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  1. Edit:
    Phase 2 hat begonnen.
    Character Creation Event: Beauty Contest!
    Zeigt uns eure schönsten Kreationen!


    -Start: 5. Februar 9.00 Uhr MEZ
    -Ende: 15. Februar 9.00 Uhr MEZ
    viele von euch haben bereits den Black Desert Charakter Creator heruntergeladen und an den ersten Kreationen gearbeitet. Jetzt möchten wir euch einladen, die Ergebnisse mit uns zu teilen, mit der Chance einen Preis zu gewinnen. Wir sind daran interessiert, die hässlichsten Charaktere zu sehen, die ihr erstellt habt oder besser gesagt, die Charaktere, die am weitesten vom klassischen Schönheitsideal entfernt sind. Unten findet ihr den Link für die Seite, auf welcher ihr die Ergebnisse einreichen könnt.

    -Start: 26. Januar 9.00 Uhr MEZ
    -Ende: 5. Februar 9.00 Uhr MEZ

    Character Creation Event: The Beast!

    - Lade den Character Creator herunter und erstelle einen Charakter deiner Wahl, passend zum Thema des Events.
    - Lade einen Screenshot und die „Customization“ Datei hoch in dem du die "Enter the Event" Funktion verwendest.
    - Für das Event „The Beast“ muss der Charakter so hässlich wie möglich aussehen.
    - Nachdem das Event vorbei ist, werden alle Gewinner zufällig ermittelt und auf unserer Webseite präsentiert.
    - Alle Gewinner werden darüber hinaus via E-Mail informiert.
    - Sollte ein Gewinner die Nutzungsbestimmungen missachtet haben, wird die Person disqualifiziert und erhält keinen Preis. Wir behalten uns das Recht vor, in dem Falle den Preis einem anderen Kandidaten zuzusprechen.
    - Die Nutzungsbedingungen können hier nochmals nachgelesen werden.
  2. Post on Beauty and the Beast in General

    By Cliyde, posted
    The Beauty and the Beast event has started. The event will run from January 26th till February the 5th. Check the links below for more information on how you can participate.
    Black Desert Character Creator Page
    Black Desert Character Creator Download
    Beauty and the Beast Event
    I've already seen some sca-ry characters oh boy. Anyone who whishes to join I bid you goodluck and have fun creating your Beauty and Beast.
    This Topic is for the people who are unaware of the event or need a reminder that the event has started.

  3. One of the most impressive features of Black Desert is surely its incredible Character Creation Module (CCM). We would like to invite everyone to experience the richness of this feature and recreate yourself, a friend, an actor or any fictional character. 
  4. Hello team
    Could you please run the below Fishing Tournament event again during CBT-2?
    It would be awesome to have another shot to obtain the unique title!
    I'm sure that there are quite a few people who would really appreciate this.
    Fishing Tournament
    Start: Wednesday, Dec. 16th  8:00 a.m. CET [EU Server] / 2:00 a.m. EST [NA Server]
    End: Tuesday, Dec. 22nd  8:00 a.m. CET [EU Server] / 2:00 a.m. EST [NA Server]
    Fishing is one of multiple professions in Black Desert, sporting over one hundred fish that are unique to different regions.  Some fish can only be found in freshwater, while others are exclusive to salt water.  When the Bait Master Tour begins, every player can make their way over to Cron Castle Cliff or any other saltwater area and try their luck at catching a Beltfish.  Once you have managed to catch one, take a screenshot of the fish in your inventory along with your character sheet and post it on the forums in the Fishing Tournament thread.  Every player that provides proof of their catch will be awarded a unique title once the game launches.
    Cron Castle Cliff

