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  1. Post on Lavientia Event in Suggestions

    By Angerith, posted
    I ask for a better explanation for this event where it should be... Forums Event Page.
    Vague description in the patch is unfair to most and would be proper a good detailed alternative.
  2. I absolutely HATE being an Aussie on this game. I get home from work at 4pm (my time) and im able to collect on my coins for the lauren event (or like last time a goddamn cookie), but i cant hand them into the NPC because the quest objective is gone. 
    Yes, yes.. i know it UTC time based, but the whole "start at 12am and finish almost midday F*cks me over so much. Coz i remember reading "With maintenance" i think its when the servers go down. so now i have 2 days worth of coins (which i was gonna hand in before patch) and hopefully finish up this event. but once again f*cked over.

  3. Hello to everyone,
    I have a little idea, there are many events in the game, thats very good but  I have not seen (pen enchanced event).
    For example, take some pearl like 20000 or 30000 and we have the right to win just 1 Pen enchanced succes items but which one is not clear like awakening weapon, weapon, second weapon, armor, helmet, gloves or shoes.  
    If such an event happens, I believe that many users will wait and join the event.
    Have a good time...
  4. Black Desert Online Guild Championship
    Tournament Live Information here 
    The Game of Guilds. Each guild send it's most powerfull member to represent the guild. There can only be 1 winner is this double elimination tournament!

    Contact Aeregon#4422 on Discord for entries.

    See Tournament Live Information.

    See Tournament Live Information.

    -Participants will have to register for each tournament. Guilds will not automaticly be added to follow up tournaments.
    -We are still looking for people who want to sponsor or donate some prices (e.g. Guest passes, Consumables ect)
    Future changes:
    See Tournament Live Information.

    **Rules may be added/removed at any point. Suggestion for rule-changes can be send to Aeregon#4422 and will be put in a strawpoll.
  5. Post on Black stone event in Suggestions

    By Simvolick, posted
    Dear Support Team
    I am writing to you to tell you how much players are stragling without the blackstone event. Due to blackstone event being a very rare event, none of the players who play this game either casually or intensively have enough black stones to fail stack and enchant without encountering a moment where a player have run out of blackstones and so is forced to go out and buy them with silver. This is something which is very painful for all players and it is causing a stagnation and unsatisfacotarry comments and actions of players. On all servers as I checked on 11/17/2016 Armour black stones are sold out and on some even Weapon Black Stones are sold out as well which causes gear progression to come to an end. This is a problem which is needed to be adressed. Please consider my words and think of posibilitie of doing somethin like Korean server, which is black stone and XP event every weekend. This will improve the game a lot.
    Please DO NOT ignore.
    Yours Faithfully
    dedicated player
  6. The right thing to do would be that you pay out Event tokens that players loose due to this weekly Maintenance some ppl are acualy missing out on the daily tokens due to this.
    not that any gm or cm is reading this threads but i hope ppl respond to make it a hot topic
  7. Post on Environment Photos! in Art & Media

    By Alichan, posted
    So, since the Calendar Event is going on, I thought I would put all of my pictures, that wouldn't qualify, on a thread for everyone to see and share their own!
    Feel free to post your own!

  8. Ich mache beim Event "Bild der Jahreszeit" mit und ich brauche unbedingt ein Foto von meinem Schönheitsalbum, weil ich davon kein Screenshot geschossen habe. Es handelt sich um das zweite Bild vom Album "Velia in Fall" (code:11724). Wäre es möglich mein Bild vom Schönheitsalbum zu downloaden? Mein Familienname heißt "Dyri" und ich bin auf dem Server "Croxus". Ich wäre euch sehr dankbar. Ich hoffe Ihr könnt mir weiterhelfen,
    MFG Hystero
  9. Hello, i have been hearing a lot of people in channel chat saying they are making a char on each of the servers and doing the coin event for when the merge they have tones of extra boxes and items, Is this aloud? or is it an exploit?
  10. serves up for more than one hour no coins bugged

