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  1. Will the Anemos outfits be added to the other sets and made available to purchase all the time, or are they only available during the event period?

  2. Le striker arrive bientôt, courage et soyez patients
  3. Heyho!

    Ich hab seit letzter Woche das Problem, dass ich die Event Quests nicht starten kann.

    Letzte Woche wars mir noch egal da mich das Schwarzgeist Ei nicht so interessiert hat. Doch das Goldene Gänseei würde ich schon noch gerne haben.
    Mir wird gesagt, dass ich irgendwelche Quests abschliessen muss. Bisher konnte mir aber niemand sagen was für Quests das sind und Main Quests sind alle fertig. 
    Ich habs bereits mit mehreren Charakteren im Levelbereich 50-57 versucht - erfolglos.

    Ich hoffe ihr könnt mir weiterhelfen, es zieht nämlich etwas an meiner Laune wenn man von allen Seiten hört was sie so bekommen und man selbst kann nicht mitmachen..

    Liebe Grüße,
  4. Greetings,
    I've updated the old Map from last years event-guides. This is an advanced map, for those who already knew the spots and need a better all-in-one-map. (If you need more details for a single spot, check out Dulfy's Easter Egg Locations and Event Guide)

    I have found new spots while i was looking for the older ones. The 3 new Spots are all near Orks/Spiders and i haven't looked further yet. So i asume, there are way more spots all over the Map this year.
    Let me know, if you have found new spots too. So I can update the map for you!
    [update] - added 14 spots to the map. For the locations check out below, since they are not to find in any other guide.
    [update 2] - added 5 more spots around the marshlands.
    [update 3] - addedd 11 more spots around south and north-west serendia, and east-mid calpheon area.
    [update 4] - added 23 new spots of the oceans, from epheriaport to Iliya (excluded the 4 pirate-islands).
  5. so for some reason my black spirit doesn't have the event quest, everyone in my guild got it. i dont know if this is a bug or what the problem is. plz help!!!
  6. Post on Current Event Rewards in Off-Topic

    By Kauni, posted
    Where do I report trolling?
    @CM_Oli @CM_Praballo @CM_Tytyes
    Srsly I hope there is just a "bug" happened by uploading the icon or do we really get trolled that hard cause we loyal?

  7. Post on Fame Event Question in General

    By Tobias Cray, posted
    I have 1029 House Fame, if I delete a character and lose some fame will I still be able to get the prize for getting 1000 fame?
  8. Hey bdo team,
    So i was play pretty well since before the new event came, and after the new Cherry Blossom event came my game for some reason started to have random freezes.
    I start the game all good and play a little and then it freezes the sound still plays but the image just stops :V and the only thing i can do is force close the game.
    My log files from the game are attached here, don't know if it will be of any use  put i would really like to be able to play without have to close and reopen the game every little time
  9. Dark knight didnt get a yukata!!! T^T What salty hell have you brought upon us!!! T^T

  10. Hello!

    I like that you showed up and all its cozy.
    But id like to actually fight or arange an fight with you guys, i can bring my guild and we do a GvG. You bring OP gear or what you feel like.
    I'd also be very happy to skip all that just to get @GM_Vheena-chan to ride on my horse on the beaches of Balenos during the sunset.
    @GM_Dranzerkai, i like you. But you aren't Vheena-chan </3.
    But i'll always remember our romantic nights on the beach near Heidel, Zerkai-kun <3

    I liked the event, more pls
  11. Check my loyalty shop asap. Only able to get 2 bundles, instead of 3. Anyone else?

  12. The Candy has a 30 minute duration and a 30 minute cooldown which, if i'm not entirely misunderstanding this, should mean i can use the Event Candy back-to-back, no?
    It appears that i can't, though. When I use the candy it applies the buffs, goes on a 30 minute cooldown but then when the timer runs out it resets the cooldown without me actually using another candy. So basically my candy ends up being on a 60 minute cooldown..
    Am i misunderstanding how this is supposed to work/ is this intentional or is it actually bugged?
    It's kind of a shame because i won't be able to use them much before the event ends..
  13. Post on Valencia. in Suggestions

    By AzureWind, posted
    I'm a big fan of the Valencia region and was underwhelmed by how it compares to every other region ingame so i came up with this rather than nerfing pirates.

    Part 1 : The problem.

