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  1. Hallöchen Leute \o
    Hier ist mein Guide über den Anbau und Alles was du darüber zu wissen brauchst.
    1. Wie starte ich eine Farm?
    2. Was soll ich auf meiner Farm anbauen?
    3. Sachen die man beim Farmen bekommt.
    4. Was bedeutet Temperatur, Feuchtigkeit und Grundwasser?
    5. Brauche ich Vogelscheuchen, Wasserwege, Dünger?
    6. Sollte ich Arbeiter verwenden die sich um meine Farm kümmern?
    7. Bekomme ich irgendwelche Vorteile bei einem höheren Anbaulevel?
    1. Wie starte ich eine Farm?
    Um eine Farm zu starten brauchst du einen Zaun, es gibt 3 verschiedene Typen von Zäunen.
    Kleiner Zaun für 3 Beitragspunkte mit 4 Plätze (Bekommt man von Enzo, Difry Hussey, Mael Costa)
    Einfacher Zaun für 6 Beitragspunkte mit 7 Plätze (Bekommt man von Mercianne Moretti, Paola Toscani, Goolie Gianin, Norma Leight)
    Starker Zaun für 10 Beitragspunkte mit 10 Plätze (Bekommt man von Flaviano, Geranoa, Lashir)
    (Notiz: man kann immer nur einen Zaun auf einmal kaufen, pflanze diesen an deinem gewünschten Ort, oder lege ihn in dein Lager/Reittier Inventar und hole dir dann einen neuen)

    Man kann maximal 10 Zäune besitzen.

    1.1 Wo man einen Zaun aufstellen soll.
    Planzen brauchen Wasser also setze deinen Zaun an einem Ort mit viel Grundwasser/einem regnerischem Gebiet, überall herum von Heidel, Velia und die meisten Orte bei Calpheon sind perfekt
    (Auf das Bild klicken um es in voller Größe zu sehen)

    2. Was soll ich auf meiner Farm anbauen?

    Die meisten Leute bauen Pflanzen an für den eigenen Gebrauch (für Alchemie und Kochen) also plane voraus für was du deine Pflanzen nützden willst.
    Wenn du nur in schnellen Profit interessiert bist, dann sind besondere Erdbeeren das was du haben willst, die braucht man fürs Kochen und für das Verbessern des Alchemiesteins des Lebens.

    3. Sachen die man beim Farmen bekommt.

    Vom Farmen
    Man bekommt 60-80 (70 im durchschnitt) von normalen Pflanzen, 40-60 (50 im ds) von hochwertigen Pflanzen und 20-40 (30 im ds) von besonderen Pflanzen von welche die 1 Platz brauchen (der Ertrag ist verdoppelt bei Pflanzen die 2 Plätze brauchen).
    Man hat auch eine kleine Chance auf zusätzliche 1-5 Pflanzen.
    Wenn deine Pflanze bei 200% ist bekommst du nur 50% des Ertrages.

    Vom Brüten
    1-3 Samen (1.6 im durchschnitt) von der selben Qualität oder höher (meistens 1 oder 2 Samen, 3 sind recht selten).
    Früchte, here eine Liste welche Früchte du von welchen Pflanzen bekommst:
    Frucht der Purpurnen Flamme: Knoblauch, Pfeffer, Peperoni, Oliven, Kürbis
    Frucht des Überflusses: Sonnenblume, Erdbeere, Traube, Zwiebel
    Frucht der Natur: Karaotte, Kartoffel, Süßkartoffel, Gerste, Akazie, Dalvenia Alrea, Hirse, Muskatnuss, Nolia, Sternanis, Kuchenpilz, Lila Pilz
    Frucht der Sonne: Mais, Paprika, Tomate, Weizen
    Frucht der Verzauberung: Aurorakraut, Feuerblattblume, Seidenhoniggras, Trockenmähnengras, Silberazalee
    Frucht der Magischen Kraft: Buckelpilz, Kaiserpilz, Tigerpilz, Wahrsagerpilz
    Frucht der Perfektion: Blufferpilz, Großmaulpilz, Nebelpilz, Pfeilpilz, Trüffel, Wolkenpilz
    Frucht der Zerstörung: Geistpilz, Himmelspilz, Uraltpilz, Zwergenpilz, Amanita(Clown) Pilz

