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  1. After getting the message about files are corrupted on first launch after maintenance relaunching game client results in download error (code 2001).
    How to get this game running?
    Anti Virus was disabled before running the update progress.
    Windows 10 and every Device Driver are latest version.
    Solution found: Restarting Computer, starting patch progress again.
  2. Hi, I bought the game a while ago but just played for a bit. I had no problems then (around November of last year). The thing is i just downloaded it again today and... after downloading the launcher from the page and installing it (InstallShieldWizard worked perfectly and there were no problems during this) it just won't open. "Black Desert Online Launcher has stopped working" (in Spanish).
    I've re-installed it 4 times, I've run it as administrator and I've made sure no firewall nor antivirus is targetting it and still the program won't launch. Even worse, sometimes not even the error window will show up: I open the launcher, the screen with the characters shows up and then it fades. No program, no process, nothing...
    I use a 64 bits windows 7 and the hardware allowed me to play it just fine four months ago. Please tell me how to fix this. Thank you in advance.

    Edit: FIXED!
    Apparently the default Windows 7 options for LAN connexion (yeah, I... I don't get it either...) was causing the problem. Somehow. So yeah, thank you for the help on the Support tab of the main page, i worked perfectly.
  3. As topic mention,
    The game was working well for a few days.
    After I spent $110 USD in traveler package and druam gold, and then log out game, server connection lost began.
    Game menu -> click start -> enter olvia server -> in char select screen click connect -> in loading screen, after 100%, the game is not respond, and then server connect lost.
    I tried every solution I can found: uninstall and re-install, delete UserCache, repair mode.
    I tried 2 computers both of them are working well on the game few days ago.
    In windows mode, texture and graphic are low and very low.
    Remove all effect.
    I did everything I can do, but cannot solve the problem.
    Could any technical support can help me to figure the problem out?
    I know lots of players has the same problem with the server connection.
  4. Bonjour, 
    Suite au patch de Mercredi L'anti-cheat a décidé de s’affoler pour un RIEN :
    Résultat impossible de jouer au jeux,Crash au lancement etc....
    Après avoir tout tenter pour re-jouer au jeux RIEN ne marche
    _Réparer le jeux
    _Supprimer dossier usercache et cache
    _Recherche de virus
    _Désactiver l'antivirus etc etc
    De plus j'ai pu voir que je n'etais pas le seul dans ce soucis la depuis le dernier Patch :

     Pour le coup je suis vraiment sur les nerfs. 
    Est ce que d'autres personnes ont le même soucis ?
  5. So basically it started from awhile back, after sometime of buying BDO on sale. Now I hate to be another one of 'those people', but it needs to be stated and maybe I can get help. I manage to connect to a server after loading up the game, and not even a few moments in before I can even move it disconnects me and says. "Connection to server has been lost" or something like that. What makes it worse is I can't really move before it disconnects.
    I'm about to rage quit and uninstall this game.
  6. Hi, i need help im downloading the game, and have this error 2001, and i have a 50% of the game downloaded   How i can fix it? ty for ur answer
  7. when i try to acces the ticket system of my account it says it's still logged in with my previously used e-mail account
    (context) I have requested an email change in the past and now when i log in it tries to log into the ticket system with the false e-mail adress
    Any gm please pm for information on the error and screenshots as it contains personal info
  8. Hello,
    I am a new player in BDO and i play since last Monday, i had no problem playing the game but since yesterday (Thursday around 11pm) when i try to login and connect to a channel (whatever channel it may be) i get a "connection to the server has been lost" either when the loading human reaches the end of the loading screen or either when i connect in the game, after 5-10 seconds max.
    I tried deleting the User Cache file, log in in different channels in different times (late yesterday at night when the game is not that crowded) and i still get the same message.
    My internet connection is fine (i use wired connection, not wifi as some other people mentioned that have a problem) and currently i use the same connection with my roommate who connects with no problem in the game from both accounts (tried to login from my account,connected fine, he is playing currently with no problem).
    I thought the Olivia channels may had a problem but this is not the case because wherever i connect, i dc instantly.
    Do you know how i can fix this?
  9. Alright, I've noticed this little thing that's a royal pain in the arse. I like my character to look at the camera for screenshot purposes, but with this I really can't.
    Anyone know how to fix it? I tried on other people's outfits to see if it was just mine, but theirs did it as well. The only time it fixes itself is when you restore to the default model.
    Here's what I'm getting when I try :')

