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  1. the Serbianca's Warranty Card Event is useless you need to use increase the number of logs gained by trading in Serbianca's Warranty Card if you do the math 10 logs are required to make one scanting there is a possibility for two but its rare then you require 10 scanting for one or two timber squares that works out to be 100 logs for one or two timber squares you get around a about two logs a tree that means that it takes 50 trees to get 1 or two timber squares when most people have 100 maybe 200 energy on their characters if it takes 10 seconds per tree that is 500 seconds that is 8 mins to get or two timber squares then times 8 by 800 because you need that many timber squares for the boat then you get 6400 mins that is 106 hours which is longer then many peoples play time on black desert not mention the amount of time spent waiting for energy to come back.
  2. Is there any way this loyalty reward system or event can be extended? I recently came back to play Black Desert Online yet I started too late to receive any noticeable loyalty attendance contributions.
    Part of my reason for leaving before was that the last loyalty event I had surgery & missed obtaining the boss gear item box by 1 day.
    At least during that particular event players were given a few days they could miss & still obtain all of the loyalty rewards, this loyal attendance event does not allow for 1 missed day to obtain all rewards.
    If nothing can be done I understand, but I wanted to make this suggestion.
  3. Post on [Event] Santa Hat in In-Game Bugs

    By Kallas, posted
    Not sure if its a bug or not but the santa hat "hair" is too long. 
    Is it supposed to be like this? It would be better if it were a lot shorter..

  4. Post on PvP 1v1 in General

    By AgnwstosX, posted

    1 Vs 1 event, the top 3 will get reward sign up now!
    Rules :
    Level Requirement : No Required
    Stats Requirement : No Stats Required
    People Per Guild: 5
    Buffs: Unlimited
    Pots: Unlimited
    30 minutes before the tournament starts please join to the discord channel!
    Permanent invite link:
  5. Title says it all.
    In my opinion the decorations look like shit and it causes only even more lag in cities then the game already does, not to mention we're living almost in February..........
    Or give us the option to turn this horrible shit off.. 
  6. Hi!
    I created this shortfilm with my guild (Ojos Del Desierto) with the wish lanterns event, is in Spanish but you have the quotes translated below 
    (If you found any error on the translation, please, tell me to revise it ^^') 
  7. This event was a lot of fun! (Veila 3)

    Excuse the quality if it isn't too good, I don't really know how to change the image to look good on here
  8. Post on New Year Event in Velia in General

    By Jeanina, posted
    Thank you for the nice Lanterns and Fireworks GM_Gemu <3

  9. Hello!
    Just wanted to say that i loved the GM Event that brought us to Margoria. Here is an awesome pic of me and GM_Dranzerkai <3 and GM_Felaxus. Thanks for an awesome evening, i had lots of fun. Please do more of this in the future! <3
    BtW Vheena-chan, i still like you

    http://imgur.com/a/BRKSc (file to big to upload to the forum)
  10. Do you like Lantern? Do you want to raise your lantern to the sky?
    Yes? Let's raise together!
    When: 29.January 2017
    Time: CEST 19:00 start (meet up)  https://time.is/CEST
    Lantern start: Ingame Time 22:00/PM10:00
    Where: Heidel - east storage
    Server: Velia 5
    Why Heidel?
    Cause its kinda zentral and also low characters are able to reach heidel.
    18:00 CEST? What happen if its isnt dark ingame?
    Sry to say, but we will have to wait. (I consider some ppl will be late anyway)
    The Lantern start will be @22:00/10:00PM - Nighttime
    P.S. if anyone know the correct time pls let me know, thanks
    Lantern? Whats that?
    Little Lantern for your character. You can let them fly ingame.
    How to buy those lanterns?
    You are able to buy two kinds of Sets: A and B. Each Set contains 5 different Lanterns each 10 times.
    And the buff?
    You will get +1 Luck for 4 minutes. The Items will be gone after 1st of February.
    But i wanna use the buff to farm ingame. I dont want to waste it on my character. But i still want to be part of the Event. Any solution?
    That's no problem. You are able to purchase those sets for EACH character you own. Just log on to ur twink (2nd character) and join the event.
    Ill be happy bout everyone whos willing to join.
    I also hope we will not wait endless to enter nighttime. (rly sry if i failed at that point)
    Log in @18:00CEST and check if it takes some time to server nighttime.
    Keep inmind of the traveling time.
    If theres any questions left or some advices, let me know.
    Hope the english was understandable.
    Edit: Time change from 18:00 Cest to 19:00 cest ^^ (nighttime @ 19:40CEST thx @yssi)
  11. Ihr mögt die Ingame Laternen? Ihr wollt sie gern steigen lassen?
    Ja? Dann lasst uns doch zusammen den BDO Himmel verschönern!

