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  1. Good afternoon, I've been trying to buy liverto for pre-buy and there's no way I've even tried to put a different amount to see what it puts me and says I do not get the money (logico when you put 11 liverdos xD) so I put it back One single and that message that you can see in the image I closed the game and try again and there is no way, I sold my liverto the sorcerer to buy the dark knight class, can help me or if they know if it is something of The options (I have not touched anything but if there is something I should tell me please) came very excited to try the class after being without internet 1 week (worse than the dependence of smoking D;) and it seems that I have bad luck now with the Marketplace TT
    thanks in advance, sorry my English'm still learning and I need a translator for some phrases  ^_^u
    PD: The marketplacer npc stayed the same as me with the message xDDD
    Close the post already solved sorry for the inconvenience and thanks alike cya! ^^
  2. I started playing in EU server, because of the language chat filter, thinking now I don't have to deal with all players just spamming the chat with their own language instead using the holy united language called english. Of course I didn't take account that the most annoying language off all would not have it's own filter. So please put a filter for spanish in chat, because their spam just buries everything else under it. I think that would make everyone happy.
  3. Hi Community,
    ich möchte jetzt nicht rumpöbeln, aber mir ist aufgefallen, dass ich mit meinem ersten Account, spricht Main-Account gar nicht in den Channel von EU_Olivia1-4 beitreten kann weiß nicht warum. Mit meinem 2ten Account kann ich das allerdings tun und das problemlos, ob Voll oder Mittel das geht immer. Wovon kommt das, wisst ihr was darüber?

    <Swift> is a relaxed and friendly PvE guild on the EU server. We aim to create a fun, mature environment where members can enjoy the game at their own pace. We do daily missions and currently have Fishing +3, Gathering +3, Accuracy +5, AP +5 and Hp +40, Damage Reduction +1. We also do weekly scroll runs, awakening and regular. We're a PvE focused guild looking for people who enjoy this side of the game. We don't take part in node wars or any PvP activities so if that's something that interests you we may not be the right fit for you
    Whether you're into life skills or love to grind, or both, it's all good by us, everyone is welcome.
    Age requirement is 25+, we welcome players of all levels, a lot of us have played BDO since launch so have experience/knowledge of the game and are more than happy to help newer players out. Having active members is really important to us, that being said we don't expect you to be online 24/7, we understand that RL comes first!
    So if you're up for a bit of friendly banter and don't take yourself or the game too seriously, why not give us a shout? Feel free to pm me or one of our officers anytime and we can give you all the information you need, you'll usually find us hanging about on Balenos 6. Alternatively you can go to our website at www.swiftguild.shivtr.com and fill out the application there..oh, and we have discord too
    Here's your go-to people if you want to get in touch:
    GM - Lapowinsa
    Officers - Tilia_Cordata, Pajia, Promethius
    Hope to hear from you soon!
  5. <Enemy>
    About us:
    We are a highly organized hardcore Sieging & PvP guild with a competitive mindset who focus on striving to be the best in all areas of PvP and are constantly looking to improve ourselves. Most of our core members have been playing since launch and have immense knowledge and experience with the game.
    PvP, in any form, is and always be the main focus of this guild. We do Nodewars/Sieges, Duels, Red Battlefield, Open-world PvP, GvG’s, tournaments, and in future content also ranked arenas. We have an extremely active and drama-free community, both in-game and on our Discord.
    We don’t do alliances, we believe success should be worked towards together by improving ourselves and not by relying on the help of others guilds.
    Guild Rules:
    - High attendance in Node/Siege wars is required
    - Have fun and respect each other
    - Under no circumstances do we allow karma griefing
    - Being experienced and skilled at playing your class
    - Being an active player who can have high nodewar- and siege attendance
    - Having competitive gear for high-end PvP
    - Willingness to improve both skill- and gear-wise
    - Being able to listen and follow orders on Teamspeak and/or Discord during organized PvP
    How to apply:
    Contact any of the below in-game or preferably on Discord:
    IGN: Zorlak, Discord: Zorlak#4426
    IGN: Reespo, Discord: Reespo#8465
    Expect to have to provide a screenshot of your gear and to have a trial fight in an arena.

