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  1. So many ppl with good PC are affected with low FPS problems, one of them may be Xincode, as someone from Reddit stated:
    Fix for 100% CPU Usage and Crashing caused by XignCode3 (64bit Users Only!)
    For Internet Explorer
    For FireFox
    For Chrome
    DIY Batch File Code ~ Pastebin
    Download one of these and simply run it every time you want to play the game.
    Yes. That's right. Every Time.
    Every time you launch the game, XignCode3 remakes some of these files, which will continue to cause you problems.
    I personally just set my batch file as a Shortcut on my Start Menu to launch the game from now on.
    Why does this happen in the first place?
    XignCode3 is bad. It tries to load the 32bit version of itself even when you want to launch the 64bit version of the game. Sometimes it gets stuck in an infinite loop, resulting in 100% cpu usage and eventually it crashes the game. This can happen repeatedly, or you can get lucky and not be one of the people plagued by this.
    Note: I made this using Windows 7. If you are using something other than Windows 7 and you have problems, I cannot help you, because I don't have anything but Windows 7.
    -Last Updated 04/29/2015-
    Its from here:
    I think when anti cheat program is actually acts like virus then it should be fix ASAP or be changed to something better.
  2. Post on Low CPU usage in Technical Issues

    By Higen, posted
    I'm using the i7-5820k OC to 4.25GHz and BDO seems to use about 15% of my CPU. And using the GTX 980 Ti.
    With this I have around 60-65 FPS outside of cities. All good right? Well the problem now is, it seems that I can't get more then these FPS even if I were to decrease all of my graphic settings to zero.
    I tried changing my solution from 2560x1440 to 1280x720 = still same FPS. I changed the texture quality and the graphic quality to very poor, actually I just made the game very ugly = still same FPS.
    It seems my graphic card is being used, so I don't think thats where to problem lies.
    I read alot of other peoples problem with low CPU usage but never saw someone writing, that the FPS keeps the same even if you turn your game ultra ugly.
    This is kind of frustrating =_=, so does anyone have a solution for this?
  3. So I tried today to play a bit in a first person and found out, that game is well playable in this mode, but what is more important, that it offers different experience, because you see the world from the different point of view, it is more immersive.
    But there is couple issues which could have very easy fix I think. 1. increase the fov in first person mode, because right now it is extremely narrow 2. do not show effects,buffs on you as they cover your vision.
    I know that this is something that no one cares, but I think that it would be cool way to experience this detailed world.
  4. as the title says, its seems pretty stupid to not allow your player base to remove vsync. 
    its not right that people have to use workarounds such as custom refresh rates on monitors(this reduces the lifespan of your monitor significantly) and custom graphics profiles(which sometimes do not work) just to even reach 60 fps..
    at this moment in time both me and my friend are stuck at 30 fps, i have a 390x and he is using a 980ti so i know its not the hardware.
  5. Post on FPS cap in Technical Issues