    If you are new to fishing and would like to participate in this event there are a few things you should try to do beforehand to make sure you are prepared.  Most importantly, you will need to get a fishing rod.  You can purchase one in Velia, from Fish Vendor Crio. Once you have that make your way to the Cron Castle Cliff.  To start fishing, all you have to do is equip the fishing rod, walk up to the water and hit space bar.  After a couple tries you should start catching fish and increasing your fishing skill.  Keep at it and you will be able to catch your own Beltfish to earn the title.
  5. So I came with the idea that would be good to have a Battleground 1 vs 1 where you have to queue or another method to play it with a scoreboard, and every player can stream it, be able to stream a game can help to persuade people to play it and players like to stream their games to have some kind of fame or be known, what i'm trying to say is have something that you can stream will help the game. Also make a event in a specific day. For example every Sunday a war between guilds to hunt a treasure,conquer a island or something like with a reward/guild points. Another thing would be a hunt of world bosses or another kind of things in a specific day too. 
  6. Post on Tournaments in General

    By Harbinger of Death, posted
    (My Orignal post, posting here as well so more can see it seeing as how the "PvP" fourms are kinda dead imo  http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/6243-pvp-tournaments/)
    Alright so im not sure if there are any posts about this, but I was talking with some friends and we had some great ideas, and would love to see what others think about said ideas.
    We thought it would be amazing to have every couple of months, a GM run PvP tournament. Everyone gets a few weeks notification of the time and place, and its a big event. Wandering traders could come in and sell rare/special items, and even players can set up their own shop thing so its not just the hardcore PvP players who get to enjoy the event, the merchant guilds have a way to enjoy it too, players could place bets on their favorite fighter and roll the dice, making or losing money.
    This would be an instant selling factor for me, seeing that there is a tournament in two weeks and power grinding to get the gear or level needed to be successful. Not only would this be a great way to bring the community together though, it would be an even better way to open up more "Lifestyles" in the game, instead of being a merchant you could now be an arena fighter, and "live" off your winnings from the tournaments you take place in.. And if the devs wanted to take it even further there could be a "World Tournament" where they take the top 3 of each server wide tournament and move them temporarily to a single server and have them duke it out, the winner gets a big prize and their server would get global exp buffs for a week or something of the sorts, all while they stream the fights for everyone to see!
    Thinking of this from a Developer standpoint and not the players. This could be an excellent way to see what is overpowered and what should be buffed. Say a Tamer cleans through this months entire tournament with ease, something is probably broken there... or shes just really good. The point is, its a fun and innovative way for developers to get live input on their game while making the community happy with such an amazing event.
    Let me know what you think! (I don't own any of these pictures, all from google images..)
    (The scale and size of the arena)

    (A cool idea of what the market could look like)

    (Just another image I thought was cool, instead of building a whole new thing, why not have some lore with it, such as the arena roams the earth in the sky, built by an ancient and unknown force. Its purpose in the past is still unknown but when floating over the land of Black Desert ((is there a name for the games whole world?)). A tournament is arranged.. or somthing along those lines)

  7. Hey!
    CBT1 is heading to its end, so we wanted to set up some large fight.
    We'd like to challenge whole EU to fight us, today.
    We will gather near Heidel Arena (North part of Heidel city), at 9PM GMT+1 (4 hours from now) on Channel 2.
    From there we will head outside and fight in pvp mode (Its last few hours of game so low karma shouldn't be a problem).
    Hope to see you there!
    On behalf of Grind, Kareth
  8.  About Us:
    Our objective is making an active community for BDO. We'll create markets and festivities where any player can participate.Our events will be scheduled.
    We are a community of Roleplaying players. Our objective is making an active community for BDO.

    IC - related info:
    We'll create markets and festivities where any player can participate.Our events will be scheduled.

    Be sure to fit in atleast one of the Guild Branches:
    Mercenaries & GuardsTrader & Marketers & Merchants & CraftsmanEntertainers & MusiciansPatricians & Diplomats (majority of the Guild Leaders job)Healers & Enginners
    OOC - related info:
    We are a group of players that like to bring roleplay events to the community. We are by no means a Hardcore guild.

    As a guild we a friendly community that appreciates all new players. We will have various moments of travel, trade, roleplay, PvE and PvP with the support of eachother and our alliances. Our community is divided in orders or branches and gives also place to smaller groups that decide to create their own clans with closer playmates.

