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  1. Me and a few guild mates are not receiving the farming achievements once lvled to apprentice. Please address that last update issue
  2. Suche 4 Leute zum zsmn Zocken:
    1-2x die Woche Boss Scrolls zsmn machen (7x dayly + 1 weekly + droped scrolls (ist besser da man immer loot bekommen kann ) )
    PVP Training usw )
    Lvln? (egal ob lvl 1+^^ hauptsache man kommt irwan dazu auch den high content ma als Grp zu machen ) )
    Grinden (Silber Eq usw farmen^^)

    Server: Croxus
    bei Interesse in Skype adden oder auf mein Discord Channel kommen :3
    Discord :3 dragonice.definit (Skype)
    Zu meiner Person:
    23J Alt M.
    Für jeden Quatsch zu haben für mehr infos anlabern
    Habe atm ein lvl 50er Tamer und eine 45er Hexe (Tamer mehr wegen der waffe die für ninja später mal gut sein wird )
    Sobald die Inis in EU rauskommen werden (in ca 6-?? Monaten?) werden die natürlich auch gemacht :3

    MFG LUX / Stefan

    sobald sich 5 leute finden schauen wir ob wir erstmal Classen hoch lvln oder direkt mit dem high shitt anfangen )
    Sollte ich es in nem falschen unter Forum gepostet haben dan sorry ^^
    fürs erste nur für rnd schwachsin und für pvp^^ und für die relik scrolls um bischen geld zu farmen bzw einfach fun zu habn^^
  3. It's difficult to see what is growing on the farm/field because the natural environment is not covered by the farm/field placement.
    As much as I love the wild flora, I suggest that the farm covers the ground with brown dirt so our crops and plants are easier to spot, and causes less strain on the eyes.
  4. Yop tout le monde!
    Je suis nouveau sur BDO et j'essaie de me débrouiller généralement quand je me pose une question (YT, guide internet, fofo, etc...) mais là je n'arrive pas à trouver une réponse!
    Je vais surement passer pour un noob fini, mais est-il possible de récupérer des pierres brutes avec nos ouvriers? Où faut-il les farm manuellement? 
    Merci d'avance pour vos réponses  
  5. 'Ello o/

    Recently I started to dabble in farming business and I love it how relaxing it is. However one thing puzzles me is that how do you know where to place specific seed?
    Is there any other way of checking beforehand or only when you place it and then check the temperature/humidity threshold? Or does it even matter for crop growth?
    I am using organic fertilizer and distilled water, and for sunflower crops it was just a matter of finding where other people placed it, tho I have no idea if 3 hours of sunflower crop growth is fastest and whatnot.
    But how do you find optimal spot for seeds such as potatoes, peppers and any other cooking materials? 
    Thanks for reading ^^
  6. I've heard that in Korean version you can assign workers for you farm, but here you have to clean for yourself and this is way too much energy consuming! Couldn't you adjust that?
  7. Collection of useful links.
    Fishing hotspots, up-to-date. 
    http://bdohotspot.tumblr.com/ (With pictures for location)
    http://maomaoprince.com/ (Map)
    Community/forum for more fishing tips!
    Equipment calculator (Could be slightly off) Kudo's to Svenn!
    Crystal database
    Horse calculator (Breeding tier chances)
    Cooking guide
    Character templates
    List of titles 
    Amity mini-game help tool 
    Easy 28 Energy
    I have only collected these links, I haven't made any of these guides, just thought it would be easier for some to find these links if they were all in one topic. 
  8. Post on Farmer Love in Suggestions

    By Bhop, posted
    Hello, so I've been farming for a little while now and am a top 5/10 farmer on Orwen so I've got a moderate amount of experience with it and have noticed several things I find disconcerting. While I know it's not as glamorous as fishing or alchemy or the others, every other profession has quests that give profession specific xp (hunters excluded tho I don't know much about that anyway) to speed up leveling but farmers have no real quests (that I've seen so far), no dailies, and negligible xp for anything other than monk's branches (MB's) and spirit leaves (SL's) which come 1/15 or so gatherings at best. I'm currently Skilled 2 and it takes a massive amount of time because you need to be constantly tending the crops for xp since picking them doesnt do much and MB's and SL's only give 4% xp with sute tea and silver embroidered farmers gear which, combined with the RNG factor of xp gain for rares and the long growth duration, means you're looking at DAYS for levels at such a low stage which seems strange. You're required to be in the location to manage the farm as well which isn't a big deal but even the other professions allow you to buy a home in multiple cities or fish in any location with water. Also, while I assume levels changes the frequency of obtaining rare items and/or quantity of crops/seeds gained per attempt, it would be nice to have a level barrier on certain seeds for a sense of accomplishment (though, as I mentioned earlier, leveling is too slow for this atm anyway) or faster farming speeds or something else, though perhaps that's a hidden perk I have yet to realize. On top of this, crates are a decent but clearly subpar method of wealth gathering which is disheartening considering I was under the impression that BDO was formulated to make every profession a viable option.