    21-01-2017 Serendia siege winner
    11-02-2017 Calpheon siege winner (vs Oldskool)
    18-02-2017 Calpheon siege winner (vs Millennium + Sfora, Encore)
    25-02-2017 Calpheon siege winner (vs Sovereign, Ember)
    04-03-2017 Calpheon siege winner (vs Sovereign)
  6. I bought the Explorer's package,and I am an european player. Once I want to pick up my bought items along the package, it doesn't allow me to select the European region, but only the North American. 
    I am really anxious about this, and I would like to please know what have you all who have bought the explorer's package have done about this.
    I've sent a ticket, saying that if I cannot get the items promised with my package, I'd like a refund, but I am still scared... Not so used to buying things online ; ; 
    As you can see on the attached files, the europe region is on gray and blocked, so no matter how many times I click on it, it will deny it to me and keep saying I must select a region, being only the North American region available to select.

  7. #Annonce officielle
    Mise à jour 28/10/2016 :
    ► Ce topic est maintenant obsolète ~ Car j'ai intégré 99% du projet de ma guilde [Sidonia] (+Stratégique, +RP, ...) dans la guilde [Tantalas].
    ► Nouvelle présentation de [Tantalas] ici : http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/61135-guilde-tantalas/ 
    Cordialement, ♣ Lenouw, Officier supérieur [Tantalas].
    Miaw !
  8. Hello,
    i got this problem:
    If i start my game, i just see the Daum Europe Logo, then it fades into black, after that nothing appears. I heard of some people talking about the next screen, and other people say you just have to wait a couple of minutes. But for me its another issue, i dont really know what it is.
    I got a i7-5550U and a GeForce 840m. I got the game running with starting the game on the intel gpu-chip, but with that i got low fps.
    I want to play the game, but it wont work.
    Drivers are all updated.
    Any kinds of fixes or something?

  9. About Us:
    Excessum is International Multi-Gaming Community. Our player base consists out of hardcore veterans that played with us since 2002 and new members that we recruited since then. Since then we gained countless achievements in pretty much every major mmorpg since. That gives us a varied group with massive experience in mmorpg gaming. Most of us are friends and like minded individuals, that value good fun and enjoys challenges together.
    Recruitment Status:
    Currently recruiting new members located in all regions to build upon our core of members from those area's for our 24/7 presence in Black Desert Online.
    Recruits we are looking for should participate in guild groups, Guild vs Guild or any other organized activities and be available on Discord if needed, aim to be best at what they do. Voice communication is fundamental for successful guild and community, that's why its mandatory for official guild groups for our members.Mature PvP Mindset is Required.
     Guild Address: http://www.excessum-gaming.com
     Guild Name: Excessum Server: Jordine Channel: Serendia J1 Guild Leader: Frexie FrexarianGuild Officers: Shiju, Akashiri, Cerynthia, Aileath, Sabiana, Khaox, Stoneay, Khebeln, RootzNon Aggression Pact: Impact, Restart, Razors, Varshen, ChaosVanguardGuild Main Focus: - PvP: Hardcore to semi-hardcore. Sieges & GvG. Gankage Groups. PK. PvP Events. Arena Training.- PvE: Hardcore to semi-hardcore. Grind Groups, Bosses, Crafting, Fishing, Guild QuestsGuild Requirements: - Apply at www.excessum-gaming.com/recruitment - Minimum of 55+ Level 5 Stat Accesories- High Daily Activity - Organized, Relaxed & Drama Free Attitude - 3d+ w/o proper note at #absence-notification = Your spot becomes open for new members      Excessum Community Social Media Sites
    WebsiteForumsFacebook Public GroupYouTube ChannelTwitch ChannelSteam GroupCommunity Gallery 
    Welcome and thank you for considering to join Excessum! We are a quality guild and require high standards from all of our members. Therefore we have a strict recruiting policy in order to create a first barrier our new potential members will have to overcome. Before applying, please read this post carefully, because it might just be the difference between getting accepted or getting rejected.
    - You behave in a mature and respectful manner. Not just to your guild members, but also to non-guild members.
    - You are pro-active, eager to participate on the forums and in voice chat and eager to discuss game mechanics.
    - You are a team player, placing the needs and goals of the guild before your own.
    - You do not easily get frustrated. We do not want our guild members to start crying if they get ganked 10 times in a row or if we wipe 10 times in a row on a raid boss.
    - You are reliable. Coming half an hour late for a raid, because your mother planned dinner at the time we planned to start the raid is not a good reason.
    - You have at least some interest in both the PvE and PvP aspects of the game.
    If you just read these traits and feel there is 1 or more with which you cannot identify yourself, please reconsider applying to this guild. It might save us both a lot of time.

