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  1. <VAULT> is currently recruiting active players!
    * Discord is required.
    * Must be active player, 10k guild activity points in 2 weeks is required.
    * Lvl 56 + levels are welcome.

    - Guild Offers -
    * Guild skills (no buff hunters will be invited)
    * Nodewars.
    * Guild Bosses.
    * Guild missions.
    * Non toxic environment for progress.
    Interested? Just PM me here or the leader/officers ingame:
    CADMUS, Alintae, Kitsuma_Chan, Tinalie
  2. Willkommen auf der Gildenrekrutierungsseite der <SadisticCookies>!
    Wir sind eine tiefen-entspannte PvX-Gilde die neue Member sucht und natürlich auch einiges zu bieten hat...
    Was genau wir zu bieten haben, fragst du?
    -- Entspannung Pur --
    Du hast keine Lust nach der Arbeit heim zu kommen, dich ins Spiel einzuloggen und direkt wieder mit Pflichten und Leistungsdruck geplagt zu werden?
    Kein Problem! Die Teilnahme an Gildenquests und Postenkriegen ist freiwillig, und die Gildenbosse beschwören wir einmal pro Woche. Kein Druck, kein Stress, keine Pflichten. Nur entspanntes zocken!
    -- Gildentalente --
    Wir bieten euch eine ganze Fülle an Talenten!
    +5 Präzision, Angriffskraft, Schadensreduktion | +40 Leben | +3 auf deine Fischerstufe | +1 auf deine Sammelstufe | -50% Schaden durch Belagerungswaffen
    -- Teamspeak und Discord --
    Wenn du dich am Abend nett mit anderen unterhalten möchtest, Hilfe brauchst, oder Fragen zum Spiel und anderem hast, versorgen wir dich auch hierbei mit allem, was das Gamerherz begehrt! Wir haben einen Discord-Server für Terminabsprachen, Organisation, Guides, Info-Bots und zum chatten, natürlich aber auch einen eigenen Teamspeak-Server zum Quatschen!
    -- Erfahrung --
    Viele unserer Mitglieder sind alteingesessene Veteranen und spielen schon seid Release! 
    Wir wissen also (meistens), was wir tun und helfen gern jedem der sich mit seinen Fragen an uns wendet. Es ist schließlich noch kein Meister vom Himmel gefallen! 
    -- Geld --
    Je mehr du dich in der Gilde einbringst, desto höher fällt dein tägliches Gehalt aus. Deine Aktivität spiegelt also 1:1 deinen Lohn wieder. Ganz einfach, und fair.
    Was uns von anderen Gilden unterscheidet, willst du wissen? 
    -- Progress-Zwang --
    Uns ist ein entspanntes und spaßiges Miteinander wichtig. Wir schauen dir nicht auf die Finger wie aktiv du levelst, oder fragen dich wöchentlich nach deinem Gear-Score. Eine wöchentliche Aktivität von +10.000 sollte Pflicht sein? Bei allen anderen Gilden mag das so sein, nicht bei uns! Bei uns bringt sich jeder so viel ein, wie er kann und will.
    -- Drama --
    Hast du auch kein Bock auf dieses ständige Gezicke oder das dich jemand anmotzt, weil dir dein echtes Leben wichtiger ist? Nervt es dich auch, wenn dir irgendein dahergelaufener Spinner vorschreiben will, wie du deinen Abend und deine Spielzeit verbringen sollst? Uns auch! Darum überlassen wir Drama und Streit gern den anderen Gilden.
    Das Ganze klingt schon ziemlich gut findest du? Aber da muss doch irgendein Haken sein!
    Natürlich erwarten wir auch ein bisschen was von dir.
    -- Umgangston --
    Wir sind keine aggressiven Spieler und das soll auch so bleiben!
    Egal ob es sich innerhalb unserer Gilde, oder auch außerhalb mit befreundeten oder auch völlig fremden Gilden, abspielt - Geflame, Trollen und Griefen wird bei uns nicht toleriert.
    -- Erwachsenes Verhalten --
    Du solltest über 18 Jahre alt sein! Falls du es nicht auf dem Papier bist, dann wenigstens im Kopf. Wir machen nach einem kleinen Gespräch im Teamspeak gern auch eine Ausnahme. Alter ist zwar nicht alles, da man sich auch mit 60 noch vollkommen daneben benehmen kann, aber eine gewisse Reife sollte da sein, wenn es drauf ankommt. Grundsätzlich albernes, verrücktes, beklopptes und sinnloses Rumalbern im Teamspeak und Chat ist natürlich mehr als nur erlaubt!
    Wann sind die <SadisticCookies> also genau das richtige für dich? 
    Wenn du tolerant gegenüber deinen Mitmenschen bist, Spaß haben willst, eine nette Gilde suchst, aber kein Bock auf Pflichten hast.Wenn du noch recht neu im Spiel bist und dir alles in Ruhe anschauen willst, ohne dass dir der Leistungsdruck nachhängt - oder auch wenn du Anschluss an eine aktive Gemeinschaft suchst.Wenn du ein alter Hase im Spiel bist oder nach einer langen Pause wieder angefangen hast.Wenn du Postenkriege bestreiten willst, aber das in spaßiger und entspannter Atmosphäre tun möchtest - oder dich mit Freunden gemeinsam in der Arena oder an Spots prügeln möchtest.Wenn du nette oder manchmal albern und blödsinnige Gespräche im Teamspeak führen willst.Wenn du bei den Feld- und Weltbossen nicht mehr allein kämpfen möchtest sondern in der Gemeinschaft stark sein willst.Trifft etwas davon auf dich zu? Dann könnten wir genau das richtige für dich sein!
    Du kannst dich gern hier im Forum an uns wenden oder dich Ingame an unsere Offiziere Rianari (Familie Loucao), Kurenai_Chai (Flauga) oder KawaChee (Familie KawaChee) per Whisper oder PN melden. Auch unser Chef Selents (Familie Hillebrand) steht dir gern zur Verfügung.
    Falls du uns ingame anflüsterst denk aber dran, dass wir mit diesen Charakteren nachts und tags zwar erreichbar, aber evtl. afk sein könnten. Schließlich ruft auch manchmal das echte Leben.
  3. The guild Dark_Ember is a newly founded guild for players with experience in the game and who are looking to join a fun pvp/GvG and nodewars focused guild. we also do World bosses and boss scrolls and are planning to do guild bosses later. we useally play on velia 5 so if you want to join us pm Ikimaru or Emusaras. or send me a PM on the forums. (No requirements needed to join)

