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  1. EDIT: I guess, I just did this for the old forums. It's early, I can't think straight, please delete this. T_T
  2. Hi,
    Since launch, I have been countless times hitting a http 500 error from your servers when I browse the forums.
    This bug seems completely random, occuring on any section with Chrome/Firefox on all OS.
    Here is a screenshot with Chrome. 

    Glad you stepped by to learn more about us or just to kill your curiousity of who we are. 
    Easely said, we are a bunch of people who found eachother and share the same thoughts of the game. That a game has to be fun, no drama or rushing or nagging that your way of gaming isnt the "twue way" and that you should learn it the "right way", ofc. We are playing our game, each does it differently and its totally fine to do so. Also, our general age is a little higher then with other Guilds maybe, but thats only good. For we know there is an life also outside the game and that one, does not turn off!
    <Hooters> is a Extra large Guild, we go more after quality rather then quantity. Not saying that more members is bad, but for us its nice to have time to get to know eachother. It makes playing the game much more fun, for all of us. We are always recruiting, but you wont see us spamming the channels for members. Our method is more of an ninja-way. More smoother and not so, "out there". Sure we do advertise too, but as said, not as much as others do. The members of <Hooters> are coming from several places, England, Poland, Netherlands, Sweden, Finland and so on. I am sure I missed someone, they might force me to add their country later on, so come back again if you want to know more about heritage 
    As Guild we try to do as much as possible together. 
    Scrolls and bosses. Grinding together and exploring together, Guild Missions... The exchange of knowledge within the Guild is sometimes awesomely overwhelming, plus everyone is really friendly and helpful to anyone else. Several times we had newbies to the game joining and they were amazed by the helpfullness and friendlyness by the others. But, well, what can I say .. Thats how we roll ..
    We use Discord, but not frequently. some of us still havent even log onto it yet. As said before, everyone is entitled and accepted by playing their game. We do not force anyone to play it differently, only because we want it that way. Nice having all to talk to, but its also fine to use the channel if you want. Also, despite our old Thread in this forum, we do not only looking for female avatars wit the biggest breasts. It was an joke that was funny in the beginning, but now is long obsolete. Unfortunally our old Leader is no more part of the game, so it cannot be undone. So forgive us for that and turn to this one instead. hopefully this does mirror more who we are and what we are going for.
    Anyone is welcome, no matter gender, weight, color or level. no one cares if you are newbie in the game or already know what to do at all times. Sure, we would like to have more lvl55, but then again, every lower level is actually leveling towards it, so all is fine. What we also do not care about is what character/class you play. Or how many, everyone is always welcome. And as Guild we are quite Laid back and easygoing. Our humor can be, concerning sometimes, but thats part of being a <Hooters>. You are a wierd bird then ..
    So, if you got to here, then you must have an interest in us or you just have no life and its maintainance day and the game is down .....
    Would you want to know more, come talk to us or check also our our Website. or Hooters Discord Channel
    If it all sounds interesting, let us know here or contact one of us InGame!
    Officers to get in contact with:
    Grindie Grindtegel              Calithileth Cuethiel               Charran Gogos               Meatgrinder Wormridden               Ginya Nipshu          Ksa666 Ksa666
    Usedname Grindtegel        Zinna Cuethiel                     Chawit Gogos                  Boltthrower Wormridden
    Channel that is our home and you have most chance to get in contact in game...
    Hooters Discord Channel
  4. Hi, I need to report something that should be taken care of already as it is technically easy and without it it causes a huge security issue to all the forum as well as the game users and accounts -- including game accounts.
    The FQDN "forum.blackdesertonline.com" has no SSL protocol enabled and only redirects to a simple http scheme. This means that any user that registers or logs in to this fully qualified domain name is sending and receiving data to and from the server of this forum in plain text. This of course means that any password sent to the server can be seen from any middle party in between the server and the client (end-user) which is the well known "Man in the middle attack".
    What this can cause is account theft, which in most cases can be game account theft as well once many users do use the same credentials on the forum. In a way, the is no point using a 2 way authentication system while there is no wildcard SSL enabled on the main domain "blackdesertonline.com".
    For a company like this it is completely unacceptable.
    To close this, Daum or blackdesertonline.com should use SSL for their own account security in the first place. But I will insist that Daum and blackdesertonline.com will be responsible for any of their customers accounts.
    I hope this is understood.
  5. So with alot of new faces joining together, old players comming back, new players joining in. It can be a little hard to keep track of who is who, and on what behalf they are trying to express themselves.
    I know we have the little category under or name where we can write a line or two, but would it be harmfull if we had an other line next to our posts made just for guildtags, for people to better show their guild and express more clearly from where they are from.
    Something like this:
    <Region & Guild>
  6. We are new guild with the name TheGuardianss and anybody who want is Welcome.
    For contact: AngeIOfDeath (where " l " is uppercase " i ")

