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Found 21 results


  1. I thought I could share some artwork of mine... hope you'll enjoy!
    Just in case if you're interested, yes I also have traditional work (here's one example)

    Some digital stuff:



    You may ask for commissions, if you're interested  
  2. Hello everyone!! I don't' see many art shops at all on the BDO forums, so I was hoping to find a bunch of great artists to do a few commissions for my character!! <3 It can be anime, realistic, doodles, lineart, color.....anything in your best style will do!! I hope it's not to much trouble and I don't mean to annoy anyone by posting this, just looking for some artwork!! Thank you for your time everyone! ^_^<3 

  3. Post on Eollyn's ART in Art & Media

    By Eollyn, posted
    Hi there. I create this thread so i can share all the joy i have from bdo. I include all of my fanarts, templates with download (to be added,) and in game screenshots.
    Hope you enjoy what you see.
    If anybody is also interested in commissions i am open for such as well.  I also do chibis.
  4. Post on BDO: Ranger Fanart in Art & Media

    By Hali, posted
  5. Post on My Maehwa Fanart in Art & Media

    By Hali, posted
    Follow me on my deviantart for more awesome artwork (;

    Thank you

  6.  Hi! =3

    I'm here to show u guys my art work and say that I'm open to commissions =D

    I can do your Black Desert character with this style, face, bust, half body and full body, you can even choose to put ur real face, or another person face, on the character. 

    My Work Style:

    Black Desert Characters: 
    Black Desert Anime Chibi Art:
    Another MMO (Lineage2) Character: 
     A commission for a Harry Potter Fanfic:


    So. Contact me from this Post, Personal Message from the forum or via any of these websites:


    About prices per character (Prices in USD):

    Only the Face and Hair: $10
    Bust: $20
    Half Body: $30 (Complex costumes or armor will be more expensive)
    Full Body: $40 (Complex costumes or armor will be more expensive)

    *All images in 300DPI with height 2000px+ / Original piece delivered with full quality to the client and lower quality with credits posted on my portfolios and on this topic.

    -> Conditions (payments and updates)
    - You decide how many characters and send me references of what you want, design style (realistic, Chibi, Anime, etc), game (Black Desert, another game, etc), send screenshots of the game character (face, hair, details, clothes, armors, etc).
    - You'll pay the first 50% of the price via Paypal in USD
    - I'll start your art and send you the progress to you evaluate and decide changes until done). These progresses will be in half resolution and .JPG Until I finish your Art.
    OBS: You can choose between pay 50% / 50% or 100%.
    - After finish the Art, u need to pay the 50% left.
    - I'll send you the final art via Email in any extension you want (PNG, PSD, JPG, BMP, etc) in FULL resolution.

    Thank you. =D

    OBS: I'm accepting only Paypal.

    Any question just ask. =3

    Thank you! <3  
  7. Post on Tamer Fanart in Art & Media

    By Eollyn, posted
    Little Fanart i did for Tamer's upcoming Awakening. Hype! :3
  8. Post on Tamer Fanart in Tamer

    By Eollyn, posted
    Little Fanart i did for our upcoming Awakening. So Hyped! :3
  9. Hello everyone, 
    I'm from IX Kohorta and I'd liker to introduce my character - Ranger Vespa. Portrait of her to be exact. I hope you will like it.
    Please follow the link for better quality + the rest of my gallery.

  10. Post on Tuff's Fan Art in Art & Media

    By Tuff, posted
    Heya all!

    I'm a big fan of the game, already met amazing people. So I have a feeling i'll stick around for a really long time. 
    This game also gives me the chance to doodle some while travelling or fishing and such, awwwwyeahhh!!~ 

    My art is very experimental and varies a lot but I hope you'll enjoy my art as much as I enjoy creating it.

    Thank you!

    P.S. I'll update this thread whenever I manage to make new work. Busy student life /urrgh. 

    TUMBLR: tuffartblog.tumblr.com
    INSTAGRAM: instagram.com/tuff.art/
    TWITTER: twitter.com/tufftweeting

    (it wouldnt let me create links)
    My Sorceress; Envie. The 242 stands for the amount of followers I just reached on my instagram account.