  4. About us:
    Ruthless was founded June 30, 2010 as a Star Wars: The Old Republic guild. In 2012 it was decided to reform Ruthless into a multi-game community for Swedish players.
    Today Ruthless Gaming Community consist of around 1 000 members that play many different games. Other than playing games together we have several contests, lotterys and IRL events within the community.
    Ruthless BDO:
    We are a Swedish guild that are transforming into a more Node war and PvP oriented state of mind. Our core members have played since head start with a vast knowledge of game mechanics and experience on how to get that silver rolling for gear upgrades. We do Node Wars, RBF, GvG and open world PvP. 
    We are now looking for PvP minded, Swedish players who want to join us in our journey in the Node Wars and Siege Wars scene.
    We have daily summons to Valencia City/Margoria for crate turn-ins.
    Guild buffs:
    We have all appropriate guild buffs for PvP along with several life skill buffs for easier way of life.
    Guild Rules:
    Attendance in Node Wars (Thur and Sun)
    No karma griefing
    PvP oriented
    Level 57+

    Mentor system:
    We also have a mentor system for friends/family of guildmembers that are either new to the game or returning players but share the guilds mindset. With the mentor system, an existing member can take a new recruit "under his/her wings" and vouche that the recruit will be able to reach guild requirements within 14 days.
    For more information, please contact the below in-game, in Discord or on our forum

    IGN: Dakeu, Discord: Ljungen#9806, forum: Ljungen
    IGN: Maesterchaefen, Discord: GuDeeN (Maesterchaefen)#6452
    IGN: Gunte, Discord: Gunte#9572

  5. Hello everyone,
    We are looking for members! Most of us like to take our time and enjoy all aspects of the game. We don't mind helping each other out and enjoy chatting about the most random stuff.
    Of couse we do guild missions now and then, everyone is free to jump in on those or not. So if you're looking for a guild to have a bunch of persons to chat with and ask questions ranging from gathering logs, to horse breeding, to becoming a stronk player it's all fine, Stronk got it all covered.
    Cya around and if you want to know more let me know! 
  6. Hello guys,
    i just installed the game, successfully and the moment i press Play, nothing happens. i tried both Na and Eu servers still i cant play the game. help please