    Vom Insekten entfernen
    1-10 Unkraut, Raupe, Geisterblatt, Weiblicher Kermes, Harter Schwarzkristallsplitter, Scharfer Schwarzkristallsplitter

    Vom Stutzen
    1-10 Unkraut, Zweig, Mönchszweig, Harter Schwarzkristallsplitter, Scharfer Schwarzkristallsplitter

    4. Was bedeutet Temperatur, Feuchtigkeit und Grundwasser?

    Temperatur = gibt den % Wert um wie viel deine Pflanze in 5 Minuten wächst.
    Die Wachstumsrate variert sehr wenn die Temperatur nicht optimal ist, also sorge immer dafür dass es deine Planzen schön und gemütlich haben.
    (Beispiel mit besonderer Erdbeere)
    Gute Temperatur = 5h 12m 30sec
    Kalte Temperatur = 16h 40m
    Heiße Temperatur = 10h 25m

    Feuchtigkeit = gibt die % Chance bei denen  deine Pflanzen von Insekten befallen werden alle 5 Minuten
    (Beispiel besonderes Trockenmähnengras)

    Grundwasser = ist sehr wichtig für deine Pflanzen ohne Wasser wird dein Feuchtigkeitslevel auf 0 sinken und deine Pflanze wird verrotten (verrottete Pflanzen ernten 50% weniger)
    Also stell sicher dass du deinen Zaun an einem Ort mit genug Grundwasser austellst!

    5. Brauche ich Vogelscheuchen, Wasserwege, Dünger?

    Vogelscheuchen halten die Vögel fern, aber der Schaden den die Vögel anrichten ist wirklich unbedeutend, verwende den Platz lieber für noch eine Pflanze.
    Wasserwege reduzieren den Wasser/Feuchtigkeits Verbrauch um 50% was sehr gut in trockenen Regionen ist, wie dem auch sei, wenn du genügend Grundwasser hast wirst du keinen benötigen.
    Dünger beschleunigt den Wachstum der naheliegenden Pflanzen um 20% für bis zu 1 Stunde.

    6. Sollte ich Arbeiter verwenden die sich um meine Farm kümmern?

    Nein! Arbeiter können keine Harten/Scharfen Splitter sammeln, sie geben dir hauptsächlich nur Unkraut und trinken dabei Unmengen an Bier, ich kann es nicht empfehlen.

    7. Bekomme ich irgendwelche Vorteile bei einem höheren Anbaulevel?

    Der einzige Vorteil ist eine Verringerung des Engergieverbrauchs, auf Meister hat man nur eine Chance von 25%~ Energie zu verbrauchen.
    Möglicherweise bekommt man auch eine erhöhte droppchance von Harten/Scharfen Splittern, aber dazu habe ich keine Vergleiche zu niedrigeren Anbaustufen. Könnte auch nur reiner Zufall sein.

    Wenn du Fragen, Anregungen oder Beschwerden hast lass es mich wissen.

