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  1. Post on GoldFish Pet in Suggestions

    By Sinisterhope, posted
    It would be cool to see a Goldfish pet. 
    Put it in a bowl on a stand and have it give a buff to rarity or cast speed.
    Just imagine a dock full of fishermen, with a goldfish on a stand right beside them..
  2. Okay i'll assume if you clicked on this title then you are either searching for an answer or you are just curious what the fuss is about. So i've noticed since the patch/update we had on 26th the demand for relics has increased or the catch rate of relics has decreased. I think this is a big issue for everyone whose main income is fishing (like myself) because i think the catch rate has decreased by at least 50% ! I was watching closely on how many i got per haul (117 inv. slots) and i used to get about 15 with active fishing and 8-9 with afk fishing. After the patch i got, over the 10 full inv. slots only 7-9 with active fishing and 4-5 with afk fishing. 
    I know that this is just a minor testing, that is why i'm asking here what is you experience with getting relics since the last patch/update and what is your opinion or thought on why we all of a sudden have almost no relics on the market ?
  3. Ok, I am a very patient person but seriously. Just fix the code.
    This has been said by a number of people a number of times, so I am here to reiterate:
    You need to be Pro5
    You need a fishing boat
    You can't go AFK
    It takes longer
    You can't get a "Perfect" and just land a fish
    You can't catch Relic Shards
    You can't trade the Gold Tier Harpoon fish to imperial Traders
    All of the above things mentioned suggests GREATER REWARDS
    Check your code. The % of quality fish that we catch is WAY TOO LOW. And not like .5% off, but we should be catching about 35% Gold Tier harpoon fish when we do it.
    So simple. THIS IS SO SIMPLE.
    The current system is like people enhancing their Boss Gear to MAKE IT WORSE.
    "Yes Finally TET everything! Whoa that's weird, I'm doing less damage and getting less drops from mobs..."  <- THIS IS HARPOONING

    Click link for discord https://discord.gg/kReRpdU
    (Currently being used in the NA SERVER)
    What we are about: Templarius Is a balanced PvE/PvP guild on Orwens server in Black Desert Online. We are currently a small guild. My goal is to have 10 members by the end of this month and hopefully 50 before all the awakenings are released. I have an urge to do more with node wars so if that is your thing then you can come aboard and help us all get up to speed. Who we are looking for: People that have just started playing to people that bought the conqueror package on day 1! We are pleased to have the people that enjoy the game and can get a long with another gamer. Voice chat is enabled through discord.Rules: The number one rule is NO DRAMATIZATION If you have a problem with a person settle it in a PM or email or whatever. After the issue is resolved you both will feel better. If this issue cant be resolved then one of the leaders can help. If you are into pvp and want to do that as a play style then that is fine! Please be courteous to the requests of other guild mates and their requests.Ranks: We are currently looking for officers! This is one huge plus of joining our guild today!Requirements:  Do you enjoy Black Desert Online? Do you have a will to play at least one day a week? Do you enjoy talking with people in game?(If you answered yes to all three then you can join now!)
    Website: http://blackdesertguild.clanwebsite.com/
    SERVER: North America
    FAMILY: Woodstock
    MAIN: Duarte
    Website: http://blackdesertguild.clanwebsite.com/
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/blackdesertonlineguild
  5. Im skilled 3 cooking how do i lvl it up fast ? (dont be vague)

  6. Im a beginner lvl at Alchemy and i want to be master as fast as possibel idc about money how would i go about power lvling to master (Dont be vague)

  7. So i wanna get my trading to master 2 and people been talking about this nerf and stuff and now im dumb struck how to even trade so how should i trade, videos,screenshots and complete text guide  the fastest way is the best way!