  7. First time submitting an idea here, so here goes.
    Since I started playing the game about a year ago, I have had many and more joyful hours in the virtual realm that is BDO. From slaying dreadful monsters, setting up trading empires, teaming up with friends to take down larger challenges to becoming a potato baron. There is much to praise about the game for sure. But as we all know there are also a lot of things that have major room for improvement.
    Now I understand that a lot of players want a lot of things, and it is impossible to implement every single idea. If not because the idea is not good, then because it requires a lot of programming to combat the current game structure. I would say my request falls in the latter category, yet I think it can be done!
    To get more to the point. Since launch in EU/NA, BDO, and especially the community has changed quite a bit. Servers have been merged, content has been added, people found their place in all of this. And personally I must say a lot of my friends have shifted focus to the NA servers for.. a variety of reasons I will not name here. As much as I would like to follow my online companions in their quest to the new world, I feel bound to my old and trusted EU lands for reasons that I think shouldn't do this. I have spent quite a bit of money on customizing my character with outfits. I have spent countless hours grinding my way up and getting gear as well as that sweet sweet silver. I have build respectable empires of trade and am an employer to many and more Goblins that would be stuck in the gutter if it weren't for me.
    All of this makes moving to another region (NA) and starting over completely very hard. It would be a waste of nearly a year worth of progress, and many euro's of hard earned cash. Not to mention the effects of the aforementioned employee goblins that rely on my trade to sustain their families! What kind of human being would I be if I left them all to their faith?
    So... what is to be done? Give up my dreams of exploring the new world? Let my friends drift off to a vague memory in the back of my mind while I get rooted in the same place? I think not! Another solution rises to the surface, and it is named "Region transfer". Now before my outlandish idea gets shot down, allow me to explain it.

    In its very essence, the idea is for players to have an option to transfer their character to another region (From NA to EU, or EU to NA). And with the character, their energy, contribution, dye's, costumes, and more are transferred along. This way, people can freely (Or for some pearls I suppose) move from one region to another if their friends decide to relocate, or for other reasons. I am certain many players would appreciate this option, and it seems to be a common thing in other MMO's. It would be yet another thing that makes BDO more attractive to the public, a useful feature that satisfies both players, and gives DAUM a reason to steal a few pearls from our pocket (Although free would be even better, although very unlikely!).
    Now I get that this is not something easily done. A few things that immediately spring to mind are issues with transferring account (or server) bound stats. If you move your highest character, then what is the new energy/contribution of your remaining chars based on? Does it all transfer to the new region or not? Questions I can not answer here, and I am sure the team that will eventually have to work on this will flesh out.
    But enough rambling about. I hope this gets a bit of attention.

    A hopeful player.
  8. ChosenOnes are recruiting. We are a smallish guild with currently room for a total of 35 members. In the near future we will start node wars and weekly guild bosses. Weekly we do some scroll runs together and we love to grind together. We have a guildship that we sometimes takes to Port Ratt. Discord is mandatory since we almost never use the ingame guild chat. For mor information, contact me on Dovahkiir (family name Dovkiin). 
  9. Accepting players who are new to BDO, don't know the ropes and need some advice. Would appreciate it if you decided to stay.
  10. Oculus_Imperium a guild focused on community and helping its fellow members, We are looking for people with a strong attitude willing to prevail and make not only themselves but also the guild stronger. This is not a Hardcore guild or casual guild. This is Oculus_Imperium! Join our ranks today!

    Contact GeneralTrue~Gijpie~Sjoks~Lolke~Arbellason93~Zervanic(Sometimes Zervanica) For an invite!