  10. I'm trying to buy some pearls, but everytime I try to purchase Daum cash, I get an error message. (Internal Server Error)
    Is there a way to fix this?
  11. Greetings,
    I started the 7-Day Free Trial today, created my character, and as soon as I tried to login I received an error message that states: "Error while reading files.  On 32bit environment, it could be memory issue".  My friend that is playing with me is having no issues.  I am on a Windows 10, 64bit OS.  I have tried messing with graphic settings, disabling G-Sync, but I cannot figure out how to get past this issue.  I've seen a few others in the forum talking about a similar issue to this, but I didn't see a dedicated thread about it.
    I guess my 7-Day trial will not be going as expected   Not exactly what I had in mind, it's a shame as my friend and I were trying to find a new game to play.  Has anyone found a fix for this yet, or would have an idea?  From my research, some people have had this issue beginning this last patch so I don't think a reinstall would work - I just installed it!

  12. I get an error message saying:
    Error while reading files. On 32bit environment, it could be memory issue. I recently restored my computer, and wiped my drives. And now i've downloaded black desert again. But now this message appears. After I click ok on the message the game closes. I could see that it is running black desert 64bit. And my system is 64 bit. I couldn't find anyone else having the same problem either, so i'm really lost here..

  13. Hi Leute,
    Gestern lief mein Spiel noch prima, doch dann starte ich heute morgen meinen launcher und muss feststellen das er patchen will und nich mal den hintergrund lädt und nach gut 5 sekunden eine Fehlermeldung von Windows kommt das das Programm nicht mehr Funktioniere, also am Speicherplatz kann es bei meinem Setup nicht liegen, ausserdem habe ich keine Fehlermeldung vom Launcher geladen.
    So sieht das ganze dann aus :

  14. Iv done the version.dat delete and repatching this does not last no matter how much i do it.... iv already done it a few times, and no it's not my ram i ran a scan when i got them 3 days ago they were fine, did another one today just to be sure still no errors in ram.... is there some kind of actual fix to this ?
    it is starting to get frustrating ...
    i have a i7-6700k
    16gb ddr4 2133 hyperx black
    strix gtx 970 asus
    ssd corsair 240gb 
    hdd 1tb wd black caviar 
    1gb fiber optics internet connection running at around 900 mb/s - 980 mb/s
    @GM_Huego @GM_Axion @GM_Dew
    iv figured that this is happening when i am switching from Europe to NA
  15. Past 2 days i been having some serious issues with my BDO game, it crashes, becomes un-responsive, players dont show up in game or mini-map when i load in. Re-installed the game and it worked fine, after i logged out and tried logging in just now i had a error code pap.341 and i had looked at older forums but those suggestion didnt do much. I am verifying the game again ang again but nothing is being fixed.

    [02/01/2017::20:40:53]    [MSG] patch action is start.
    [02/01/2017::20:40:53]    [MSG] patch file size 1
    [02/01/2017::20:40:54]    [MSG] internet errror /live001/game/patch/341.PAP(499)
    [02/01/2017::20:40:54]    [MSG] patch file download error. D:\bdo\341.PAP
    [02/01/2017::20:40:55]    [MSG] DaumGame Global Launcher is ended.
  16. So I've recently came back to the game after a few months, And i noticed that whenever I try to go to the cash shop and scroll through the lists. It jitters up and down as I go down. Than after a few seconds of going down the list, it jitters violently, then just dissapears and I can't click anything. 
    Its made the cash shop unusable. I want to buy weight upgrades and some costumes, but I can't because The cash shop lists wont work. This problem persists through every section of the shop. 
    If anyone has any suggestions, or a solution. That would be much appreciated, Thank you. 
  17. Post on Erro 2001 in Technical Issues