  8. Hello,
    My partner is a fisherman, and as his rank got higher he noticed he got less and less relics. 
    So we did a little comparison and as a neophyte (Apprentice), I would drop up to 8 relics within just a few hours, while he would drop only a couple (Master).
    With this, I am wondering if this is working as intended and if so, would it be possible to change it so that the drop rate is affected positively by your rank: the higher you fishing rank is the more chance you have at dropping relics.
    Since I do not know that much about fishing I welcome any comments or opinion... please feel free to add reasons why this is how it is or how this could be improved.
  9. Kinda sad there is no Relic drops if you are harpooning.
    Speaking of Relics, improve the relic system. Whether it be making Awakened Relic Scrolls, being able to use multiple scrolls at once or something. Hell, if Black Spirit is the issue (as he gives the reward) just have the reward mailed to the player from the Black Spirit. Heck, you can do that with all scrolls untying the Black Spirit from scrolls.
    Seriously, have you seen how bored my Berserker is waiting for scrolls?

  10. Where can i get Red Coral at? i cant find it is there a good spot to find it? http://bddatabase.net/us/item/4476/
  11. With the toggle "Throw away useless items caught during auto-fishing" checked, I'm losing fish!
    I noticed this a few days ago when I was doing a fishing quest at Splashing Point. I was supposed to be getting Crawfish and Perch. I caught a few, which went into my bag, and then I went off to do other stuff so I set the toggle on and went afk. When I came back, the quest had updated the count by a few but I didn't have any more of those fish in my inventory. I thought it odd, but carried on as they started appearing in my bags again.
    Today it's happened again. I'm on the quest "Helping Pilava Island" and have apparently caught 4/25 sand eels without any showing in my bag. I had the useless items toggle on and, when I checked, my fishing pole was at 50/65. When I turn the toggle off, I start getting fish again! 
  12. I currently have a +5 epheria fishing rod , slowly getting it to +10. But in the meantime , i was wondering if i could get 2 x +5 rod? After my rod durability dies will it use the second +5 rod or that only appliable to normal rods that destroys itself?
  13. I'm currently Skilled 4 Fishing, Apprentice 5 Trading (Noble wagon), and Professional 2 Gathering. I've yet to see a real increase in money from any of these. Grinding is pretty much out of the question, since with my gear I get ganked easily at Sausan / Pirates. How can I make the fishing and trading more profitable? Right now I have nodes connecting Epheria, Olvia, Velia, Calpheon, and Heidel. Thanks in advance for any good advice. I wouldn't bring this to the forums, but channel chat isn't helping, and I need funds for upgrading.
  14. This is the third time in twenty casts I've 'caught a fish' but not gotten any fish loot (window doesn't even show up).  Only happens when fishing in Margoria as far as I can tell.

  15. We have the best buffs in the business: +5ap, +5dr, +5acc, +100hp, +50% siege resist, +2 gathering, +2 fishing. We have discord, but it's discouraged (we play games because we are anti-social). Guild quests are optional (but if you do them, you will be laughed at by the rest of the guild and possibly kicked).
    If you want in... show us your rod, impress us plz!
    /w , Ducs, Alzied, Wavves, WWW, Phuctard or SoSeoNo
  16. So correct me if I'm wrong please..
    The reset is 3 hours, like the timer on Famme's map said;Time stamps for reset are 1,4,7,10 AM/PM;NOT every channel group resets every 3 hours, i.e. Velia and Balenos (total 12 channels) reset at 1 PM today, other channels didn't reset;
    or NOT every channel resets every 3 hours, i.e. Velia 1-3 and Balenos 1-3 reset at 1 PM today, other channels didn't reset;Imperial Fishing NPCs reset separately, i.e. Velia reset at 1 PM today, Glish or Port Epheria may or may not reset;So the RNG even applies in imperial fishing reset???
    Where can I find official reset timing/schedule for imperial fishing?
  17. So i have used this for 3 months and they dont do anything worth the money  which cost 200 mil+ just to get to +10 and fix them (BEST WAY TO FISH IS TO GO MOVING HOTSPOTS WITH A NORMAL ROD OR TRIPLE FLOAT)Never enchant or get one of the special shit rods  