  11. Horizon Of Madness
    Petite guilde récemment créée par un petit groupe d'amis, ambiance et bonne humeur de rigueur. Nous recherchons de nouveaux membres afin d'accroître nos rangs et de développer de nouvelles possibilités.
    C'est une guilde où nous partageons nos connaisances et axée sur l'entraide entre les joueurs. Nous sommes portés autant sur le PvP que sur le PvE et cherchons à explorer toutes les facettes du jeu.
    Nos objectifs et activités : Leveling (au moins pour pouvoir rivaliser avec les autres joueurs en PvP et ne pas se faire litérralement OS par les boss) Farming (World Boss, Field Boss, parchemins, stuff, silver, points de compétences ...) Métiers (solo ou en groupe) PvP sauvage / Arènes Quêtes de guilde / Boss de guilde / Guerres de guilde
    Notre équipement : -Nous avons un Teamspeak à libre disposition des membres de la guilde avec différents canaux adaptés aux possibles envie de chaque personne (canaux généraux, pour farmer en petits groupes, par catégories ...). -
    Nous avons également un site sur lequel est présenté le règlement, ainsi que divers articles qui seront ajoutés au cours du temps.
    Les conditions de recrutement : Pas de pré-requis particulier, juste des gens agréables et ouverts d'esprit. Pas de niveau requis ni de temps de jeu imposé. Pour nous rejoindre ou toute question, n'hésitez pas à m'écrire en jeu ou sur ce post. Espérant vous compter parmi nos rangs.
    Vous pouvez directement mp ou ajouter en ami Hokage ou Pinkow (noms de famille). Merci
    Bon jeu
  12. Who are we and what do we have to offer?
    We are experienced and have knowledgeable members Any question about the game you could ever think of - we have the answer.
    Min/max your food-buffs, elixirs, crystals, enchanting, life skills, grinding, skill combo, skill-addons, gear choice, how to use a cannon, how to use a boat, how to use a cannon and a boat at the same time(10/10 node war strat), anything! everything! anytime! We will help you and if we do not know, we will make an effort to find out!
    Theorycrafting - Ties into the above point - what we do not know, we make an effort to find out. We have dedicated members to play target dummies with you.
    PVP  While our requirement is 350, we assure you will find somebody to learn from and grow along with within our ranks, we simply believe gearscore can be changed, people can not.
    As our ranks grow we will move into node wars and progressively more organised play. We may not be a tier 1 guild, but the knowledge, experience and dedication is in the right place to make it happen.
    GvX 150 kills a day, keeps the karma away
    Guild events We try to do special events as a guild from time to time, if it is arena tournaments, triathlon races, guild quiz, sailing, hunting, quiz-arena-hide’n’seek-T1horserace-triathlon’s or what have you, Get creative!
    And all of the above and below; who we are, our requirements, our rules and what we have to offer, It all ties into our greatest pride:
    Our community
    We are a close community with no borders, here your darkest humour and the least politically correct of your statements are both welcome
    and outdone. We banter and laugh with(at) each other, we disagree and make up, talk long into the night as we share our experiences and
    obtained wisdom, be it from age or from tough or idyllic patches in life. We care about our community, the people in it and it’s integrity. The
    people here go out of their way for each other and will receive you with open arms.
    We bind ourselves to a very reasonable ruleset that ensures everybody being treated the same and that nobody gets special treatment. We
    prioritize preserving a mature, fair and fun competitive experience.
    With honor and justice in mind, we build a community for our members to grow and prosper both socially and in the game.
    Always be kind and courteous.
    Be the principle you judge others by.
    We are DarX. We welcome you.
    -lv57,350+ ap/dp Any lower and you would be of no use - we’re not that casual.
    -Discord This is our bread and butter - our rice
    -English DO YOU SPEAK IT?
    -14d trial We would like to know you before you become an official member
    Rules summary:
    -Karmagriefing We would like to see this behaviour eradicated.
    -Strike-system Every time you break a rule, you get a strike. 3 Strikes you’re out. More details in the official rules.
    -Alliance/Merge DarX is here to stay, we will protect our community and it’s integrity.
    -Guild quests/ Activity/ Attendance There is no set requirement for participation, completion or attendance. But we will kick freeloaders.
    -Vacations/Absence When you go away; tell an officer when and how long you are away, otherwise 7d inactive = kick.
    -The ruleset It is the member’s duty to make the rules known to themselves after joining.
    DarX is looking for you! Are you interested?



