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  1. Is there a node that i can send works to to get? (plz send pics) #not ----- pics;)

  2. Je me demandais si quelqu'un avait pas un moyen rapide d'acquérir les rondins autrement qu'en les bûchant soit même peut être ?
    car le nombre nécessaire pour le voilier ...! 
  3. Hallo ich bin derzeit in Heidel und habe habe dort über 1600 Kisten, die ich an Trader verkaufen kann. Ich habe lange nicht mehr gespielt und hatte auch davor die Karte nicht so wirklich aufgedeckt, denn bis Level 51 hab ich gefischt, verarbeitet und am Garten gearbeitet und das hat mich bis Level 51 gebracht. Daher weiß ich nicht so wirklich, wo ich die Kisten verkaufen soll. Ich habe ab und zu mal nach Velia  per Transport geschickt und verkauft.
    Mir ist bewusst, dass ich eventuell verteilt verkaufen sollte, da ja pro verkauftes Item immer der Preis runter geht, aber ich denke mal, wenn ich zu den weitesten Ort von Heidel aus transportieren lasse, dann wird das immer viel sein (außerdem ist mir auch XP wichtig ^^). Ich hoffe ihr könnt mir da ein oder ein paar Orte nennen, wo ich am besten hin liefern soll.

  4. Post on Farming post awakening in PVE

    By Raykonx, posted
    Hello everyone,
    I have come back from a 6th month slumber with a friend, we did the awakening quest etc. and tried our new gear upgrade at basilisks and we did pretty good. However, we feel that even if the belt can drop it is not quite the "best spot". We would like to lvl up while getting som loot, no need to be ultra end top tier but just to see that we get some rewards.
    Right now I am a wizard with 142/137/196 and my friend is a musa with 128/118/196
    I know we have shitty equipment but we should start somewhere so, where do you guys recommend to farm with these stats / party?
    Thank you for your attention
  5. hi guys, need some advice here. i'm new in bdo. I already read several stuffs/guides/sites about all kind of stuffs in bdo.. now i start to do some alchemy. and thinking in take alchemy as a main profession, and it use tons of weeds, i read that farm can give u a nice incoming, how do u do that? atm i'm plant special sunflower near heidel..have 5 farms and 5 workes for that.. but when they finish ( ready to havest/breed) i stop the workers and they come back, since yesterday i got stupid 8 weeds from workers doing that.. what i'm doing wrong ?
  6. Hi, everyone! I have been looking though so guides that other people make about farming, and I was wandering about how much % needed to get the best result on Harvesting and Plant Breeding. So I started a new spread sheet that will include all my crops on the farm, %, type, and result. I am pretty bad at doing spread sheets, so I would love your help. I will try my best to update it as much as possible, and maybe it will help others with farming! 
    Please help me out with your responses and ideas about what I should add in the sheet. I would really appreciate it! Thanks  
    You can also find me in the game (BadPotato) Mmaarryy
  7. Hi there,
    I've gathered some contribution points (around 250) and I'm wondering about the ways to spend them to make good profit. 
    What's the best way to make silver from these CPs ? I read a lot about gardens and trading. You can make profit from gardens through imperial craft trade, and from trading by making wood crates to trade them in valencia.
    So what are your thoughts? Is trade with crates of timber and ores are more profitable per day than cooking with imperial trading ? I should mention that I don't have master level in any of these skills.
    BTW what are most time effective ways to make CPs instead of cooking ?
  8. I'm looking for a place to grind turn in items, like the naga feet or harpie feathers...
    I've searched around a bit but all the threads I've seen were probably outdated, I'm not sure if the game updated or not because I haven't been playing that long, but the values they showed for the turn in value on most of those threads were inaccurate.
    So far the only turn in items I've really found are naga feet and harpie feathers, are there any better to turn in that will make me more gold?
    Can I get a location where they drop and a recommended level? Also the rate they sell for would be nice (ie 150 for 100k etc)
  9. What do you need to decrease the farming time 5secs > 3secs? it takes me so much time to farm all the items..
  10. Post on Fixing Valencia. in Suggestions

    By Inochii, posted
    It's simple. Valencia have a serious design problem. o_o It's beautiful desert, but I think was to be a desert only in the artistic style and not in amount of players. =D

    Fact: Everything that you need to do just to be farming in valencia don't worth compare with Pirates or Sausans. 