  11. Coucou tout le monde !
    Je suis Lysæna, une jeune étudiante en cinéma d'animation !
    Je joue sur le serveur Croxus ! Coucou les Croxusiens ! ( ・ω・)∩
    De temps en temps, je dessine des fanart pour Black Desert Online !
    J'adore le jeu et son ambiance, il est vraiment cool pour avoir de l'inspi pour les fanarts ! ( ○ ´ω`○)
    En voilà quelques uns !
    Sinon à côté des fanarts de BDO, je fais pas mal d'autres trucs ! Vous pouvez aller voir tout ça sur mon facebook ou mon site  :
    https://www.facebook.com/Lysaena/ N'hésitez pas à vous abonner / commenter, ça fait toujours plaisir
    Voilà un petit strip que j'ai fait vite fait en attendant la fin de la maintenance !
    C'est du true story, les bro ! Huhu ^^ Y'en a d'autres à qui c'est arrivé ?
    Des bisous ! Et bon jeu
    [UPDATE 16/05]
    Tamer & Musa au crayon à papier et à l'encre ^^ 
    [UPDATE 15/08]
    Désolée, impossible d'upload mon fichier
    Mais voilà un fanart de ma tamer séchant ses poissons après la pêche n__n
    Update 2 : Gefn : La Valkyrie Bleue 
    [Update 3] Croquis rapide de ma sorcière (portrait) :
    [Update 4]  Et un croquis rapide de mon Musa ! <3
    [Update 5] À propos du Black Spirit :  
    Un croquis très petit très vite fait de ma soso, à l'occasion du INKtober :
    Update 6 : Pas un Fanart, mais inspiré par ma sorcière, voilà une nouvelle illu ^^ :
  12. Hello everybody !
    Here is a comic-strip wich i did during today maintenance !
    That's all true story ! huhu ^^
    I hope you'll enjoy it ! If some of you really doesn't understand french and want to know what it's all about, i'll make a translation. (but i'm not very good with english ^^)
    If you like it, you can go on my facebook page, i've got many illustrations about videogames or fantasy worlds. https://www.facebook.com/Lysaena/(Yeah that's in french too, sorry ><)

    [FRENCH] Coucou tout le monde !
    Voilà un petit strip que j'ai fait vite fait en attendant la fin de la maintenance !
    C'est du true story, les bro ! Huhu ^^
    J'espère que vous apprécierez ! (si vous aimez, n'hésitez pas à aller faire un tour sur ma page facebook https://www.facebook.com/Lysaena/)

    Des bisous ! Et bon jeu

    Feel free to post your own work if you do BDO's fan-comics !
  13. Post on Nocat doodles in Art & Media

    By nocat, posted
    Took time at lunch to doodle my Tamer and realised I'd probably do more of these later. So here's a thread to house them!

  14. Post on Fanart in Off-Topic

    By Eyva, posted
    da es keinen Fanart Thread gibt (oder ich zumindest keinen gefunden habe), eröffne ich einfach mal einen. Für jeden der gerne Zeichnet und mehr
    Hier ist mein Fanart zur Witch:

  15. Been drawing lots of Icons for school lately, and I wanted to draw something fun.
    So I drew an Icon for CM_Jouska!
    I've always adored the aesthetic of Plague Doctors.
    I'll post up more art in the future, until then: Have a grand day!

  16. Post on BDO Wallpapers in Art & Media

    By Tansie, posted
    Hi guys!
    I created some BDO wallpapers last week to use in the BDFoundry giveaway. Here are the images, you are free to use them however you like. Enjoy!








  17. Post on Just some fanart in Art & Media

    By ExtraSoda, posted
    Feeling hyped for playing BDO lol Was feeling a lot of inspiration from the tamer class and decided to do some fanart. No where near accurate as far as the clothes or beast go, but meh, couldn't help myself. The creative muscles were twitching and I needed to flex them. lol  Anyway, just thought I'd share it rather then let it sit there on my hard drive.


    Updated: 2/9 -added non-BDO Art(temporary) -checked links.
     ωεℓcσмε тσ мү αят gαℓℓεяү, ρℓεαsε ғεεℓ ғяεε тσ ℓσσк αяσυη∂.
    ஜ Commission INFO coming soon. ஜ
    <Click on image to enlarge>
       The Art below is just work to fill in the page void, i'll slowly replace and structure this page post with Black Desert-focused pieces when i amass a healthy amount of them.
        I have a lot of ideas for BDO Artwork/FanART, it just takes time.
    Past Artwork
    Finished Pieces. (Digital Art)

    Scrap-book. (Digital Art)
    These are work-in-progress pieces of art i haven't gotten around to finishing.
    Web-comics. (Digital Art)

    We don't talk about these below. *Grins*

    And here is the Time-lapse video i recorded of the Start-to-finish work of "The Girl who Traded Land for Metal."
  19. Edit: I was reminded by a reddit user called FluffyQuack that I have an art page from over a year ago. Just got back into drawing again, please let me know if you would like to see more BDO fanart! Thanks!

    Hello BDO players!
    I started working on BDO fanart and this is the current work in progress. I am planning to create more depending on the demand and how the community respond to it.

    If you would like to keep up with my daily post or want to check my gallery, visit or follow my pages bellow:
    Thanks for your time!
  20. Post on moon's art dump ☾ in Art & Media

    By moonbae, posted
    YAY, an art and media subforum! I've been waiting for this!

    I'll just dump BDO related stuff here. mostly sketches because I'm the laziest. I'm a little rusty since I haven't been doing much drawing lately due to work (and like...general lack of motivation). *sweats*
    most recent:
    stay tuned for more garbage aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh
  21. Hey, some of us in the offtopic board want to make an artist thread, but there don't seem to be any good places for it that it won't get readily lost in. Could we possibly have a "creative" type board in the International category to post things like art/fanworks/cosplay and such in? That'd be really neat methinks.

    Muchas Gracias!