    Visit us on tridentoutfit.com

  14. Varshen is a (semi) casual guild that is currently recruiting!
    Varshen is a guild that is open to all players! New players, returning players, veterans, you name it! We have no gear requirements, we have no skill requirements (if we did, they'd have usurped me ages ago, I'm terrible at this game). All that we ask of applicants is that they're friendly, social and active!
    We at Varshen believe that though PvP is a big part of this game, it is important to respect other players and never play in such away that takes away from the enjoyment of others. We strive to be a friendly community both on in the inside and outwardly. 
    What activities do we offer?
    A great question, my dear Watson!
    We do nodewars twice a week (sometimes even thrice, when we're on a losing streak). We aren't the strongest, we aren't the most organized, but we strive to have as much fun as possible, and allow even the newest players to join in!
    We regularly, often at least once a week go on Hunting trips with the guild (and sometimes even friends from outside the guild), to hunt Khalk, Whales or other fun stuff. I am personally very proud that (at the moment of this writing) Varshen is the number one hunting guild on the EU server!
    Once a week we do Guild Scroll Bosses. This activity might be more interesting for the newer players than for the others, but it's fun to have a bunch of us in one place, and mabye even earn a liverto or two on the way.
    Since the Margoria expansion is now live (it's a good one) we also plan to regularly go and kill sea monsters. On the glorious battleship lovingly named Megumin and some smaller boats besides it we travel the open seas with a big group of players, giving everyone a turn to shoot some cannonballs at big scary fish (and an alarming amount of ghost ships, seriously, that shit's scary).
    Of course we do much more on top of that, but I could ramble for hours and hours here and bore you all to death (It's one of the few things I'm really good at). If you are interested in joining Varshen, we are currently recruiting, though spots are limited as per usual. You can apply over at our website ( www.varshen.com ) or send me a message here, on discord or ingame ( Character name Liari ) with any questions you have!
    Thank you for taking the time to read this post, and see you all ingame soon!
    Edit: Recruitment is currently open again! though spots are still very much limited!
  15. Rocinante is a semi-casual, social, PvX guild from the Jordine headstart, as such we are currently in the top 25 and have most guild skills unlocked.
    Who do we look for? Mature, social and cool people; the experience, level and gear don't matter as long as you're willing to contribute to the guild's growth.
    What do we offer? All of the combat and life skill buffs, 2 or more small scale wars every week, 3 daily exp buffs, Valencian CtG for your trading needs, Margoria monster hunting groups, a rewarding salary for those willing to put effort in their activity and payouts when possible. Discord server full of waifu pics helpful guides and totally normal adults.
    What do we ask for? Participation to 2 node wars or 1 hunting trip a month. People working on their quest activity instead will be able to skip those after a certain threshold.
    For more information, contact us at:
  16. <Enemy>
    About us:
    We are a highly organized hardcore Sieging & PvP guild with a competitive mindset who focus on striving to be the best in all areas of PvP and are constantly looking to improve ourselves. Most of our core members have been playing since launch and have immense knowledge and experience with the game.
    PvP, in any form, is and always be the main focus of this guild. We do Nodewars/Sieges, Duels, Red Battlefield, Open-world PvP, GvG’s, tournaments, and in future content also ranked arenas. We have an extremely active and drama-free community, both in-game and on our Discord.
    We don’t do alliances, we believe success should be worked towards together by improving ourselves and not by relying on the help of others guilds.
    Guild Rules:
    - High attendance in Node/Siege wars is required
    - Have fun and respect each other
    - Under no circumstances do we allow karma griefing
    - Being experienced and skilled at playing your class
    - Being an active player who can have high nodewar- and siege attendance
    - Having competitive gear for high-end PvP
    - Willingness to improve both skill- and gear-wise
    - Being able to listen and follow orders on Teamspeak and/or Discord during organized PvP
    How to apply:
    Contact any of the below in-game or preferably on Discord:
    IGN: Zorlak, Discord: Zorlak#4426
    IGN: Reespo, Discord: Reespo#8465
    Expect to have to provide a screenshot of your gear and to have a trial fight in an arena.

