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  1. Post on please delete in Suggestions

    By Zayrot, posted
    EDIT: I guess, I just did this for the old forums. It's early, I can't think straight, please delete this. T_T
  2. Post on Abuse or new PvP "feature" in PVP

    By Kauni, posted
    I am really curious how this should work... we tried everything in guild so... new hidden PvP feature or abuse?
    What u might dont see on the screenshot, it's an awakened valkyre and I can still flag on her but can't kill her without flagging.

  3. I understand that Kakao want to have hiden stats etc.
    Ok i have accepted that.
    BUT WHY we do not have "MISS" sign above enemy heads when we miss them???????
    This will help so many peoples. This will show how important Bhegs are to the new players and how important accuracy is and peoples will be able to decide when to stop stack accuracy.
    This will show the new players that they "do not do dmg" not because their AP is low but because they are not hitting their oponent.
    Imo this simple change will help the game so much, that i cant describe it with words ...
  4. Post on Flying boats in In-Game Bugs

    By Crescent, posted
    Alright, so I wanted to discover some islands in Valencia area, and suddenly it drove me (auto-sail) near a cliff and the boat was flying. I was stucked in air and couldn't move. It happened near the island of Riyed. I tried to get off the boat, but then the boat fell down from above and crashed (went under water)....

  5. Hi, sorry for the long topic title but I wanted to be clear in my question so that the players with that knowledge are directed to this topic (if there are any), I've tried to search for the answer in the forum and online, what I've found is an answer saying that it will happen with the next big feature patch (?)
    Thanks for reading, in hope anyone can enlighten this topic with more details ☻
  6. Hello BDO adventurers  ! !!
    When i heard the term "sandbox "   i quickly  imagined an Eve like medieval mmorpg . And good golly i was not disappointed by the initial release .
    Though it has features and a lot of freedom to make it feel like a sandbox , it still has a long road ahead of it . 
    To people who still like to debate that this is not a "sandbox" game  . i would reply with "Rome was not build in a day" 
    Eve had a decade of expansions , and features added over time . It also faced humble begginings and a handful of contact on release. .
    Which brings me to the my "Suggestion " for BDO  ( will hope that and dev would come through and give us an insight on what there is to expect in future updates)
    1  - Resource Management -   When i played eve online, in my corp ( a rather small guild) i had the role to process the resources for our members . I had all the skillls and requirements to do a good job and get the best out of the raw materials brought to me . BDO has a simple version of this through Processing .  Who has this skill leveled up can obtain more materials when processing resources . However it does not  feel to have the same impact it had in EVE  . 
    --- My 2 cents -  have dedicated players capable on taking the job of processing base resources from other people through a contract system ( not trading) .And also making some material have a bigger fail rate if processing is not high enough or maybe if player does not have a costume dedicated for processing.  
    At this point, resources are abundant (mostly because of worker system), so if 1 out of 4 cycles of processing fail, it does not affect us as much. So this system would be worthwhile for high rank crafting resources that cannot be obtained by workers .
    2 - To be Continued - ( please feel free to add any other features in the comments that would make this game more sandboxy )
  7. Post on AUTO-walk in Suggestions

    By Xionizzy, posted
    Right now, you can walk by holding Caps Lock, and you can auto run by pressing t. Having an auto walk feature (probably where you hold caps lock and press t), would be nice. 
    This seems like a rather small and non-important thing, and it is, but I imagine that it really is just one of those small things that I would like to see in towns or on roads, and ESPECIALLY by the beach, are people just walking. I think the small amount of time adjusting the controls to enable the feature is worth having. I'd imagine, that the stamina you'd get from walking would be significantly lowered, if there be any stamina bonus, but it just seems to me like a nice extra feature to promote the aesthetic.
  8. Hello BDO-community,
    Now that I have experienced a lot that this game has to offer in CBT1 (reached level 21 mit more time spent crafting/taming/trading/fishing etc than grinding/leveling), I present you my suggestions to game systems and possible features that could be integrated,
    Let's start with the combat system, questing and mob grinding:
    I started the game like probably most people leveling through killing mobs and doing quests, these are the things that should be adressed:
    The leveling process should be synced with the quests given (like being level 16 in lvl 20 quests area, more explained below)The combat system is really solid, but the quests should require less mobs killed (by that i mean the kill 50 mobs quests), but make them a bit harder to kill.And here is my major complaint: The quests should give a lot more EXP than actually killing the mobs, by that I also mean the quests for crafting/trading and etc.Right now everything except killing mobs is not a valid strategy to level up, I would love to see crafters/traders to level up much faster than right now. This would make this game far more interesting. Now you might say that crafters/traders would get much more money from that, but killing monsters lets them drop loot that you can exchange, and sometimes they even drop expensive loot, so it gets balanced out.
    The only thing that I did not experience was Cooking and Alchemy. My trading experience ranges from Velia to Gilsh. From my experience following things should be improved:
    Fishing is way too easy to gain money, the starting fishing locations should be heavily nerfed. I gained almost 400k from 1 almost full inventory travelling to Gilsh. A "yellow" fish is worth 21k in Velia and that time it was 33k in Gilsh (2nd time it was 27k) including this location:
    In comparison trading between cities gains you almost no profit. I think trading should be revisited.Taming is probably the most balanced profession. The only thing i would change is to make higher level/tier horses sellable for lower amount.I tried building a Tier 4 Wagon (the first one at level 2 wagon workshop), but saw that it needs 2 things that can only be made with high alchemy (nobody seems to have that high of alchemy). I think those things should be looked at (Legendary Beasts Blood and Metal Solvent for Pure Iron Crystal).
    The amount it takes to craft seems fine to me.Workers seem balanced too.Minor changes:
    Make trading between long time friends and/or guild members possible (as mentioned in another thread).We need a prompt before picking a skill so that if you click on it you have to accept taking that skill.Enable tutorials for next beta (many things are very complex, like taming, node management, worker resource gathering and crafting)Bandits on trade routes should be MUCH more dangerous, right now they can be completely ignored. You need to make them feel like they have to be avoided at all costs.Everything else I didnt mention is probably already solid/balanced.
    My main problem with this game is as mentioned above:
    Make professions a viable strategy to level your character, even if it means slightly slower than by killing mobs, but not as slow as right now. Quests should give the majority of EXP and not killing mobs.
    If you don't aggre with something mentioned or just want to mention something feel free to write here.
    Thank you all for reading this and I hope something from this will be implemented.

    Trading and Stable NPCs should have their range doubled to recognise your mount.The amount of characters you can write in chat should be doubled.I just noticed, that the Tier 4 Wagon part was just its parts, what are those good for? Just trading?
  9. Thoughts on the blue quest tracking arrows? Should the arrow paths, the arrows next to the body, and the giant beam of light at waypoints be available to toggle on and off more fluidly? I find that it can get kind of distracting always seeing blue arrows and giant beams of light in the sky. I know that this feature is really polished but I personally feel like they should leave the option to view it when desired to the player and do it in a way that is smooth and easily accessible.