    1. Discord-Voip - A working microphone is recommended & a copy of Discord is mandatory to be installed & ready to use by all members higher than Trial & Social member. Only exception to that are hearing-speech impaired members. While participating in any official guild party or raid the ability to communicate is mandatory. Its highly encouraged to use discord outside off the official groups & raids. Our community is voice oriented one so be aware of that.
    2. Recruitment - New members are in a trial period, during this period officers will decide if the recruit is of Excessum standards. This only applies if its in game recruitment. Pre launch recruitment trial can last as long as its necessary until we will know you.
    3. Disruptive Behavior - An excessive amount of complaining, non-constructive criticism, racism, arguing within the guild, etc., will result in removal from the guild. This does not mean that members can never complain, criticize or argue. The keyword here is "excessive", meaning that it reaches the point where it affects guild cohesiveness.
    4. Quality Players - Our community have standards of quality play that we intend to maintain. If any guild member is found to be extremely lacking in their skills and will to learn, they may be voted on by the Officers for removal from the guild. The important phrase here is "extremely lacking."
    5. No Cliques - We will not allow special cliques to form within the guild. Everyone in the guild should get to know all of the other guild members, and be equally helpful to all of them. For balanced grouping purposes, the Officers may have to adjust party or raids so that all guild members get a fair group when they play.
    6. No Idiotic Public Posts - If you want to act like a fool, we have private boards or discord for you to do that. Don't post on public forums & chats about the guild, how bad *** you are, or how we were foolish enough to add or kick you.
    7. Respect Your Guild Members -
    You are required to treat other members of the guild with respect. How you actually feel about them is not relevant, but your behavior is. Feel free to interact with anyone outside of the guild however you like, as long as it doesn't violate any of the guild rules.
    8. Forums & Website - All members are required to visit website regularly and be acquainted with all the necessary information that is placed in in the Guild sections of the games they are playing.
    9. In-Game botting - Members involved in use of any bot programs will be removed from the guild. If we find any evidence that you are involved, there will be no mercy!
    10. Absence - If you are going away for a long period of time and you don't want to removed from the in game guild after two weeks of being inactive, you need to inform us about that in the absence forum using template provided there. Browser games are exception, look for details in their forum sections.

