarily pause on crystal and EXP loss until the game is in a better state. 
    RNG World Boss Timers
    The easiest 'fix' of them all, world boss timers. I do not understand why the developers put a five hour time frame on boss spawns. The ~24 hour distance between how many times a boss can spawn is perfectly fine, but there should be a set time a boss spawns. For example, instead of Kzarka spawning between 23:20 EST - 03:50 EST it should just spawn at one specific set time- 23:20 EST. 
  4. Currently mine are like this:
    currently trying to get to TRI on a vangertz shield. Failed on character 3/4 each going DUO-TRI starting at ~32 stacks each. They failed enough to end up with the amount posted above (3 and 4)
    trying to get back to DUO, failed on character 5 going from PRI-DUO starting at 24 stacks. Failed enough to get the amount posted above (5)
    what do you recommend i do if my entire entire account is full of overstacked characters? I don't think I should use a 35 stack just to get a DUO vangertz.. but over half my account has characters that are overstacked for the gear I'm attempting. At this rate, my whole account will be in that situation
  5. So this has happened already six times in a row, which goes beyond RNG and I think I'm missing something here.
    I've got an Ultimate Jubre Talisman that refuses to level from DUO to TRI and always degrades back to PRI on my first attempt to enhance it (I usually try with +20 rate).
    I'm clueless as to why this keep happening, since I got both my Liverto main and my scythe to TRI on first attempt with the same enhancement rate (yeah I know - kinda got lucky there).
    Is there anything specific about secondary weapons that makes their enhancement a pain in the ass, or is it just RNG (though seriously...)?
  6. I would love to see a new pet added to the pearl shop whose Talent would be to add a minor (small) positive adjustment (hidden) when enhancing gear. Make this a non stackable enhancement. There are many possible iconic choices such as: Owl (wisdom), Rabbit(luck), Clockwork pet(computational), etc. I think they would be very popular.d
  7. Is there a way to turn off the huge "Enhancement Failed/Succeeded" notifications that pop up in the top of my screen? The constant spam of this from people I don't even know is really irritating me and breaking my immersion. Thanks for the help! I figured out how to stop it in my chat, so I'm good there.
  8. Post on Cron Stones useless? in General

    By MajorS, posted
    Edit: Since i was unable to fill in most holes for Cron Stone requirements i reversed the calculation and came up with a threshold when Cron stones are efficient ( https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1WzAeIFslcWhZ-TudUTrvt4S6ejGF8Uo5FwVqNivfHK0/edit#gid=199296579 )
    Example (numbers in () are estimates of what you need iG and the number in front of it is the maximum number of stones you should spend to break even with efficient enhancement)
    Basilisks30,5129,5533,1(618)2.181,5(1719)10.644,9Worth it for TET, TRI not so much, no data for PRI/DUO or PEN to compare to. But when enhancing yourself you will have the value on the screen and just have to check if its lower(cheaper) than what the Cron Cost sheet says.
    Short answer: No
    Long answer: It depends. I have been adding forcing and cron stone enhancements to my calculation tool (http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/115179-enhancement-failstack-costsstrategies/) and as far as weapons or armor are concerned cron stones are indeed worthless. For an example they roughly double the average enhancement cost for Liverto Tri-> Tet. However they are fairly useful for some undervalued jewelry enhancements(BCoralEar -> TRI) even buying them at 1m a piece and if gotten for free they are actually worth about 500k when used for several other jewelry enhancements (see https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1WzAeIFslcWhZ-TudUTrvt4S6ejGF8Uo5FwVqNivfHK0/edit#gid=0).
    Unfortunately i am missing alot of cron stone values for different types of jewelry/grades (tab cron cost in the above sheet). If anyone could provide some of that i could update the my tables to better reflect effectiveness of cron stones.
  9. Can you please look at enhancement of uniforms, its ridiculous that everytime it fails you lose BOTH pieces.
    Can we have it like normal armour where you lose durability and armour stones or you just lose the uniform your enhancing with, NOT the uniform your trying to enhance? this RNG crap is driving me up the wall! there is no way to tell how many fail stacks are needed for the next level.
