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  1. So I average 60fps outside of cities, but as soon as I enter Heidel, Olvia or Velia - my fps shoots down to 10-30 and remains there. I have a GTX 970, an i5-4460 and 16gb of ram. For the most part my CPU usage is around 70% while in cities. Also I remember playing black desert on the same pc around 6 months ago and I don't remember having this issue. So is this normal or is there some type of fix for this low fps.
  2. Hello!
    im running black desert at around 125 fps constantly, but i noticed that my fps go down alot after playing for a while or especially after entering the city (~40-60fps).
    im not sure if this problem was always there or if it came with one of the last patches.
    however, if i restart black desert and log on to a char outside a city my fps are back to 125-140fps.
    am i the only one experiencing this issue?
    edit: i know that citys hurt fps alot, the thing is that after visiting a city the fpsdrop hits even far away from one.
  3. Hello !
    Alors voilà ça fait quelques semaines que je constatais par moment une grosse perte en fluidité du jeu, et que j'étais forcé de le relancer.
    En effet, par moment (et ça pouvais durer longtemps) j'avais l'impression de jouer à 15 fps alors que mon compteur en indiquait 40.
    J'ai par hasard pu constater que ceci se produisait après que j'ouvre la page du marché sans passer par le pnj (échap > marché). Après avoir regardé rapidement un petit truc au marché, je me retrouve avec un jeu plus du tout fluide. Et ceci systématiquement.
    Mais la solution est simple : il suffit de re-ouvrir le marché, et de le refermer, et là je retrouve la fluidité habituelle. 
    Voila, je poste ici pour signaler le problème et pour offrir une solution à ceux qui ont pu subir le même soucis !
  4. I have well beyond the recommended specs and I get awful fps in towns and sometimes I get 30-35 fps when fighting. Is there a fix to this?
    I have an
    AMD R9 380 Sapphire Nitro 4GB
    AMD FX-8350 overclocked to 4.2 ghz (8 cores)
    8 GB DDR3 
    WIndows 10
    Max Resolution is 1920 x 1080 
    I usually play at 1360 x 768
  5. Post on FPS issue in Technical Issues

    By EliseiD, posted
    Why does my fps stay always between 20-32 no matter what settings? In cities I even get sometimes more fps with high settings than with optimization mode.
    Here are some screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/aRdnD
    I have a Acer Aspire VN7-592G with the following specs:
    OS: Windows 10 64 bit
    CPU: Intel i7 6700HQ 2.6 GHz
    GPU: Nvidia GTX 960M with 4GB dedicated memory
    RAM: 16 GB DDR4
    HDD: 1TB 5400rpm
    Max resolution: 1920 x 1080
    I checked that the game is launched with the Nvidia GPU and reinstalled the graphics driver but still no improvement.
    I know that i shouldn't expect to get 60+ fps with max settings, but 20-30 fps in optimization mode? really?
    EDIT: I noticed that Texture quality doesn't seem to have any relevant impact of fps even in places with no mobs/npc/players etc
    EDIT 2: In open areas my fps is capped based on graphics quality like this: optimization mode 60 fps, very low -> slightly high 32 fps, high -> very high 21 fps
    Any suggestions?
  6. Hallo liebe Community,
    da ich und wahrscheinlich viele andere auch die Performance bei BDO schrecklich finden , habe ich ein Hardware Vergleich Tread aufgemacht um Hardware von diesem Problem auszuschließen.
    Einfach mal eure Hardware hier Posten mit Screen FPS anzeige wäre gut und in welcher Auflösung ihr Spielt usw... Bitte nur das und keine weiteren "Blöden Kommentare" danke
    Dann fange ich mal an:
    FullHD: 1920x1080
    Win 10 Pro
    i7 4790k 
    MSI Z97-G45 
    MSI GTX 1060 ( 6gb )
    Gskill Tritend X ( 2400 ) 16 gb
    Übertaktet habe ich rein garnichts weder Prozessor noch die Grafikkarte also alles auf Standard
    Hier ein paar Screens in Vollbild 

    falls noch jemand nicht weiß wie man die Hardware Anzeige ins Spiel bekommt , hier ein kurzes und gutes Tutorial
    Alles was ihr braucht ist der MSI Afterburner den ihr z.b hier runterladen könnt : http://www.chip.de/downloads/MSI-Afterburner_38526644.html 
    Der Afterburner installiert Riva Tuner mit, beides erscheint zum Abschluss in eurer Taskleiste ( Uhr ) beide Prozesse nicht beenden !! Sonst wird nichts angezeigt
    Schreibt mir ruhig eine PN , ich helfe gern
  7. Post on thanks Kakao/Daum in General