    There are certain attributes that Excessum members must have, these are the following
    Skill: Members are expected to actively improve their skill and experience, this includes knowledge of every factor of your chosen class, knowledge of the surroundings, tactical awareness and your reaction time.
    Determination: Members are expected to have the stamina to reach the goals set by the guild if they are participating in any group activities. Whenever a member's army get wiped out, they are expected to get back up ready to fight, ready to win!
    Dedication: Our goal is to achieve top end game results and and promote dynamic community interactions. To participate within the ranks of the guild there is the expectation that you have dedication to the cause. Activity on the forums / voice / text chat comes and in game are all expected.
    Attitude: Members are expected to posses certain attitude traits. These include such things as the ability to take criticism, ability to work as part of a team and take initiative in community related activities.
    Maturity: Good communities are founded on maturity, tolerance and reasonable respect. By this we mean that you possess the ability to judge and apply your actions correctly depending on the situation and avoid conflicts and drama. You possess balanced and tolerant personality.
  10. Hello guys,
    I just registered within the Community Forums in order to ask few things:
    1) I can see, that the game is now Orderable, but if I buy it now, can I play it right away?
    2) Is it possible to buy the Traveler's Package at first and then buy the Explorer's Package later?
    3) If the game is now playable (EU Servers) and I buy it - how it can be downloaded?
    Thanks in advance!
  11. Hello!
    After contacting your costumer support about two weeks ago and then being redirected to another department I have yet to get a response from, I'll ask again here for some help.
    I understand that I made a mistake when I first started out playing this game, but I am an active player that have put quite a bit of cash into my account and I hope that I can get some assistance in my issue.
    So when I started out playing Black Desert Online about a week after launch, I downloaded the client and began playing. I grinded my way to 50 on a warrior, and I bought both pets and a costume for him. I joined a guild late, and began playing with them. At this point I was under the impression that I was playing in Europe (I shut off channel chat because of all the bots and arguing players early on). After playing with the guys in my guild for a while, it came to my attention that I was playing on North American servers. I didnt realize why my PvP-life wasn't going as I hoped and I found out that I had roughly 175-200 ping. I played up another character after this point, thinking that they hadn't released the game in Europe yet - but then I found out I could change through the cogwheel on the client. Testing it out on Europe, I found that I had 20 ping and my game experience increased in value. 
    My issue though, is that I have invested a lot of money into my characters on NA, as well as time. When I spoke to a GM, he wasn't too interested in hearing my plea and turned me down without really showing interest in my dilemma. I want to support this game, and I want to see it succeed for sure - that's why I still invest my money in the Pearl Store on EU having changed over.
    I have about 3000 unused pearls in NA at this moment in time, as well as multiple pets, costumes and inventory space/weight unlocked. I understand that it will be difficult to move my characters from NA to Europe, and I understand that I might not get my costumes refunded or moved either. While I don't love that, I'm fine with it if I can at least get something with me. At the very least my unused pearls.
    I really hope that this message isn't also ignored like my last e-mail.
    I would also like to thank you guys for the amazing job you are doing with this game, and I hope to be an active player throughout it's lifespan. Thank you in advance.
  12. Please don't perform the Regular Maintenance on Europe Servers in the morning. I don't want any compensation, I only want to play the game. You can find any solution to this, I am sure.
    Best regards from Spain!
  13.  Loyauté, Force, Respect, Esprit d'équipe 



    Si vous êtes ici, c'est pour vous renseigner sur notre guilde [Tantalas] sur Black Desert Online.

    Elle a été créée dès les débuts du jeu en Europe (01/03/2016) et a pour vocation de découvrir tous les aspects du jeu et de s'y renforcer dedans. Des bonus de guildes adaptés à tous ses besoins sont disponibles (bonus de récolte/pêche, bonus de PA/précision/PV/défense/...).

    Nous sommes Semi-Casual/Semi-Hardcore, vous pouvez venir explorer le jeu avec nous à votre rythme et vous investir dans notre guilde petit à petit.

    Nous souhaitons avoir des membres unis qui profitent d'une entraide partagée et des évènements quotidiens dans notre guilde.
    Nous avons également quelques membres sur un autre MMO Star Citizen.


