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  1. Post on Stop the griefers! in General

    By Nastiel, posted
    Hello, I'm really dissapointed of how grinding in this game looks like. Griefers are like plague but maybe lets start from beggining.
    At first I would like to present two different situations:
    Situation A:
    Nastiel: Hello, this spot is taken.
    Player: Okey I'm going to find different spot. If i won't find any free spot i will simply change the channel.
    Situation presented above is a sign of culture and respect for both players. It is not that hard to find other spot or free spot in other channel. This is what i usually do whether I am "Nastiel" or "Player" in this situation. Sadly this kind of players are rare and situation presented above can be treated as SCI-FI in this game.
    Situation B:
    Nastiel: Hello, this spot is taken.
    Player: I don't care idiot.
    Nastiel: Can You go somewhere else or change channel?
    Player: No.
    *Nastiel has killed Player*
    What happens next?
    Player simply comes back, keep killing Your mobs and breaking Your rotation, trying to take over Your spot. You kill him again and again, but he keeps coming back (karmabombing). After You lose Your whole karma YOU CAN'T DO NOTHING ABOUT IT - YOU LOST. Only solution for this situation is to change the spot / channel or share Your spot with griefer but it is not efficiency.
    Situation B happens to me few times per day. It is a serious problem.
    Currently there is no anti-griefing system in game - griefers just respawn and they are coming back until You lose whole karma.
    Can we fix it please? Below You may find some ideas:
    - Bring back EXP losing in PVP death
    - Add respawn time penalty when a player is dying in PVP many times in a short period
    - Add some enchanting / crystal / cash penalties when dying in PVP many times in a short period.
    - When You kill a player many times in a short period of time You don't lose karma anymore.
    - Respawn in Town after X deaths.
    What You think dear players?
    Have You ever dealt with griefers in this game?
    I'm looking forward to hear from You!
  2. I think it would be awesome if we could hide just our EXP percentage and the bar across the top of the screen while still keeping your Level Number, Skill Level Bar, Energy Bar, and your Contribution Points bar. I know you can hide ALL of it via the "Edit UI" function, but when i hide my energy i forget about it. I like hiding it because when you get to the higher numbers, sometimes its better not to see how slow it goes
  3. Post on EXP fürs Questen? in Vorschläge

    By Strycer, posted
    Wie der Titel schon sagt...
    was haltet Ihr davon, fürs questen Exp zu bekommen?
    Natürlich im richtigen Verhältnis, soll jetzt also nicht das Grinden abschaffen oder die Möglichkeit bekommen nur durchs questen lvl 60 zu werden.
    Was meint Ihr? YAY oder NEIJ?
  4. Post on Sailing in In-Game Bugs

    By Zryst, posted
    I'm not getting any sailing experience and i've been sailing around in ross sea for 1 hour. Skilled 2 39%
    Edit: it seems to be working now. weird
  5. I'm only asking because they still say crowded and I'm just a bit confused on why there's no option for me to enter them.
    I went to a noncrowded server, was immediately booted and this happened when I logged back in:

    It also doesn't make sense that this would happen to me because when I first got booted, that was my first time logging in the past 24-48 hours. 
  6. Is there a node that i can send works to to get? (plz send pics) #not ----- pics;)

  7. Im skilled 3 cooking how do i lvl it up fast ? (dont be vague)

  8. So i wanna get my trading to master 2 and people been talking about this nerf and stuff and now im dumb struck how to even trade so how should i trade, videos,screenshots and complete text guide  the fastest way is the best way!

  9. Hi. Today I wanted to go to Pirates. When I took out my boardship from Velia I was bugged. I was in the air. I was trying to used escape option but it doesnt works. Also after a few secs, I was dead and I pressed to revive in the town, i was in the same bugged location in the air. After my 2th death I finnally was to the near node. But I lost 2% exp and and my crystal =( 

  10. I love the combat  in this game and constantly find my self killing way more mobs for a quest then i need to, simply because i loose track of time. However right now if you want to lvl the best thing to do is kill hoards of weak enemys, this is boring. I would like to see red and purple mobs exp raised and maybe add and or change some mobs lvl to include more red/purple mobs for higher level characters. this would take some research (maybe already known?) but i was thinking make the exp for purple mobs slightly better than whites, reds equal to whites on a per hour baises. this is assuming everything else is equal aka- effective at youre class, reasonable gear upgrades ect. this is solo mind you. most people would proabably not change how they lvl because the chance of death is to high. I would but i like to be challanged and don't mind grinding more to recoupe the exp loss from the random death. However in a party i suggest you add a kill chain mechanic something like this. When 2 or more people are in a party killing 1 red or higher mob per person with in 60 sec  starts the kill chain timer. you then have a "to be determined amount" of time less than 60sec to kill the next group. this will add X% of exp for chain 1, then x+some amount more% for chain 2 ect untill the party can no longer kill in the time required to trigger the chain and the chain resets. the numbers and amount here would need to be played with to find the right ballance. the goal being to push the party hard enuf that someone is likely to die about once an hour but the exp gained from the chains should out weigh the penalties from the death IF they should happen. this would incentivise group play, more challenging and rewarding gameplay. this will also give players a choice of either sticking with what we do now, witch is to slam many easy mobs at little risk of death, but more drops. Or higher chance of death and possablly losing crystals in you're gear but with higher exp/hr. this could lead to new or tweaked class skills for exsample the valkeries taunt ability could be expanded with a longer/stronger effect. giving the more damage type classes a window to focus down one or to mobs while they hit the valk. right now the ablity is used to groupe mobs then everyone just spams abilitys and moves on, repeat. 
  11. Post on Trade crates exp in General