    I think the system needs a rework and make it more precise and less RNG.
    EDIT: Spent over 600 armour, 70 million in cash to try and get gathering to plus 3 and processing to +2, so far got gathering to plus +3 and cant even get it to +2 on a "28 FS. Im sorry but this enhancement RNG rubbish is seriously broken.
    It needs to be fixed or reworked please.
  10. Update: Enthält jetzt auch Berechnungen für Erzwingen und Cron Stones sowie detaillierte Information zu Gegenständer für Upgrades.
    Cross posting
    Hallo allerseits,
    Da ich im Netz keine sinnvollen Tools zur Berechnung von Failstackkosten, Failstackstrategien und Verbesserungskosten gefunden habe und mein Character in die sehr unwirtlichen Gegenstandslevel vorstösst, habe ich letztendlich meine Faulheit überwunden und ein Tool zur Berechnung gebastelt, welches ich an dieser Stelle aber noch nicht veröffentlichen werde. Stattdessen moechte ich einige der Ergebnisse teilen.
    Disclaimer: Ich bin nicht dafür verantwortlich, wenn ihr euren TET Ogre verliert, weil meine Tabelle gesagt hat, dass 122 Stacks reichen. Allerdings akzeptiere ich gerne die Lorbeeren fuer Erfolge
    Bitte beachtet einige Dinge, wenn ihr die Tabellen benutzt:
    - Die Tabellen enthalten keinerlei Formeln. Mein Tool läuft auf SQL.- Die Chance für Verbesserungen und Informationen zu max Failstacks habe ich aus dem Netz. Allerdings scheinen mir die berechneten Werte für Schmuck zu hoch zu sein. (sie passen aber zu Featherines Berechnungen https://bdomaths.wordpress.com/2016/07/19/cost-vs-scaling-mark-of-shadows-vs-crescent-guardians/ ).
    - Kein Erzwingen. Das macht im Endeffekt aber kaum einen Unterschied. Kommt irgendwann mal.
    - Keine Angeln/Musketen, da keine Daten.
    - Die vorgeschlagene Anzahl an Stacks basiert auf einer effizienten Failstackstrategie (sheet2). Failstacks lassen sich häufig billiger über Gegenstaende generieren, die man ohnehin nutzen möchte. Die durchschnittliche Anzahl an Fehlschlägen bezieht sich darauf, dass solange probiert wird, bis der Erfolg eintritt (die entsprechend höheren Stacks sind Teil der Berechnung)
    - TRI und höher enthalten bereits die Kosten für Herabstufung.
    - Berechnete Craft cost basiert auf 100% Markwert, als Selbstversorger (wie ich) kann der Wert mit 0.65(0.845 mit value pack) multipliziert werden. Das sind die Opportiunity Kosten, dafür dass die Basisgegenstände nicht am Markt verkauft wurden.
    - Preise für Steine können aus der Tabelle entnommen werden. Derzeitige Marktpreise liegen darunter, d.h. alles ist etwas billiger.
    Falls ihr das nützlich findet und auf Alustin spielt, sagt ruhig mal Hallo, allerdings werde ich iG keine Fragen zu den Zahlen beantworten.
    Svarja Wyndall / Landstreicher / EU
  11. Update5: Uploaded.
    Update4: I tried converting the calculation tool to Open Office and have also considered using SQLite, Firebird, SQLServer Express. Ultimately each solution required alot more efford than i was willing to invest (given my current motivation for all things BDO). However within the next week i will pe posting the Access (2007) file i used and a brief writeup on how to use it.
    Update3: I will be taking an indefinite break from BDO. Kakaos way of handling communication and making decisions that i strongly disagree with, have left me with little desire to play BDO. I will be updating the Enhancement tables for a while longer (planned feature is an Enhancement simulator to show the effect of luck better), but i dont know for how much longer. If anyone is interested in the tool i wrote, leave a message.