    By sydweis, posted
    I'm having a really hard time enjoying this game capped at 30 fps.
    It's extremely frustrating not being able to remove the cap on the FPS. I've tried custom profiles for my monitors, playing in windowed, playing in full-screen, adding profiles in radeon crimson settings to disable vsync and nothing is working. why cant we remove the cap?
  6. So I've been running the game maxed out without any issues so far, averaging at about 30-40 FPS. However, during large pvp events our guild hosts, the performance as a melee character is dropping to unplayable levels.
    I've even tried dropping the game settings to the lowest possible, only squeezing out maybe 5-6 FPS more, giving me a 10-20 during PVP. Could anyone perhaps give me some suggestions as to which settings should be tweaked in Nvidia settings to try to get the game running smoother? I tried a lot of things so far, but BDO seems to hate my rig.
    CPU: AMD FX 8350 (unlocked) OC'd to 4,4 GHZ per core
    GPU: Gigabyte GTX 970 Overclocked Edition, OC'd to 1,5 GHZ on its core and +300 mHz on memory
    RAM: KS HyperX Fury 1866 mHz 8GB [this will be upgraded to HyperX Savage -> 16GB soon anyway, perhaps slightly increasing the performance due to lower latency)
    MOBO: Gigabye 970a-ds3p rev. 2
    Game is set up to run on from a 240GB SSD with a decent page file size to cache some data down on it instead of RAM
    Answers will be highly appreciated. Thaks.
  7. Guten Tag liebe Gemeinde,
    ich habe seit gestern ne neue graka die meine ruckel Probleme beheben sollten, habe mich auch vorher informiert und es sollte reichen, doch es hat sich so gut wie nichts geändert.
    Kann nur im Optimierungsmodus flüssig spielen  - ist mir ein Rätsel was der grund sein könnte..
    habe schon den graka treiber neuinstalliert sowie das spiel jedoch keine besserung
    mein euquipment:
    Prozessor: AMD A8 6600k 3,90 Ghz
    Mainboard: Asrock FM2A88M Extr. 4+
    Arbeitsspeicher: 8 Gb
    Graphikkarte: Radeon R9 380x 4gb
    Festplatte: 1 ssd 
    ansonsten sind die Temparaturen im normal bereich und sonst keine weiteren probleme erkennbar
    für weitere fragen bitte nur zu ansonsten bin ich sehr froh über eure Hilfe ..  
    mfg Grunbert
  8. Hi!
    For some time now , I've had slumps before fps when all was well.
    Doing a little research , I saw that in the BIOS my CPU was blocked to 0,8Ghz , if that is your case , the solution is to disable the BIOS option :
    Intel Adaptive Thermal Monitor
    I found this bug on a motherboard MSI Gaming M3 .
    I guess if the failure FPS in MSI Motherboard , this is the solution .
    Good luck

    EDIT: I made a "tutorial" on my blog to solve this problem, in spahisn.
  9. This has been really frustrating me lately and I can't understand what is going on. I can't seem to get stable frames even or medium graphics. I have a mid to high-end PC with the following specs:
    I7 4790k 4ghz (4.4ghz turbo)
    Gtx 960 4gb (haven't over clocked)
    8gb ram ddr3 (1600mhz)
    I don't have an ssd or an sshd 
    Other people were saying that an ssd makes a massive difference so if anyone could help me or confirm that, that would be great. 
    The biggest thing that frustrates me though is that my friend who has a slightly better rig (Gtx 970, sshd and more ram) can run this game on high and ultra at 60 frames plus
    Please help
  10. I have a computer that exceeds the recommended specs slightly, but I cannot get the game to run at a solid 60 fps with ANY settings (even with the cell shaded appearance). 
    My older computer with weaker hardware seems to do better, so I am guessing there could be some sort of tweaking that could be done to get better performance through INI or something else I am missing.
    Video card is: GeForce 960M with latest drivers (profile taken from NVIDIA)
    Processor is: i7 6700 HQ
    The processor is a direct step up from from recommended, while the card is better on most benchmarks, but not on all.
    It seems like my card is being utilized 100% load, but my processor and the maximum number of threads isn't (50% load).
    It also isn't a question of temperature since other games can hit much, much higher loads and temperatures without having to throttle.
    Thank you very much in advance.
  11. My problem with fps is a really strange one, and haven't found anyone with the same problem.
    The game normally runs on 60fps all the time, but often after I talk to an npc or get a cinematic it's changes to run on like 10-15fps. If I just change the resolution to something else, and back. Then it starts to run on 60 fps again, sometimes starts to run on 60fps again if I open the map.
    Gtx 66016gb rami7-3770 3.40GHz (8CPUs)700W PSUWindows 10
  12. Hi there, 
    I bought the game last weekend and up until yesterday everything was ok. Normaly I get around 50 fps but now I get random drops to below 10 fps. It doesn't matter where I am in game or what I'm doing. Sometimes I can fix this by alt tabbing or changing from windowed to fullscreen ore vice versa but most of the time I have to relog. Temperatures of both CPU and graphics card are within normal levels. I updated graphics drivers, etc.
    I can force a frame drop by simply going into the settings menu. Not changing anything in there but once I hit the settings button the frames go down hard. 
    I hope someone has an idea on how to fix this.
  13. Post on FPS Drop/ Loked in Technical Issues

