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  1. Hello everyone.
    As we all know, after a month of absence, returning players can log in for a month to channels that grant them 200% EXP bonus.
    This is a nice concept but it would be much better if this would work from 24h of absence. You can't log in or just want a rest from grinding for one or two days, you get back to the game and you have 200% EXP bonus for one or those two days of rest.
    It would also benefit players who go on holidays for a week or two, having a 7 or 14 day brake from the game can sure create a significant gap between you and those who didn't stop grinding.
     This would raise the overall pleasure from gamming, because people can take rests from everyday boring grinding and later catchup with others who actually like to grind and don't need a rest.
  2. Post on Adjust EXP curve in Suggestions

    By Sarevok, posted
    Hello Daum/Kakao,
    I have been playing since closed beta 2 with a small break in September only lasting 2 months before I got sucked back in.  My suggestion is to adjust the EXP curve making grinding to level 60 less painful.  For some classes reaching 60 isn't as difficult in comparison to other classes.  For a game that has multiple classes and promotes having alts then please adjust the experience required or gained from 57-60.  Most classes aren't even able to unlock all of their awakened skills and flows till level 60 anyways.  Allowing your player base to roll multiple different classes so they can experience them all not only will make the player base happier but will also drive Pearl Shop purchases.  You may not see every player purchasing extra weight capacity but alts that the player wishes to play further will see the common purchases.
    WeightInventory SpaceCostumesOutfitsMount Costumes (unless you stick with 1 horse)More Artisan Memories for new weaponsIf you are not willing to adjust the curve then please buff Valencia mobs EXP or loot drops (OR BOTH) to influence more grind spots as well as better exp per hour.  I've lost a couple buddies in the game specifically due to how long it takes to level up and they are not interested in another full time job.
    Thank you
  3. Post on Range of party xp bonus? in PVE

    By Kitala, posted
    What is the range of party xp bonus? Do you have to stay fairly close together? Like is it 50 feet? Just wondering because there seems to be no indicator...plus all the groups at sausans and pirates seem to ignore the group and just run off In their own stupid directions. Are they stupid? Or is the range that great that they can be on the other end of an area and still be getting group xp bonus?
    Another thing I noticed...xp is divided when grouping with another player...2 other players...3 other players...to the point where no matter how fast you kill as a coordinated group...you gain like 1/2 the xp/hour for each party member while grouped. 
     I just stopped grouping at all recently and my xp rates have been way higher solo.
    Are we being punished for grouping? Cuz it seems insanely slower once I join a group over solo.
    Am I missing something? Can someone clarify or enlighten me? I'm lvl 58. 
    So far it seems counter-intuitive to a mmo. And more in line with a single player game as far as all pve goes anyhow.
  4. Wondering why when pairing up or trio grouping gives half the xp gain over a 30 min period? What is the purpose in this?
     tested it both on weekdays and weekends using xp boost now.
    Using the weekend bonus numbers for this testing:
     100% weekend bonus I gain 3.6%-4% in a 40 min grind. Active xp buffs with the 200% 30 min buff, 3% pet xp boost, 9% 500 titles bonus, 10% elixir of xp, 8% food xp buffs. This is solo.
    Same buffs second test while grouped up with a single partner(lvls 57, 57). Same period of time of 40 min.1.6-1.8%.
    Tested again just now with 3 member group.(lvls were 57,57,55) Earned a mere 1.2% for the 40 min duration. 
    Getting punished for grouping in a mmorpg. Good times...
    The mobs we killed were in the same exact circuit loop and all the same mob species.
  5. Hello toxic forum folks!
    I created a simple guide to help quench all incredibly frequent questions about grinding, and you can find it here:
  6. Hello
    Please increase XP rates in Valencia. Pirates is still the most optimal XP spot from 56-60. This is the equivalent of catfish being a better xp spot than anything in Mediah. There are end-game spots in Valencia that are better xp than pirates but they are for 60+.
    Please boost xp for all of the Valencia mobs so that they are better than pirates. This will help to spread people around in the game. If you want pirates to continue being better than Valencia then please double the size of the island and available mobs.
  7. So I've been doing a lot of cooking and decided to pop down a few small fences for Haystacks to get Milk/Beef/Ox Hide.  I've been doing it for a few days now, not paying attention to my experience gain.  This morning I noticed my Farming was still barely Beginner2, so when I went to go take care of the farms I watched my experience bar.  I harvested two Haystacks and used Plant Breeding on the third and my experience bar didn't even move a single percent for all three of those actions.
    I know that Haystack farming is new.  Is this a fluke?  A bug?  Intended?  I guess for now I'll just do some manual upkeep on the farms with Onions and Pepper to gain some Farming levels, but I'm curious if others are seeing the same behavior when farming Haystacks, and whether or not this needs to be (or already has been) reported as a bug?
  8. I haven't really found any concrete info on this before (or I hadn't been looking hard enough), so I thought I'd share.
    Past 255 CP, gains from daily quests slows right down.  I'd been doing a lot of brewing anyhow, so started saving up my poorly prepared dishes until I hit 5,000 to turn in.
    5,000 dishes = 1,000 turn-ins, at 50xp per turn-in.  So 50,000 CP XP.
    I went up by 8 points, so each point was worth 6,250 XP.  
    That's a lot of -----ing daily quests.