    OBS: Valencia XP is good, but this game is based on MONEY/GEAR not just level. After spending some time in valencia, I made this guide: http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/112635-updated2109-valencia-spots-guide/

    - And I tell you, some modifications was made in valencia in recent patches on the KR, Basilisks and Gahaz spots got more density of mobs. BUT. It's not the only thing that Valencia need to have to be worth, and the Sausans and Pirates get less crowed, and the levels 53+ can grind in sausans and 55+ can grind in pirates whiteout some level 59+ killing then.

    Here goes the changes.

    Valencia Part 1

    Fogans, Crescent and Nagas need to increase the trash value. Fogans to 2k (too far from the city and no rare drop but week), Nagas to 1,800k (close to the city and no rare drop, have a sightly higher damage than fogans) and Crescent to 1,800k (far from the city but with a jackpoint drop, crescent ring, they're have a decent damage.),

    Basiliks (i belive they're fixed with the density change, they have a good jackpoint rare item and trash item and are decent strong.), Gahaz, Increase drop to 1,9k and desinty, Cadrys and Bashins increase trash to 1,500k.

    Valencia Part 2

    Prision and Sulfur are good, BUT they're require a high DP and AP. Prision has too much Damage and Sulfur have too much Defense. But is the part 2, it's good. And they're itens can be 2,5~3k to move the strong players from the part 1 to part 2. o__O

    And the dungeons.. The dungeons are good. 

    They just need to make a logical and reasonable progression from Sausans -> Pirates -> Valencia part 1 -> Valencia part 2 -> Aakma -> Hystria. 

    But.. Peral Abyss failed to make the progression. o__o

  11. Well I did my guide for Valencia (http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/112635-updated1609-valencia-spots-guide/) Now I'm doing the guide for Mediah. 

    Just like the Valencia one, I'm counting with you! To help to improve with more and more information to make this guide perfect. =D So please, share your feedback on the comments.


    *Updated 23/09
    Map remade. (Ty for all feddback, keep going pls)

    Pls still with your feedback, and if possible, give me the info of the missing spots just like i did with the Saunil model.

    Money Rate
    (1hr Grind: Fast Clear / Node 0 / Luck+5)
    Trade/Sell Itens: 2M600k + 50k Silver
    DropRandom Drops: 2 Relic Shards / 8 Talis Gear / 10 BlackStones
  12. Hey peeps.

    So my fences are back in my storage and my farm has gone, along with 900,000 worth of seeds and a potential profit of a lot more than that. Cool.

    It was there just now, I farmed it twice and some crops needed attention. Went AFK for ten mins, came back and did the same.

    Went AFK for a few moments to get a coffee and BAM - farms gone. 