  11. The reason for this post is to give my opinion on the Halloween Candy event and how it should have been done (duh.. title). There are two things I feel are wrong with this event. First the fact that we can only trade in 3 candies once per day. The second thing is the fact we can ONLY get candy by grinding for hours at a time.
    First of all limiting 3 candies once per day is completely redundant due to the fact that we can only get 1 cookie per day as our daily reward anyway. So why add a second "once daily" limit? In fact what this does is screw over players who either can't grind as much as other, or missed a day of the event for some unknown reason. What should have been done is the candies should have been freely traded in, like any other trade it item, so long as you had 3. This way If Player A didn't get any candy even though they were out grinding for 2 or 3 hrs, then so long as they collect their cookie they will be able to "catch up" later. 
    The fact that we can only get these candies from grinding is another problem. Its also a problem that doesn't effect a lot of players, yet it does effect some who just don't like to grind. All other events so far have given event items to those of us who enjoy life skills.. Not everybody in the game enjoys grinding at all. There's no reason why any player should be forced to do something in the game, they don't enjoy, just to participate in the event. This is all on top of the fact that the candies have such a wide range of drop rates.. I personally have gone out killing all different kinds of mobs from Basilisks to Iron Mine workers for 2 - 3 hours at a time and get maybe 2 candies out of it, yet fellow guild members have like 100+ candies so far from the event.. Do the game developers want to force us to grind or something? Is there some meaning to the fact they want us out grinding instead of doing life skills stuff? 

    Also I know the second problem isn't going to be very popular among the general population of the game, because most people are out there grinding 5-10 hrs a day.. but what about for the rest of us? the ones who have 10 hr jobs and can't play 10 hrs a day? Or just the ones who don't enjoy playing the game that way.. should developers force its player base to play a certain way, when they have fun playing their own way?

  12. Bonjour,

    Nous avons été mis au courant d'un bug qui est apparu lors de la dernière maintenance et qui affecte la quête Event d'Halloween "Meilleure vente de l'atelier" permettant d'obtenir le Chapeau pointu sucré.

    Le PNJ Ficy ne propose en effet aucune quête lorsque vous lui parlez. 
    Nous avons signalé le souci et le Chapeau pointu sucré sera envoyé par mail aux joueurs qui se sont connectés entre la fin de la dernière maintenance et la fin de l'event, c'est-à-dire entre le 2 et le 9 novembre. N'oubliez pas de vérifier vos mails en jeu après la prochaine maintenance  
    Nous vous présentons nos excuses pour la gêne occasionnée et vous remercions pour votre patience et votre compréhension.
    L'Equipe BDO
    PS : Nous avons bien fait la leçon à Ficy afin que ceci ne se reproduise plus !
  13. Je sais pas trop pourquoi mais il semblerait que le post FR ne soit pas encore arrivé du coup, le temps qu'il arrive je vous partage quand même le lien vers le thread anglais ainsi qu'une petite traduction maison..
    Ce serait dommage de passer a coté vu les lots a gagner !

    Salutations aventuriers,
    Nous avons de bonnes nouvelles ! L'année touche a sa fin et nous souhaitons commencer 2017 avec style. Comment allons-nous faire cela, demandez vous ?
    Eh bien, quoi de mieux que de vous donner la possibilité de contribuer a la conception d'un calendrier officiel Black Désert Online ! Au cours du mois de novembre il y aura une rotation des saisons en jeu afin que tout le monde puisse les découvrir et les apprécier.