    Cheers, Not_Alice
  2. It'd be amazing if black desert could take a step back from the ocean of duam cash and realize that plant seeds arent as large as a sword, or piece of armor and make them stackable.  Like for the love of goodness make seeds stackable already, if you have like 11 farms this is just insane, I seriously have to throw away so many seeds, every 2 farms I am throwing away around 12 seeds. 
    I am over 900% sure this is done purely for the mighty dollar, stop being so damn greedy with the micro transactions, you already have the p2w skins etc just back off the bloody farms T_T
  3. Hallo BDO-ler, Hallo alle aus der DACH-Region,
    Verzeihung aber Ich versuche es mal auf diesen Weg!
    Wie alles begann:
    Ich hab von US Servern auf EU vor einigen Monaten gewechselt. Auf US war ich bei LotD welche auch im Jahresbericht erwähnt wurden.
    LotD ist eine auf PVP getrimmte Gilde mit focus auf XP faming, leveling und Node Wars. (es gab einen Wettbewerb wer den ersten Char auf 60 bringt)
    Mein Ziel ist es jetzt auf EU eine passende Gilde zu finden die a) meinen derzeit noch schlechten PVP-Skill tolleriert und b) aktiv am XP farmen und leveln ist.
    Mit LotD waren wir "Platzhirsch" auf Sausan und bekannt dafür dort alles zu killen was unseren Main-Spot beanspruchen wollte. Wir machten natürlich auch Ausnahmen und waren keine reinen Barbaren!  Nichtsdestotrotz suche ich eine aktive Gilde die, wenn es drauf an kommt, eine gute Gruppe parat hat um main-spots zu halten und aktiv weiterlevelt.
    Mein jetziger Char ist Level 58 und hat eine AP von 201 und DP von 254. (Valkyrie). Mein damaliger Char war ein Warrior deswegen bin ich noch nicht so sattelfest.
    Damals konnte ich noch 24/7 spielen, heute leider nurmehr abends und am WE.
    Wenn ihr tipps habts oder meint ich passe zu euch bin ich sehr erfreut eure Bekanntschaft zu machen
    vielleicht bald euer Gildenmember!
  4. Hi guys, just want to know If you are investing your valuable energy into a node, will it help increasing non-mob killing drop rates / gathering gains? Because right now I have a level 5 node for my gathering spot and small farm, and I haven't noticed anything, in fact I think since I leveled up the node, the overall gains are lesser...
    Right now I'm planning to spend some more to level it to 6 but I'm not sure is it worth?
  5. Greetings Folks \o
    Here is my guide about farming and everything you need to know about it.
    How to Start a farmWhat should i plant on my farm?Loot you get from farming.What does Temperature, Humidity, and Groundwater mean?Do i need scarecrows, waterways, fertilizer?Should i use workers to take care of my farm?Do i get any benefits from a higher profession level? 
    1.How to start a farm.
    To start a farm you need a fence there are 3 types of fences:
    Small Fence for 3CP with 4 slots. (Obtainable from Enzo, Difry Hussey, Mael Costa)
    Plain Fence for 6CP with 7 slots. (Obtainable from Mercianne Moretti, Paola Toscani, Goolie Gianin, Norma Leight
    Strong Fence for 10CP with 10slots. (Obtainable from Flaviano, Geranoa, Lashir)
    (Note that you can only rent one fence at a time, so purchase a fence and plant it on your desired location,or put it in your storage/mount's inventory, then you can buy the next one)
    You may have noticed that the smaller fences have a better slot to cp ratio, however you can only have a maximum of 10 fences.
    1.1 Where to set up a fence.
    Plants need water so plant your fence at a place with a high groundwater/a rainy area, everywhere around Heidel, Velia and most regions around Calpheon are perfect.
    (Click on picture for full size)

    2.What should i plant on my farm?

    The most people plant crops for their own use (alchemy, cooking), so plan on what you can use it.
    If you are only interested in quick profit, special strawberry is what you want, they are used to upgrade alchemy stones of life (since they give the most exp) and also for several things in cooking and therefore sell very well.
    3. Loot you get from farming.

    From Harvesting
    You get 60-80 (70 average) normal crops, 40-60 (50 average) high quality and 20-40 (30 average) special quality crops from harvesting a plant that takes 1 slot, (this is doubled for crops that need 2 slots).
    You also have a chance for extra loot that gives you an additional 1-5 crops.
    If your plant is at 200% growth it will yield only 50%