    Delayed 7-day "not using your fence" action or what?
  13. Hello new and old BDO adventurers!
    I have started to create a new playlist for you of money making in BDO:
    What areas are good to farm as a solo player and how much will you get there.
    Also I am going to make videos of how to make money in other ways too, also some more rare ways too.
    Currently I am running around from one place to another making grinding videos and creating average income videos of "money/hour" packs.
    All areas will be done by same character and pretty much same gear so that videos can be compared with each other.
    Current areas which can be found from the list:
    Catfishman Camp
    Saunil Camp
    Mansha Forest
    Rhutum Outstation
    ....more coming. And soon I will go to Mediah.
    Hope you enjoy and find videos useful
  14. Can we please link the Profession skills across all characters.  Right not we are penalized if we want to switch to any of the new classes you have given us (ie: Ninja, Kunochi, Musa, etc) as our main.  Because all the hours and hours of progress we have created in alchemy, fishing, training, cooking, etc are all left on the other character.  Instead we either must start completely over or constantly switch between the two just to gain the benefits of that Artisan or Professional level craft.  
    As a company you have allowed us to share CP across all characters and to have Energy amounts shared but regen separately.  Can we please have all of the professions shared across all characters.  This way I can cook those 200 beers on an alt rather than switching to my old main, I could train horses on a witch rather than the valkyrie that was my very first character, or fish on my new main without having to bring an alt across the map for one quest.
    Each player has put hundreds of hours into each profession why not reward us by allowing us the benefits of that hard work across all characters.
    Thank you
  15. Hallo liebe Black Desert Gemeinde,
    Ich liebe Trading und Black Desert hat ein wahnsinnig gutes Trading System. Deswegen habe ich mal bissel die Lage analysiert, aber bin nicht fertig und vielleicht kann es noch ergänzt werden. Ich habe ab Level 35 bei Black Desert nicht mehr gelevelt und dennoch bin ich Level 50. Das liegt daran, dass ich gerne Trade, Fische usw. Ich mag Trading einfach ^^.
    Worum geht es?
    Hier zeige ich MEINE ERFAHRUNG, welche Items durch Farmbetreibung am meisten Profit bringen. Allerdings habe ich es nicht mehrmals angewendet, sondern basierend auf Kalkulation. Bis jetzt nur Special Crop Crates Diese möchte ich mit euch teilen.
    Ich habe dabei auf die Zeit. Basisverkaufspreis, Platzbedarf beim Farm, Sammelanzahl  und auf Special Crate Erstellung geachtet. Da ja beim Sammeln ja nicht immer die selbe Menge bekommt, hab ich kleine Differenzen zu einem gemacht, damit der Profit sich nicht verfälscht. Z.B. Wurde aus 33 Karotten, und 35 Zwiebeln, einfach bei beiden 35 gemacht.
    Zeit ist hier wichtig. Ich habe gemerkt, dass alle Produkte andere Wachstumszeit haben. Bezüglich der Zeit habe ich mal zusammen gefasst.
    Es ist nicht fertig, aber das Ergebnis bis jetzt

    Kurz zusammengefasst
    Getestet als Apperentice 5, Sammeln bei 100 - 119 %
    Onion bringt den meisten Profit, wenn man dauerhaft neue anpflanzen würde, nachdem man gesammelt hat (Zeit 24 Stunden)
    Sunflower bringt den meisten Profit, wenn man nur EINMAL anpflanzen würde, daher nur 4 Stunden und 40 Minuten.

    Ein wichtiger Punkt. Garlic: Ich habe dort entweder Pech oder es ist wirklich so. Ich habe bis jetzt bei 3x 27, 29, 30 bekommen. Daher hab ich mal den Wert 30 gelassen. Sonst wäre es wirklich bei 3,3 Million. Werde demnächst neue anbauen.
    Auf der linken Seite sieht man ganz normale Werte, die man beim Farm hat. Ein paar hab ich hier im Screenshot ausgeblendet (aber ist in Spreadsheet vorhanden), da ich sie nicht testen konnte und, da ja es Zeit braucht die anderen fertig wachsen zu lassen und zweitens braucht man die Seeds, die derzeit in Marketplace nicht zu finden sind. 
    Wie man hier sieht ist Sunflower mit 533.400 Silber super Profit. Schauen wir aber nun die Rechte Seite an. Da sehen wir, dass Onion auf dauer mehr lohnt.

    Die rechte Seite zeigt die Werte an, was wenn wir theoretisch 24 Stundenlang etwas wachsen lassen könnten (zum Beispiel, direkt nach dem Sammeln den neuen Seed platzieren). Da ja nicht alle gleiche Wachstumszeit haben, haben wir am Ende andere Werte. Das liegt daran, dass in 24 Stunden manche Dinge nicht schaffen auszuwachsen. Die brauchen halt länger als ein Tag. Würde man zum Beispiel 8 Stunden nehmen, würde man Hot Pepper nicht zwei mal sammeln können, wobei Silk Honey Gras gehen würde, da ja insgesamt 6 Stunden und 40 Minuten brauchen und es unter 8 Stunden ist.