    Appartenez au groupe de votre choix !
    Par la suite, vous pourrez changer de groupe à condition de prévenir suffisamment à l'avance le(s) dirigeant(s) de votre "groupe" actuel. "La Légion des Loups"Conquête Prise de géo-point/Territoire avec une ambiance sauvage/prise de risque et opportuniste !Nous rejoindre ?◈ Ce groupe aura des équipes qui seront organisées en fonction du level/stuff de nos membres, ainsi que par maîtrise de leur classe.◈ Tout le monde peut se montrer utile sur une conquête, les + faibles level/stuff pourront très bien participer à la défense en prenant place dans les engins de siège ou à l'attaque dans l'éléphant.◈ Nos objectifs : Défendre notre forteresse et détruire les forteresses ennemis.◈ Prérequis : Il est judicieux de venir avec des PIERRES POLIES, ces dernières servant à réparer la géo-forteresse.► Participation si vous avez envie d'aider votre guilde et si vous êtes au minimum niveau 50.
    ► Néanmoins, il est conseillé de viser niveau 56/59 et un stuff avec (PA-Arme-normale+PD)=420 ou/et {PA-Awakening+PD}=420.
    ► Nos activités du moment seront planifiées sur notre canal Discord #bdo_activites !
    ♦ Dirigé par le ♛ Maître de Guilde DjidaneJex et les Officiers subalternes RoyGrifter + Hasenko. "Les Loups Masqués"Conquête Prise de géo-point/Territoire avec une stratégique plus "chirurgicales" !Rejoindre "Les Loups Masqués" ?♖ C'est faire partie d'un groupe spécial, qui ne sera pas géré comme "La Légion des Loups", mais organisé avec des équipes en fonction de la classe de nos personnages.♖ J'ai imaginé une organisation d'équipes pour pouvoir faire de petites actions précises, dites "chirurgicales", car c'est plus judicieux pour réussir nos objectifs !♖ Toutes nos équipes auront un rôle bien défini au départ : Un ordre de mission et dans certains cas un membre pourra avoir une mission individuelle.♖ Enfin, il est important d'indiquer que ces équipes seront inefficaces en "statique", elles ne sont donc pas prévues en défense, c'est-à-dire qu'elles devront toujours faire des actions éclaires et changer de secteur le plus vite possible.♖ Nos objectifs : Faire des assassinats "chirurgicales", désorienter nos ennemis et si besoin, venir en aide à "La Légion des Loups".♖ Prérequis : Il faudra apporter certaines drogues dans votre inventaire (lire la présentation d'activité sur notre canal Discord #bdo_activites).► Participation si vous êtes motivé par ce genre d'ambiance et si vous êtes au minimum niveau 57.
    ► Néanmoins, il est conseillé de viser niveau 58/59 et un stuff avec (PA-Arme-normale+PD)=450 ou/et {PA-Awakening+PD}=450.
    ► Nos activités du moment seront planifiées sur notre canal Discord #bdo_activites !
    ♦ Dirigé par le ♣ Second de Guilde Lenouw.    

    Autres activités
    Qui concernent tous les membres !
    "Évènements"Craft de guilde dans notre maison de guilde.Quête Récolte/Commerce/Combat/Boss de guilde.Chasse à la baleine.Parchemins en équipe.Exp en équipe.Exploration des continents et des îles !Rôle Play seulement pour ceux qui veulent en faire.Évènement particulier avec une ambiance étrange et.. Wait! Que fait ce cheval ici !?Guerre/PvP avec une ambiance sauvage.Arène PvP avec une ambiance challenge.TPS Platine PvP avec une ambiance fun/WTF et complètement renversant !► Participation fortement recommandée quel que soit votre niveau.► Nos activités du moment seront planifiées en vocal ou sur notre canal Discord #bdo_activites !
    ♦ Dirigé par les Officiers supérieurs et les Officiers subalternes.


    Officiers supérieurs :♛ Maître de Guilde : DjidaneJex
    Même rôle qu'un Officier subalterne + Dirige la guilde, prend les décisions importantes et peut diriger une division entière (composée de plusieurs équipes) avec laquelle il peut créer ses propres missions.
     ♣ Second de Guilde : Lenouw
    Même rôle qu'un Officier subalterne + Favorise l'image de la guilde, prend certaines décisions et peut diriger une division entière (composée de plusieurs équipes) avec laquelle il peut créer ses propres missions.
     Officiers subalternes :★ Officier : RoyGrifter / Hasenko / Zozuf / Yukoshi / Baleck / Hijikatame / Riyuu
    Même rôle qu'un Sous-officier + Fait respecter les règles, peut recruter ou exclure un joueur, peut faire de la diplomatie avec d'autres guildes, organise des activités dans notre guilde et peut diriger une équipe.
    Sous-officiers :♞ Quartier-maître :
    Membre fidèle et dévoué pour notre guilde Tantalas. Peut acheter des fortifications et recharger les munitions des armes de siège.

    Nos recruteurs Nom-de-Famille-IG (Pseudo-Principal-IG)
    ♛ DjidaneJex (Daeriss), ♣ Lenouw (NekoHajime), ★ Hasenko (Keroknesah).