    By Sonas, posted
    Hey there, the most times i play i usually get 50-60 fps maybe 40 in big fights. in that same day i log in and i have 30 fps locked even outside with almost none NPC/playeres near and i change between graphics (med,sli high and high) and i have the same fps... 30..
    what the hell is wrong with my pc?
    thanks in advance
    Edit: it seems to fix when i reboot my pc
  14. Post on FPS bug in In-Game Bugs

    By theoneandonlyBABA, posted
    I've basically had this problem since launch, but it's starting to get on my nerves. It's also gotten a little worse.

    Basically, when entering Calpheon or sometimes other cities, my FPS will drop down to under 10.
    Sometimes this also happens if I crash and relog.
    Before, I could fix this by closing the game and relaunching, however this doesn't always fix the issue anymore. In the last one, I have relaunched the game 4 times now.
    If I use lower settings (optimisation), I can play with good fps, but if I switch to the normal settings I always use, i'm getting 5 FPS...
    Are there any steps I could take to get my usual FPS back?
  15. Hello, I have been having this problem for the past couple of weeks. I believe it started happening after the mediah update. Before the update I didn't have this problem at all. So this is the problem:
    When I lunch the game I get a 5min black screen and have to wait, then when I get into the game my fps is so much lower now than it was before the patch. I used to get a solid 50fps, but not I only get 20-30fps. The MAIN PROBLEM that I am experiencing is every minute I get a huge FPS drop that lasts for about 2 seconds. It goes from 30fps to 2 fps (I checked). I have been trying to put up with it and it's just driving me crazy. I can barely grind mobs because the lag spikes kill me. I have searched all of google and the forums and other people have this problem. I have tried all the solutions but none have worked. I was hoping Daum would of fixed this in the last 2 patches but it seems they don't care. I am just so frustrated  because before this started happening I loved this game so much and had the best time playing, now it's just super frustrating and barely want to do anything that's not afk.
  16. Well first off, thanks for taking the time! Here's my specs. Intel Core i7-2600 Sandybridge @ 3.4 GHz, 16 GB 1600mhz DDR3, 1 TB WD-Black 7200, NVIDIA GTX 770 4GB GDDR5, EVGA 850W PSU, Windows 10 Pro x64. Computer is spic and span internally. Clean of bugs.
    First off, this has been an ongoing issue for me for about 2.5 weeks. About 50% of the time that I play this game, it runs butter-smooth. I get great frames, no 'jolty' stuttering etc. The issue seems to start happening 'all of a sudden!' Game gets a tad choppy, not anything off-the-chart and frames stay high around 55-60 ( with vsync ) But it gets much worse when in combat. Even stranger yet, if I pick up loot, the game will ALWAYS stutter for a moment right as I press 'R' (to pick up loot) Also, (being a warrior) when I use Scars of Dusk skill, it almost always stutters. Mind you, these issues are only happening when my computer/game or whatever decides it's going to have a moment... which usually last for hours or longer. The rest of the time, the game runs like silk... whaaaa!? Here's what I've tried, to no avail.
    Rolling back drivers all the way to 350.12 (Win7/8 drivers) Seemed to make the game run better, but then the game crashed, displaying a message something about wrong resolution or something... Also tried 361.9 and 664.72 (latest drivers) , same issues. Furthermore, I removed GeForce experience as well just to see.
    Tried swapping RAM with a completely different set.Tested all of my temps, all check out perfectly.Tried literally EVERY graphic setting in the game, even on lowest setting and with photo filter off etc, the problem persists.Disabled virus protection. (Avast and SUPERAntiSpyware) as well as EVGA Precision X,Ran in 'Admin' Windows XP SP3 Compatibility Mode.
  17. Hi, thanks for reading this message.
    Whenever I play BDO I get random frame drops (from 60+ to 10-25) every 15 minutes or so. Once the frames drop, they stay like that, but I got a 50% chance to fix it instantly by changing my screen mode from "full-screen windowed" to "full-screen" and vice versa. If it doesn't work, I have to restart the game.
    You can understand this is very annoying. I run everything on low because of this which gives me 60+ fps when I don't get a random frame drop.