    1. Photo de Saison
    Prenez une capture d'écran de vos personnages dans le thème de chaque saison. Nous vous encourageons à être créatifs et, surtout, à vous amuser! Notre équipe choisira les 5 meilleures captures d'écran pour chaque mois et vous laissera voter sur les vainqueurs finaux qui seront présentés dans notre calendrier 2017. Les gagnants seront annoncés le 28 novembre.
    Commence : 4 Novembre, 2016Se termine : 20 Novembre, 2016 (Date de soumission finale)Période de votes : 21 - 27 NovembreDates des saisons :Automne [Sep, Oct, Nov]: 4/11 - 9/11Hiver [Dec, Jan, Fev]: 10/11 - 11/11Printemps [Mar, Avr, Mai]: 12/11 - 13/11Été [Juin, Juil, Aout]: 14/11 - 15/11
     Règles :Les joueurs peuvent envoyer jusqu'à 3 captures d'écran par saison (un maximum de 12 photos au total)Chaque capture d'écran doit représenter les mois associés à cette saison et inclure votre personnage dans l'image.Les joueurs doivent correctement fournir leur nom de serveur et de famille dans le formulaire.Les soumissions doivent être placées dans le formulaire des saisons appropriées.La capture d'écran avec le plus de votes pour chaque mois sera sélectionnée pour figurer dans le calendrier.Le non-respect de l'une des règles ci-dessus peut entraîner l'annulation de votre admissibilité à être sélectionné comme gagnant. 
    Prix : Les gagnants seront contactés par E-mail avec plus de détails sur la façon de récupérer leur prix.
     Top 12 gagnants (Sélection par votes des joueurs)Leur propre copie du calendrier du Black Désert OnlineCaptures d'écran présentées dans le calendrier 20175,000 PearlsPack de Valeur (30 jours)Livre de combat scellé (7 jours)Bénédiction de Kamasilve (7 jour)Le titre "Sensation Saisonnière"
     48 Captures d'écran Finalistes (Top 5 Captures d'écran sélectionnées par l'équipe pour chaque mois)2,500 PearlsLivre de combat scellé (7 jours)Bénédiction de Kamasilve (7 jour)Le titre "Sensation Saisonnière" 
    Soumissions: Ci-dessous se trouvent des liens vers les formulaires pour chaque saison (avec les mois associés) pour la soumission de capture d'écran. Nous vous encourageons également à partager vos captures d'écran sur les forums avec les autres.
     Instructions: Veuillez suivre toutes les étapes requises dans les formulaires. Lorsque vous êtes invité à fournir un lien vers votre capture d'écran, utilisez Imgur pour télécharger vos images.
     Entrées pour la Saison Automne [Sep, Oct, Nov]Entrées pour la Saison Hiver [Dec, Jan, Feb]Entrées pour la Saison Printemps [Mar, Apr, May]Entrées pour la Saison Été [Jun, Jul, Aug] 
    Avertissement : En soumettant vos captures d'écran pour notre événement "Photos de Saisons", Vous comprenez et acceptez que les droits et la propriété pour l'utilisation de la capture d'écran appartiennent automatiquement à Kakao Games Europe B.V. et peuvent être utilisés à la discrétion de Kakao Games Europe BV.
  14. Post on event cookies in In-Game Bugs

    By Meereele, posted
    Yesterday i got 2 event cookies i could claim. 
  15. Post on Exp Events in General

    By Nexrodus, posted
    So we are getting these exp events, and alot of them to.
    It's feels kinda sad to level up and now see the biggest problem with gaining lvl's fast (awakeing is here and comming)
    Why we have all this combat exp events but how about the skill points?
  16. Post on [Halloween] Candy in General

    By WebKnight, posted
  17. Post on Copy Request. in New Adventurers

    By TeddyBarr, posted
    Hello there!
    My friend who plays this game always encouraged me to buy it, but I am unable to afford is.
    He tells me that if I make a post here, due to a current event on the server, someone may be willing to give me a copy so long as I promise to level to 30. 
    I am not sure if that is legitimate, but I hope it is.
    Thank you for reading.  
  18. Post on Can you please fire... in General

    By Odai, posted
    ...the guys the do event for black desert? honestly i have neeeeeever seen such bad events in any game so far. Every event is the same "grind enemys for many many hours each day do get something crappy" and BUY this new stuff for 100$$
    PLEASE take a look at other games how events are dont right. i certainly wont grind 10000 mobs for 1 dumb candy.
  19. :))) Let's get some spooky themed screenshot or maybe some mischievous tricks being played :))))

  20. So i speak to Lara with the quest option there, reach the Accept and Decline part. When i click accept, i get the message "Quest has already been accepted".
    I've tried re-logging, swapping characters, forfeiting all other quests
    anyone else getting this? 
    edit: nvm read patch notes
  21. I really like the Scarecrow Hat - sadly I **** with our normal costume. Could you switch the Slot for the Event Hats to "Mouth" like the Wolf Nose? Or add a special Slot for Event Costumes that override the normal Costumes Skin.
  22. Post on Free event underwear in General

    By Lilinith, posted
    I'm wondering what underwear all ppl get from [Event] Underwear Box. Let's share some screenshots in free underwear
    I still dunno for which of my characters should I open it.
  23. Several hours of fishing yesterday and AFK fishing (on the Ocean) overnight resulted in zero crystal shards
    Just terrible personal RNG or something else - like being actually turned off?
    Saw this mentioned several times in game chat but no post on forums?
    Last event with increased crystals resulted in as many as 7 shards overnight
    haven't noticed an increase in crystal drops from gathering either - despite hammering away at tree chopping and blood sucking for a good part of the day - one hard - do better than that during non event times
  24. More decoration and exclusive things of the events, on halloween,christmas etc...
    feel the atmosfere with :Loot,pnj for each season, and new mision lines with the festivity ambient.
  25. The dice is not rolling for most (if not all) people according to what I can understand while asking around.