  9. Anyone know how to access/activate this buff?
    New Daily achievement [Daily Grinding Hour!] has been added.

    o    Players can choose one buff to obtain;

      Combat EXP +200% (30 min.)

    Combat EXP +100% (60 min.)

  10. Post on Experience in Suggestions

    By Tamalama, posted
    My husband and I think this is such a great game.  We would like player trading, but have kind of given up on it. Other than that and few minor changes, we have enjoyed our hours (days) immensely.  What is a major flaw for us is the experience.  We don't play to get to 60 or whatever.  We like to play and enjoy each area as we explore.  The experience is so over the top that we can't even finish half the quests in a zone before we outgrow them.  Yes we could go back and do them, but the mobs will be so weak that once again we will blow through them and there is no challenge.  The experience weekends just top it off.  I started a sorceress and actually tried to go as slow as I could.  She hit 50 that day.  I started a toon that does nothing but fish and she hit 50 in a couple of weeks.
    Now I know that most people want to get to "endgame" and also pvp.  The fast experience is what they like and I have no issue with that what so ever. I would like there to be a way we could turn off or slow way down the xps and eliminate the bonuses. Perhaps a switch to flip or a spell scroll available.  It would be nice it the mobs were much harder, but I know that is something that is not easily fixed.  But it seems to me turning off or making the xps slower, wouldn't be too hard to implement.  And it would not impact the players who like to level fast.  I know that we are not the only players that think xps are too easy to get. 
    Forgive my ignorance if this suggestion is a great deal more complicated than I think.  I am sure if you were going to make experience slower or off, you might have things in it that I don't know about.  But from the very beginning, a character gets to 10 within minutes.  We cannot enjoy most of the quests in Olvia or Western Outpost.  As it is I tried to take my sorc to an area that would challenge her.  I found that the NPCs would not give her quests there, until she had leveled to the zone range.  So even that is a poor option.
    Again if this impossible, then we will manage. But it sure would add a great deal to our game if we could take our time in each zone and not completely outgrow it before we even get to it.
  11. I have been searching all over since the latest patch hit for information regarding numbers of failstacks to use for upgrading my epheria rod and maple float. I was not able to find any reliable chart , nor did anybody in the general section of the forum seem to have any answers. Is there anybody around here willing to share what he has found or even just his own experiences with this?
    I will start with what little info i have from last night , starting out with my epheria rod +5. Upgrading to +6 went in one single try at 15 failstacks. Went up to 20 failstacks for +7 , which took 3 tries. Then finally started at 25 failstacks for +8 which took 8 tries to get.
    Planning on continuing on my +3 maple float tonight, all advice/experience you can share would be much apreciated!
  12. So unless Im missing something and feel free to enlighten me on any additional bonuses but really what point is there to raise Training Skill? I mean you get it to pro 1 you get the trainers clothes. I guess at Artisan 1 you get a title, but that's it.  I would like to see some added benefits to raising your training skill. Something to make it mean something to actually level your skill.
    Things like:
    Increased chances for your horse to learn skills
    Better chances at getting higher tier offspring from breeding
    More experience gains while leveling your horse
    These benefits should keep going up the higher your trainer skill as well. Personally I just dont see why Artisan/Master trainers should be the same as apprentices or even skilled. With your "increased knowledge" of horses you should be able to get/do more in-game with it then someone with less knowledge. Trainers dont really get any other bonuses in-game. There are no guild skills for it, no potions to make with the exception of sute tea which are meaningless because the only thing they do is level your training skill exp which at this point is pointless to level.
    Im sure some other ideas/added benefits could be added as well.. Just something to make it worth it to keep working on the training skill and making it something worth working on.
  13. i read the last patch notes from this game and they mentioned that helms and manes ect in mediah that  their EXP were increased, just wondering if it feels like ur getting the same exp from them like u would for the sausans? idk if u guys have noticed it or felt that it does, it seems like it to me then again im 55 trying for 56 everything seems slow to me when getting exp.
  14. We have Milk Tea to boost combat exp, Sute Tea to boost profession exp, can we please have a Carrot Tea to boost Horse Level-Up exp?
    It would be beneficial to both Horse Trainers/Breeders, and people who like to Cook.
    The Recipe could be something like: 1 scented tea / 3 milk / 1 salt / 4 carrot
  15. Post on Horse No XP Gain in In-Game Bugs