    From Breeding:
    1-3 (1.6 average) seeds of the same quality or higher. (mostly 1 or 2 seeds getting 3 is rather rare).
    Fruits, here a list of which fruits you get from which plants:
    Fruit of Crimson Flame: Garlic, Hot Pepper, Pepper, Olives, Pumpkin
    Fruit of Abundance: Sunflower, Strawberry, Garlic, Onion
    Fruit of Nature: Carrot, Barley, Sweet Potatoe, Potatoe, Acacia, Dalvenia Alrea, Fig, Freekeh, Leccinum, Nolia, Nutmeg, Pie Mushroom, Purple Mushroom, Penestraria, Star Anise, Teff
    Fruit of the Sun: Corn, Wheat, Tomato, Paprika, 
    Fruit of Magic Power: Emperor Mushroom, Fortuneteller Mushroom, Hump Mushroom, Tiger Mushroom
    Fruit of Enchantment:  (All herbs) Dry Mane Grass, Fire Flake Flower, Silk Honey Grass, Silver Azaleah, Sunrise Herb
    Fruit of Perfection: Arrow Mushroom, Bluffer Mushroom, Cloud Mushroom, Fog Mushroom
    Fruit of Destruction: Amanita Mushroom, Ancient Mushroom, Dwarf Mushroom, Ghost Mushroom, Sky Mushroom
    From Removing Pests:
    1-10 Weeds, Caterpillar, Spirit's Leaf, Female Kermes, Hard Black Crystal Shard, Sharp Black Crystal Shard

    From Pruning:
    1-10 Weeds, Twig, Monk's Branch, Hard Black Crystal Shard, Sharp Black Crystal Shard
    4. What does Temperature, Humidity, and Groundwater mean?

    Temperature = gives the % amount by how much your plant grows in 5 minutes.
    The growth greatly varies if the temperature isn't optimal, so make sure that your plants have it nice and cozy.
    (example special strawberry)
    Good Temperature = 5h 12m 30sec
    Cold Temperature = 16h 40m
    Hot Temperature = 10h 25m

    Humidity = gives the % chance that your plants will get blighted by Insects/Pests every 5 minutes.
    (example special dry mane grass)

    Groundwater = is very important for your plants without water your moisture level will sink and if it reaches 0 your plants rot and will yield 50% less.
    So always be sure to set up your fences at a place with enough water!

    5. Do i need scarecrows, waterways, fertilizer?

    Scarecrows keep birds away, but the damage the birds do is really insignificant, so you rather use that slot for another plant.
    Waterways reduce the Water/Moisture consumption by 50% which is good in dry regions, however if you have enough groundwater you won't need them.
    Fertilizer increase the growing speed of all nearby plants by 20% for a maximum of 1 hour.
    6.Should i use workers to take care of my farm?

    No, you should not, workers can't gather Hard/Sharp Shards, they pretty much always give you weeds and consume a huge amount of beer, i don't recommend it.
    7. Do i get any benefits from a higher profession level?

    The only benefit is a reduction in energy consumption, at master there is a 25% ~ chance to consume energy
    There might also be an increased droprate in Hard/Sharp shards, but i don't have datas from lower skill levels so i'm not 100% sure about it.
    If you have any questions, concerns or complains let me know.

