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  1. Hallo Leute  

    Ich hab mal wieder ein Video zu einem Event gemacht was gerade in Black Desert stattfindet.
    In dem Video geht es um das Event zum Muttertag was ja noch bis zum 25 Mai läuft.
    Es ist relativ schlicht gehalten da es nicht viel zu erzählen gibt außer eben die Npc´s und die Grundvoraussetzungen die man benötigt um an diesem Event teilnehmen zu können.
    Ich würde mich wie immer sehr freuen falls ihr das Video bewertet!.
    Ob mit einem Kommentar oder Like Button spielt keine Rolle.
    Ich freu mich über beides sehr

    Und falls ihr an dieser Art von Unterhaltung und Informationsübertragung interessiert seid , dann könnt ihr selbstverständlich den Kanal auch abonnieren ,
    da in der Zukunft weitere Sachen folgen werden.

    Vielen Dank für die vorherige Kritik und all die Nachrichten
    Hier ist das versprochene Video  
  2. So as the title say i didn't get the title "We are familly" even if i had sent the screenshot with every classes.
    And also i can't find the title in the title section IG.
    Is another player in the same situation ? Did you got your title ?
  3. Myself and a few others have concluded that the drop rate for Pirates rum is pretty low at around 1%. Despite being able to grind any difficulty mob, I seem to be averaging at around 6-7 Pirates Rum per hour. As of right now, getting all 3 event rewards seems to be a very unrealistic goal unless you are willing and able to spend ~5 hours every day farming for the entire duration of the event. This to me just seems like a lot of time to be spending on farming for an event, without much time left to do other things.
    Anyone else think its a little absurd?
  4. Hallo Leute , mir ist grad aufgefallen, dass ich beim NPC Santo Manzo die Event Quest nicht bekomme. Ein anderer Spieler aus dem TS hat die Quest bekommen.
    Bei mir fehlt diese leider
    Kann mir da villeicht wer Helfen ? Villeicht mache ich da was falsch ...
  5. Hello hello,
    Vous ne vous ennuyez pas trop ?
    Pour passer le temps, on (Tytyes et moi-même) vous propose cette fois-ci un petit event spécial Maintenance !
    En récompense, 5 clés (7 jours) à gagner pour les joueurs qui ont envie de tester le jeu ou pour les joueurs qui ont envie de faire tester BDO à l'un de ces amis.

    Pour participer, c'est très simple :
    Vite vite vite, vous avez jusqu'à ce soir, les gagnants seront annoncés demain.
    Si vous avez des questions, n'hésitez pas à le poster en réponse à ce topic
    Bonne chance à tous et à toutes !
  6. Dawn Alliance Tournament RP Event!
    May 3, 2016

    Society is abuzz with the news that House Rasksvaard is hosting a Tournament in Velia! And not just the usual affair with Knight from high houses participating for glory within their the peerage alone, no this tournament is set to allow everyone. That's right commoner and noble alike will be aloud to compete for a set number of prizes! Everyone is talking about their favorites to win and who will take the title as over all Champion! The Dawn Alliace Tournament RP event will be held on Saturday, May 7th at 2pm pst. This is an open RP event and all are welcome to participate or attend and show their support for their favorite fighter!
    Anyone interested in participating in the RP Tournament on Saturday is welcome to sign up here  http://dawnalliancerp.enjin.com/home/m/37641139/viewthread/27065761-rp-tournament-sign-up-sheet/page/1
    Just reply to the thread with:
        Family name
        Character Name
        Character Level

    For the Tournament there will be two separate events. The first will be the one on one matched events based that will be done based on levels:
    20 - 24 Class F
    25 - 29 Calss E
    30 - 34 Class D
    35 - 39 Class C
    40 - 44 Class B
    45 - 50+ Class A
    The winner of their separate classes will receive a prize pack of 20 milk tea
    The last Event will be a full free for all where fighters of all classes can participate in this last man standing battle for the Best! And compete for the Grand Prize of 5 pvp potions worth over 100k each.