    Kuit islands aka Pirate island is very populated by players because of how rewarding it is , neglecting the majority of the other regions in game.
    This is very toxic to the game's environment as players coming in to the game cannot progress as fast as older players EXCEPT if they farm there and by how contested it is it is not as efficient in the log run . It can net up to 15-25 million per hour compared other regions in game including deep down in Valencia . As the player base increases there will be not enough channels for players to contest which leads to a very slow progress for new players.

    Part 2: Theory-crafting solutions.

    Nerfing pirates by itself is not the right move in my opinion. On the other hand bringing other higher up regions (Valencia) on par with it will distribute  players in a healthy way to keep the game world alive and not trapped in one place for maximum profit.

    Option #1: Increasing silver per mob in all the Valencia regions.
    For Basilisk and Centaurs to having more increased silver and trash loot per mob compared to other Valencia part 1 regions due to their difficulty in killing.
    Increasing weapon and armor stones from the Valencia region or be on par with pirates.
     After a 144+ hours data sheet there is a significant number increase from pirates to Valencia regions , even with the event on.
    Below is a template for the trash loot of Valencia should be like. 
    (The numbers are not final in any sort of means just shows the approximate increase to the areas , take it with a grain of salt)

    Option #2: (Recommended): Just like the candy and dark knight event make an event item that drops exclusively from all Valencia regions. To be exchanged for gold bars from an npc ( Node NPC)
    The exchange rate is as follows 
    (The numbers below is a representation of the event item exchange rates. These are examples to show if a higher number of exchanged items equals higher rewards to reward long grinding sessions)
    10 - 100k50 - 1 mil100 - 3 mil200 - 6 mil500 - 13 mil
    The top 100 contributers that exchanged the highest amount will  be rewarded with a title + a reward worthy of their efforts.

    This will reward people farming longer period of times to be rewarded with higher amounts of silver in return rather than abusing minimum amount of farm to get the same amount as someone who sat there for 4 hours.Option #3: Night-time in Valencia should spawn a "bandit" type monsters in the area that flee when attacked has a semi-high HP pool and should be defeated in 30-45 second timer. If not defeated the "bandit" type monster will escape. The monster loot table should be exclusive the the place you are farming in. Example Crescent's will have the crescent ring in the loot table. 
    The monster cannot be slowed only CC'd. The monster can slow you down with an attack if not blocked or dodged while fleeing. 
    (Monster is not supposed to be 3-4 shot. HP pool should range be less than Gahaz's elites but not too squishy to be 3 shot even by a 250+ AP.)

    I think this will really spread out the player base amongst the world to create a lively world in BDO.

    Part 3: Increase exp in the desert and desert exploration.

    An event for a certain duration of time for anyone leveling in the desert area will automatically receive a +20% exp and 20% skill exp bonus.

    Spread out random even gathering spots that are located in the desert that have a chance to obtain one of the following items.

    These gathering spots spawn randomly similar to the Aakman temple entrance locations. This will prevent people pin pointing locations and abusing channel swap. 

    Weapon stone
    Armor stone
    Black crystal shard
    Concentrated weapon stone
    Concentrated armor stone
    15x Weapon stone (Rare)
    15x Armor stone (Rare)
    3x Concentrated weapon stone (Very rare)
    3x Concentrated armor stone (Very rare)
    3x Black crystal shard (Very rare)

    This will encourage people to explore the desert and form parties on the hunt of such treasures in the desert.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Much love.