    Wann: 29.Januar 2017
    Uhrzeit: CEST 18 Uhr Start  (versammeln) https://time.is/CEST
    Laternen Start: Ingame Uhrzeit 22 Uhr
    Wo: Heidel - östlichen vom Storage
    Warum Heidel?
    Es liegt sehr Zentral und auch niedrige Charaktere können schnell von Veila dort hin kommen.
    18 Uhr? Was ist wenn es dann nicht dunkel ist?
    Dann müssen wir solange warten. Ich gehe eh davon aus, dass einige zu spät kommen würden.
    Ab 18 Uhr warten wir bis 22 Uhr Serverzeit, um die Laternen zu starten.

    Laternen? Was ist das?
    Das sind kleine Lampion die man in den Himmel steigen lässt.
    Wo kann ich die Laternen kaufen? 
    Es gibt zwei Sets: A und B. In beiden Sets befinden sich 5 verschiedene Laternen zu je 10 Stück.
    Und was ist mit dem Buff? 
    Dieser gibt dir +1 Luck für 4 Minuten. Nach dem 1. Februar verschwinden die Laternen jedoch im  Inventar. (Und Shop)
    Ich möchte den Buff gern nutzen und daher die Laternen auf meinem Charakter nicht verschwenden, wie kann ich trotzdem teilnehmen?
    Ganz einfach, du kannst dir die Pakete mit JEDEM Charakter 3 Mal aus dem Shop holen. Log dich zum Event einfach auf einen Twink (Zweit-Charakter) und schicke mit diesem die Laternen in den Himmel. 
    Ich freue mich auf jeden der bei dem Event dabei ist.
    Ich hoffe, dass das mit der Ingame Zeit ungefähr hinkommt und wir am Ende nicht ewig warten müssen. (Ansonsten tut es mir schon mal Leid.)
    Ich empfehle um 18 Uhr einzuloggen und zu gucken wie lange es bis zum Nachtzyklus dauert.
    Vergesst nicht Reisezeit bis nach Heidel einzuberechnen.

    Falls Fragen oder Verbesserungsvorschläge vorliegen könnt ihr diese gern hierdrunter posten.
    Ich werde mich die Tage um einen englischen Thread bemühen.
    Kann den OP nicht mehr editieren, kommt leider ein Error. Hoffe das behebt sich noch.
    Kann den OP nicht mehr editieren, kommt leider ein Error. Hoffe das behebt sich noch.
  12. Heyl all!
    With the new Shipwreck Event I wanted to try and have everyone contribute to the locations of where to get each of the Event Objectives! This would be a great way to help everyone, especially those who haven't quite explored Valencia, get their own Epheria Boat!
    EDIT: Here's a link to where you can find most locations. However, finding the objective to Interact with is difficult. Ruins Locations
    I'll edit this post with the locations of each spot next to their corresponding Event Objective. Any contributors if you provide Screenshots would be super helpful as well!
    Scripture-Engraved Brick
    Strait North of Hope Ferry
    Orisha Island Ruins
    Seabed West of Orisha Island
    Coral's Grave
    Shakatu Questline
    Debris from Mila
    East of Portanen Island
    Margoria Ocean Lamp
    SouthEast Ocean of Ratt Harbo
    Technicolor Coral Reef
    East of Rosevan Island, Ocean near Boa Island.
    Shakatu Questline
    Underwater Cove
    Shakatu Questline
    Credits for Submissions:
  13. Post on Play your Way event in General

    By B.D.O, posted
    I am wondering how the event is going for everybody.  Here's my results so far.
    35 minutes of grinding without kama buff  (22 blackstones)
    270 energy (no sharp or hard crystals)
    AFK fishing in "abundant resources area" with fishing 5.  (0 ancient relics) 70 durability rod
    Well those are my results guys, how's yours!?
  14. Post on Ancient Pearls drop rate in General

    By B.D.O, posted
    With the Kama drop rate buff 7d, I cannot seem to get one ancient pearl and i've done it all from cooking to trading, fishing and grinding.  In fact not a single person in my guild has found one.  Some grind all day and some fish all day.  While some claim to collect hundreds there is no proof to back what anybody has said with video or picture evidence.
    So i ask you staff, what is the drop rate and was this an over sight?  
    Thanks for reading!
  15. Da es in den Patchnotes sicher net jeder sieht Für alle die nicht daabei waren, sondern lieber draußen in diesem Real Life waren O_o.... wie könnt Ihr nur!....
    Naja ich war Ingame im Warmen

    Ich habe Fotos gemacht:
    Unten rechts meine herrlichen FPS aber dafür auf High.
    Animierte Bilder in den Alben
    14FPS nur bei Fotos, also Video wäre net möglich gewesen, sorry
  16. Post on Lavientia in General

    By Xenryo, posted
    Can we change the splendid box to Splendid cron stone box? :^) cause that's all I got from them 9 days in a row
  17. Post on Extended EXP Event in Suggestions