    The House of Festivities gives a lot of freedom to our members and their IC characters but also has RP group objectives: making events for the community and keep adventuring forward as a Guild.
    Recruitment information:
    Players must fit in one of the roles above (You can have more than one job at once and many characters with different jobs).
    We need workers for our monthly Markets as well as Musicians and Entertainers to produce shows. Our diplomats need to prepare and organize the various tournements and contests of our activities. Our guards and mercenaries will keep the events safe and help during our travels.
    If you have your own clan/family/friends already and want to join, the guild will accept you:
    Each Grand-clan must have their leader that will be part of the Guild leaders. The guild will provide all support to each clan particular objective, as long as scheduled - Members are not forced to be part of the restant clans objectives but will be influenced to do so.
    The guild itself has a background. Each clan can have its' own background/objective and can make it explicit in the forum. If you're still interested in joining please go to our Website and fill a Recruitment Form.
    History of the Order:
    The Median merchant guild was full of riches and valuable goods. Both Calpheon and Valencias' gold were theirs. Media was at its' richest moment. Still, a bunch of merchants from the guild weren't happy. They never joined the Guild expecting it to be opportunist enough to take unique chances from war. Media's children and elderly were happy and fed, but the cities at war weren't.
    This bunch of a dozen merchants came together towards Calpheon. Right after they left, the natural disasters deteriorated, losing themselves in desert landscape. For every village they saw during the way to Calpheon they gave their best regards to the people, helped them find provisions or even traded with them worth the little they had remaining.
    Many times, long after the money and the goods were gone, they gave entertainment to the sick children and the oldies they met. When the group arrived at Serendia they could only feel happy: they were able to shower, to eat fish and boar, to sleep in warm beds, to be surrounded by living people. They saw opportunity. They could get resources in the wild here. They planned shows all across the lands to help people enjoy life; to help them forget wars and chaos for some time. They weren't affiliated to any nation. They traveled freely enjoying the goods they collected from the towns and people they visited and their smiles. Soon after they arrived at Calpheon they could see that war followed them wherever they went. Calpheon wasn't as peaceful as they thought, neither was Heidel or Serendia. They were prepared to make war for the sake of the black stones. The kingdom of Calpheon bestowed the traveling merchants with the title "The House of Festivities" . The merchants were paid to encourage and liven up Calpheon folk. At the same time, in 273, the war between Calpheon and Serendia was starting, and news from Media went around saying that the city of Altinova was constructed. The merchants fled from Calpheon, living the order ruined. The merchants of Media were never found again after the attack of Ilezra and the death of Variz the II.
    At 281, Calpheon parliament establishes the recreation of the House of Festivities; the people are in low-spirits after all the wars and constant instability, there's a need for happiness to be promoted before a rebellion arises. The merchants that present themselves are mostly mercenaries out of hand, not entertainers. The parliament closes the case of overture of the House of Festivities.
    In 283 a group of merchants and entertainers arrive at Calpheon. The group makes a proposal to the parliament of Calpheon, asking to be given the title of House of Festivities to themselves, pledging to schedule markets all around, and compromising on performing activities for Calpheon.
    The parliament didn't agree, but since a diplomacy was in effect an assembly with a judge had to be made. The group confronted the government laying proof of testimonies, saying that the original merchants of the House of Festivities were not deprived from other cities and nations, they traveled around every country, giving diversion to the population.