    I should say it's not entirely random, because it happens at some specific actions, like: opening the ESC menu, opening and closing the map etc. Specific skills seem to activate it too sometimes.
    Is there any known solution to this problem? It's kind of irritating me because I lose a lot of time because of this.
    Thanks in advance.
    Known PC specs:
    Nvidia GTX 670
    Intel I5-3570K
    8GB RAM
  18. I'm uncertain if you're aware of this issue but it's quite embarrassing. Trina fort has some severe optimization issues regarding the GPU. WHether I'm using my r9 270x or my GTX 980 the gpu utilization tanks completely when I'm in Trina Fort. I'll go from stable 60 fps to 10-15 fps and the GPU utilization goes from 60-85% to just 5-10%. Gpu clocks are not being underclocked when this happens and the issue is caused only by the GPU not being utilized properly. My CPU is usually the culprit when I get lag/stutter in largely populated areas but it doensn't even hit 70% utilization in Trina Fort.
    It's a pretty bad flaw which makes you look incompetent and I would advice that you do something to fix it.
    All in all I enjoy the game but this kind of stuff just doesn't make it or you, the developers look good.
    I randomly stumbled upon a spot in Trina Fort which fixes the issue (if you stay at this spot). Right next to a ballista as shown in the screenshots I provided below. If you however move just a couple meters away from that spot the GPU utilization tanks again. I'm 100% certain you can reproduce the issue yourselves as I know other people experience this as well.
    Edit 2:

    You can actually move away from this spot without the GPU tanking again but only the area below this spot (the first image). There are possibly other spots introducing this behaviour but I'm getting bored with this now. Fix fix

  19. Post on FPS in PVP in Technical Issues

    By Roddy, posted
    I know that the game has serious issues with fps in cities.... but I heard reports that it's not so bad in pvp. With the same number of ppl around you would get higher fps (by that I mean playable) in the open than in a city. Can anybody confirm that? I get around 80 fps in the wild (i7 6700k, 980gtx, 16GB ram) but the dips in cities are just horrid.... But I could live with that provided that the performance in pvp was decent enough....
    <bump> another thing that I noticed is that even when I look in the direction of a city, with NO players around or even visible, the fps drop dramatically... that leads me to a belief that the game might handle mass pvp provided it's not near a city... PLS, someone confirm this, I dont want to waste time playing only to find out that a major part of the game is unplayable......
  20. Post on FPS Help? in Technical Issues

    By Evertaku16, posted
    Hi all.
    So I recently got Black Desert and while I do extremely like the game so far, I've been having some frame rate problems which have been affecting my enjoyment of the game. For the most part, my game is running at 60 FPS whenever I'm not in towns, but immediately drops to at most 30 with some drops below 15 in the towns. This occurs no matter what my graphics or texture settings are. I know there's not any combat or action going on in the cities that I would really need 60 frames for but it's getting pretty annoying.
    So basically, I'd like to know from someone with more technical expertise than me if my computer specs are actually good enough to run the game at 60 FPS on reasonably high graphics settings and if not if I can make any upgrades to my rig. And if my rig is good enough, then do you know of any other things I can do to try and fix my game performance?
    Here are my computer specs (let me know if you need anything else, I'm not entirely sure what's important):
    ProcessorIntel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU 960 @ 3.20GHzManufacturerIntelSpeed3.2 GHzNumber of Cores4Video CardNVIDIA GeForce GTX 970ManufacturerNVIDIAChipsetGeForce GTX 970Dedicated Memory4096 MBTotal Memory4.0 GBMemory4.0 GB 
    Operating SystemMicrosoft Windows 7 Home Premium Edition Service Pack 1 (build 7601), 64-bitService Pack1Size64 BitEditionHome Premium
  21. Post on Low fps?? in Suggestions