  7. It would be nice to see a notice in game or even something on the main page of black desert showing what current events are going on. I know of the event tab in the forums, but its a cluttered mess with multiple events and "soon to come awards" for events past. I recently found out I had cherry blossom petals in one of my warehouses and tried looking for the event in the event tab and could not see it. There was no title for it nor anything about it that I could find. I even used the search function for it and found people talking about everywhere except in the event section.

    A window like this in game would be great since even clicking the notice doesn't direct me to even what the "Maehwa & Musa update" is. 
    If I would of known the event was still running I would of went back to farm more seeds to get more trees. It's pretty sad that I need to go to a Fansite to actually see what events are still going on. The site even has a nice step by step guide on the event which is easily navigated to with no need of "guessing" where the event information might be (credit to Dulfy.net) I am not able to be on this game all the time to due real life events but it would be nice to know what game events are still currently running.
  8. Just a post to let all the new folks know that you only have two days left for the Cherry Blossom Event!
    It takes approximately 8 hours to grow the trees and they can yield anywhere between 5 to 15 petals.

    Cherry Blossom Event
    During this event players will be able to obtain Cherry Blossom Seeds by gathering from the following resources with their bare hands; Dry Thicket, Wild Herb, and Desert Herb.
    Unwithering Cherry Blossom Petals give the following 30 minute buff when consumed:  Attack/Movement/Cast Speed +1, Critical Hit +1, HP & MP +30.
    Cherry Blossom Seeds can be cultivated in a garden, although they are a bit larger than most plants and require 2 grids of space to grow.  Once the Cherry Blossom Tree is fully grown you will be able to harvest Unwithering Cherry Blossom Petals.
    Unwithering Cherry Blossom Petals can be exchanged at seed vendors found in Heidel and Calpheon.    
    Exchange 10 for a Cherry Blossom Pot which gives 20 interior points when placed in your home.
    Exchange 30 for a cosmetic accessory, Cherry Blossom Earring.
    Cherry Blossom Seeds and Unwithering Cherry Blossom Petals will disappear after the event has ended.
    Cherry Blossom Seeds and Unwithering Cherry Blossom Petals can be sold for 10,000 silver to NPCs.
    This event ends May 4th.
  9. Post on Maewha seal placement in General

    By Quazal, posted
    Just linking this so as people who have been saving up for the full 12 dont make the same mistake as i did :(,
    Got my 12th one just about 10 minutes ago, whilst arranging made sure was in the square but instead of hte square in this post was a solid 4/4/4/4 square click the + icon to find out it was only a 3 set and hadnt organised them in the right way.
    Thankfully i still have 3 days to go, so although wont be able to get full loot today, should just about be able to get the last one in time  
    Just a shame not a short cooldown (say 5minutes) where you can undo something like what i have done.
    But not moaning, just dont want others to get stung like i did .

  10. Wie dort oben steht mal gucken was dabei rund kommt
    Für leute die noch nicht bescheid wissen hier ist der Offi post

    Ich bitte vielmals um eure stimmen würd mich zugern interessieren was ihr darüber denkt auch wenns nummer 4 ist mit 99.9%Führung  haha
    Ich danke im voraus ein schönen abend euch noch wie ein erfolgreiches/erholsames We
    Vergesst nicht verdammt ihr wen so entstehen immer zwei gräber !
  11. Post on Future Animations in Suggestions

    By MIGhunter, posted
    I was thinking that it would be totally cool if you added some animations to the events.  Something that you can hit escape to get out of, of course.  Here is what I was thinking, using the current event.  After you place the Meahwa seals in a square and hit the button to combine them, the game swaps to a mini movie that shows your character placing them on the ground.  Then the inner part of the square turns into lava, fire, water, anything cool and then your new pet climbs out of it!
  12. Ich hab ein kurzes Video gemacht für die Menschen, die wie ich zu Faul zum lesen sind
    Es geht in diesem Video über das derzetige Event und was man damit so alles anstellen kann.
    Hier das Video dazu =)
  13. Hi,
    So this is the third day into the event, and supposedly I was to get 3 Maehwa seals, but I only was able to collect two.
    I believe yesterday's issue was the fact I haven't logged off my character or switched characters during the transition from day 1 to day 2 until the end of day 2.
    For sure, I was on during that day, but was unable to retrieve the seal for that day. 
    Is it possible for me to get that seal or no?
    Server: Uno
    Channel: Balenos U1
    Character: Tsujiri
  14. Got mine now, thanks!

