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  1. Change the font colors and the font size, it's still damn near impossible to read chat because of the transparent chat background. 100% should mean 100%, not 10%, not 25%, not 50%, and not even 80%, but a completely black background. I really don't see how transparent chat background ever even has been a thing, but all I want is proper opaqueness so I don't have to hold the camera a certain way just to read chat.

    Whereas THIS is how 100% should look:

  2. My guild had an incident recently where a player was enraged that a few of my perma-red guild mates stole this players rotation at sausans, and try as this player might, no amount of getting themself killed to my guild mates had any effect because, well... they are perma-red. Karma means nothing to them. So what this player ended up doing is creating a new guild with the name exactly the same as ours except for changing the "l" in our name to a capital "i". This player then proceeded to go to other channels and karma bomb strong guilds to get them to dec on us. We don't care if the world is decced on us, but we hate karma bombing with a passion, and this salty player imitated us in order to sully our guild name by making people think we are karma bombers.
    The main thread of the event can be found here.
    With that intro, I don't want this thread to be derailed with discussion on PKers, griefing, or whether karma bombing is a thing or not. That is not the topic here. There are plenty of threads that address this already.
    What I want to talk about is the game's FONT that easily enables imitation of guild and player names, something that is against the terms of service and naming policy.
    Discussion on Fonts
    From my understanding, the game uses Bitstream Vera for it's font. It is a sans-serif font that makes lower case "l" (L) and upper case "I" (i) indistinguishable. I will use my former dead guild as and example:
    TheBlackTidesTheBIackTidesCan you tell the difference? If you look closely, you can. The capital "i" is just a tad thicker in the forum's Arial font. In game, they are the same thickness, but the lower case "l" is a tad taller, like this:
    lIlIlIlI (in-game)IlIlIlIlIl (forum comparison)The Problem
    In game, it is possible to tell the difference when both the "i" and "l" are next to each other, but when on their own, no comparison is possible. While playing the game, especially in combat where people are moving around quickly, you don't have time to tell which letter it is, so you dec on the quickest assumption. This leads to the ability of people to mimic the names of guilds and players, and if they so choose, ruin the reputation of the legitimate name holders.
    My Suggestions
    Change the font used in game to one that has a difference between lower case "l" and capital "i". Sans Serif fonts are nice because the space text takes is minimized, but there are variations that keep this minimization and still make those two letter distinguishable.
     Enable support for 2 or 3 or more fonts, including at lease one Serif font, so that players can make the choice of which font to use. This is the best option, so that those who make use of the "l" and "i" similarities as part of their name (such as a certain top guild) are still able to, but those who need to distinguish between them for decs or otherwise still can.Example Fonts that work:
    Tahoma: IlIlIlIlVerdana: IlIlIlIl
  3. Hi, so there are some audiences that as you may know cannot read, there are many forms of dyslexia and those people just cant read words in a sequence or at all, depends on the situation, some games work for that beforehand and do voice reading depending on the NPCs and add font size scaling to help out these people, its the same as other forms of issues where the developer should add settings for many issues like color blind and similar problems. Please consider.
  4. Hey guys,
    I started a thread today in the suggestion section about this topic. If you are suffering as well or just like to be able to customize chat color and font size.
    Please contribute: Link to the thread
    Thanks in advance
  5. A matter close to the heart
    Since release I whished to have influence on the chat colors and font size, but that was more for style purposes. By incidence I found out the reason why one of my guildmates has been calm for all the weeks was endocrine orbitopathy correlated to Morbus Basedow.
    The default chat colors and font size makes it nearly impossible for her to communicate with us. In several MMOs before she could simply adjust the chat for her needs. We are a huge non-TS guild, so the implemented chat system is mandatory for us. And since a voice chat isn't implemented I think it is fair enough to have a chat system in game, which is working out for all of the players playing the game.
    I started a discussion on our website and found out, that she is not the only one having problems with the default settings. So after asking her what i could do, she said bringing this topic up again might be a help. She had written a complaint to daum before without any reaction.
    I know there are some threads out there with similar topics mostly about color blind people. Maybe this time, every person having limitations could join this demand, so it gets more attention than the times before. Daum has to see, that people having an issue with the chat color and font size are no small group.
    Scaling the UI or using photo filters doesn't fix her problem.
    What we really need is customizable chat font size and color, that will help.
    Custom Background color and transparency would be the icing on the cake.
    Because every eye disease has different effects on the sight.
    This is a serious matter for my guildmate and every player being in the same situation.
  6. This is important especially for deterring bots, they take advantage of the fact that ingame, fonts like capital I, lower case L, looks the same.
    Comic San = i / l / I / L
    Arial = i / l / I / L
    Courier New = i / l / I / L
    Times New Roman = i / l / I / L
    [Courier New] The Best Font to use to deter hackers hiding his name, and bots mixing up fonts.
  7. Post on Chat App in Suggestions