    By Kilivin, posted
    Hello! So, I had my horse go on an auto route to gain experience overnight. I started with 102 carrots and ended up with what is shown in the picture. However, my horse started out at level 8 and half XP, but he is at the exact same amount of experience. I didn't take a picture before hand (didn't think this would happen) to show the exact difference, but I will for future reference. If you could look into it, that'd keep a lot of people disappointed coming back to their horses gaining 0 XP overnight.  

  16. Does the EXP boost buff from experience elixirs apply to combat and life exp or does it just apply to just your level exp itself?

  17. Just noticed something missing from the cash shop -> Loyalties...
    Horse Experience Increase coupon.
    Has this been moved to somewhere else or is it just gone?
  18. Hey there.
    This game has a good incentive to having alts.
    What it doesn't have, however, is incentive to actually level your alts - you use them mostly for professions and energy.
    Here is what I think should be done to make it feel less "gimping" to spread your time on different characters:
    When you gain combat, skill, breath, strength or life EXP on a character, that character would inspire the other members of the family (account).
    This would be represented as an "inspiration" bonus for the same type of EXP - which means you could build up to 5 types of inspiration per character.
    This bonus would stack, so if you play 6 characters, each character benefits from each type of inspiration bonus that the other 5 accumulated (but you spend an average of ~1/6 of your time per character so it evens out).
    The way Inspiration benefits you is by applying a multiplier to the affected types of EXP.
    So if you do a lot of Strength training on one character, it will be easier for your alts to level their Strength.
    If you gain lots of combat EXP, you'll increase the combat EXP your alts gain as well.
    Q: Why complicate? Why not a rested bonus?
    A: This way it works even for future characters and may be somewhat easier to keep track of.
    Let me know what you think about this.
  19. Well after playing BDO for over 100 Hours i have realised that i started to play the game more and more passivly and the game became a background process while i was doing other stuff on the pc or even played other games. I tried to do different things in the game but it always ended as an background process.
    Things i did: alchemi , trading , cooking , fishing , grinding/leveling , farming ,
    grinding/leveling: You can do that nonstop, its irritating without pets, quests are nothing to talk about, Its funny if you like the class but even than its becomes boring after a while. Its also not an effective way to regenerate workpoints except if you do quests and even than worse than sleeping.
    fishing: Its really boring and its seems the only way to level effectively is afk fishing. since you cant do anything else while fishing it becomes a background process.
    trading: In the beginning i liked that alot, because of the desing, graphic and immersion of the world but after a while this also became a background process.
    The system it pretty simple you dont have to think anything through. You buy wares in A than drive to B and sell them. Than buy in B and sell in c and so on.
    You cant do anything, except farming, while you drive from one merchant to another. So this whole trading became: buying wares, autopath, ALTTAB surfing internet ALTTAB, selling wares repeat. Basically a background process.
    Also you cant even regenerate your workpoints since you only get 1/3min and you useup some for the trading.
    farming: I farmed/farm sunflowers like probably many others.
    1 Batch takes arround 3 hours of online time. This can nearly double if you dont tend to them from time to time.
    You can do other things while they are growing. This means if you dont want to grind/level/twink you can only useup your points(to the point where you have to regenerate), trade or fish which leads all to background process. I often simply used the bed to regenerate points while i was waiting or grinded
    Again it can only be done effectively/at all while the game is running.
    cooking:  I leveled cooking the most since it made fun to try out different recipes. The problem of cooking is that gathering and cooking both useup workpoints. That means you gather your ingredients than sleep than cook and repeat meaning you have to background process the game for 2hours so that all your point regenerate or even longer if you go offline.