    Update2: I removed Cron enhancement as a suggested option and instead provided a table with Cron Stone thresholds (the maximum number of cron stones you should use/buy). Also collapsed some of the 100% steps into 1 and added a published (faster?) link
    Update: Cron and Forcing are in aswell as detailed item breakdown for upgrade. I am lacking a good amount on data on cron stone requirements tho. If you have that infro please let me know (tab Cron Cost)
    Hi everyone,
    The lack of proper tools (or my inability to find those) for calculating Failstacks costs, Failstack strategies and Enhancement costs and my character approaching relativistic enhancement levels (as in where stuff gets really ugly) has finally overcome my inate laziness and i have written a tool to calculate these things for me. I will not share that tool at this point, but some of the output it has generated, which some may find useful.
    Disclaimer: I am not responsible for you losing your TET Ogre, because my table told you 122 stacks was enough. However i am willing to take credit for successes ;). Please also note that I am currently not accepting first borns as forms of gratitute. (this may change in the future)
    https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1WzAeIFslcWhZ-TudUTrvt4S6ejGF8Uo5FwVqNivfHK0/pubhtml (published, probably faster)
    Please consider a few things when using these tables:
    - There are no formulas in these sheets, because i did not use a spreadsheet to calculate the numbers. The whole thing runs purely on SQL atm so it can easily be ported to an app (which i wont do most likely)
    - Enhancement success tables are based on whats floating around and can easily be found on the internet. At some point i will add these to the document aswell (as a reference). Based on my limited experience with clothes and jewelry i find the calculated numbers to be much higher than what i needed (they are in line with Featherines calculations https://bdomaths.wordpress.com/2016/07/19/cost-vs-scaling-mark-of-shadows-vs-crescent-guardians/ ). I will correct this if i get more accurate information on those.
    - I did not include forcing. Forcing at low levels does not make much of a difference (say peanuts) and i couldnt be bothered at this point. Will be included in the future.
    - Once i get data on Rods/Muskets i will include those.
    - Suggested number of stacks is based on a calculated effective stack strategy (sheet2). Please note that generating stacks through upgrading gear that will be used can be alot more cost effective. The average number of Fails and Upgrade Cost is based on trying until a success (the calculation considers the higher failstack counts)
    - TRI and above includes item degradation costs however it assumes you will upgrade again. Depending on the market it can be cheaper to sell the downgraded item and buy a new one.
    - Calculated Craft cost is based on 100% item value, if you are self sufficient (like me) you multiply that cost with 0.65(0.845 with value pack) which is your opportuniy cost for not selling the base items at the market.
    - Assumed prices for stones etc can be found inside the table and are currently (and probably for the foreseeable future) higher than market prices.
    Depending on laziness and new information i will update these tables.
    If you find any of this helpful and you play on Alustin feel free to say hi. However i will not answer questions regarding these numbers iG.
    Svarja Wyndall / Landstreicher / Alustin
    FS Calc.zip
  12. Obviously we don't want Valks Cry due to it's P2W nature that being said... 

    Just a thought, but should enhancing be made easier on a scale of the effectiveness of Valks Cry?

    Another thought would be the addition of ingame variation of Valks cry either via loyalty or silver?
  13. Hey everyone, for those of you who missed it on Reddit over the weekend, I have finally published part 1 of my Enhancing & Failstacking guide. Part 2 is on the way. Enjoy!
  14. Post on Enhancement Stats in General

    By ConStyle, posted
    Does a mage (e.g. a sorceress) benefit from attack speed or only from casting speed?