    Ok so with that being said here are my suggestions.
    1. More xp per crop harvesting/breeding/tending. The xp doesn't need to be anything as high as the others because that wouldn't make sense but at least let it be noticeable since you spend all of that time tending the crops and when you finally get your results it's slightly anti-climactic since you'll only be getting the reward with an extremely small amount of xp.

    2. Seed Level Barriers - Perhaps this is already in the works in some way or another and perhaps there's a better option but all I'm really looking for here is a type of tier system like other professions have that'll make leveling more exciting and rewarding (especially at the current speed)
    3. Farming Quests - Idk about this one since I'm not all that into dailies and the way they make things feel scheduled or repetitive sometimes but that's just me being lazy so it doesn't really bother me.
    4. Increased value of crop crates - For the time and value of the materials, the trade market is very off putting with 10 crops and a black stone powder needed to make a minor profit in relation to using those same herbs for cooking and alchemy. This is especially difficult since it requires such a massive amount of contribution points to create a large farm setup and you still need a LOT more to connect nodes to ship/transport crates for trade value and need to invest in several other  collection nodes for other mats needed for most recipes. 
    5. Love - It just seems like farming is currently the ugly stepchild that gains little for large amounts of effort. It's not even viable to grind while farming unless you plan on running back from wherever you are every hour or so to tend to the farm which is horrifying to think of if you're across the map and don't want the xp to go to alts but need to stay logged into that char for energy... I think you see what I'm getting at.
    Thanks for taking the time to look through this (or if you don't look through it then... thanks for the opportunity to rant on your forum :D) and with all that being said, if there's some hidden awesomeness about farming yet to be discovered that makes all of these issues irrelevent then please ignore me. Either way, loving the game and the immersive feeling it brings even if I'm currently taking a break from grinding to finish rl work (hence the sudden farming fascination). I'd just like to be able to enjoy the game in whatever method I choose (aka FARM KING, LORD OF CROPS, MAULER OF WEEDS, etc.) and feel the same sense of accomplishment I get from playing other professions. Thanks again!

    P.S. I didn't reread through this because I'm lazy so sorry if I forgot to finish an explanation or have typos somewhere. Just let me know if anything needs clarification.
  9. Greetings everyone. I would like to take those few lines in order to expose a failure in the trading system regarding the farm goods (g----- crates, potato crates,etc.) that you can craft in the harvest workshop (sorry if I has a different name in the game, but I play in french, but you get what station I am talking about). Let's take for example the g-----s that my workers harvest in the Casta farm near Olvia. Producing a g----- crate requires 10 g-----s and black powder (therefore obtained with 2 raw stones). When I produced my first crate, I then realized that it's value was only 990 silver (price which vary), and even though I transported it to Heidel, I couldn't get more than max 1,5k silver (with the distance bonus and the connection between all the nodes). I though it was a lot, until I discovered that the g-----s were sold for 554 silver each, and the black powder around 2000 silver! Therefore, without even making crates and only selling materials, I could get 10 X 554 silver a g----- + 2000 silver for the black powder = 7554 silver vs 1500 silver. It observed the same phenomenon with the potatoes and I guess it is also the case with other farm ressources. Am I missing something here or it really doesn't make sense? Maybe I am just a poor trader xD.
    My suggestion: increasing the crates value on the market so it becomes more attractive to put time and effort to produce them and then transport them to far away destinations!
  10. I'm not sure if it's a bug, or it was porpusly programed like that.
    You'll see, i want to stay in Iliya some days, so i can do some passive gameplay and craft the fishing boat while i fix my voltaje problem in my pc (doesn't let me combat running like that). So i take with me a big farm so i can try new seeds and learn about them. You literally CAN'T FARM ANYWHERE IN ILIYA. Everywhere i try it says it's a safe zone. WHAT? I CAN PLACE A FARM AT ONE SIDE OF VEILA OR ANY CITY, BUT NOT IN A CLEAR OR WITH MONSTERS PLACE IN ILIYA?
    Srsly... the game f**k the immersion some times. Iliya it's pretty big, and there are a lot of places full with imps or wild animals, it's a nonsense that everywhere in that big island is "safe zone".
  11. Hello.