    The only ways around it are either making a twink, who collect the ingredient or through you workes. If you use your workers you have to be online for a while. if not they dont gather any meaningful amount.
    If you use a twink you can gather recources while your workes do the same. That way you can gather the biggest amount. But frankly i find this stupid. You basically have to make a second char if you want to effectively level your first one. That or keeping the pc online so your workes do that.
    Also i am cooking level 25 now and its still the most effective way to level with bear or vinegar, because they both use only 1 workpoint and either need only 2 materials or the materials are easy to get in big amounts. Making one of them gives 0-1% exp, so if if do 100 i normaly get between 60-70% points. The more complex dishes all use up more than 1 wokepoint or much more ingredients and only give 1-2%. i dont know if that changes but for know that cheap dishes are much more effective.
    And again : useup workpoint, sleep repeat until all ingredients are gone -> farm with other char or wait. If you sleep -> background process
    Alchemi: Its basically the same as cooking except that you need more materials that you have to farm yourself
    The game forces you actively to keep it active but not to play it. Thats totaly annoying. There are so many little timers that only have the purpose to keep the game online but dont add anything to your enjoyment or make even sence. Why does it take 30 sec to fill a bottel with water? Why do i have to wait 15 sec for every fertilizer i want to put on my field same for the bottle. I takes me literally over 1 min to put fertilizer on 1 field why? There are many of this littel Timers and big timers and i think they hurt the game alot.
    So my question is. Is there a way to make the game more active except grinding, not that good because of slow workpoint reg. , and twinking but still leveling the professions?
  20. Hey folks! Just picked up BDO yesterday and have really enjoyed the combat mechanics - they've been good enough to make me overlook the flaws scattered throughout the UI, but there are a number of things that could be improved. I'm going to post feedback here as I flesh it out. 
    Animations should not bar actions from occurring e.g.(summoning black spirit after dismounting or greeting an NPC)I should be considered idle if I am not moving. Whether or not I'm on a mount should make no difference. Hopping off my mount to bring up black spirit and hopping back on afterward is frustrating.There needs to be a way to target-lock players. Currently, trying to keep my cursor over a moving player just to send them an invite is nearly impossible. Failed attempts to invite someone to a party should never use an alert/popup. It's a simple response and should not block the UI or action. Actionbar(s) and UI should have a solid/textured background to separate them from the action, IMO. Approaching my mount to bring up the radial action wheel is a cluster. Instead, consider docking the actions from the radial to the primary actions at the bottom of the screen. If I don't have my mount selected, they can disappear. You can use this pattern consistently for anything that has contextual options available. Alternatively, you could use a solid color fill in the background of the context menu instead of making it translucent. If I'm interacting with it, it should have the highest z-index. Chat window opacity at 100% is still translucent until I hover over it. This means I can't read what's going on in chat unless I stop what I'm doing and interact with the chat window.Labelling buttons with 'Press the button' and 'widget' is unnecessary cruft e.g.(Press the button to hide the quest from the widget) - all that button needs is 'hide from list' or 'hide' if UI buttons only have one way of interacting with them, it is unnecessary to list the action required to interact with it e.g.(Worker button only uses left-click, but the tooltip label reads 'Left click: Open Worker List') ... should just say 'Open Worker List' or 'View Workers'All fonts and icons should be vector/scalableClimbing/jumping should not affect your momentum so severely. As soon as you start to climb or jump, the stutter and disconnect between your character and your keyboard/actions is incredibly jarring and removes all immersion.Chests/openable items cannot be opened while mounted. When I attempted to open Jarette's Support Box, an alert popped up that said 'this item cannot be used in your current state'. What is my current state? Why doesn't the game know what it is? Opening a chest shows a popup confirmation with the inventory that will be received