    The court gave reason to the group and the title was bestow on them. The House of Festivities is from now on a worldwide order!
     Notices:IC Notices
    General Rules:Don't be rude to other members;Let yourself be heard but don't force your ideas on others;Members cannot PK other members (unless there is some RP reason for it and is it previously agreed on by everyone involved)Anyone can create background stories and propose ideas - for their own characters, for clans or for their group of players;Avoid spaming guild chat or the Forums (check for threads regarding or similar to the subject before creating a new one);Mercenaries must help merchants/traders during their travels. They can also participate in any PvP events that may be organized.Diplomats must help in the organization of event activities - all clan leaders or job commissionaires will also have to work as diplomats;Marketers, merchants and craftsman must participate in market events at least once per month, and it is strongly recommended that you participate in other events as well;Entertainers and Musicians must plan their own individual performances, as well as their activities as a group;Nobody can use World chat to sell their products during events - Only Guild leaders may use it to announce events;Follow the Rules of your clan or Job Commissar;Stay active (you might get quicked if you're not active during a month). 
    HeadQuarters Location:
    The House of Festivities has its Head-Quarters based on the port city of Epheria, in the Calpheon Kingdom. The city thrives with old nobles, commoners and corageous fisherman, directly touching the seas, bringing new trade opportunities for all that dare cross it's waters.
    Some days the Guild building is abandoned to the poor that take refugee on it's walls. Some other days the guild members reach the city after their long journeys and spend the night drinking hale and the day selling the richnesses they have collected along the way to noble heads or trade with the farmers and fisherman. The mercenaries lay around or secretly avail some of the nobles to get good coin on their bags. Musicians play for the children and visit noble houses in exchange for silver.
    Later they depart: pairwise or solo, to fill their own pockets. After a few days they allways come back, together on new journeys they depart, only to be back again, weeks later, months, a season. But allways with smiles to share to the people of the land.
    Epheria Building:
    ((We will later establish the locations where our markets will happen in each city, so roleplayers know where to find us))
  9. So we need to post proof of us getting a beltfish i understand that, but I keep seeing multiple pictures of people getting the fish from different area. I've been at the cron castle cliffs for quite a while and zero luck. Is it even possible to get one from there? And also, is the location that we're supposed to get the beltfish from restricted to just the cron castle cliffs or are we allowed to catch the fish in any other areas and still post the proof as legitimate?
  10. After some time in the weather system post, it's fair to say, realistic nights and weather = a box full of puppies. *Or kittens... I'm not judging. Regardless of your furry creature preference, I completely agree. That said, I'd go further. I'd like to see seasons added. Not only should nights follow real-time, and weather last hours(even days), but seasons should change, keeping in time with the actual seasons. This opens endless doors, including seasonal content(E.g. events, festivals, etc).
    This is not the kind of suggestion anyone should expect to see in the first year of release. That being said, seasons would add immensely to the immersion and detail of the game. The following are some examples.
    Seasons could affect the price and availability of goods. After all, you can't farm year round, requiring players to stock warehouses for winter.
    Smoke houses/facilities could be added.
    Bodies of water could freeze, requiring tools for ice fishing.
    Winter gear would need to be crafted(E.g. fur cloaks, thigh-high mukluks, etc). This gear would be worn over existing gear, expanding on visual customization. There could also be winter variants of armor.
    During the winter, characters outside, without winter gear, would slowly die. Why? Because details!
    Deep snow could affect movement.
    Less traveled regions could have deeper snow and/or harsher weather conditions. *Not all regions would be affected by the seasons, or to the same extent(E.g. it wouldn't snow in the desert).
    Snow fall and snow storms could affect movement and visibility. This could add an interesting element to PvP/sieges, since visibility would be extremely limited in a snow storm.
    Seasonal mobs and bosses.
    Seasonal events/festivities(E.g. Fall Harvest Festival). Don't think I'm suggesting events that would break immersion(E.g. Halloween, Christmas, etc), though it's entirely possible to make in-world versions that borrow from the general theme.
    Winter mounts and sleds.
    The length of days and nights could change, but with realistic nights and snow storms... that could result in very difficult playing conditions. I would welcome it, but that might be too much, for some.
    An added bonus - Beyond adding immersion/detail, the always changing seasons/conditions(+content) would help keep the game fresh. This keeps you from seeing and doing the exact same thing, year round.
    You get the idea. *The photo is simply to fuel imagination(by Nafah on DA).

  11. Our objective is making an active community for BDO, trying to enhance it, unite it and show the capacities of RP in-game. How will we do that? We'll create markets and festivities where any player can participate (not limited to roleplayers).
    Our events will be scheduled and always done in a roleplay perspective. Our guild members may be former free citizens in the world of BDO or Members of a clan that's part of the guild.

    Recruitment information:

    We are in dire need for roleplaying players or clans. They must fit in one of this roles: mercenaries, marketers, merchants, diplomats, patricians, musicians or entertainers (full time or not).
    We need mercenaries, merchants and marketers for our monthly Markets as well as Musicians and Entertainers to produce shows. Our diplomats need to prepare and organize the various tournements and contests of our event activities.