    So, I just hit professional level 1, and am just curious where to go from here.     I have been using steel rod, and thought I would move on to golden rod, but then I just noticed it had an artisan 1 requirement (I guess I thought it was pro1).     Are the upgradeable artisan ones worth the money, and if so which one?
    I also just got a ship, and have mainly just done some exploring of the outer islands, and have done some fishing out there.     I don't quite understand the hot spots and how exactly to find them.     I see the gulls going crazy occasionally, but by the time I get there, I only get 1 or 2 casts before they disappear.    Are there specific spots or islands I should be going to?
    And finally, up to this point I've just been wearing the basic apprentice fishing outfit.    I know its time to upgrade, but I'm not sure which one to go for.     Is the npc professional outfit the way to go (for 1.5mil) or should I go for the silver upgradeable outfit?
    I'm just basically looking for the best direction to move on from pro to guru at this point.     While I have the means and levels to try out new areas, I just find myself afking in Velia racking in a few million every few hours and slowly skiling up.
    Any help or a point in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.
  19. With the expansion of Magoria we have had a huge hit on the supply of the "triple float fishing pole".I Believe that it needs to be ((craft-able)) now because many have done the quest and fight tooth and nail to get one to go fishing and its all most impossible.I propose that we have a recipe put into the game to counter balance this supply issue.Many people are stuck without one and it drives me bonkers on a daily because most well all of what I do is at sea. I am currently one of the highest sailors in this game and i would greatly appreciate a change to its ability to be crafted. Please if you feel the same share your thoughts here.:) help me change the way we fish <><fish on
  20. 14 August 2017 - UPDATE. The fish table for the Trent pool has been reverted back to the Calpheon default and removing the Kamasylvia fish species, including the chance of the 'Message in a Bottle' item. Therefore, the only current way to obtain them is via harpooning. It is no longer possible to fish the bottle item, only via harpooning until Kamasylvia arrives.
    16 August 2017 - UPDATE. Now confirmed as a low drop chance from the current Terrmian Waterpark open waters via fishing since the 16 August 2017 Patch Notes, which added a new fish table for the event. Set to run until the 30 August 2017 so for a limited time only.
    The Bottle with a Note item was introduced a week after the Margoria expansion in the EU/NA Region with the 01 February 2017 Patch Notes which included this;
    As the notes stated, the item can be obtained while harpoon fishing. It leads onto various versions of the Gardaka’s Treasure Map which starts an associated quest depending on which version you get. The quest is to solve the enigmatic riddle included in the map tooltip text.
    However, while exploring potential Kamasylvia fish species along the border of thar region due to beww opened here sometime in March, I found a small pool which contains a Kamasylvia fish table (including the Swiri), to my surprise I fished up one of the bottle items. So I can confirm that it is possible to also fish up the Bottle with a Note item as well as via harpooning now in-game.
    The bottle functioned as expected and started the quest. Thinking it may be a bug I continued to fish and a day or so later fished up another which confirms that it is possible now in-game in our region to obtain it via fishing and not just by harpooning.
    Checking further, I have now found two other references to these being fished up in Kamasylvia from the Korean forums so it looks very much like this is a deliberate design decision to add it as a rare drop probably in any Kamasylvia water body. The reason we can catch them before the new region is opened is because the fish table overlaps a bit into existing land in Calpheon. This happens occasionally, like for Margoria before launch etc.
    The only water body I could find with another fish table other than that already posted on, accessed over the border into Kamasylvia from the Ross Sea, was this small pool found to the SW of Trent. It is in the Cyclops Land area (on the mini-map) and why I refer to it as the Cyclops pool. The location is indicated on the attached image being above the Ksarka Shrine (Calpheon).
    The pool can be accessed by moving SW out of Trent from the storage keeper, up the hill and then either side of the shrine entrance steps. Or up those steps past the shrine NPCs and jumping off and climbing the rocks to reach the pool set back a little from actual shrine entrance.
    Players should be aware that although fishing gives probably a more realistic option for obtaining a bottle item over harpoon fishing (the drop rate may vary etc.), I have yet to see even on the Korean forums any actual confirmation of one of the actual treasures being located by solving the various riddles.
    In time I expect the locations will become common knowledge and having something hard to solve is really cool in itself, currently it will require a lot of communal detective work to try and work out the locations and gain the Golden Chest reward.
    I can also confirm that only one quest can be accepted at a time and the bottles and treasure maps are bound items, so until the current quest is completed you wont be able to remove the item from inventory or it will be forfeit as the item tooltips state.
    For more detail on the Swiri found here also and fishing table generally please check out the separate thread here.