    Hinweis: Gelbe Markierung bedeutet, dass der Wert zu großen Abstand zu den Durchschnittswert hat (ca. 35). Darum sollte man nochmal überprüfen (neu anbauen).
    Kopiert euch den Spreadsheet ruhig und trägt ruhig eure eigene Daten ein, wenn ihr wollt.
    Oben rechts könnt ihr die Zeit eintragen. Allerdings bitte immer in dem Form 13:30 für 13 Stunden und 30 Min. Bei 24 Stunden einfach 0:00.
    8 Aug 2016
    Habe nun Garlic Farm angelegt. Bekomme ca 30-40. Also ist alles ca 35.. und sollte daher das meiste Geld bringen.
  16. Post on Shard drops is ridic.. in General

    By Gotcha, posted
    The drop rate on these thing is ridiculous I get 1 for every 1000 energy on average. They need another way of getting them then just gathering so we can at least craft as well. Or set it to at least get one every 300 or so.
  17. This was was bugging me for some time now ....
    WHY THE F--K are there beetles at Olvia cow farm!?
    Really they are only a nuisance since Olvia farm is most targeted place to gather milk. Whenever beetle passes by however, your screen gets all shaky
    DAUM please stop being so masochistic towards us and delete beetles at that place, there are plenty of spots with them and you only kill them during tutorial and never again.
    EDIT: Before any other "wise" person start shouting "fix your camera shake to 0%" ... no guys, it doesn't fix this peculiar problem
  18. Hi,

    Since the afk fishing have disappeared and the location of species have been randomized on EU/NA servers and putted up again on KR server...

    I would like to know what can replace my 5M a day.

    Except dupe, bots etc... Seems to be a quite  in the mood atm when i see AH prices compare to low drop rate.

    Any advices ? (i mean real tips)

    Regards buddies
  19. Hi, i've reached level 50 with my friend and his alt.

    So i've barely done all of the occult spirit quest, and i've acces to the daily quests and week quests.

    I would like to know what should i do now ?

    I've done fishing for a time and now i know that the system have changed so i would like to know if it is always lucrative.

    I would like to gear up better than that but it cost so much.. So there is any tips to acces quickly to those amounts of silver ?