    By Curtixman, posted
    It would be super cool if there was a Android and iOS app that facilitated chat online from phone.  I could keep in contact with Channel and Guildies while I'm AFK fishing for example.
  8. I'd really appreciate the ability to change the font size within the settings. As it stands, it seems at 100% on a 1440p monitor the text size is roughly around 10 or 11 point size. As a web designer I really appreciate good typography in my user experiences and as it stands right now the font size is way to small for my liking. 
    I've used the global ui scale but it renders the font's blurry and that is even more aggravating for me. 
    Thank you for considering implementing this user experience change @Daum
  9. Please change all the capital "S" letters to lower-case "s" letters when used in cool down, cast times, power descriptions, etc.  For example:  5S is really easy to read as 55 in that 8-bit-looking small font the game uses (see example below in the spoiler):
    ...all that room, they couldn't possibly spell out "seconds" - so I'll take 5s over 5S any day.  My poor eyes...
  10. Title says it all.
    The font size is extremely small, and all text in the game is blurry. Please implement a option for hi-res text so we don't have to constantly strain the eyes.
  11. tl;dr: any scale below 100% causes glitches in chat for me.
           Hi, so Ive been having this issue since headstart launch. I've scaled my UI down to 85% and when I type in the chat box, randomly the letter 'I' and the letter 'L' will not appear.
    For example "this s really annoy ng o"
    is how it appears when I type it, and when I press enter and read it in the chat.
    "this is really annoying lol". 
    I went up by 5% testing it each time, and it got less frequent up until 100% where it just doesn't happen at all. But 100% is WAY to big for my monitor so I'd really rather not have to keep it at that setting. Anyone have the same issue that found a fix? I am on Windows 10 if that helps.
    If i didn't explain it super well, I took a quick picture of it happening in game. http://imgur.com/a/nhRWP
    I typed 'Piece' in the first picture, the I is missing. In the second picture I've pressed enter and the I has appeared.
     Thanks for reading C: 
  12. Post on Font colors in Suggestions

    By Yamisora, posted
    Can we please have option to change font colors and sizes? While most of back ground where chat window is located is BROWN, It's not a good idea to make font color ORANGE. It's common sense..Not everyone have perfect vision or fast to catch colors, game is colorful as it is but chat font size and color diminishes whole tone of the game.
    Please add option to change font size and color unless I do not know about hidden feature or something. 
  13. Post on Chat system idea in Suggestions

    By Curtixman, posted
    I am certainly not alone in my dislike of the current chat window and system.  Many people have complained about the resolution of and color of the font being very difficult to read.
    Obviously I would strongly suggest a few simple changes to that like using a higher resolution and more readable font like helvetica perhaps.  Also, I would suggest adding a input field under the chat window like most games have so that a player can click the input field and begin typing.
    I also feel that BDO may have an opportunity to do some very different and innovative things with chat that other games do not.
    A few ideas that come to mind are;
    Flag lists - A player can create a list of words and phrases that if found in chat will be highlited and an alert such as a pulsing chat window.
    Auto flagged words - If a you type a message into chat, for a short period of time after (say 30 seconds) if anyone types a message that contains any UNCOMMON words that are the same as the words in your message, it would highlight the message and alert you with a pulsing chat window.  In this system all common words such as; where, know, the, if, of, at etc... would be excluded from the flag.  as an example if you typed into chat; "Anyone know where Mike the armor smith is?" and another player replied (within 30 seconds) saying; "The armor smith is in the east village near the stairs", to you, the message would apear highlited as in the example.
    Accordingly, if you then typed, in reply to that message; "Where is the east village", the person who typed the reply to you would see your message highlited because of the key term "EAST VILLAGE" so it would look like this; "Where is the east village"
  14. First I want to say that in almost every way I am absolutely floored by the game.  It is truly something different and I really love it.
    My suggestion;
    I feel that BDO has an opportunity here to do something completely different and they have.  The game is nearly completely different and an improvement in just about every way to the traditional MMORPG.  However, when it comes to communication and the use of "Channels" it's just another MMORPG.  Nothing different at all.
    First, I would like a far different font arrangement.
    Second, we need to be able to adjust the transparency of the chat window.
    Overall the entire chat window is very messy, hard to read and hard even on the eyes.
    What would be really nice to see though is something completely different.  A way of doing chat that is unlike anything anyone has ever done.  I don't honestly know what but I feel there is a opportunity here.
  15. Post on NA Font in General

    By Axis, posted
    Hey there, I just remembered there were some issues with the scaling of the font that was used during CBT1 where it would make letters invisible and unreadable when scaling down to certain sizes.  Has this issue been changed at all?
  16. Post on Change in-game font in Suggestions

    By Jonn, posted
    Couldn't find a thread for this after searching.
    One very minor tweak that I can suggest that would slightly increase the enjoyment of the game for most people, would be to change the font. In CBT1 we had a font that looked like this. Click to expand if the image is too small to see the font.

    It feels lazy, it feels like an afterthought.
    Although BDO isn't nearly as bad as this next example, here's a textbook example of lazy, afterthought font. It's from a game called Rappelz, you may have heard of it.

    Absolutely disgusting.
    Now, it was hard to find an example of a font that fit well with the game, but I took a screencap from a SWTOR video to show what I feel is the difference here. However you may feel about SWTOR, they picked a very well-fitting font for their game.

    It looks like it fits. BDO's font just doesn't.
    Now, you may think this is a waste of time to the developers to change the font. It probably is, since the font is adequate.
    But do we want just adequate for our version of the game? Are we willing to settle for just adequate?
    I didn't think so.
  17. What's the font used for the logo of Black Desert? I mean this one:

    And what the about the font used for the logo on this forum?

    If both of them are customized on a default font, tell me what's the source font (or fonts, if they're different) which the company started to work on
  18. Post on Font Choice in General

    By KSib, posted
    Will there be a way to choose the font choice in game, or maybe just use a different default one? I imagine it looks fine for some Eastern character sets, but it's really not a great font for English and could be something more appealing to look at. The UI reminds me of C9 (which has an old and cheap feel) while I'm looking at all of these beautiful models and textures. It just doesn't match.
    Hopefully, it's just something that's a work-in-progress and I'm airing my opinion for no reason.