    If you have your own clan/family/friends already and want to join (no matter how small), the guild will accept you:

    Each Grand-clan must have their leader that will be part of the Guild leaders. The guild will provide all support to each clan particular objective, as long as scheduled - Members are not forced to be part of the restant clans objectives but will be influenced to do so. The guild itself has a story. Each clan can have its' own background (story) and objective and can make it explicit in the forum.

    Website: houseoffestivities.enjin.com/home


    Homepage ✋ Forums ✋ Recruitment ✋ Application
    Server: TBA [NA-RP]
    "Rise and shine, Samaritan."
    It's daybreak, and your arms can barely lift yourself up before the voices in your head start telling you that it's too early, too dark, and too cold to get out of a bed.
    Legions of enemies are shouting their unanimous permission for you to hit the sheets and go back to dreamland--but you didn't ask their opinion.
    Instead, the voice you've chosen to listen to is one of defiance. A voice that's says there was a reason you woke up in the first place.
    So sit up, put your feet on the floor, and don't look back--because we've got work to do.
    Welcome to the Order.
    We are merchants, and farmers, and soldiers--the very citizens of Hidel--who demand better. Better for ourselves, our families and our once great city.
    We also ask better of our masters: the "King" and his greedy nobles.
    Problem is, we're loyal to another. We won't be enslaved by the whims of madness and gluttony. We're Al's Hands.
    And when you make that choice, when you decide to turn your back on what's comfortable, what's safe, and what some would call "common sense"--well that's only day one. From there it only gets tougher.
    So just make sure this is something you want. Because the easy way out will always be there, ready to wash you away. All you have to do is lift up your feet.
    Remember what you're fighting for and never forget that momentum is a cruel mistress. She can turn on a dime with the smallest mistake. She is ever-searching for that weak place in your armor. That one tiny thing you forgot to prepare for.
    So as long as the devil is hiding the details, the question remains: "Is that all you got? Are you sure?"
    And when the answer is "Yes," you've done all you can to prepare yourself for battle, then it's time to go forth and boldly face our enemy, the enemy within our walls.
    Only now you must take that fight into the open, into hostile territory.
    You're a lion in a field of lions. All hunting the same elusive prey with a desperate starvation that says, "Victory is the only thing that can keep you alive."
    So believe that voice that says you can move a little faster, you can swing a little harder, and you can dig a little deeper, and that--for you--the laws of the land are merely a suggestion.
    Luck is the dying wish of those who want to believe that winning can happen by accident.
    Sweat, on the other hand, is for those who know it's a choice.
    So decide now because destiny waits for no one.
    And when your time comes and a thousand different voices are trying to tell you, "You're not ready for it," listen instead for that lone voice of dissent, the one that says, "You are ready, you are prepared, it's all up to you now."
    So rise and shine, Samaritan.
    What is the Order of Alsands?
    We are a pre-launch, Chaotic-Neutral, Heavy Roleplay Guild and an active part of the Black Desert Online roleplay community. Depending on the situation, we can act as either the protagonist or antagonist in your character’s story progression and we enjoy the freedom this brings our guild members.
    What is your definition of Heavy Roleplay?
    The Order of Alsands seeks to create an atmosphere where roleplay can thrive naturally among like-minded individuals. We also encourage our members to enjoy all of the PvE and PvP aspects of the game. So, in order to allow for a healthy balance of in-character and out-of-character activity we will not require our members to be 100% in-character every time they log into the game.
    However, we do plan on providing multiple avenues for our members to grow their character and tell their stories. Guild organized events, including personal story progression for players, are just one of the Order of Alsands concentrations. We also plan to lead public server-wide events of various different themes and styles. Although we will be providing organized events for our members to participate in, we highly encourage the growth of relationships and the initiative to create your own story through personal relationships or smaller group RP.
    Finally, the level of roleplay that the Order of Alsands rests at is completely up to its members. If there is a desire for a higher or more intense immersion from our members we will gladly accommodate it!
    What is the theme and story?
    The Order of Alsands began as a relatively unknown band of merchants and traders living and working in Hidel before the war with Calpheon. After the war began, these commoners began to take measures into their own hands in order to learn how to protect themselves from the external threats to their city, and own meager livelihood. After the capture of their King in a nighttime ambush, and the subsequent crippling demands placed upon the city by its captors, the first official meetings between these concerned merchants and common citizens were held.
    Because the enemy King restricted Hidel's ability to form an army, trade with any city other than Calpheon, and hand over possession of all Black Stones, a representative of the common citizens, Alundi, was elected to speak on the city's behalf. His followers loved him and believed in him so much that he became a kind of Peasant King of the city. His followers began to call themselves "Al's Hands" as a nickname to show their good faith in promoting Alundi's cause and doing whatever they could to support him. The enemy King promptly imprisoned, tortured and abandoned Alundi somewhere in neutral territory and after this horrific act the citizens banded together to create the Order of Al's Hands--which over time would be known as the Order of Alsands.
    Under this new name the simple trade guild grew into something deeper and more powerful. On the surface the Order of Alsands remains a simple merchant guild to any strangers, but the leadership has entered into an agreement with the political and religious leaders of Calpheon to "continue research" into the mysteries of the Black Stones. This is, of course, an elaborate ruse to keep the prying eyes of Calpheon away from the other activities of the guild. The mission of our Order is to act as a protective force for its citizens, create an underground black market to bring profitable trade back to Hidel, and find out the magical properties and alchemical secrets of the Black Stones for the purposes of obtaining independence for our home city and its people.
    What's up with the hand?
    Members and supporters of Alundi began organizing in secret and referring to themselves as "Al's Hands" after his rise in political power, imprisonment, torture and banishment.
    As a demonstration of this support, members began leaving their mark around the city and region: cryptic words, tags and logos. As these images crept up and became publicly acknowledged, one symbol rose above all others to become the unofficial symbol of Al's Hands: the open palm hand stencil.

