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  1. Pour les joueurs québécois de BDO, compte tenu de l'abandon par l'administrateur de l'ancien groupe, un nouveau groupe est en train d'être mis sur pieds.
  2. HELLO
  3. Hello tout le monde 
    MyLittlePwny est une guilde qui à été reprise récemment par la belle Alsedia(Clarquen)
    Nous nous définissions comme une guilde sociale, fun, sans prise de tête, mais quand même sérieuse qui vise le long terme, nous recherchons de nouveaux Pwny pour se joindre a notre grande famille ^^
    Discord est obligatoire ( au moins à l'écrit ) pour suivre le déroulement journalier de la guilde ( organisation d'events de guilde )Nous participons aux War Node tous les Dimanches de 20h à 23hLes Boss de guilde sont décimés les Samedis vers 17h-18hLe chef de guilde organise une réunion de guilde sur Discord chaque dernier samedi du mois à 15HDes events supplémentaires sont proposés ( Pex en groupe, Photos de guilde, Rp, Arènes..)Nos critères de recrutement :
    Être au moins niveau 55Stuff minimum full +15Être actif ingameVenir sur Discord régulièrement (même sans micro)Vouloir s'intégrer à la guilde ( n'ayez pas peur de parler in game et sur discord de tout et n'importe quoi)Être funAimer les pwney 
    Notre channel principal est Velia j1 et Calpheon j1 pour les war Nodes.
    Nous avons aussi une page Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Mylittlepwnybdo
    Si tu es intéressé et que tu souhaites te joindre à nous, tu peux contacter Alsedia(Clarquen), Zeaque(Zeaque), Shiia(Yom) in game, nous contacter sur la page Facebook ou répondre à ce post.
    A bientôt ~*

  4.  ABOUT US:
    Looking for a fun, laid-back PVX guild? Look no further! The “Pestilence Party” Guild focuses on a casual gaming experience while working together to accomplish the goals laid out in Black Desert Online. We are striving to create a fun experience for all members and enjoy helping each other better understand this intricate and sometimes confusing game. “Pestilence Party” focuses on daily Guild missions to further or skills and assets.

    The “Pestilence Party” Guild is growing and we hope that you will be a part of this experience with us! Our vision is for all in the Guild to have a fun and to not stress over the best PVP or PVE gear, as this should be the end-goal for anyone who enjoys the game, it is not a requirement in this Guild. Our end vision is to one day soon be able to participate in Node Wars and collect the tax benefits! 

    The focus of the “Pestilence Party” is to meet individuals and to grow as a Guild. Black Desert has much to offer and we hope you would join us in the experience. Currently, the Guild is focusing on the daily Guild missions, weekly scroll sharing, and assisting our newer members. 

    The “Pestilence Party” is still growing and at the moment is a small Guild. In order to join the only requirement that we ask is that you are level 30 or above. Furthermore, there is no AP/DP requirements in order to join. In order to keep the guild active we have a 30-day inactive kick rule. If you are interested in joining please send our Guild Master or any of our Officers a whisper in game or feel free to respond below and we will get back to you as soon as we can. 
    Guild Master: (Family/Character)  
        The_Worldslayer / Moonknight_Is
    Officers: (Family/Character)
        Dark_TormenT / Chimo_Shirin    Dumbledaze / WayneWolf
  5. DrunkenBDO Recruiting those who don't care about level 50+ We drink, we Discord and we play to have fun. We're global, friendly and we don't give a F**K about your AP/DP (we'll help you improve it though). We care more about having fun being active and... erm. having a drink. Msg SpaceKrackler today! Alienware (Dell) PC not required. Noobs
    The forums are not all toxic. some of us like the game
    Everyday I come to the forums and try to help, or answer questions with a positive mindset.
    The forums sadly are toxic and even this post I suspect trolls will come lol
    Many people love the game like us, I wanted to share this boss we did last night, no one got anything awesome but a good time was Had.
    May your guild or grinding mates have a great time as well.
    May the RNG be with you and if your a troll may he go on vacation.
    And to the staff, know some of us actually thanks you and appreciate your work.
    Thanks from Uno
  6. Hello I am PirateBeowolf, I have been online Gaming since 2000 I think lol. 
    Our little gaming community has been around for many games, if you played Lineage 2 [ DrunkenL2 ] or Diablo 3 [ <DD> DrunkenD3 ] you may have seen us around
    We have discord voicechat, a facebook group, and Scroll saturdays.
    it is not a huge guild since well BDO is newer however we are helpful and enjoy the game.
    we are more PVE however we are making allies for the higher pvp 
    Anyhow I am on Uno and can me mailed here or in game.
    Be well and have fun! 