    Hi! It seems that everyone has had their reward dyes from the MS paint event.
    And I didn't get mine. I checked my mails and everything, but nothing there.
    My post in the event thread is right here: http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/53035-ms-painting-easter-eggs/&do=findComment&comment=848695
    Thanks in advance!
  15. Coucou à tous ! Même si l'event est déjà bien entamé, je me suis dit que ce guide pourrait quand même être utile à certains car il n'y a pas beaucoup d'informations sur le sujet en FR. Il reste encore 2 semaines donc y'a amplement le temps!  En espérant que ça vous aidera. 
    Bisous bisous! xx
  16. Title, pretty much.
    This T1 hawk will be useless to me and sit in my pet window for looks as my T4 hawk already has combat EXP. I would have preferred a doggie or a cat.
    inb4 "ye u complain abt free stuf" / "lel dnt tak teh 12 seels riward"
  17. Grüße Abenteurer!
    Wir möchten dich einladen einen Augenblick Zeit nehmen um die neuen Klassen mit einem Familienfoto zu begrüßen. Jeder, der die Anleitung genau befolgt und einen passenden Screenshot einreicht, erhält einen neuen Titel.
    Erstelle einen Screenshot von dir, während du mit einer Gruppe mit allen anderen Klassen posierst.
    (Du spielst zB. Krieger, dann müssen auf dem auch Screenshot  wenigstens auch 1x Waldläuferin, 1x Schwarzmagierin, 1x ...usw. zu sehen sein)Nur der Einsender des Screenshots erhält den Titel.Andere Teilnehmer des "Fotoshootings", können ihre Screenshot natürlich auch einreichen.Die UI muss für den Screenshot ausgeschaltet sein. Bitte poste den Beitrag in diesem Formular
    Die Familienfotos können auch hier, in diesem Thread veröffentlicht werden. Um allerdings den Titel zu erhalten, muss der Screenshot über das Formular eingereicht werden!
  18. Hello everyone! 

    Could someone from the NA server post a screenshot of the Fishing Rankings?
    I am very curious to see this and how the rankings are affected over time (and i would guess that i'm not the only one) 
    Much appreciated!
    When i try to bump this thread, it will merge my bump with the openings post. Including this sentence... ;P
  19. Post on Horse Race in Suggestions

    By Dausae, posted
    I think everyone would love Horse Racing in this game. A person should be able to purchase a Horse Racing Permit and enter there Horses to race or bet on other player Horses. Hire a jockey to race your Horse and many factors to determine the outcome for the horse to win. Race for fun when ever and maybe have a weekly event to race for competition/money. Would encourage people to breed more horses and to go out and catch. There should be a Horse Arena in one of the towns where everyone can go and gather to watch.   Different races for different skills. Jumps, sprints and ect...
  20. Last patch extended the easter event by a week, and according to it, the event doesn't stop until after maintenance in 2 hrs and 20 min. The people you turn the eggs into currently dont have quests, and was wondering if anyone knew why? Do you not go to the NPCs that are in the egg's description, or are the quests just no longer available for some reason? @CM_Jouska
  21. Post on Get Movin! Event in General

    By NolandC, posted
    Despite Posting on the event form (Forum post here!) and filling out the Get Movin! Event follow-up forum, I still have not received my title and other rewards! 
  22. Post on Easterevent-Quests in General

    By Der_Joker, posted
    The eatserevent is still running and i am dropping eggs but there aren´t any quests by Leo/Leona so i can´t trade them.
    Any other with the same problems?
  23. Hi,
    The eatserevent is still running and i am dropping eggs but there aren´t any quests by Leo/Leona so i can´t trade them.
    Any other with the same problems?
  24. Here's the image in question. Have at it.
    NA and EU friendly, do it in any channel or server you wish. It's an interesting take on AFKing, if you ask me, and gives you an excuse to set up an inter-guild event in a safe location