    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


  14. Post on Master Bater in General

    By Lau Lau, posted
    Will there be another chance to receive the master bater title? Does anybody know anything?
  15. Please make pearl items that can no longer be purchased available again, at the very least on an annual event type basis to maintain their exclusive nature. Speaking mainly towards the Kibelius A outfit which I purchased on EU but now can not obtain since I've switched to NA.
    This will allow new players/players who may not have known about the item/or players like me who changed regions to repurchase these items if they wish
  16. Hi GMs,
    You -----ed up. Please make the boss spawn now like the notification said it would or put out another one in game (NA). TY.
  17. I thought I'd start the inevitable thread about the anniversary event with my experience.
    I saw the announcement, rushed over and queued to change channel for ages, going over the time. Luckily the spawn was roughly an hour later than initially advertised so I had plenty of time to stand around mashing potatoes.
    There were so many people that my FPS was low but adequate.
    After the final 5 (15) minute count down and RedNose spawned on EU_Balenos6 near me, I dived right in and got my prescribed hit, woo. I then did as much damage as I could.
    Then a second RedNose spawned and I started having FPS troubles.
    Then finally I died, the lag severely impeded respawning and many people were unable to respawn at all. Finally after button-mashing I got it only to be instantly disconnected from the server.
    After 3 attempts at loading back in to a dead character and then resurrecting, I finally was resurrected instead of booted from server. Woo, I run over to find the boss dead and no loot.
    I'm an hour and a half into my anniversary event experience at this stage. I run around a bit hoping my pets will be able to find something, no joy.
    Then An announcement is made that another boss will spawn in 30 minutes.
    Is there even a point me sticking around?
    Do I ever get loot for coming along to this event as promised or have I just wasted 2 hours of my life?
  18. First of.. Hi!
    I'm soryy but i have to create this topic just to say how idiotic and not thinking  dev's are...
    Idiotic idea is's to focus hundreds of players in just... wait... 6 channels!
    When you appear in event boss spawn place you see (and feel) about 1,5 - 2 hundred of players (their golems, pets and effects) on your screen. So, when comes to trying play/chatting etc. you have 10-15 FPS about 5 sec. lags, and danger of being disconnected. Then you must wait to join the channel but you see there is 250 other players that want to re-connect to!
    So there is no way you can re-connect fast enough to just try 1-hit boss for reward!

    (Un)luckly this is only 1-day event...
    Dev's please give us recompense for your idiotic idea and please do not make these kind of events only in 6 channels...
    @CM_Aethon @CM_Serenity @CM_Yukimura @PM_Jouska @PM_Belsazar @CM_Tytyes
    Best regards
  19. Hey guys! In order to celebrate the release of the new class, I thought it would be cool to have a little PvP tournament while everyone is still learning the ins and outs of the class.
    Winner of the tournament will be receiving 1 costume of their choice. 2nd place gets 1000 pearls. 
    The tournament will take place on Friday, March 3rd at 9PM PST. If you can't make it or didn't make a Dark Knight, you can watch the tournament live. It will be streamed here on my twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/bdohero
    The rules are simple; no HP potions, no elixirs. You have to wear all +0 Reblath Armor and any +0 Kriegsmesser, and +0 Knot. No accessories. You will be required to submit a screenshot of your gear and inventory to the tournament exclusive discord immediately before your match. This is to ensure that everyone is wearing the right gear, and following the rules of no potions or elixirs. (mana pots are accepted). You can use any crystal/gem set up you like. Emergency escapes (V's) are allowed to be used as well. 
    Each match of the preliminaries will be a best of 3, and each match of the semi-finals and finals will be a best of 5. 
    Other than that, there are no other rules. You can join at any level, as long as you are a Dark Knight.
    If you wish to participate in this tournament, please join the tournament exclusive discord here: https://discord.gg/FCpfU4p
  20. Post on Share your DK creations! in General

    By Feonie, posted
    I'd like to see what you guys came up with
  21. Post on 1 year celebration in Suggestions

    By bsm, posted
    Hey. For the 1 year celebration I think a discount event should be made for new players to come to the game, if it had a discount people who are currently doubting if they should go for it would certainly join. A 1 week event should be awesome with good publicity. Thank you for reading
  22. Thanks for the awesome show, boys!

  23. Hi guys,
    So, I want to start off saying someone should have made it more clear that we had to use simple cooking in the processing tab to make the chocolate...
    I got all of the ingredients and put it through the cooking utensil in my player house.
    Nothing happened and I lost the chocolate along with the other ingredients.
    So, my main question is, can I not get all the votes in I need since I lost out on the first week of this? Will I have enough time to submit more voting?
    (I'm still not quite sure how you're supposed to get all the votes in when it's once per week?)
    Thank you.
  24. Combining Cacao Powder, 2 Mineral Water and 1 Sugar as instructed failed to craft with the message 'this combination doesnt seem to be working'
    Found that this is supposed to be a simple cooking task, however the 'notice' window says "Cook powder with 2x mineral water, 1x sugar and get chocolate"  
    As with past events the wording should say to combine using simple cooking.
  25. Yaas!!! Lara is one of the NPC picks for the popularity vote and hands down my fav out of the choice!
    We need her to win!