  15. Dear readers,
    I know that there will be many among you who might disagree on my views to change or implement new things in BDO, but anyhow I wanted to share my views on the BDO future and other MMO's, I will place important stuff in caps so that you don't have to read all of my post. BDO feels like a really good singleplayer game (short/lacking story and lacking character development on the emotional side sometimes, there is no feel of impact of your choices/no heartbreaking difficult choices) with a great array of multiplayer functions. But as we all might agree the multiplayer part is still too much in the back ground if it comes to PVE and QUESTING NEEDS SOME REVISION IF IT COMES TO PARTIES. The new changes in guild battles and siege wars are really great, but I'ld like to see more big world bosses in castles or caves (also for lower level areas) so that you have to party up and really build a team. Atm I form sometimes a party with friends but we can't help each other progress in quests nor boss fights are challenging. There are a variety of bosses in terms of scrolls (could always be more) but to less hard areas disigned for parties with natural spawned bosses. So please add MORE BOSSES AND PARTY PLAY. A topic that might connect with this and I hear a lot of questions about this, why are there so few different rare drops, same-ish armor,... MORE DIFFERENT WEAPONS AND ITEMS (even if it's just another name with some slightly different stats it would look like you have more things to find and craft). Another topic I want to talk about are the PROFESSIONS, I love the variety of professions you can develop but it seems odd that they are forced in too few categories. Processing contains woodcutting, mining,... so why not make them different skills (runescape like), some people love to excell at one of those things. This would implement more armors and weapons to smith, tree types to cut, ores to mine, more fish,... etc. but not necesary. Another cool enhancement would be floating/gliding, the world of BDO is beautiful and just imagine exploring it from above. GLIDING or FLYING would make exploring even more fun, I know ther will be a pegasus horse that can glide but having your own wings, jetpack, DELTAFLY THINGY (Da Vincy like) would really be epic. Another cool skill/profession would be ROCK CLIMBING aka BOULDERING because there are many big towers, mountains or forts and it would be cool if you could climb them. DIVING ENHANCEMENT, it's pretty cool you can dive in this game but I feel like there is no point in doing it. I'ld love more underwater cave systems with chests, rare drops,... Connecting to this would UNDERWATER COMBAT and ADVANCED (magic) DIVING GEAR/PETS (profession to tame and train them like horses) be a great addition to the game. So these are the things that I can think of for now, if I come up with new thoughts I'll update this thread. Thanks for your time and reading this toppic. Peace peace and love BDO ~  Bcit
  16. @CM_Jouska @CM_Tytyes @CM_Praballo
    Normal Players are even more doomed now because the price of Cron Stones went up like crazy. Its not a static number you need. The Number of Cronstones depends on Concentrated Weapon/Armor Stones and on the Itemcost. 
    The first hours after Patch, all the hoarders with a grizillian amount of hard and sharp stones were able to pretty much save there TRI try with 32 Cron Stones (That was the amount of stones you need 4 hours after the servers went life to make Tri on Kzarkaweapon). Now you need 110 Cron Stones to save your enhancement. For a TET Enchant it was like 90 Stones. Now its 240 Stones. 1 Stone cost 1 Million. People who made there items +18 and higher on the first day are in a HUGE advantage! This is by far the greatest GAP you created between normal and hardcore players. Im not gonna moan, its just unfair and you need to fix this soon before node/siegewars. I do have my Weapon TRI now and im pretty good geared but PVP with these kind of difference in items is not gonna work and normal players will hardly make it to 100+ million just to buy the cron stones for this.    
  17. I'm sitting on all +16 green grunil gear and none of them is selectable under the "Item Reform" menu. You just can't click on them - they are all grayed out.
    This must be a bug or else it must've been clearly stated, as it pigeonholes you into a situation you cannot get out from. Now that the set is 16+, what can I do? Start over with a fresh set and first ultimate at 15? That's crazy.
    @CM_Jouska please note the bug. Thank you.
  18. Hello there,
    I was wandering out there trying to find any decent guide/database (or just a listing from what people have experienced/calculated?) about hidden stats from enhancement.

    When an item has a stats that increases with enhancement, I would like to know from how many points these stats are increasing. Is there any way to know ?
    Thanks a lot.