    By IcyStorm, posted
    Hey We Have Christmas, New Year soon... so I think that would be cool to extend 100% EXP Event until New Year. Can you do it Kakao? 
  18. The attendance reward's check in timer is far too long in my opinion. I get that you don't want people just logging into your game clicking a button and logging out again, but a 30 minute timer is a bit much. Now I'm someone who has to be on constant bed rest, and thus I have quite a bit of time on my hands, but even I don't have enough time to reliably play this game every day for 30 minutes between the daily reset times. That's not even taking into account technical difficulties, seeing as some people can't keep a game running 30 minutes. Now I know that if it's a technical restriction on their end you are not at fault, but I know several people where the problem isn't on their end. People could also be having internet issues for several days and so they get kicked out of the game. You can't then login and say "I was here before, promise." you need to start all over again. Honestly all I'm doing now is setting multiple alarms for when I should log in and when the latest point in the day is that I can login at to get rewards. Then I launch the game, set an auto-path, and make my character walk up and down the street for 30 minutes and then log out again. It's making me not want to play, it's making your game feel like a chore to me. I have always gotten all the login rewards while still playing regularly. But now? I haven't truly played since this current login rewards event began.

    I think a 10 minute timer would be much more reasonable and would still solve the instant login and out problems you were having. Your idea was fine, the execution was lacking though. I promise I'm not trying to complain, but to be helpful. I want you guys to succeed because I really like your game, but you're making things much harder on your fans than you need to be.
  19. 20 Hours of sleepless Santa Chasing and I finally have it! I was worth it, if only for the memes

  20. Hey Sparkles!

    As many of you know, I've recently changed my main class on Black Desert Online from Sorceress to Witch. It's been one heck of a road prepping for the awakening and it's finally here! I wanted to do something since it was so close to Christmas to give back and celebrate this huge event. At first, I was planning on going with just the gift pass give away, but I felt like it wasn't enough.

    I logged into my streamlabs account to clean up some things and noticed something new in the dashboard, Extra Life. I'd never heard of Extra Life, so I decided to check it out. After about 5 minutes of browsing, I knew that this was meant to be and continued to research how to be a part of this amazing community.

    When I saw that you had to choose what hospital to donate to, I was a little disappointed, but then I realized that it was a good thing. It showed me that not only are these donations going directly to a hospital, but they aren't getting mixed in with a bunch of different causes and whittled down to nothing by the time they get there. Riley Children's Hospital was a place that a dear friend of mine who passed at the age of 16, Gabriel, visited often during his treatments. So, that is one reason I chose this hospital.

    I'll be streaming a bit of Smite until the servers come up for Black Desert Online. I'll go live at 8am EST. The goal for this stream is $1,000 which will be donated directly to Riley Children's Hospital. If we don't make $1,000 by the end of the 24 hours, the event will continue after some well needed rest. At 8pm EST, there will be a give away for a full content game code (Gift Pass) for Black Desert Online. Every hour, I will also be raffling a guest pass (7 day access to BDO) for those interested.

    Your donation is tax-deductible and ALL PROCEEDS go to help kids.
    #ForTheKids #ForGabe

    This cause is very close to my heart. Make me proud, sparkles!

  21. As the title says, i just wanted to know, what people have gotten from the boxes? if you've opened them, that is.
    Is it worth it? or is it just rigged as always?
    or are you saving up for the big one?
  22. Housing decor dropping from Santa presents contains only 4 items out of 5 set items.
    Recalling same event on Russian server - 5th item is a Christmas Tree, which was available to everyone for 1 loyalty. As well as Rudolf horns were there for 1 loyalty as well.
    Add loyalty items to the game, please, it is a part of event you are holding now.
  23. I must say that Kakao managed to make the funnest, happiest and most looked forward to event into a pretty pathetic occasion. In all events before Kakao has been quite generous. Easter included a heck load of eggs, thanks giving included a big load of turkeys plus other goodies. All other events previously this year have been fun to participate in and made the time in game quite fun, both random and "holidays". This, of course, led me to believe Christmas would be the blow out of the year. Not only because i been a good boy but also because it's the time of the year for generosity, high spirit and good food. I think the flying santa idea is awesome! It is really in the spirit of the holiday. But what do we get on this happiest of events? We get to chase him around on the off chance we manage to get a gift. Seriously?
    I don't have the time to spend running around on roof tops to compete with 50 other people to get a present. I have food to cook, spots to grind, market to not get things from. If i'm not in game doing all the million things i can do, which is awesome by the way, i have a real life to take part in.
    So thank you Kakao for making an awesome game and being generous all year round... except on Christmas. I guess i don't get a present from BDO Santa this year.
    My suggestion? Give presents based on the karma of the highest leveled char or let us get presents as rng drops from life skills or grinding. This rng Santa drops. They are making me a sad panda.
    Marry Christmas
  24. Just reporting that the [Event] Santa Gift Box is glitching.
    The box will drop, when it is interacted with, it will say "Open the gift from Santa!", like usual.
    Except, the box will not give you anything and it does not disappear.