    By remilafo, posted
    Thank you Kakao/daum for removing the Winter theme.
    It's nice to have my FPS back, WOW what a difference.
  8. So awhile ago for reasons unknown I started losing FPS drastically. I changed settings high and low and realized that it didn't help as much.

    These are some of the solutions I used on 1/27/2017 to go from 20 fps on all low settings to 40 fps on medium to high settings

    Problem 1#: Windows 10 Anniversary update
    Issue: Apparently a patch called the Windows 10 Anniversary update created a huge issue with FPS throughout many different games due to one simple problem which was the xbox application's GameDVR was turned on randomly.

    How to solve this problem the simple way
    Start Xbox application (literally search for Xbox)
    Log in into and turn off GameDVR

    How to solve this problem without an Xbox account (the way I had to do it)
    "For those that don't have a Microsoft account or can't remember the details of it or whatever, you can disable GameDVR this way:
    Open Registry Editor (Run > regedit)Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\System\GameConfigStoreSet the value of DWORD "GameDVR_Enabled" to 0Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\Create key "GameDVR"Create DWORD 32bit called "AllowgameDVR" and set to 0"

     (The GameDVR problem solution goes to this wonderful redditor and his thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/4xu9vi/bad_fps_after_latest_win10_anniversary_update_got/ )

    Now that probably helped alot if it was on. That literally made me jump from crap to greatness after adjusting some graphical settings and just cruising around.

    Problem #2: Nvidia

    Go to Nvidia Control Panel
    Go to 3D Management settings
    Then under Global Settings turn on Multi-Threading, V-Sync, and Triple Buffering

    Note: Some people don't like Triple Buffering, but yeah that their opinion.
    Some games don't use multi-threading since they only use 1 core like Planetside 2.
  9. As title says, can't get above the odd 32 FPS after this latest patch on 1/25/17..
    Windows 10 prof. 
    gtx 680 4gb
    8gb ram ddr3
    i7 2600k
    Edit: Was able to get 40-60 FPS solid on High 1 High Textures before patch.
    its so broken atm I uninstalled and won't play till it's fixed. :/
  10. Hi guys!

    Several weeks ago i overclocked my cpu a bit to have better performance in town (Altinova) on 1440p

    my spec are:
    i7 3770k @4.2 (base il 3.5)
    Zotac 1080 extreme amp
    16 gb ram
    Samsung Ssd

    All went smooth and fast till yesterday, when i noticied a loss on fps in town (40-50fps) and no improvement on swapping resolution to 1080p.
    the strange part is the CPU, GPU and Ram usage. They go for 25 - 50% at MAX, and this behaviour have really get me scratch my head.

    i tried to mess with all my settings: checking freq, temps, everything was normal but Fps and usage just wont go up.

    today i noticed also that some on reddit had exactly the same problem:
    Black Desert not fully utilizing CPU or GPU?

    and some other similiar post starts to pop up:
    [SOLUTION] FPS quick fix

    Some guildies had the same problem too, but they just wondered that the problem was cause by their ssd lifespawn.