  19. Post on Enhancement... in Suggestions

    By Malb0lgia, posted
    Howdy everyone.  I am a very concerned player and would like to share my thoughts on a certain aspect of this game.  While I love the game dearly, there is a chance, no pun intended, that I will stop playing this game very soon.  I do not want this to happen but allow me to explain what has happened to me and hope that this is read and possibly addressed in some way to help future players of the game.
    Everyone knows what an ogre ring is by now.  It is the BiS necklace for every class in the game pretty much and one of the hardest items to obtain as well.  I farmed one ogre ring and was more than pleased.  I farmed a second ogre ring and sold it as I was afraid to try the enhancement.  Since the second ogre ring I decided to go ahead and try to farm it again so I can put on my big boy pants and try to enhance the ogre ring.  Here is where things get sad.
    I will say that I had an incredible stroke of luck for a few days trying to obtain this item.  I managed to get 2 in around 17 hours which is insane.  I had 24 failstacks and I failed the enhancement.  Here is where things get crazy.  I farmed for another day and got nothing and on the second day I got a ogre ring out of the ogre directly and around 5 to 10 minutes later I got another ogre ring from a soiled.   Insane right?  Looked to me as it was certainly time to try and PRI again so I tried.  I failed once again at 25 failstacks which is the most for PRI enhancement according to the masses.  Now I am literally trying to farm a 7th ogre ring which is providing to be more than a handful to achieve after getting so many.
    My great concern here is that this item is so hard to obtain and 2 failures and 24 and 25 stacks was enough to make me quit the game.  I have decided since that I am going to give it another go once I farm another but I have not idea how long that is going to take or if it is even possible considering the low drop rate of the item.  With this being said, I LOVE the game I really do but when you lose 4 ogre rings and are meeting the required stacks for enhancement that is a bit too much to bare and I believe that others will leave the game as well by failing on something as rare and hard to obtain as an ogre ring over and over again.
    In a perfect world, The devs would feel for me and give me an item but I don't expect that to happen haha.  What I would like to see is a possible increase to PRI chances or the possibility of losing one item only in failure as losing 4 ogre rings is maddening and really stunts your growth in the game.  If I fail another PRI after all the work I have put into getting a PRI ogre ring I feel that the pain may be too gret to continue playing the game and I don't want that for the community or myself as I cant describe what that failure feels like twice in a row.  So, Daum and devs, if you are reading this please consider what I suggested as the game really is a wonder to play and has so much potential but I feel the western audience will be driven off if success for enhancement of accessories is meant only for a lucky few.  I also want to thank you for releasing such a wonderful game as BDO is to the states and I want it to run as long as possible and believe this change is necessary for it to do so.  Please consider what I have said as I say it with sincerity and wish me luck as I literally try to farm the rarest item in the game for a 7th time and risk it all for enhancement once again
    Thank you for taking the time to read this.  It means a lot to me 

  20. What do you think?
  21. I understand that it has to be hard, to get to +16-20 gear and +5 accessories, but I don't think that the current system, where you lose an enhance level, if you fail 16-20 or both items by accessories or cloth is a good one. Yes - it should be hard, Yes - it should take some time, but the loss of such valuable things like a +17 reversed to +16 or 2 Witch Earrings or Mark of Shadows it a bit too much. I understand that there should be RNG to prevent from a 100% chance of easily getting max geared, but the enhancement system shouldn't discourage the player from trying to achieve that. A better, much more player friendly, system, would be to not reverse enhancement levels of 16+ items or lose both accessories. To prevent easy gaining failstacks from cheap accessory enhancement, in this system, you wouldn't get failstacks for failing with 16+ and accessory enhances. For example:
    Enhancing a +17 weapon fail = The weapons stays +17, you lose the enhancement materials, you don't gain a failstack.
    Enhancing a Pri Mark of Shadows or even a +0 cheap ring fails = The 1st ring stays, the 2nd ring used for the enhancement is destroyed, you don't gain a failstack.
  22. Hi,
    A problem occurred when I was trying to enhance my Bares Belt. I could right click add both belts but NOT click the enhance button.
    Please help? Thanks
    I just tried with elisha rings and the same result.