    We are in Alustin/Serendia A2
  7. Post on Forum usage in General

    By remilafo, posted
    How do i prevent automatic Appending feature of this forum?
    Let's say i want to do Post 0, 1 and 2 for future editing.
    But instead i get post 0,  and my replies 1 and 2 get appended to post 0.
  8. Hi, I'm new to the game and loving it so far! One complain, the forum where I usually go for help/tips seems to have very general categories and becomes very hard to get nuanced help or to find topics that I am interested in.
    Lets take the example of horses. There is a massive 850+ page thread on breeding/taming. Why not have a subcategory just for horses and the training skill?
    My suggestion is make each of the Life Skills a subcategory of General, very much like the Classes have.
    Simple improvement, with a big positive impact. Thanks
  9. Post on Shard drops is ridic.. in General

    By Gotcha, posted
    The drop rate on these thing is ridiculous I get 1 for every 1000 energy on average. They need another way of getting them then just gathering so we can at least craft as well. Or set it to at least get one every 300 or so.
  10. Since it doesn't look like any AU servers are going to be popping up anytime soon, could we at least get a section on the forum here to meet up with? There is US and EU guild sub-forums, I would love to see an AU or APAC sub-forum in there.
    There are 4.2 billion potential APAC clients. Think about that!
  11. Vu que l'off topic manque de sujet inutile, j'ai décidé de réaliser un annuaire des gens du forum. Les choix sont fait avec mes ressentis et mes opinions vis-à-vis des autres, de leurs propres commentaires sur le forum, leurs comportements et les réputations. Cela peut correspondre ou non (?) et est destiné à évoluer avec le temps. Et j'ai pas encore tout le monde.
    -          @Adelys : l'aimable
    -          @Alexanna : l'incompris
    -          @alexgui2001 : le bon vivant
    -.         @Anélaria : le boudeur de la langue française 
    -          @Ariya : la jolie
    -          @Artoriass : le chevaleresque
    -          @Ashenvall : le répugnant
    -          @Asinith : le vidéaste
    -          @AsukaETS : la cavalière bienveillante
    -          @Bael : le haï
    -          @Bashal : le sarcastique
    -          @bebunw: le fanboy / @Chi Cha le kikimeter
    -          @Blitzball : le banni
    -          @Bordegann : l'auvergnien
    -          @Camillia : le pop corn
    -          @Camriel : la lèche cul
    -          @Capitaine Courage : le cultivé
    -.         @Carmii : le hackeur
    -          @Catastigma : le réaliste
    -          @Clark : le moqueur
    -          @CM_Tytyes : le shérif indulgent
    -          @Dalwena : la vieille
    -          @Damoiselle : la persévérante 
    -          @Diopside : le sensei 
    -          @Desoxy : le relativiste
    -          @Dovaah : l'enragée
    -          @Drunge : l'idéaliste aigri
    -          @eclesi4stik : le préjugé
    -          @Esenjin : la lécheuse délicate
    -          @Ganon : le bon français
    -          @Hatenak : l'asiatique
    -          @Heimdall Taito : le je-m’en-foutiste
    -          @Heretox : le décalé
    -          @Howii : le troll
    -          @Jerau : le discret
    -          @Jeslea : le ricain
    -.         @Jinx_Aran : l'honnête 
    -          @JsxFire : le rêveur
    -          @juliano : le joueur de wow
    -          @Juliette : la chanteuse 
    -          @Keehjma : l'esprit critique
    -          @Kyna : la waifu
    -          @Laeloo : la militante
    -          @Liddoch : le husbando
    -          @Lockarius Iskelion : l'argumentateur
    -          @Lyan : l’éleveur
    -          @Lyano : l'égo démesuré
    -          @Macadham : le carebear
    -          @Mademoiselle : la conciliante
    -          @Mikuri : le québécois
    -          @Moleskine : le guide 
    -          @Moonheart: le mal aimé
    -.         @MyLittlePwny : le pas famous
    -          @Naes : le pyro
    -          @NeroClare : le tenace
    -          @Nezrouge: le sans honneur
    -          @Nialcen : l’écrivain
    -          @Nutoboni : l'e-girl
    -          @Ocyon : le susceptible 
    -          @Orasio : le juriste
    -          @Papytuc: l’éternel revenant
    -          @Pavordaly : le blagueur 
    -          @razou71 : l'imperturbable  
    -          @Requiew : le changeant
    -          @RoraMohan : le traducteur kakao
    -          @Shastalya : l'Homme
    -          @Shiido : le fainéant 
    -          @Tazmanyak : l'optimiste
    -          @Tracid : le theorycrafteur
    -          @UberJin : l'étrange
    -          @Walkyrianne: la baleine
    -          @warriors : le patient
    -          @Ynot : l’anti-aresic
    -          @yurelias : l'exigeant
    Liste d’attente :
  12. Forum spam bots running rampant, no CM's around to police them... no Game ID tied to Forum ID in sight...

