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  1. An dieser Stelle möchte ich einfach mal danke sagen.
    Das geht an euch alle, die das Forum so aktiv nutzen und jeden Tag hier unterwegs sind und mir den Arbeitstag etwas versüßen   Danke an alle, die ihre Weh-wehchen, Storys und Antworten hier Posten. Nicht alle Threads sind spannend, aber zu 80% kann ich nur lachen wenn ich all das lese was ihr so schreibt, worüber ihr euch aufregt und was euch dann wiederrum gefällt ^^ Danke das ihr mich mit euren Posts immer so tatkräftig unterhaltet  
    Schönes Wochenende,
    P.S.: Hört bitte nicht auf damit 
  2. Hear Ye Hear Ye!
    This Saturday, at Valencia Castle Ground, ManUp-group will continue its tradition of performing the Safety Dance. 
    Mad King will send out his top Cucks who will gather local populus as per Human Shield Project to defend against yet another illusory enemy reaching out from within the mad mind of the Mad King.
    Entertainment features Mad King's top kek line up: Mac, Feedz and a Blondie and many others as thralls. Alas the Traitor-squad tried poisoning the Well and they are held deep within dungeons of the Sand Castle, only taken out when mad dogs such as them are needed. Luckily as long as Mad King does not change Gravity of things and do the Chicken Dance we all can count for Safety of a Sand Castle without a fight yet another week. 
    "Every crowd has a silver lining" - and we all know whose pockets Sand Castle thralls aka ManUp-group are lining.
    Now enjoy the show!
  3. Post on Room 3 in Art & Media

    By iceRoom, posted
  4. Post on Confession Booth in Off-Topic

    By Fatherbliss, posted
    Hello brave souls. Ever wanted to get something off of your chest? Ever wanted to put something on another person's chest, take it off and then sell that for profit? We here at the Sanctuary of Bliss would like to invite you to stop by and confess something. Maybe you like Bieber. Maybe you like beavers. I don't mind. If you allow yourself the opportunity to talk about your guilty social norms here everyone can help you get to the next level of shenanigans. 
    Believe me. You *want* to be at the top of your shenanigans game. 
    I'll go first: I confess that I'm going out to a club tonight dressed in Pajamas. Which currently consists of a Doctor Who bathrobe and a container of Thin Mints.