    Good luck with fishing one up (or harpooning) and join the world hunt for these treasure locations.

  21. UPDATE 15 July 2017 - The fish table of the Trent pond identified in this post has now been changed in-game to the normal Calpheon fish table. This means there is no longer these new Kamasylvia species (including Swiri) or bottle items now. These should become available again when Kamasylvia arrives soon in the new regions.
    A little while ago I posted on the confirmation that the Swiri fish species had been added to one or more of the Kamasylvia freshwater fish tables in Korea where it launched late last year.
    After a recent patch update, I can confirm that it is now possible to catch the Swiri in-game in the EU/NA region, due to the Kamasylvia fish table overlapping in one location to the south of Calpheon close to the border.
    For many, the Swiri will be the last remaining entry not completed in Knowledge > Life Skills > Fishing Fish Species. It was one of the species that was originally marked as a red quality species but never introduced to the game. Only recently were the other missing species, Sturgeon and Sunfish, added to the game with the Margoria expansion.
    Like these other species, due to it's original design, it can not be sold to the Imperial Trader, only to a normal Trader.
    The Kamasylvia fish species are already included in the Freshwater Fish Species List posted last month but this new discovery confirms some more including the Swiri in a specific fish table. It can't be confirmed until Kamasylvia opens up for us in March sometime but is probably one of the Valtara areas fish tables.
    The same fish table includes one of the new green species, the Stumpy Bullhead, which can also be fished here. The remaining fish are existing species with a couple of surprising additions. The table consists of:
    Kamasylivia - Valtara (tentative) Fish table

    Fishing species
    Yellow-Head Catfish
    Stumpy Bullhead
    Goby Minnow
    Trash items
    Snapped Rope
    Tattered Boots
    Torn Net
    Other items
    Bottle with a Note
    Giant Fish Bone
    Also confirmed is a chance to catch the Golden Siniperca being the first freshwater Rare quality fish which gives a very high price (200k silver) like Coelacanth or Luvar from the sea areas. It's another nice addition to the Kamasylvia freshwater fishing.
    Fish Table Notes
    While test fishing I unexpectedly fished up a Bottle with a Note item (in fact two over time) which is supposed to only be obtainable via harpooning. However having caught two now and seen this noted on the Korean forums also, it looks a deliberate design decision to add it as a rare drop item to Kamasylvia waters. For more detail on this item please check out my other thread which covers it, here.The Giant Fish Bone, an install-able house object, was also a really unexpected catch. I have never fished one or even seen one. None on either EU or NA Market Place. It has existed in the data for some time and was at some time available and has been caught in Korea but not to my knowledge in our region before. Further detail con be found on this separate thread.The Minnow has been renamed in the latest patches as the Goby Minnow, probably to avoid confusion given how many minnow species there are now.To trade the fish caught here you will need to connect to Longleaf Tree Sentry Post or Treant Forest depending on which side of the pool you fish, so check Origin of fish caught.Location
    The only water body I could find with another fish table other than that already posted on (accessed over the border into Kamasylvia from the Ross Sea) was a small pool found to the SW of Trent. It is in the Cyclops Land area (on the mini-map) and why I refer to it as the Cyclops pool. The location is indicated on the attached image being above the Ksarka Shrine (Calpheon). You can just see the pool on the main map.
    The pool can be accessed by moving SW out of Trent from the storage keeper, up the hill and then either side of the shrine entrance steps. Or up those steps past the shrine NPCs and jumping off and climbing the rocks to reach the pool set back a little from actual shrine entrance.
    General Notes
    The fish table as well as having some other unique items to catch (will be added later), probably reflects the developers' intention as an upgrade and added interest from existing freshwater fishing. The fishing speed is as fast as at of the fastest in freshwater areas and it has a much higher percentage of yellow quality fish which means fish value is a lot higher. The relic drop rate appears much the same as all other areas.
    It's great to get the final freshwater species at last for our region. The Swiri had become almost a mythical beast in it's own right for fishers. Also, the other new species and details for fishing in Kamasylvia are really welcome as a continuation of the developers desire to bring new content for the activity.
    The drop rate for Swiri is quite reasonable so it shouldn't take too long to catch one. Good luck with the other species and items.