    Nos membres actuels/souhaités
    26 / 40+

    Nos points

    Nos fonds
    1 000 000 000 > Le milliard !

    Nos montures
    1 Éléphant de Guilde2 Galères de Guilde > Première Galère française sur le serveur [EU], le 27/01/2017 !

    Nos compétences
    Précisions +4PA +4PV +60Réduction des dégâts +3Niveau de récolte +1Niveau de pêche +1Résistance aux dégâts d'arme de siège +10%Éléphant lvl 2Chantier naval 

    Nos alliances

    Nous recrutons de préférence niveau 50 ou plus.Mais des exceptions peuvent être faites, si vous vous impliquez dans le jeu pour vous investir dans notre guilde et monter au plus vite votre niveau pour pouvoir participer à toutes nos activités (niveau 50 au minimum).Le recrutement se fait via notre Discord, en vocal.Avoir 16 ans ou plus.À savoir : Nous avons tous les âges dans notre guilde, aussi bien vers +-20 ans que vers +-30 ans !S'inscrire sur notre forum et sur notre serveur vocal/textuel Discord (Micro fortement conseillé).Forum : Inscrivez-vous ici.
    Discord : Allez voir comment faire ci-dessous.Vous serez recruté avec un contrat de 7 jours (Salaire : 7k / Pénalité : 3.5k), ce qui correspond à la période d'essai.Une fois la période d'essai écoulée, si vous vous êtes bien intégré à la guilde, vous aurez progressivement des contrats à durée supérieure. Dans le cas contraire, votre période d'essai pourra être renouvelée.
    Bien évidemment, les principes de la guilde en haut de cette page sont obligatoires et passable d'exclusion instantanée en cas de non-respect grave.Loyauté : Être fidèle à la guilde et dévoué à son épanouissement.Force : Concept un peu plus abstrait, mais il représente l'amélioration et le renforcement continu de chacun des membres pour conserver une compétitivité face aux autres guildes.Respect : Ai-je besoin d'expliquer ce que c'est ? Il s'applique à tous, membres et non-membres.Esprit d'équipe : Venir sur notre Discord à chaque fois que vous êtes sur BDO. Participer aux activités de notre guilde et surtout aux conquêtes est crucial pour leur réussite. Et c'est aussi le but d'une guilde.C'est à peu près tout... Soyez présents, parlez, participez, vous serez récompensés.
    En cas d'absence de plus de 48h, merci d'avertir à l'avance sur notre canal Discord #absences pour que nous puissions le savoir.Les membres absents qui n'ont pas averti de leur absence ou qui sont inactifs depuis plus de 30 jours peuvent être exclus afin de libérer des emplacements pour de futurs membres. 
    En franchissant nos portes, vous vous engagez à rester fidèle à notre bannière, à adopter et à protéger nos valeurs, à respecter nos règles et à suivre nos objectifs.
    Êtes-vous prêt à faire allégeance à [Tantalas] ?  

    Où sommes-nous ?
    Région/Serveur : EUROPE 

    Où envoyer votre candidature ?
    Rejoignez notre serveur Discord : https://discord.gg/RtZxJ6UÉtant donné qu'il est difficile de savoir qui est qui, créez un pseudo sous cette forme "nom-de-famille-dans-BDO (nom-personnage-principal)".Écrivez une petite présentation de vous dans notre salon : #publicLe recrutement final se passera en vocal.N'hésitez pas à poser des questions.