if you confirm opening it. It's a duplicate of the same list visible when you hover over the item's icon in your inventory. We don't need to see it twice. Mount context menu needs a lot of love. `Open Inventory` should just read `Inventory`, `Use Item` should use the word Give instead of Use (unless there are items that are 'applied' to a mount and not given), Mounts/Use should read Use or Mount. Not real sure what to make of communicate. From the animation that takes place if you use it, seems like something a bit more specific should be here: Pet/Comfort/etc. Mount information should be attached to the character pane and removed from the context menu. To wrap up: none of these actions should use function keys. If there are items that are applied to mounts (and not given) then it'd make sense to remove this from the context menu and allow inventory items to be dropped onto mounts.Inventory should expand when new slots are added. Showing a slew of locked slots does nothing but take up screen space and let me know where I could be in the future as far as bag space goes.Shift+clicking an inventory item should split the stack. This is a proven pattern in tons of MMOs. I don't even know how to split stacks here if I want to throw away 10 of item xMessaging
    'Cannot be used during the current action.' is not a clear or helpful message. What action? Seems to happen when I try to edit the UI while mounted. Why can't I edit the UI while mounted?'Mount has been freed' seems unnecessary.Mounts
    Feel a little unresponsive when turning sharply or coming to a stop. I get trying to make it feel realistic, but it gets to a point where realism gets in the way of usability. If I let off the move forward key, my mount should stop nearly immediately after. To account for the reduction in stopping time, you can use exaggerated animations - the faster the mount is travelling, the more severe the stop animation.Additions/Content
    Make a list different races of workers (@Xeraciel)Make a list to differentiate between workers at the worker nodes (@Xeraciel) 
    I'll leave more here as I come across them. Keep up the great work! We'll make this game one of the best MMOs available if we get participation going.
  21. I started this post on reddit and it was very well received. Please add on to the post and get this seen.
  22. Ive been playing since launch and have seen you tube videos of people working on their 3rd 4th or 5th character to level 50.......How is this because of Grind groups? What is it?
  23. Yesterday I had invested 70 energy into a resource node toward leveling it up. That got me most of the way there.
    Today after I re-logged I went to invest more energy to complete my investment to level 2, and noticed that the node had nothing on it. Its progress bar was no-longer showed any investment energy on it? I have completely lost everything I had on the node?
  24. Title explains it all.
    I've been watching a couple guides on how to tame horses, but none of them mentioned ''taming level'' which i later found at a forum. But of course the forum didnt say HOW to check your taming level. As i've heard, there are lots of levels in different proffesions and i have no idea how to check them. So I hope you guys know the answer as i'm sure im not the only one scratching my head.  
  25. Hi there, i know there's already threads about this subject and i've read them all, nothing helped me or cleared the subject.
    As many of us know, GeForce Experience doesn't detect Black Desert Online(to some of us, not everyone).
    I've tried to re-install GeForce Experience, apply profile with "nvidiaInspector", added folders in the scan section of GeForce Experience and even changed the name of the Launcher.exe and the blackdesert64.exe too to match the same of the Control Panel(i've read that might help, didn't).
    I used to have the Korean client and character creation tool and more stuff that are involved with BDO, uninstalled everything and didn't work either.
    I do remember that with the Korean Client everything went well, it worked perfectly and i could use the extra settings that GE gives us.
    Does anyone know what to do or how to make it work? Is there a way to clean all the records of games in GeForce Experience from the registry maybe? Cause i think it might have something to do with that, since i already had the client from Korea, now it won't work with the EU client, same as B&S did, didn't show either.
    If anyone knows what to do, please lend us a hand so the people who has this problem can fix it, thanks in advance.
    GeForce Experience won't detect Black Desert Online, is there a way to fix that?