    The farms around Calpheon, are they really all empty trade/nodes for nodechaining or can I somehow do something to be able to send workers there? In particular Falres Dirt Farm, can I get my workers to farm milk there, or do I have to do it myself? 
  12. Hi,
    I would like to request to add the ability to send a worker to care for the farm allowing your chars to focus on their questing progress. The worker just would care and harvest, you still would have to plant yourself.
  13. Post on Farmers are forgotten! in Suggestions

    By Rido, posted
    To start of, this is a Suggestion post, and its all about the disadvantages of Farmers in comparison to other professions.
    1- We don't have "Profession costumes" for sale on Luxury Vendors

    2- We have to Craft our own Farming Costume, that only give us EXP+5%

    3- We don't have "+10% Farming EXP" unless we make it +1 and so on.

    4- We only get "decent" Farming EXP when we get:

    5- We don't have Achieves with any kind of Bonus like:

    I really think we (Farmers) need a rework on our profession.
    ~Finally got Professional Lvl1~
  14. Hello fellow BDO players,
    I have a question, now that I have spent a fair amount in this game and gathered some knowledge about the overall basics of the game, I have come to see and hear a lot of people are farming. 
    Now my question arises because I started setting up a lot of workers to do a lot of production especially for Iron. I wanted to make Steel Ingot Crates in order to use trading as the main source of getting a hefty sum of money. However knowing that going from Iron Ore to Melted Iron Shards takes quite a bit of energy especially if it has to be efficient enough to be able to combine Coal with Melted Iron Shards afterwards. 
    So knowing this and the amount of energy it takes, I want to ask if anyone has had success with Processing and Trading when it comes to money or if the only viable profit with Trading is when you are Farming say Special Sunflowers?
    I wanted to know as well the yield you get from harvesting per individual plant at 100% and do you get your seed back if you harvest the plant?
  15. the mouse cursor sometimes disappears when in placement mode for houses or farms.
    tried workarounds:
    pressing ctrl - failed
    exiting placement mode and re-entering - failed
    changing characters - failed
    relogging -worked
  16. Hiya
    I personally understand why afk fishing can only be done while your client is running and think it is fine. However, I think the crops in your farm should grow while offline and your workers should be allowed to start new jobs. The need to stay online for these things is kinda silly, people can just leave their computer on all night/day while they're sleeping or working but really it serves to purpose at all other than to waste precious resources RL. I personally have my computer in the same room where I sleep and can't really move it elsewhere and really I don't want to have to sleep with my computer turned on all night. It's not healthy for me nor my computer.
    If farms grow and workers finish all their jobs while offline it would just be a quality of life improvement. I don't think the game would be broken just because a few people end up not standing AFK in your game. Let's not have systems in games that leave our computers running for longer than they need to, unless there's no other way around it.
    Edit: While we're at it. Perhaps energy could also recover at a normal pace while offline, tho I don't mind how it is currently too much.
  17. Post on Giant a good class? in General

    By lolaina, posted
    Is Giant a fun class to play?
    Can they farm good?
    Is it good in pve?
    Can you solo stuff good?
    Thx for the answers 
  18. Hello!
    Is Giant a fun class?  Can they solo quests easy? 
    Can they farm/grind easy? 
    What do you Giants say? 
  19. Post on Best farming/solo class in General

    By lolaina, posted
    Wich class is best in solo questing and/or Just farming alot of mobs.
  20. Post on Best Farming Class? in General

    By lolaina, posted
    Wich class is best in solo questing and/or Just farming alot of mobs.
  21. Pressing R does nothing. We cannot view "crop information"

  22. Hello,
    Right outside of Calpheon, at the north-eastern outskirt of the town, there are sunflower plants that grow and are naturally harvestable. Earlier today I noticed that first one farm popped up ontop of these plants, and now a second. These farms replace the free-harvest plants that everyone can harvest. Is this intended? I'm asumming within 2 days the whole area will be filled with farms, rendering the free harvest of crops impossible.
    Server: Alustin, EU
    Screenshot attached

  23. Can we have more than 1 worker working in the same node? and is it worthy to level up that node level? will it produce more or not worthy?
  24. I love animal farming, and getting resources from pigs, cows, chickens, ducks, sheep etc. My greatest wish would be to have these things added at some point.
    I suppose there is no need to say all the resources that can be gotten from farm animals?
    Breading of farm animals also would be fun. I say this because horses can already be bread in the game. 
    I know that some things can be gathered from animals around the world, but rearing your own on your own farm can't be beaten