  22. Since the launch of Margoria expansion I have seen a lot of reports of players fishing especially in new Margoria sea areas and successfully completing the fishing mini-game but nothing appearing in the pop up loot window (see attached screenshot).
    This happens on the ferry ship to Port Ratt and I put it down to the height of the ship and waves causing some issue. But it is also happening on Fishing Boats as we used before and also Epheria Sailboat in Ross Sea for example, without high wave weather.
    It is continuing as I experienced today and seems a wide spread issue. Please fix as fish/ relics etc. successfully fished (active or auto-fishing) are going missing to the player.

  23. The Ancient Relic Crystal Summon Scroll should have its sumon animation decreased. 
    Standing there somewhere between 1 - 2 hrs as a 5 man party just to kill 10 of these scrolls each takes too long considdering that they die between 5 - 10 second after they are spawned. 
    That makes (say 10 seconds of DPSing on each mob, tho this is rather slow) 25 minutes of total time DPSing and rest of the time is spent waiting for the bosses to finish its animation. 
    For those whom is unsure of my calculation; (10 x 3) x 50 = 1500 seconds / 60 = 25 minutes. 
    Optionally, there could be an option to combine 5 scrolls into an Awakened scroll similar to the Awakened daily / weekly bosses we have today. 
    I know this is the lowest boss of them all and you can go for the other 2 types that does indeed spawn faster, and yield more Memory fragments, but this is a boss you always get when you fish, and most people need the memory fragments sooner or later anyways, and it is more profit in doing the bosses and selling the loot than selling the Shard pieces and not do the boss all together. 
  24. [Fishing] New Fish Species - 'Amur Minnow' - First confirmed Kamasylvia fish species catch in EU/NA Region.
    One of the new Kamasylvia freshwater fish species. The Amur Minnow is a green quality species included in one of the Kamasylvia area fish tables.
    It is possible to catch this fish and other existing fish species included in the Kamasylvia area fish table by fishing over the invisible barrier west of Port Epheria, along the coast. The sea area behind the barrier is marked Margoria but obviously this part has the freshwater table of the adjacent inland area.
    The fish table from initial testing is:
    Fishing species
    Striped Shiner
    Amur Minnow
    Yellowfin Sculpin
    Trash items
    Broken Bottle Fragment
    Fertilizer Sack
    Washed-Up Laundry
    Note: Other species possible. This is from initial testing only. The remainder of the species are from existing fish species.
    Kamasylvia has been opened up in part already in Korea but doesn't extend to this coastal area, which is due to be opened up at a later date. The fish tables however appear to have been added at least for it. The part opened already in Korea is south of Behr/ Trent and is due to be added to EU/ NA region in a in a couple of months.
    The only way to fish it is as described above, over the invisible barrier (as it worked with Ross Sea before Margoria was officially released).
    It is also to find the same Kamasylvia fish table at the source of the Kaia River, close to the border and south of Trent. it is limited to the very top section and reverts to the typical Calpheon fish table lower down the river. The only difference is that the trash is different but the fish species and lack of any yellow quality remains the same as above.

  25. Hey guys,
    So as the title says, I was wondering wether paste bait helps past level 5 fishing. I've been stockpiling for the past week, ended up with about 1k bait of different quality, and I'm now to embark out to sea to get from professional to artisan fishing, and was wondering wether paste bait actually works or if it's just a sort of placebo effect. Would anyone happen to know?