    PvP system is a mess, people flooding out the doors due to hackers and Griefers...


  13. Hello, I have an issue where my display name shows my email address... technically that was my own fault in the first place, but in the process of creating the profile, I went back using the browser back button and WAS able to change the display name. I even went on to post a thread which I cannot respond to under that display name (Master Paragon). From this point on I can only log in as my current display name which is an email address.

    I want to change that. I was actually under the assumption that it required my email address to create the account and so I misinterpreted the display name as such. Sadly, there is nothing under edit to delete my forum profile or change its display name anywhere.

    Is there a fix for this I can do that I have not found? Or do I need moderator assistance?
  14. We are DragonLore, a gaming community founded 10 years ago. For an overview of what we do please visit our website at dragonlore.eu or join our forum’s.
    In BDO we are an all aspect guild playing on Croxus and we offer an active community. We do weekly guild events and missions. We are looking for active players with no extra requirements. Teamspeak is recommended but not mandatory.
    If you’re interested you can find all the info you need on our website. Join our forums or join our Teamspeak now! You can also just reply on one of our frequent recruitment massages on Mediah C1 or whisper me in-game (Helyan)
  15. Please... Restrict the forum access to people who have bought the game only. No game = no access to the forums, Just like World of Warcraft and other games. 
    Just take a look on the earlier threads in the forum from today, spammed with random crap from bots or whatever, looking retarded, you can't even lock these threads but you lock complain threads? 
    Great forum Moderation ^^ Not picking on anyone specific but stating facts. 
  16. Post on Suggention in Suggestions

    By Purino, posted
    I suggest to block forum, i mean new thread, for who dont have buy the game.
    I think this is good solution to avoid spammers
  17. Im using Google Chrome and have been trying to upload an avatar for the forums. I keep getting this:
    Sorry, there is a problem
    There is no profile photo available to cropError code: 2C138/C
    Anyone know how to fix this please?
  18. 'nabend Community,
    wie eventuell manche, aber sicher nicht alle, gemerkt haben, wurden ja die Forumregeln etwas überarbeitet, vorallem was das Bumping (etwas 'sinnloses' posten damit der Thread wieder oben steht) betrifft.
    Was denkt ihr darüber ? Findet ihr die Entscheidung gut? Vorallem für das Gildenrekrutierungsforum, da dort dann eventuell jede neue / kleinere Gilde gnadenlos untergehen wird ?
    Klar, wenn man eine Änderung des Hauptpostes gemacht hat, darf man anscheinend selber noch mal Antworten darauf innerhalb der nächsten 48h, allerdings, wer ändert seine Informationen so oft, das es als relevant angesehen werden kann um dies auch zu 100% durch ein 'Bump' - Post zu signalisieren ?
    Schreibt mir doch mal eure Meinung. Hauptaugenmerk ist dabei eher das Bumping, da der Rest eigentlich selbsverständlich ist.
  19. Oyo/
    Just a minor thing, the countdown between each post/comment is inversed.
  20. Bonjour, lorsque l'on tente de faire un lien vers le forum depuis un site extérieur type réseau social, le lien est erroné, à chaque fois, et on atterri sur l'index. Très facile à reproduire, assez handicapant.
  21. @‌CM_Jouska
    Heya guys,
    I got kinda scared logging into the Forum and seeing the first page cluttered with those love consulting Spambots. I usually like the Service you guys are providing (the fanboy'ism is real here), but you should really consider if the way you moderate your Forums is a professional way of keeping your playerbase happy.
    An easy way to mend this (not fully) and also make the conversations in the Forums more relevant would be FORCING the Forum members to actually have an in-game account. That way there would be less bots, less trollposts and LESS WORK for you guys<-(I don't know how much workload that would bring to link the accounts and everything).
    Creating a healthy Environment for your playerbase to discuss ingame mechanics and Content can greatly increase the overall happiness of your Players, which in turn could net you greater income.
    TL:DR Bots are taking over the forum, please do something about it.

  22. Does anyone experience a forum double post issue?

  23. Does anyone experience a forum double post issue?

  24. hello , thought i suggest something fun for you arty people to do 
    you can use a gif image maker of some sort, ill link  one below, to make a moving image for your forum profile 
    Go to http://ezgif.com/
    Edit a Gif you can take one from one of the many places on the internet , try google and search for moving Gif 
    edit and resize the image to 60x60 pixels and save 
    click your profile picture in the corner there is a button you can edit your picture
    upload your saved gif 
    like to see some cool designs from you guys