  7. Kill On Sight Gaming - KoS
    Kill on Sight (KoS) is a massive multi-gaming community founded by a group of dedicated friends that simply love gaming together. We offer an entertaining and mature environment for all members. While we have been around for a few years, (originating in Dark Age of Camelot) we are looking to expand and add more people to the KoS family. We accept all types of gamers, from casual to hardcore. No matter the play style, we make it our goal to offer a place where our members can come back to whether they playing ten games or none.
    KoS Games Current: Elder Scrolls Online, DC Universe Online, Age of Wushu, League of Legends, DOTA2, Smite, H1Z1, Counter Strike Future: The Division, Crowfall, Black Desert, Chronicles of Elyria, Paragon
    When it comes to the name Kill on Sight, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we like to do just that. What Kill on Sight means to us is when we find a game that we enjoy; we kill it, figuratively speaking of course. That could be anything such as absolutely wrecking a group in PvP or working together as a team to destroy a raid boss. While the term Kill on Sight usually has a bad connotation in various games, we hope to redefine what it means to the gaming world.
    KoS, Black Desert, and You
    In regards to Black Desert specifically, we would like members who are highly dedicated, motivated, active and contributing productively to the guild in some way (guild quests, leveling, boss scrolls, etc.) While we encourage members to play as much as possible we won't just accept you because you can no life a game (go take a shower every once in a while). We're not looking to be a big zerg, we prefer to be composed of a quality group of individuals not just gamers.
    We look at involvement in our community, communicating with other members, being respectful to other members as fundamental qualities each KoS member should have.
    Our Goals:
    To be competitive in PVP, GVG/Node WarsGuild Rankings/HousingHAVE FUNSpecific Black Desert Requirements to Join KoS:
    Level 45+ with the initiative to end game, we plan on being here a long time so should you if you're looking to join.The focus of the guild is first and foremost PVP with preparation for node wars/sieges. We aren't asking you to be top tier but show the ability to know your class, have a good attitude, and follow instructions when asked.Requirements to stay in guild:
    Share and work towards our goals and focus.Be active in game, guild events, and show progression (gear, pvp skill, etc.)Genuinely be interested in playing to end game with us.Closing:
    Lastly voice com, we have TS3 and we highly recommend you use it while gaming with us. TS3 WILL BE REQUIRED FOR SIEGES AND ANY ORGANIZED PVP. 
    You may also add our BDO Officers: Family Name: KillonSight, Mixology, or Character Name KLEONIS in game.
    Our home channel is Valencia E3 however should that be down we are on Balenos E2.
    Teamspeak 3 Info: ts3server://ts79.light-speed.com?port=5637
    Follow us on the Web & Social Media For Daily Updates:
    If you feel you can be a good addition to our community and possess the qualities listed above, either stop by our TS3 and chat with an officer or please send in an application to us. In order to do so, sign up on our website and head into our forum section to submit an application. (Note a application is not necessary for an invite to the in game guild, only if you would truly like to be part of the community.)
    To Join the Community Click Here:

    We hope to hear from you soon!
  8. Hallo zusammen
    Wer auf Alustin Velia spielt, für den habe ich eine spezielle Gruppe bei Facebook. Wer eintreten möchte kann dies gerne tun
    Hier der link für die Facebook Gruppe Alustin Velia Facebook Gruppe <<< hier klicken
    Lg und ein schönes Osterfest euch allen <3
  9. First of all, I am sorry if this is not allowed on the forums, but to get a message out to the Europe people playing Black Desert, I still wanted to write this message. If this goes against the rules I am sorry to the GM.

    Recently the Black Desert Online Europe Facebook paged was the victim of a hostile takeover, and sadly we got two person who tried to destroy the fun page, we as a community had been building. A lot of people got wrongfully kicked from the group when the two persons got hold of admin rights.