    By Eleyx, posted
    As title i try to download the patch of today but i receive "error 2001" and now nothing work....
  18. Hello for some reason recently I tried logging in and connecting to a channel but every time it tells me "now Processing" then it waits for a few minutes and kicks me out saying "Could not connect to server" I was wondering if this is something happening to all black desert people or if its just me ? What should i do ???
  19. So i'm having a big issue with the stupid useless patcher not working at all. and the GM who emails me just copy+pastes their half-assed solution from ALL THE SOLUTION PAGES ON THE WEBSITE COMBINED INTO ONE -----ING POST THAT I LITERALLY STATED THAT I TRIED EVERYTHING. 
    the patcher stops working as it passes the code of blackdesert32.exe 
    if i delete that from the Bin folder the patcher will immediately say something is corrupted at the 174mb mark for this patch 
    Is there ANY solution for this that won't be copy pasted from the front -----ing page of technical problems? 
    this is so -----ing frustrating knowing how long this stupid -----ing problem has been around for and nobody decides to fix it considering how much money people have funneled into this game.
    Edit: i can open both files of 32.exe and 64.exe but they both freeze at the "Kakaogames" screen
    Seriously, why the ----- would you even link this to your technical pages if it doesn't even -----ing work 

  20. Tried to download the patch this morning and keep getting this error. 

  21. I bought the Explorer's package,and I am an european player. Once I want to pick up my bought items along the package, it doesn't allow me to select the European region, but only the North American. 
    I am really anxious about this, and I would like to please know what have you all who have bought the explorer's package have done about this.
    I've sent a ticket, saying that if I cannot get the items promised with my package, I'd like a refund, but I am still scared... Not so used to buying things online ; ; 
    As you can see on the attached files, the europe region is on gray and blocked, so no matter how many times I click on it, it will deny it to me and keep saying I must select a region, being only the North American region available to select.

  22. Greetings, I joined the game yesterday, after some gameplay I noticed that some foliage and ground textures randomly appeared
    on the ground and foliage as I moved around the map, thus causing to shadows flicker as well as textures.
    This is a quite unatmospheric experience... is there any way to fix this issue? I have checked several sites without
    any answer.
    Many thanks in advance!
  23. So yeah i've been able to buy any Daum Cash from the website over the last couple days...i select the amount and how to pay for it and bam.."Sorry. We cannot complete your payment at this time". I've tried every single method of payment and it falls over just as fast with the same error which is looking like it's the site.

    Any idea when this is being fixed?
    Tried multiple Browsers
    Tried all payment methods shown
    Tried on mobile phone with same error


  24. After all night touch and go with the launcher, I was finally able to reinstall the game. But right at the end of the download, the launcher stopped working. No error or anything, it just stopped and I had to close it. Tried 3 more times to open it, all crashes. Restarted the computer, still didn't work. I googled the problem, found some solutions to turning off proxy and LAN. Both didn't work. I feel like I'm doomed at this point. 

    To add on, if the launcher doesn't crash, it says the game is loaded 100% but the log in section is just black. I sent in a ticket, but I'll post it here as well, including the photos. Request #233716.

    Besides what looks to be a copy/paste of the "proxy fix" even though I mentioned already trying it, I haven't received any other notifications. I understand that a lot of people are having problems, I'm just rather frustrated. If anyone else has a fix for this problem, please reply here, as everything I've googled has no solution. 
    Hopefully this can help other people. I was able to get a response that fixed the problem, which was to simply reinstall the launcher. I'll put a photo below for the instructions. 

  25. Dear community,
    Im having a verry disturbing issue...
    For some reason i logged in this morning and i wassent able to zoom in & out on my character. (when i press ctrl i am able to zoom in & out). for some reason i cant zoom in or out of my character anymore. only when i press ctrl. it works. when i go into the store or go f3 i am able to play arround with my character zooming in or out. but the problem is it will not work when im actually in fighting stance or such. and this worked before. i already tried resetting every setting i got. but wont work  
    The only Addon i tried in the past once was a Nude patch (just for fun). but to make sure i restored a backup but still no success. also a friend of mine tried logging in on his account from my computer and everything was just fine on his account. so for some reason something is wrong with my account and im not retarted i know how to reset all of my settings..  even tried every single reset button on the entire interface.. still no success.
    Anyone got any help? 
    P.s Sorry for my bad english im Dutch & still learning english
    Kind regards,