    Using anything, including: black soot, ink, dirt and even baking flour--a supporter of Al's Hands would place their open palm against the wall of a noble's house, carriage or ship and throw the dark material onto their hand and the wall, leaving a clean space where their hand was, surrounded by an ominous dark shadow--same as the dark cloud of corruption that has fallen over their beloved city.
    Just as these symbols began to spread across the land, the term "Samaritan" seemed to make a sudden resurgence back into public vernacular. This was no coincidence, however, as Al's Hands supporters used the seemingly innocuous term to refer to one another whenever subtlety and discretion was vital. This was often done in the presence of any strangers, public officials or suspected spies and used as both an "innocent" greeting and important confirmation of friend or foe. While this is not the only method used to keep their secrets held and members identified, it has become as widespread as their hand symbol.
    As more and more people joined their ranks, members of Al's Hands needed to become more organized and deliberate in their efforts. Thus, a formal guild was designed and created by prominent leaders of the community, dubbed the Order of Alsands, to take them further into the future and bring their dreams to fruition.
    What is the Guild's Leadership Structure?
    We plan on implementing a checks-and-balances system among the Guild's Leadership. Its highest position being held by Neviana Lyrathel as the Order’s Matriarch and Guild Leader. Below her will be an even number of officers who will aid her in overall decision making and plotting the course of the guild's progress into the future. Every topic will be discussed and evaluated by the entire leadership body; with the leader acting as the swaying vote if the Officers are split evenly.
    How can I join the Order of Alsands?
    If after reading this brief overview you are interested in joining our ranks we encourage you to read through our forums, especially the Code of Conduct, and submit an application to join the Order! We hope that you decide to join up with us to help develop something we believe will be truly unique within the world of Black Desert Online! And as always if you have any questions please feel free to contact any of the leadership!
    With the information you provide us in our application we'll be able to determine whether the Order is the right guild for you, while also getting to know both you and your character a bit better.
    If you get stuck or have any questions, please feel free to double-check our guild's Code of Conduct to learn the responsibilities and expectations of our fellow guild members, or post your question in a thread on our community Recruitment and Applications forum.
    Thanks again for thinking of us here at the Order. We wish you all the best with both yourapplication and your travels throughout the world of Black Desert Online!