    Cheers, Not_Alice
  6. Black Desert Online,is the first MMO I can really enjoy playing.I have created 6 characters.Five of them are levels 20-30 and my main is a level 56 Witch.Once I completed the main story and the awakening quests,I wanted to buy the best gear for my character,something I thought would be easy.I started doing some research and I realised,that the best gear would be very costly.Then,the research continued.I found all of the other topics,threads and posts all over the internet,and I decided I would start farming.By now,I have tried:Farming,grinding,breeding horses and fishing.I now know a lot about the market,the economy of BDO and can make 6mil. a day by farming.My skill level in farming is Skilled 4.My Witch has 122 AP,101AAP and 185 DP.I realise that people make much more money than me and have way better AP/DP scores.My question is:How?Is it only through enhancing and selling?I cannot reach 1B silver if I only make 6 million silver a day.And a full boss set is even harder to get.How is it possible?Sorry for the long question and for asking a question many others have asked.
  7. So farming gives off twigs and of course they're useless.. Why not turn them into 'branches' and turn 15 'branches' into 1 log through processing 'chopping' or to a NPC. Would help a little with the sailboat, would give an already in game item a use, and would stop wasting space in my inventory every time I tend my farm.  
  8. I am trying to work on a range of skills, but am not going to be able to be extremely active for a little while, so I thought I would delve further into farming and fishing to work on processing and trading as and when I can.
    I used to have lots of farms, though I don't remember the total number, but it feels like it was more than this.
    Since the best CP to plot size ratio is the small fence I went and picked up all everything above that level and returned it to the NPC for my CP back.  I closed down most of my nodes that I wasn't using/farming on, and went ahead and started placing down farms and seeds to begin setting up to afk farm.  I just went to put down my next farm (had visions of a plantation sized area because I had nearly 90 CP available for farms that cost 3 CP each and I placed down all the "free" weak/shabby fences from my alts and the small (4 plot) fences.  I got to the 11th total plot (6th small fence) and it gives me the message "You can not install any more fences" (screenshot attached)
    What I am wondering is:
    1. Is this a bug? (I can't find anywhere where someone says there is a fence total limit)
    If it is not a bug:
    2.  Is this a regional limit?  (Can I explore further into Mediah and Valencia to get more plots placed)?
    If it isn't regional and is not a bug:
    3.  Is there anyway to be able to get more plots? (Raise my farming skill, get different types of fences (5 of each kind to max the limit), place with alts, etc.)
    Thanks in advance for your help.

  9. Currently I have 3 strong fences and I'm trying to rent plain fences. I have the cp and can get 1, but when I go to another npc that rents them, I only get the option to return the one I have.
    Is there a mechanic associated with renting plain fences that I'm not aware of?
  10. Hello, everyone!
    After some days wandering around the forum & Reddit, I found some people sharing information regarding the benefits of each level in professions (altho not quite complete).

    I wanted to evaluate the increases or changes we receive as we level up Farming, so far I only have registered this information on my sheet:

    I can no longer continue to update, no longer with time to carry on.


    The % chance of consuming energy has somewhat reached its peak? It retains itself in 27% with a minor .00 ups & downs, I added average seeds obtained, average fruit harvested as well how often we obtain that extra proc within the same loot.
    I'm not sure if every level will provide me with enough collective data to be precise but it should be more than needed to have an overall idea of that to expect (kind of average). And pardon me if I have mistaken any formula, ideas and opinions are welcome!

    Cheerios ~♥
  11. Hi guys i just wanted to share a spot that not many people use when it comes to farming rough stone (due to how hard the mobs are) me and my guildies have been using it for a while so i felt its time to pass it on. enjoy. 
  12. Hallo ich bin derzeit in Heidel und habe habe dort über 1600 Kisten, die ich an Trader verkaufen kann. Ich habe lange nicht mehr gespielt und hatte auch davor die Karte nicht so wirklich aufgedeckt, denn bis Level 51 hab ich gefischt, verarbeitet und am Garten gearbeitet und das hat mich bis Level 51 gebracht. Daher weiß ich nicht so wirklich, wo ich die Kisten verkaufen soll. Ich habe ab und zu mal nach Velia  per Transport geschickt und verkauft.
    Mir ist bewusst, dass ich eventuell verteilt verkaufen sollte, da ja pro verkauftes Item immer der Preis runter geht, aber ich denke mal, wenn ich zu den weitesten Ort von Heidel aus transportieren lasse, dann wird das immer viel sein (außerdem ist mir auch XP wichtig ^^). Ich hoffe ihr könnt mir da ein oder ein paar Orte nennen, wo ich am besten hin liefern soll.