  23. Hello all!
    For the past few weeks I've been working on a tool in my spare time to help calculate my chances on enhancing gear as well as the costs of doing so (mostly inspired by getting a Liverto weapon and going broke on Memory Fragments).  I never really intended to put this out to anyone but me and my friends so I only made it an executable instead of a nice website app....  But I decided that I'd go ahead and upload it just in case anyone wants to use it as I haven't found too many other tools that offer the same information.  Download link is at the bottom of the post.
    Here's what it does:

    Item Type:  Select from "Weapon", "Armor", or "Accessory" based on what you are trying to enhance.
    Show Silver Calculations:  Shows more detailed view that allows you to calculate silver costs (more on this below).
    Current Enhancement Level:  The level your item is currently at (0 being not enhanced at all).
    Current Failstack Level:  How many failstacks you currently have.  Hint: Hitting the down arrow when the value is 0 will automatically set this to the Max Failstack.
    Base Rate:  The base chance for your item to enhance to the next level with 0 failstacks.
    Rate per Failstack:  Each fail stack will add this much to the total percent chance.
    Max Rate:  The maximum percent chance to enhance this item.
    Max Failstack: The number of failstacks it takes to reach the Max Rate (ex: The max number of failstacks you can use to improve your enhancement chances).
    Total chance to enhance:  Your estimated percent chance of upgrading given your current item, level, and number of failstacks.
    Simulate:  This button runs a quick simulation with the current statistics so you can "test your luck" and see if it fails or succeeds.
    Simulate Until Success:  This button will continue trying to enhance until you succeed (useful for seeing how many tries it may take).
    Reset Simulation:  This button resets the current simulation.
    Number of Blackstones Used: How many blackstones your current simulation took.
    Durability Lost:  How much durability you would have lost in your current simulation.
    Average Blackstones Needed:  How many blackstones your simulations have required, on average. Note:  All these stats are reset if you change the item type or level.
    Maximum Blackstones Needed:  The maximum number of blackstones any of your simulations have needed.
    Total Simulations Ran:  How many simulations you've run.
    Estimated Blackstone Cost to upgrade:  Using a basic algorithm, this is the average number of blackstones you can expect to use with your current statistics.  If you run the simulations above often enough you will likely see it average around this number.
    Estimated Durability Cost to upgrade:  Using the same algorithm as above, it calculates the average durability you may lose if trying to upgrade with the current statistics.
    Blackstones lost if force enhanced:  How many blackstones you need to force enhance the current item.
    Durability loss if force enhanced: How much durability force enhancing will cost.
    Silver Cost Calculations
    DISCLAIMER:  This tool was created with data found online and I cannot verify that the numbers are all 100% accurate as Pearl Abyss has not released any official data on this issue (to my knowledge).  This tool simulates luck but it is entirely possible to have really bad luck so don't take the numbers here as the absolute truth.  You may end up taking 80 tries to upgrade from a +7 to +8 weapon and that's just bad luck.
    This tool is an executable.  As such I'd recommend scanning it as with any exe you download online.  This doesn't have any virus but it's a good practice and one I'd recommend.
    I do not own the artwork displayed in this tool nor do I know who made it.  So if you are the artist and want it removed then let me know and I'll gladly change it.  Or if you want to create an icon for it yourself that I can use, feel free.  My art skill is limited to stick figures (bad stick figures).
    If you find any issues or think of anything you may like added, feel free to let me know.  I may or may not continue working on this, depending on how many people find this useful.
    Download Link:  Executable or  Installer
    Current Version: 1.2.1
    Last Updated: May 4, 2016
    Version Notes:
    Currently Known Issues:
    Future Plans:
    Look into optimizer for best method of getting failstacks. 