    Do you noticied the same behaviur after Magoria expansion?

    p.s. sorry for the long post and the grammar errors, im not a fluent english speaker
  11. Hey guys im getting bad stuttering on eu servers even in the desert im stuttering like is to the point where the game is unplayable for me i have to shut the game down and reopen it and the stuttering is gone but after about 30min - 1hour its start's again or if i switch to alt or server it starts.   and i no this is not my pc's problem dont happen with anyother game.  Please fix!
    Just editing to say my temp's on pc is fine too  cpu temp is like 45-50c    and gpu is like 58-60c
  12. Hello People,
    I've been looking out on my PC why Black Desert used to run really Bad with low FPS; so I noticed on Windows 10 that the Windows Defender Process eats most of my CPU, so since I've wondered that people might notice a little increase of FPS for everyone, I've decided to post a short Guide on how can you try the same. (both Permanent & Temporary.)
    Temporary Solution
    Permanent Solution
    Actually this problem worked for me and increased the FPS from 60 (with some Lag Spikes in Low @ 2560x1080, no other effects) to 60 and stable performance (Same resolution, High Settings, Effects Enabled on a test with a 5 Man Group)
    # Update
    I've found that other Antivirus like Avira, for example, might overtake the CPU Usage and bottleneck the System and as result it might cause FPS Loss on few system, so I would recommend to disable any Antivirus during the Gameplay to improve the performance In-Game.
    Antivirus during gameplay its kinda Useless since you're not downloading anything neither surfing the web, but please remember to enable the Antivirus once you finished playing Black Desert!

    ( Helped a Guild Mate with FPS Problems yesterday and we've figured out so. )
    If it works for you too, please leave a Feedback! Hope it helps!
    See you!
  13. Post on optimize your game in General

    By Przemoboski, posted
    seriously kakao your game is trashly optimized for literally everyone, any end game content like node/siege wars, rbf, world bosses etc is a literal 10fps fest every time, even if you're running optimization mode with effects turned off.
    it is not enjoyable or even PLAYABLE with this kind of framerate, I really don't know how you could create content like this when the game engine, clearly cannot cope with it.
    give us some nice and drastic optimization update, thanks
  14. Hallo Leute,
    ich hatte hier in letzter Zeit irgendwo bereits schon mal so ein Thread gesehen.
    Ich hatte bis vorhin eine GTX650 mit nur 1GB Ram, die Karte war nicht so der knaller, selbst auf sehr niedrigen Einstellungen war ich im Schnitt bei 15 FPS.
    Die habe ich mir nun geholt, und ich dachte bei über 200€ sollte ich doch wohl mal endlich Stabile 60FPS hinbekommen, aber keine Chance egal auf welchen Grafikeinstellungen.
    Mein Prozessor ist ein i5 Quadcore mit 3,1Ghz.
    Was kann ich tun?
  15. Hi, 
    i notice something very odd. When you use marketplace via maid, or from the menu there is huge permanent fps drop if you used search option. When you close marketplace window after searching, my fps drops instantly from 100-120 to 40-60. How to fix it for now: open marketplace again, and select some category from the left, then close marketplace again. It looks like the search engine is working in the background and keep refreshing even if you close marketplace, and switching marketplace category stops it.
    It took me hours to figure out what makes my game 'laggy'. I thought it was some kind of memory leakage or server bad condition, but it turned out some marketplace bug. Please fix it (most reasonable solution would be terminate marketplace thread when you close it).
    My spec: i7 4790k, gtx 970
  16. Post on FPS Drops/Problems in Off-Topic

    By Pucval, posted
    Greetings to Black Desert Players
    I am facing quite a problems with my new bought laptop, in general with performance issues. My laptop shipped with:
    Intel Core i7 6600U (2.5 to 3.1 GHZ)Nvidia Geforce GTX 920MX 2GB DDR36GB RAM DDR4I configured NVidia graphic in NVidia control panel and even configured my paging files for higher ram performance. I set up my laptop for Higher Performance.
    Next thing I configured black desert a hundred ways and back, just to stuck around 10-30 FPS (I mean whaat ?).
    When I set Texture quality on Higher and Graphic quality on Medium I get 14 FPS in forest.
    Disabling all advanced graphic settings in-game and setting fullscreen mode, 1920x1080 I maxed out only to 31 FPS outside town.
    My question is, can I play this game on notebook above 35 FPS with decent graphical quality or ill be stuck at 30 FPS at low quality with all unchecked graphical advances?
  17. Hi after patch 28/12/2016 I'm getting 10+ fps on my GTX 1080 FTW with 32GB 3333 MHz RAM with SSD. What do I do?
  18. Shadows in all games are extremely taxing on the computer system. Night time in game has dramatically improved FPS due to not having any shadows to render for lack of light. Many people do not play the game or play anymore due to the requirement and lack of optimization. In addition, the amount of players that show up for some bosses have dropped in the most current and up to date computers.
    Please, just add a way to remove shadows like night time does except during the day as well. Replaced with the simpler non dynamic shadows is used in several other games. 
  19. Post on FPS issue slight fix in General