    A lot of those people dont know why they where kicked, and that is the purpose of my message to tell them, it was not of the site owners doing, and the situation is now under control. Everyone except those two are welcome to join again.
  10. Hallo zusammen
    Ich habe auf Facebook eine Gruppe eröffnet speziell für Alustin Velia. Wer mag kann dort gerne rein kommen
    Suche dort auch noch Adminds, die die Gruppe bissl unter Beobachtung halten  
    Ansonsten euch noch einen schönen Sonnigen Tag 
    Hier der Link für die Gruppe : Facebook Gruppe für Alustin Velia <<< hier klicken
    LG Boomar 
  11. Guten Tag ich suche unbedingt so einen 7 tage code. Ich weiß das es einen thread gibt (wo ich mich auch angemeldet habe) dennoch würde ich das game gerne sobald wie möglich eben testen.
  12. Hallo zusammen
    Wer Interesse hat an die Gruppe speziell für Alustin Velia bei Facebook hat , kann gerne beitreten. 
    Hier der Link zu der Gruppe : Facebook Gruppe speziell für Alustin Velia
    LG und Viel Spass Boomar
  13. When there are major issues going on, communicate those issues with the public. Most of us understand that crap happens, issues are bound to occur. But when they do, letting your community know that you know it is happening and that you are working on it and even in some cases, a high level of what the issue actually is, will keep you from losing players. Many many people are looking forward to the future of this game. Keep it strong, stay in touch. Makes all the difference.
  14. Hallöchen liebe BD Fans :D,
    ich spreche die Leute an, die oft oder öfter mal Facebook nutzen. Und zwar habe ich dort nach einer FB Gruppe gesucht für BDO. Aber es gab keine in Deutsch nur Russisch, Korea usw.
    Deswegen dachte ich mir ich eröffne eine und freue mich schon auf Youtube Videos, Screenshots kleine schnelle Tipps und Tricks. Oder natürlich auch für schnelle Fragen rund um das Spiel oder auch Gildenrekrutierung sind gerne gesehen. 
    Für alles weitere richtet euch trotzdem immer noch weiterhin an dieses tolle Forum. Es soll einfach nur für die Leute sein die sich doch öfter mal in Gruppen auf Facebook aufhalten oder mit schnell was fragen wollen per Handy usw.
    Ich möchte niemand hier vergraulen oder zu nahe treten. Ich dachte mir einfach es sei eine gute Idee für den einen oder anderen.
    Liebe Grüße Amenitra
    Gruppe: Black Desert Online - Deutsch Facebook Gruppe hier klicken!
    PS: außerdem suche ich noch 2 Admins für die Gruppe
  15. Boas,
    Guild Tuga que prender começar em força, todos os jogadores que actualmente fazem parte da guild, já jogaram BDO e outros aindam jogam no servidor russo para aprender mais sobre o jogo.
    A guild inicialmente sera Pve mas assim que a maioria dos membros estiverem equipado e ao nivel maximo passa a PVP
    Quem estiver interessado deixe MSG aqui ou junte.se ao grupo no Facebook
  16. Bonjour à tous,
    Plusieurs québécois sur le forum se demandent si il y a des guildes québécoises et cherchent d'autres québécois pour jouer à Black Desert. Pour palier à ce manque, il y a maintenant un groupe Facebook vous permettant de vous rassembler. Je viens de le créer, venez en grand nombre et comme ça nous pourrons créer une communauté.
    Il est important de noter que ce groupe n'est pas une guilde et que tous ses membres sont libres de promouvoir leurs guildes à travers ce groupe.
  17. Bonjour à tous,
    Plusieurs québécois sur le forum se demandent si il y a des guildes québécoises et cherchent d'autres québécois pour jouer à Black Desert. Pour palier à ce manque, il y a maintenant un groupe Facebook vous permettant de vous rassembler. Je viens de le créer, venez en grand nombre et comme ça nous pourrons créer une communauté.
    Il est important de noter que ce groupe n'est pas une guilde et que tous ses membres sont libres de promouvoir leurs guildes à travers ce groupe.
  18. https://www.facebook.com/groups/101787643492447/?ref=bookmarks
    Hey all
    We have created a group only for PvP players of Black Desert to be able to share experiences , advice and maybe some challenge occasionally
    See you soon!
  19. Hallo ihr BDO-Fans!  

    Wollte euch mal die 1. Deutsche Black Desert Online Gruppe zeigen.
    Für alle deutschen Fans, die gerne Diskutieren und Mitspieler suchen.  

    Wir haben inzwischen eine große Menge an aktiven Mitgliedern die gerne über das Spiel diskutieren.
    Jeder kann beitreten, seine Freunde einladen und teil der Gemeinschaft sein.  

    Hier der Link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/blackdesertonline.germany/

    Wir freuen uns auf jeden! <3

  20. Bonjour à tous,
    Pour ceux qui sont intéressés,
    Je vous partage un groupe communautaire français sur Facebook autour de Black Desert Online : https://www.facebook.com/groups/blackdesertonline.fr/

    Ce groupe actif depuis plusieurs mois est dédié au partage et à la discussion autour de Black Desert Online.

    Bonne journée !