    Première fois sur Discord ?
    Téléchargez l'application Discord ici https://discordapp.com/downloadÉtant donné qu'il est difficile de savoir qui est qui, inscrivez-vous avec un pseudo sous cette forme "nom-de-famille-dans-BDO (nom-personnage-principal)".Pour activer votre compte Discord, n'oubliez pas de valider votre adresse email.Enfin, rejoignez notre serveur : https://discord.gg/RtZxJ6U 

    ♛ DjidaneJex, Maître de Guilde


    ♣ Lenouw, Second de Guilde
    Dernière mise à jour : 26/02/2017
  14. Can the server maintainance for Europe servers be done during 2-9am? instead of 9-14?
    Please support the idea. Vote on the poll!
  15. We are leaving GW2 join BSO but so far all we could've done is watch youtube vids from gameplay, and would love to try it ourselves before buying it.
    If anyone would be kind enough to spare 2 guest passes, that would be awesome.
  16. Supreme
      Our Goals
    Obtaining the most suitable gear for each individualDuel eachother until we can predict every combo out thereWinning Guildwars and SiegesHaving a great atmosphere within the guild

    How can we achieve this?
     Duel eachother to find out what you can improve onGetting to know eachother by well spent time in our Discord serverBy teamwork Requirements
    You need to be able to speak english, we won't tolerate any language but english in the guildchat or the main channel in DiscordWhile we can't force you to use your mic, having presence in our VOIP is a must when we do important things such as siegesWe won't be able to climb top the top without your dedicationThis is not a guild for the casual player.

    How can I join?

    You can apply a request here: http://goo.gl/forms/EeAhGxb2Ky

  17. Supreme
      Our Goals
    Obtaining the most suitable gear for each individualDuel eachother until we can predict every combo out thereWinning Guildwars and SiegesHaving a great atmosphere within the guild

    How can we achieve this?
     Duel eachother to find out what you can improve onGetting to know eachother by well spent time in our Discord serverBy teamwork Requirements
    You need to be able to speak english, we won't tolerate any language but english in the guildchat or the main channel in DiscordWhile we can't force you to use your mic, having presence in our VOIP is a must when we do important things such as siegesWe won't be able to climb top the top without your dedicationThis is not a guild for the casual player.

    How can I join?

    You can apply a request here: http://goo.gl/forms/EeAhGxb2Ky

  18. Im trying to change the server from america to europe but i can't. From the settings of the launcher i change but it nothing changes.
  19. I have a problem with the launcher. I pre-ordered the game with the travelers package and i played 24 hours before the officioal launch in EUROPE servers, but after maintenance patch my launcher now log in the North America servers. How can i go back to the European server?
    Oh sorry. I've already solved the problem! I just change it in the settings of the launcher. Sorry again!
  20. Hey all,
    If there's something I hate in MMOs is to advance my character only to realize I was on a least populated\less-english server.
    I wonder which server will most of us be on?
  21. Hello boys and girls!

    As the title says will any1 here make a hardcore guild who will go for server best guild etc? Im a serious gamer who will main a ranger, can play around 12 hours a day during mon-thru and even later the other days, im 21 years old guy from Sweden, if you know any1 please tell, im interested to go all in in BDO! got the explorer pack so morning of 1 march will the journey begin.



    PS: if you got or will made a guild that will be really hardcore pvp and want to know more info about me make a message and we can talk more about it!
  22. - Aesthetic -

    Guild Synopsis
    Aesthetic is a PvX Guild based around having a fun community. We welcome any player ranging from the new to the experienced. 
    We're striving for a large community, but we're okay with a more personal group of players.
    Existing Aesthetic members come from a successful background of MMO gameplay. We're expanding on this and are excited for players to join in.
    Be engaged with the Guild's community.Have filled out the Google Document form page.Be active in the Discord chat. A Microphone is not required, but highly encouraged.________________________________________________
    Google Doc Form
    - If you have any questions about Aesthetic, please feel free to ask here or through PM. -
  23. Post on EU -> NA in General

    By Cote Danke, posted
    I'm interested in playing this game so I've been doing some research and have been unable to discover if they plan on having server transfers.
    I'm currently living in EU for the next year but I plan on moving back to NA, will I be able to bring my character or will it be like WoW where a EU character must be on a EU account and vice versa.
    Any help is very appreciated

    After a fun and great adventure we have fused our powers togheter with Futilez. See you all in siege ! 
  25. A server throughout europe was much better. Within a short time the players will pick a favorite server and the other will be almost empty, abandoned.
    I think they should make a server throughout europe with multiple channels.
    I was very very disappointed by their choice ...