    By Jaydeesee, posted
    I see peopl who has about the same laptop specs as mine and they say they can hit at least 50 fps on high. But for me i only hit 20?? Someone please help .
    Aspire V Nitro VN7-591G-792U Gaming Laptop 4th Generation Intel Core i7 4720HQ (2.60 GHz) 8 GB Memory 1 TB HDD NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M 2 GB GDDR5 15.6" Windows 10 Home 64-Bit
  22. Been having issues with this game and FPS in general. My computer should be more than capable of handling the game at very high settings or more, but I am noticing the game is only using 8%-20% of the GPU utilization and slightly more than 20% for the CPU in most cases.

    Specs are below...

             Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit (10.0, Build 10586) (10586.th2_release_sec.160328-1908)
                     Language: English (Regional Setting: English)
          System Manufacturer: EVGA INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD
                 System Model: To be filled by O.E.M.
                         BIOS: BIOS Date: 03/06/15 13:25:46 Ver: 05.06.05
                    Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-5820K CPU @ 3.30GHz (12 CPUs), ~3.3GHz
                       Memory: 32768MB RAM
              DirectX Version: 12
         2 GeForce GTX 980 in SLI

    The game is set to Very high settings with camera shake off and AA off as well as high performance mode off.
  23. Give options please.
    On my crappy rig:
    Full screen = 50~60 FPs
    Windowed = 30 FPS OR 60 FPS
    Borderless windowed fullscreen = 30 FPS OR 60 FPS
    There are more numbers than 30 and 60. Please enable them.
  24. Hi guys, 

    Any idea what keeps me with a 25-35 fps on this game while having a pretty decent PC? Please see the pictures.
    Processor + RAM

    Graphic Card

    In-game settings + FPS

    *Graphic card drivers are up to date.
    Thanks for any feedback.
  25. Hallo
    Ich habe mir BD zum Release geholt und konnte das Spiel seit dem auf höchsten Grafikeinstellungen problemlos spielen (High-End Modus aus). Nach ca. drei Wochen fingen jedoch plötzlich die Probleme an. Hauptsächlich im Kampf hängt sich das Spiel schlagartig auf, die CPU explodiert förmlich. Das dauert dann mal zwei oder drei Minuten an, dann erholt sich das ganze wieder und läuft erneut einwandfrei. Dabei kann ich keinerlei Regelmässigkeit erkennen. Die letzten drei Tage habe ich auf gleichen Grafikeinstellungen am selben Ort gefarmt und gegrindet und nur heute hatte ich diese Zwischenfälle. Gestern und vorgestern lief das Spiel problemlos. Ausserdem erhalte ich seit ca. zwei Wochen die Fehlermeldung, dass Black Desert geschlossen werden müsse weil nicht genug Arbeitsspeicher vorhanden sei. Auch dieses Problem tritt absolut zufällig auf. Einmal spielt sich BD absolut flüssig und problemlos ohne Zwischenfall, dann von einem Moment auf den anderen kriege ich die Fehlermeldung und das Spiel wird geschlossen. Ich bin wirklich ratlos.
    Die technischen Daten von meinem Laptop:
    windows 10 x64 16 GB RAM Intel Core i7-6700HQ
    Intel HD Graphics 530 und NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950M
    Auch wenn ich mich mit der hardware so gar nicht auskenne, mir ist bewusst, dass sich Laptops zum Zocken nur bedingt eignen. Dennoch ist das Gerät neu und andere Spiele kann ich problemlos auf High End Modus spielen. Die Probleme habe ich nur bei BD und auch nicht von Anfang an. Bin echt total am Verzweifeln im Moment.