    21-01-2017 Serendia siege winner
    11-02-2017 Calpheon siege winner (vs Oldskool)
    18-02-2017 Calpheon siege winner (vs Millennium + Sfora, Encore)
    25-02-2017 Calpheon siege winner (vs Sovereign, Ember)
    04-03-2017 Calpheon siege winner (vs Sovereign)
  17. Accepting players who are new to BDO, don't know the ropes and need some advice. Would appreciate it if you decided to stay.
  18. Hello BDO Community,
    I want to buy the Trumpet Creeper Costume for Maehwa, but I cant find on in the Market. I buy both variation just the "Costume Set" or the entire "Bundle" which include the weapons.
    I pay 25kk, but we can talk about the price. I play on the EU server.
    If you are interested send me a mail or write a comment  
    Kind regards Yasukami Rosakiri
    Glad you stepped by to learn more about us or just to kill your curiousity of who we are. 
    Easely said, we are a bunch of people who found eachother and share the same thoughts of the game. That a game has to be fun, no drama or rushing or nagging that your way of gaming isnt the "twue way" and that you should learn it the "right way", ofc. We are playing our game, each does it differently and its totally fine to do so. Also, our general age is a little higher then with other Guilds maybe, but thats only good. For we know there is an life also outside the game and that one, does not turn off!
    <Hooters> is a Extra large Guild, we go more after quality rather then quantity. Not saying that more members is bad, but for us its nice to have time to get to know eachother. It makes playing the game much more fun, for all of us. We are always recruiting, but you wont see us spamming the channels for members. Our method is more of an ninja-way. More smoother and not so, "out there". Sure we do advertise too, but as said, not as much as others do. The members of <Hooters> are coming from several places, England, Poland, Netherlands, Sweden, Finland and so on. I am sure I missed someone, they might force me to add their country later on, so come back again if you want to know more about heritage 
    As Guild we try to do as much as possible together. 
    Scrolls and bosses. Grinding together and exploring together, Guild Missions... The exchange of knowledge within the Guild is sometimes awesomely overwhelming, plus everyone is really friendly and helpful to anyone else. Several times we had newbies to the game joining and they were amazed by the helpfullness and friendlyness by the others. But, well, what can I say .. Thats how we roll ..
    We use Discord, but not frequently. some of us still havent even log onto it yet. As said before, everyone is entitled and accepted by playing their game. We do not force anyone to play it differently, only because we want it that way. Nice having all to talk to, but its also fine to use the channel if you want. Also, despite our old Thread in this forum, we do not only looking for female avatars wit the biggest breasts. It was an joke that was funny in the beginning, but now is long obsolete. Unfortunally our old Leader is no more part of the game, so it cannot be undone. So forgive us for that and turn to this one instead. hopefully this does mirror more who we are and what we are going for.
    Anyone is welcome, no matter gender, weight, color or level. no one cares if you are newbie in the game or already know what to do at all times. Sure, we would like to have more lvl55, but then again, every lower level is actually leveling towards it, so all is fine. What we also do not care about is what character/class you play. Or how many, everyone is always welcome. And as Guild we are quite Laid back and easygoing. Our humor can be, concerning sometimes, but thats part of being a <Hooters>. You are a wierd bird then ..
    So, if you got to here, then you must have an interest in us or you just have no life and its maintainance day and the game is down .....
    Would you want to know more, come talk to us or check also our our Website. or Hooters Discord Channel
    If it all sounds interesting, let us know here or contact one of us InGame!
    Officers to get in contact with:
    Grindie Grindtegel              Calithileth Cuethiel               Charran Gogos               Meatgrinder Wormridden               Ginya Nipshu          Ksa666 Ksa666
    Usedname Grindtegel        Zinna Cuethiel                     Chawit Gogos                  Boltthrower Wormridden
    Channel that is our home and you have most chance to get in contact in game...
    Hooters Discord Channel
  20. Also are the servers with the same name but a different numbers just more instances of the same server?
    Can those play with each other?
    And is it possible to transfer through servers?
  21. Hello EU community,
    As a matter of fact, I was playing BDO Ru a lot, because I started to face the fact that Baltic states are unable to play on english server,
    I was always hoping that ''please be part of eu licensing sooner''.
    Today, I tried to login to do my daily routine of spinning through Gahaz bandits in Valencia,
    And what I discovered?
    ''IP of your country has been blocked''
    and first thing I instantly checked when I saw that was, blackdesertonline.com shop page no longer displayed that notification, that I now have on RU server instead.
    So my actual question,
    Is this actually true? Is it official, since I cant find any notice.
    P.S. While this is great and all to be finally play in EU server, to be able to understand everything and communicate...such a shame I lost a lot of investment in RU server.
    EDIT: Nvm, it appears that after further inspection, my IP address by internet providers has changed its location from Latvia to Germany for some reason.
    I had a feeling being able to play on EU, was too fishy to be true.
  22. <Nephilims> est une guilde francophone orienté PvP/GvG avec des membres de +18ans.

    Nous effectuons régulièrement des guerres de nodes, du PvP sauvage, ainsi que des sessions en arène ! (Entrainement, tournois, fun.)
    Il est normal chez nous d'être en guerre ! Celles ci nous servent : d'entrainement, prise de grind spot et de divertissement.