    KYO existiert nunmehr seit August 2016 und hat sich als kleine social-gaming PvE Gilde etabliert. Nach der Umstrukturierung im Dezember setzen wir jetzt mehr denn je den Fokus auf den PvE Content, der nun wahrlich einen sehr großen Anteil dieses Spiels ausmacht.
    Wer uns seit Mitte Dezember kennt, weiß auch, dass wir friedliche Spieler sind.
    Wir bestehen aus Farmern, Händlern, Züchtern, Grindern & vielem mehr.
    Wir spielen aus Spaß und nicht um uns hier mit anderen zu messen.
    Gildenmissionen  & Gildenevents sind ein großer Bestandteil unserer kleinen Gruppe
    Bei Interesse oder Fragen meldet Euch doch einfach ☺
  14. Post on Growing tree's in General

    By Hyperblast, posted
    So i'm sitting here beating on tree's for an eternity just so I can get enough logs to make the epheria sailboat and I had a thought....what if we could grow our own tree's and get logs from them?  we would get a lot more growing our own than running around in the forests all day beating on all of the tree's just to get 1-2 logs at a time.
  15. Suggestion to have NPC take all my shields, swords, shoes, flippers, toes, ect., ect.. If it has a monetary compensation yes please... so if 150 flippers give me 150,000 silver ,, well then 1 should give me 1000 silver, simple math.
  16. I just came back after a couple months did farming change? I feel like I'm getting different yields than I use to. Harvesting after 120% would net significantly less crop but that doesn't seem to be the case anymore. I'm instead getting more harvest as it goes up. Did something change or am i just imagining things?
  17. Hi, new player here so be forewarned this might be a stupid question.
    Saw some guides around reddit and the forums here showing how to get sharp and hard black crystal shards from farming (more specifically pruning plants/ killing bugs). So far I have 4 large farms full of sun flowers in a humid area set up and I just play farming simulator all day.... so far, no luck but is it because my farming level is simply too low? (Apprentive 6). Or is it because its no longer possible to get shards this way?
  18. Hey there, I want to return 3 of my fences, tho I forgot where i got them from, is there any ways to know ? 
    Thanks in advance
  19. Hello guys,
    My question is simple but, even though I browsed the forums, I've not found any answer. I'm farming Artisan 5 (and Gathering Pro 6) but I haven't seen any benefit from the advancement in the skill. Is it me or does really getting exp in farming life skill bring no benefits at all ?
    For sure there is no more speed in gathering while pruning etc, and I'ven't noticed an increase in special items drop like Hard/Sharp Crystals, Female Kermes etc etc.
    So the question remains: is it worth exping it or not ?
  20. I know there have been a ton of topics complaining about actually getting lesser drops from gathering but since a few days ago (about 4-5) I have not gotten a single shard.
    normally I get one from 1-2 visits to my farm, most extreme was 3-4 but then I got 2 drops at once. hell I even got 3.
    right now I have visited my farm more than 15 times and pruned everytime, not a single drop for 4-5 days. Is anyone else noticing this? I know it could be RNG screwing me but it was never this bad before all the "buff to drop rate stuff".
  21. Since we have notification when our pets low on satiety (blinking pet icon), why don't we have blinking icon for our gardens as well?
  22. You have seen those player who claim an area their own and killing other player who are "disturbing" their "rotation".
    Well, I have an idea how the game mechanic could be improved so most of the "new" player will have a chance to grind or do their task although the areas are limited.
    First of all each area where monsters / mobs are spawned / live should be divided into 3?, 4? or 5? separated, non-overlapping sub-areas (depending on the size).
    Each sub-area should be clearly visible on the mini-map / map (e.g. different background colour, border colour).
    The difficulty, amount and re-spawn time of the mobs / monsters should be dynamically depending on the amount of player grinding in this sub-area - or - the amount of player in each sub-area should be limited to e.g. 8?, 10? or 12? (depending on its size).
    The rules
    If a player finds an empty sub-area (no other player is in this area / no white square in this area) and stay for e.g. 3? seconds in this area a message will appear telling him:
    1. This area belongs to him for e.g. 1 hour or 2 hours. If this time-limit passed he has to leave this area and can not kill any monster in this sub-area for e.g. the next 2 hours. If the player leaves this area for e.g. more than 5 minutes he will also loose the ownership of this area. After loosing the ownership he must wait e.g 2 hours to be able to claim this sub-area his own again.
    2. The player can claim any other empty area where he wasn't the owner for e.g. the last 2 hours.
    3. Claiming 2 or more sub-areas at the same time is not possible.
    4. Afterwards the player will be prompted to choose one of the following conditions if another player enters his sub-area:
             a: he must duel you (no carma, XP, etc. loss for both player). If he lose he must move on. He will not be able to kill any monster in this area during the time you are the owner. If he wins he will be the new owner. The looser must accept the option selected by the winner / new owner (a - c). 
             b: he is welcome to grind with you together. Difficulty, amount and re-spawn time of the mobs / monsters should be dynamically adjust.
             c: he must join your group (special benefits for creating groups: time of ownership can be expand, rare item drop, equal XP and drop items, etc.). Difficulty, amount and re-spawn time of              the mobs / monsters should be dynamically adjust.
            (d: - other possible condition -)
    5. If another player enters an sub-area owned by another player the new player will be directly informed that this area already has an owner and shows the condition which the new player can accept or deny.
    6. The new player can not PK the owner of the area and can also not kill any monsters in this sub-area until he as accepted the condition of the owner (and for a he must win).
    7. Gathering should be possible for the new player although if he denies the condition (can be discussed).
    8.  A guild detection will prevent that player from same guild rotate between the "best" spots. 
    As you can see it is not completed and can be improved. Any constructive idea is welcome.
  23. Hello everyone,
    Today I finally got my Valkyrie to level 56. And now I'm a bit stuck on what I should upgrade/change next. I included a picture with my current gear. Atm I'm saving for Ultimate Grunil Armor +15 or PRI. But those are either 22 or 33 million on average. So I thought maybe it would be best to start for some more AP instead of DP. By tomorrow I'll have +- 25 million silver thanks to log-in bonus. If I sell my current chest I can afford a PRI one. But something tells me that's not the best thing I could do atm..
    My current stats are: 109/104/189. And I have no idea where to start grinding... I got 2 pets: a level 7 Hawk and a level 6 penguin. I tried farming sausans (even in group) but hardly 1.5 million silver tops. That includes legit 1 grunil piece with 5 luck... I really hope there are better places to farm for my stats. It's just I got no clue where to begin. 
    Any help/advice is appreciated. 