  20. I have farmed all popular spots with more or less investment and came to the conclusion that Hasrah needs some severe buffs to ever have a point. Let me elaborate as to why that is: I have Hasrah Cliff on Level 8, got all mobs on at least A-Rank, with Kamol and Kamel being S and Baiten being A+. These are by far the most common mobs. Farming there generates me between 1900 and 2100 Rock Fragments per hour (approx. 3.4m silver). The place also drops books, although I gotta say that the books are incredibly inconsistent. Some times you drop 6 in an hour, some times 0 for 3. All in all I would say that you make around 2 to 3 books every 60 minutes (1.2 to 1.8m silver). The big drop is Ancient Weapon Core which, to be completely honest, is incredibly rare. I have found 8 so far and would say that you get about a drop every 6 hours, probably even less often (1.625m silver per hour). I remove black stones from the equation because they drop everywhere. However, due to Hasrah mobs hardly ever dropping them on their own, I should probably subtract the amount from the total sum. Thats beyond the point though.
    So, all in all you can expect 6.2 to 6.8m per hour, farming there with a level 8 node, most mobs on S-Rank, having 156AP/177DP being a Sorc. You also have to consider pots. Nowhere in the game will you chug as many health potions as you do here. You can easily burn trough 200 in half an hour, particularly at night. The biggest problem though is the exp. On level 57, using EXP elixirs, Milk Tea, Costume, you will make around 0.4% per hour.
    A properly leveled Elric node can make you 4-5m in trade-ables per hour. And thats without book, Outlaw rings etc. The exp at 57 is basically as bad.
    A properly leveled Sausans node will makes you the same amount of money, partially even more (kinda depends on class), but generate way more exp. The mobs are also less hard on your gear which means less downtime to buy pots, repair etc.
    A properly leveled Pirates Island node (which I can only imagine) completely gets rid of Hasrahs point, though. Right now my node is level 4, without a single mob on S-Rank. You can easily make 900-1100 Bandanas per hour (1.9 to 2.3m silver). On top of that come the coins. All in all I made ~90 to 100 coins per hour with a level 4 node, which, if sold in Altinova, amounts to another 600k each hour. The mobs drop silver and I tend to average ~1m per hour after buying pots and repairing my gear. This amount is definitely going to increase with a higher node level. Having farmed there for about 50 hours now, I can also say that the accessories are rather common. Without having a single mob on S-Rank I average about 1.2-1.5 accessories per hour. Most of which I'd average at 3.5m a piece since Blue and Red Coral Earrings are rather rare (2.7m to 3.4m per hour). Getting pots takes significantly less time, which means that the travel time using a boat is somewhat irrelevant. Considering the fact that you have to go all the way to Tarif once every 1-2 hours if farming Hasrah, I'd say that you spend about the same time traveling and restocking.
    So you make between 6.2 and 7.2m silver per hour. Thats just me, though. A person without a single S-Rank mob and the node on level 4. I'd reckon that the amount of money spikes hard as soon as its level 8+ with S-Rank knowledge on most of the mobs. On top of that Pirate Island lets you average ~0.6 to 0.7% EXP per hour, using all the boosts I listed above. Thats an effective increase of 50 to 75%.
    The Islands down side is its geographical position. Makes it rather hard to attend Field bosses. However, unless youre a Ranger you probably have an alt anyway since no one in their right mind would have attended Hebetate using his main, risking valuable EXP, crystals and other stuff because the stones once again decided to hit stuff in the opposite direction they flew into. So to conclude: not only does a fully invested Hasrah makes you less money than a hardly invested Pirate Island, it also generates 50-75% less EXP. If this place is supposed to have a use then there need to be buffs to either the EXP or the money. I'd personally prefer the later since this place was clearly not intended for farming EXP. Either increase the drop rate of Ancient Weapon Core, Books or Rocks because as it stands: its inferior to the alternative in almost all aspects imaginable.
    tl;dr: Hasrah is shit compared to Pirate Island/Sausans. Buff it or it will be a pointless zone forever (like Soldiers Grave basically is)
  21. Pr the title, is the exp for this broken all around?  My alt is still in the apprentice range and if I prune/kill, harvest or breed I maybe 1% every 8 to 12.  Considering you can only do this ever 3 hours at best this doesn't make sense. 
    Also if I get an item from pruning it's 4% (tea and +1 clothes) this means workers are an absolute no, not to mention they themselves don't even gain exp.
  22. If anyone is trying to do quests in Mediah and gets one in Abun that wants you to get milk. I found the cow farm that lets you milk the cows. Yes, I know that you can buy milk on the market in Altainova but I avoid that place if I can. Plus, I always think well if they ask for "whatever" then it's somewhere. 
    Cows that can be milked in Mediah = Stonetail Horse Ranch

  23. Do these items show up in storage or do we lose the chance to obtain them if we use workers?
    I'd like to know as I do alchemy as well. If we don't have the chance at obtaining the "extras" anymore, I'd rather not have workers sent to my fences. 
  24. Is there any items like a weapon or anything that is extremly hard to drop like in WoW for exemple with 1% chance droprate.
    If yes, are they worth ?
    Thank you for your answers.
  25. Comme par exemple world of warcraft et ses montures/armes sur les boss à 1% de chance de drop..
    J'ai jamais joué à WoW mais c'est un aspect du jeu qui m'a toujours toujours attiré.
    Merci pour vos réponses..
    Edit : C'est possible d'"examiner" les équipements des gens ?