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  1. Post on End Of An Era in General

    By Skulldemon, posted
    Ladies and gentlemen, trolls and haters, white knights and plebs!
    Welcome to the end of a glorious era. The era of the vanilla forum of Black Desert Online. Tomorrow the new forums will kick off and the old ones will be send to sweet graveyard. For my part this is going the be my personal ending of a great time here on the forums with you folks. I refuse to swap to the new forum and will stay enchained here, where my bothered soul will finally find peace. Just like a true captain will sink with his ship, a true demon will dematerialise with his soulbound forum account.
    I refuse to use the new forum simply because KAKAO alias DAUM just won't transfer my old status with all the post count and likes to the new forum. Although I've reached one of my grinding goals here in the forum, getting >50% likes out of my total post count, I didn't reach other ones like becoming a full grown demon. Kakao simply didn't want me to get to this point, they've robbed my bright future...hence I'm standing still forever now with only 555 posts. But they don't respect all those tears given to reach my demonical 666, they don't care WHO I was in this forum, they just cut off everything related to ourselves here at this sacred place.
    And btw, what is this confusing layout where nobody is able to get a good overview about anything? This enormous huge black log in screen at the top is taking 30% of the whole screen. Not to mention nobody is able to see the posted pics without beeing logged in, what requires your ig account to be linked with the forum account. I just can't be the demon in disguise I used to be any more. What a big nonsense this is in my eyes...
    However, I say goodbye to all of you at this point. I was one of you out there, I've provided small self made guides, heavy theorycrafting in the warrior section and lots of sarcastic and troll posts. Now you probably ask - Who is this guy? And you're right, 99% out of all the forum users probably don't know me but let me tell you this: I DON'T CARE, because I hate you all anyway!
  2. I'm a person who likes to play by the rules. Everyone who joins up to create the community are uphold by those rules.
    For the last few days, there were too many personal attacks on my account. I think when it become no more fun, it is time to leave.
    BDO is a beautiful game. Everyone I met on forums either kind to me or hated me, I wish you all a good happy endeavor going future.
    Kush out!