    By Qwixy, posted
    Hello BDO community.
    Recently I was informed of a little bug which caused FPS issues and that is when you open the marketplace to view any items it remains open in the background without you knowing and causes huge fps drops.
    For a simple fix, before you close the marketplace just click "View My Items" in the bottom left and then close that window.
  20. I have 2 options the 6800k and the 6700k, according to this korean website BDO works better with a 6 Core/12 Threads CPU, they used the i7 4930k for the benchmark.

    So... the best option will be the 6800k, right? and it has 15 Mb of L3 cache, meanwhile the 6700k has better single thread performance due to higher frequencies and the new Skylake design, but this one only has 8 Mb of L3 cache. 
    Will the 15 Mb of L3 cache on the 6800k make any difference? Which one should i get for large scale pvp and stuff like that?

  21. Without going into system specification details as they're not relevant to this particular topic, my fps seems to be capped at 30(min)-45(max) at all times. Cities, wilderness, wars, whatever location I'm at, regardless of low-ultra(high end mode) and whether or not I'm running fullscreen, windowed, or borderless. I've looked up every single forum/reddit post about issues similar to this, and all of them are connected to having v-syinc turned off at one point, and I suspect it's the issue here too. I can randomly get it to work by messing around in the control panel with the vsync off/on setting, but it never stays forever and after playing with an enjoyable 70-80 fps for a few days I'm stuck at 30-45 again without any idea of how to replicate the "fix". I also noticed my GPUs usage is 60% usually, and my CPU is only 15-20%. Is this normal?
    Anyone here dealt with similar issues, and if yes how did you guys fix it?
    Edit: Specs anyways;
    GT 750m 2x
    16GB ram
    Win 10 pro 64b
    Oh and temps are normal, so throttling is out of the question.
  22. Post on Why FPS so low? in Technical Issues

    By Lewana, posted
    Okay so I always have around 20/30 FPS (max I had is 35 I think)
    The thing is... my specs are... 
    Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700HQ CPU @ 2.60GHz 4 Cores / Video Card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M 4GB DDR5 / RAM 8.0 GB
    So I don't understand. Shouldn't I get more FPS?
    I tested a lot of things that I saw in other threads (turned off vsinc in nvidia panel, changed the games setting, etc) Yes my Nvidia is selected in the launcher, yes high-end mode is unchecked, yes my laptop is on high performance mode.
    Anything else to try lol?
  23. Post on Game Issue in General

    By AncientKunoichi, posted
    I have a question about the game performance/server performance if there will be someone to answer me. I'm the only one who got FPS problems today? I got around 17-37 FPS when usually i have around 70-75. 
  24. I am experienced low frames per second usually 20-30fps and sometimes lower eg at sausans or in cities. I'm not great at computers but my specs are 8GB RAM, i5-4690 3.5GHz 64 bit NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 which I think is decent and should be running this game 60fps but I am not. I have tried lowering graphics settings in BDO but the fps is still the same on maxed settings and lowest settings (wtf?). I updated my graphics card driver yesterday and it seemed to fix the problem temporarily but today when I start playing again I got fps drops again. Would appreciate a solution to fix this thanks.
  25. Servus Leute,
    ich habe oft das Problem, dass ich konstant 30 Fps habe und nächsten Tag liegt meine Fps zwischen 60 und 75, egal Stadt oder ausserhalb. Die Grafik im Spiel habe ich alles hoch bis auf High-End-Modus, Details entfernter Npc, Show worker und Distanzqualität verbessern. Würde mich freuen, wenn Ihr mir helfen könnt, danke im vorraus.
    Hier sind die Daten von meinem Pc:
    Windows 7 Professional
    Intel Core i7-4790 Cpu 3.60 GHz
    Ram 16,0 GB
    Grafikkarte: GTX970 Gaming 4 G