  24. Hi, everyone! I have been looking though so guides that other people make about farming, and I was wandering about how much % needed to get the best result on Harvesting and Plant Breeding. So I started a new spread sheet that will include all my crops on the farm, %, type, and result. I am pretty bad at doing spread sheets, so I would love your help. I will try my best to update it as much as possible, and maybe it will help others with farming! 
    Please help me out with your responses and ideas about what I should add in the sheet. I would really appreciate it! Thanks  
    You can also find me in the game (BadPotato) Mmaarryy
  25. Alright, so I'm not new persay, but I'm not experienced. My buddy and I are playing this game together and having a blast. He went with wizard. I myself haven't decided what i want to play. I am stuck between a few classes deciding which will work best for us.
    First is warrior. In most games i play, i end up playing a warrior type class. With this game, im nervous from everything i hear about the class, mostly being that its boring. My warrior is currently lvl 32, and its kind of a drag leveling. I don't hate it, but its not awe-inspiring and I don't feel like a beast lol wondering if the class becomes more fun later on.
    Second up is musa. Musa seems like a really cool class, and the spear awakening really captures my attention. Out of the 4 classes, this class seems like its just back and forth spin slashing later in the game. Seems like a dull style of play, even tho the class itself looks awesome.
    Third is tamer. Tamer has its unique style of bouncing around and what not for combat which seems really amusing. I hear this class is pretty weak though, which is discouraging.
    Lastly, we have ranger. Ranger being the be all, end all, best class in the game. That in and of itself turns me off. Not tryna be a fronting jockstrap who chugs mana pots for a living. Im normally always gravitating toward archer classes, and i'm not sure how well this class will do with wizard.
    So my point here is what goes well with wizard for the majority of combat aspects of the game. Whether it be pvping in gvgs and node wars, or pve farming.
    out of warrior, ranger, musa, and tamer, what meshes best with wizard in combat aspects of the game like farming and pvp.