    By KnowNothing, posted
    Is there any info, on crates xp? I mean which kind of crate gives highest trading XP? I know that since latest patch XP pretty much depends on distance, but i haven 't seen any info, about base crate XP or anything else that might be an answer to the question. 
  12. Hi
    Sooo, your goal is for returning players to get ahaed, the problem is, by only allowing 3 channels for the exp bonus those channels will be COMPLETELY overrun by players. THis results in everything being completely overfarmed and the exp bonus is completely countered.
    I beg of your sence of logic, please simply make the exp bonus stick to accs instead of channels
    Thanks in advance
  13. I have a few questions about grouping in this game. I was at Sausans and a few people invited me. Now the thing is my weight limit sucks so I have to go back to Tariff a lot. What's the polite way to go about this? Leave group or stay?
    More specifically, will it reduce people's XP if I stay in the group? Will I look like a freeloader? I just literally don't know nothing about how groups work in this game.
  14. Hi guys,

    I saw 3 channels with 100% exp. I was wondering when does this 100% end for me? Is it after I hit lvl 56 with one of my characters or is there a time limit attached for being able to play on these servers?

    Could somebody please explain?

    Thank you,
  15. Since the BDO devs do not want to by the old PVP system back, why not put some channels with these options? Lose some exp when you die, lose crystals, everything like before ?!
    Put only 5 channels with these options.
    Yesterday I was hunting and when I found out I had a 4 player party killing my MOBs, without saying "Hi ?!"
    I think there is no pvp since we can not kill / kick those players out of our spawn.

    Please implement some channels with these options, OLD PVP SYSTEM
  16. Hello toxic forum folks!
    I created a simple guide to help quench all incredibly frequent questions about grinding, and you can find it here:
  17. Post on Exp boost events.. in General

    By Zaily, posted
    Hi guys, just wondering..
    Why we get those "experience boost" events with 50% boost, like it is kind of something cool, while there was much better 100% boost on weekends... I just play less than I would play during the weekend buff on those super exciting events... Maybe if you want to give us boost, then make the weekend buff last whole week or something.. not this stupidity where you need to farm twice longer to get the same exp as with weekend buff.
    Im not complaining we get the buff, I just dont get your thinking - you cancel the weekend buff to give us something you present like it is event better, its ridiculous.
  18. I have been running in Calpheon for 2 hours and come back see my exp is still the same not a single lv at all!

  19. Post on Extended EXP Event in Suggestions

    By IcyStorm, posted
    Hey We Have Christmas, New Year soon... so I think that would be cool to extend 100% EXP Event until New Year. Can you do it Kakao? 
  20. Post on Unlimited Grind Works in PVE

    By Xeon, posted
    I am the bone of my grind.
    Time is my body and EXP is my blood.
    I have killed over a thousand Sausans (read: sausages.)
    Unknown to Life.
    Nor known to No life.
    Have withstood hand pain to gain many levels.
    Yet, those hands will never hold anything that isn't a mouse and keyboard.
  21. Wo ist der 100% exp buff hin? sollte es dieses wochenende net 150% geben? oder wurde jetzt der 100% mit dem 50% buff ergänzt?
    das lustige ist ja im event threat stand ja auch 150% exp die dann zu 50 umeditiert wurden als die server wieder on waren.
  22. Post on Party xp quesions in General

    By Hollowpoint, posted
    Don't worry, I've done searched and read all kinds of material.  Questions remain:
    Let's say we have a party of 2.  I know it's 60% of xp per mob when both are in range.  Out of range nothing is shared.  However, if we're all the way across the map from each other, is the xp still gimped at 60% or does it go back to 100% to the person who kills when no party members are in range?Reason I ask is because I often like to stay in party just to have a private chat channel always open or to group up fast etc.  It would suck if there's a penalty for simply being in party even though you're not "together" doing an activity.
    For the special deals, there is no tax, correct?  Also does this only apply to items that you were in range for, or any item looted while you were in party?  (Could relate to first question.)Thanks in advanced.  I looked everywhere and couldn't find this information and even people in my guild have disagreements as to how it works.
  23. Post on Exp Events in General

    By Nexrodus, posted
    So we are getting these exp events, and alot of them to.
    It's feels kinda sad to level up and now see the biggest problem with gaining lvl's fast (awakeing is here and comming)
    Why we have all this combat exp events but how about the skill points?
  24. Post on Horses. in In-Game Bugs

    By Saryn, posted
    So I've noticed a few things still have issues with horse leveling, that have been talked about for a while and still not addressed/fixed.
    1. Horses Exp I've noticed is a lot slower, or wagon durability runs out faster. I used to be able to level 4 t6's within 1 wagon. This last set has taken almost 2?
    2. Sometimes when I check on my horse leveling, my wagon is randomly 10 meters ahead of me and I'm just standing on the road like a derpus smiling at my camera like a meth addict.
    3. Horses on channel switch disappear, so I have to keep whistling it to a stable or hope it has to TP to me through a walled area. If this will continue to be an issue, at least give everyone a free horse whistle.