    Virus scans:
    Scan on the link: Executable - https://www.virustotal.com/en/url/ce73f51cab951164d047093867e5f8a0afc2347f3752dc15617f15366791a2ad/analysis/1462282761/ 
    Installer -https://www.virustotal.com/en/url/cf3ed175d15c4d5f76941538639d7096deb2b3160bac9dda621acf8c7e957b4e/analysis/ 
    Scan on the exe: https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/ef539dd194686c6095536d6dad5326b6967baca5e92cbe20576867ca9d44bff8/analysis/1462282752/ 
    (For some reason this one returns a single false positive that is apparently infamous for flagging almost every program.  if anyone has any ideas on what may cause it to do this let me know.)
    NOTE:  Windows 10 and other anti-virus software and/or Operating Systems may warn you that it is from an unknown publisher.  This is technically true as I built it as an individual rather than using a certificate from a business.  I'm not aware of any way to correct this but let me know if you have any ideas.
  24. Hi Everybody,
    i think everybody knows the pain to upgrad Rings, Necks etc
    With Failstacks its possible to get PRI or DUO but higher then that its a huge time and money investment.
    So my Suggestion is why not make failsafe enhancing possible for this items?
    like upgrading Ring X to PRI you need an extra of 3 Rings (so in total you need 4) and if you want your PRI ring becoming DUO you need 3 extra PRI rings etc.
    so getting one item to +5 you need 1024 basic rings. its still a huge Investment but atleast you have a Goal you can work to.
    so why i choose 3 extra items? because the the marktprice for example Mark of Shadow is 7kk and a PRI MoS is 21kk (and yes i know you need 4 items for one upgrad but i think its ok)
    this is just a rough idea even when you need more items i still think its a good system people would like.
    feedback would be nice
  25. I would like to bring this suggestion to the attention of everyone as it involves important game mechanics that are possibly in the works of being changes right now.
    I've read a lot on this topic, and experienced quite a bit of in game PvP, and Pve, I myself having almost full +15 gear. Would like to make a suggestion into the debate on nerfing +20 enhancements.
    My suggestion is leave the +20 enhancements as they are, not changing the amount, but instead of having large gaps between enhancement values, redestribute the total AP and DP gains across all the enhancements. Let me explain.
    If you look at an Ultimate Yuria Blade, it gives 25 AP (we are going to just take the high end of it's AP range) at +0.
    At +10 it gives 57. This gives a value difference of 32
    At +15 it gives 77. This gives a value difference of 52.
    At +20 the Ultimate Yuria blade gives 121 AP, granting a total value difference of 96.
    Comparing the value differences nets us at a difference of 44, meaning that from +15 to +20 the total value almost doubles...which most would agree is a bit much (although well deserved for the work it takes to do but that's aside the point).
    The point distrubtion from
    *This same system is the same across ALL weapons, we are just using the Ultimate Yuria Blade as the example in this case.*
    From the total of +0 to +20 a total of 96 points are added to the weapon, but the majority of the point distrubtion comes near the end, and is not distrubted throughout the whole of the enhancing processess.
    My suggesstion is to more closely equalize the distrubtion of points, giving an average of 4.8 per level.
    Let's say from 1 to 10 you distribute 3 points per rank. resulting in 30 points added for +10 resulting in 55 AP instead of 57, but then +11 - +15 distribute 7 points per rank. Resulting in +15 being 90 instead of 77.
    Leaving a total of 6 points to be given each rank up from 16 to 19, and then a final +7 when going to +20.
    Now the point distrubition looks like this:
    This balances the gap between gear as the same between all ranks on a rough average while also keeping end game completely balanced without having to further adjust late game mobs in areas of the game that aren't out yet, properly meeting in the middle for both sides of this debate.
    Please leave your suggestions below on what you think should be done, and if you agree with this suggestion. I believe this will close gear gaps much more, as having it this way would make the difference between 10 and 15 roughly the same as between 15 and 20, gives a better sense of balance between enhancement ranks, but doesn't overall nerf the power each class will need by the end of Valencia III update on the scale of PvE's side of things.
    Thank-you for reading through this comment and suggestion, and have a great day.
    This overall is a buff to players with +15, a slight 'nerf' (in terms of total point gain) to +20 players, and rewards each individual point gain.