    L'ambiance de guilde est primordial chez nous, c'est pourquoi le trash talk n'est pas toléré ! Nous ne posons aucune obligation, vous avez le droit de vivre, cependant le Vocal (Discord) est demandé !(c'est plus sympa, et pratique)

    Le but de la guilde est de former un groupe soudé et performant en PvP HL, quitte a être moins nombreux. Être moins, faire plus !

    N'ayez pas peur cependant, nous aidons nos membres a évoluer sur le stuff et sur le skill, a condition de montrer une bonne volonté .

    Si vous êtes intéressé contactez Lavii, Beflomouth ou Myrniel en jeu !

    Lien : https://www.twitch.tv/beflomout                                                                                                                  

    Ci dessous des Précisions de la part de Myrniel :                                                                                                                       
    "Quelques précisions sur notre organisation/fonctionnement interne pour toi, futur membre :
    - Nous ambitionnons le High Level, cela veut dire que nous avons des objectifs qui y correspondent. Cependant, pas de panique, nous aidons les membres à évoluer à leur rythme, à aider selon leur capacité/possibilité. Seulement, si pour toi taper du Low Stuff c'est tout ce qui t'intéresse, tu peux passer ton chemin. Perdre de temps à autre fait aussi parti de l'apprentissage. A vaincre sans péril, on triomphe sans gloire. Ce sont peut-être de belles paroles mais elles représentent bien notre état d'esprit.
    - Pas de bullshit maître de classe ou autre spécialiste du genre, nous sommes tous capable d'aider/conseiller selon le niveau de chacun. Nous sommes ouvert à la discussion, au débat, et surtout aux sessions de training en arène. Et oui, discuter c'est bien beau mais tester et comprendre sur le terrain c'est mieux !
    - Notre plaisir de jeu n'est pas freiné par le PvP, au contraire, c'est ce qui nous rassemble. Maintenant on ne vous empêche pas de faire vos activités dans votre coin, mais sachez qu'elles seront secondaire en cas de conflit. On ne supprimera pas de véritables guerres pour simplement vous permettre de faire votre petite routine tranquillement. Toute guerre est un lieu privilégié pour s'entrainer et progresser soi-même, et dans le pire des cas il faut savoir demander de l'aide ou s'avouer vaincu le cas échéant.
    - Dans ce sens, si vous souhaitez prendre le temps de grandir pour être efficace plus tard, n'oubliez pas que nous avons quelques protections à distribuer. Cela parait simple mais on l'oublie facilement.
    - Pour toute demande particulière, nous sommes quelques officiers à être disponible, le plus souvent possible. Pas de spécialisation là encore, nous sommes tous capable de répondre aux demandes de chacun. Devoir attendre 2 jours que l'officier en question s’intéresse à votre cas n'est pas l'idéal vous en conviendrez. Nous sommes peu mais efficace, être officier n'est ni un privilège ni n'engendre un respect plus grand que pour un membre normal. Nous sommes juste là pour aider au mieux nos membres. Le respect ne s'impose pas, il se mérite.
    - En ce sens, lors de conflits de grande envergure, nous avons nos leaders pour une organisation optimale. Pas d'assistanat cependant, ils ne sont pas là pour vous dire à quel moment utiliser quel sort. Des ordres simples et clairs et la responsabilité de chacun pour une plus grande efficacité.
    - Pour tout ça, nous avons notre Discord. Beaucoup d'informations y circulent et comme l'a dit Beflo en introduction, l'avoir et le consulter de temps à autre est obligatoire, y rester constamment ne l'est pas. Simplement, vous verrez que l'ambiance et toujours plus conviviale dans la guilde si chacun a prit le temps de se connaitre en vocal.
    - Pour terminer, et pour contribuer au côté vivant de la guilde, nous organisons des évènements de temps à autres. Du plus créatif au plus simple, toute idée et bonne à prendre et nous essayerons de l'organiser si elle plait au plus grand nombre. Mais sachez que nous avons plusieurs "évènements permanents" !
    Pour toute information supplémentaire, et si j'ai réussit à piquer votre curiosité, n’hésitez pas à au moins nous contacter. On ne mord pas, du moins à partir du moment où notre interlocuteur a fait l'effort d'un message intelligible."